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Is Mlb The Show Coming To Xbox

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Mlb The Show 21 Coming To Xbox Game Pass Was Mlb’s Decision Says Sony

MLB The Show FINALLY Coming to Xbox!!!
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We ended last week with the huge news that MLB The Show 21, a title developed by Sony, would be arriving into Xbox Game Pass on its launch. It appears the shock decision was made by MLB, not Sony.

A spokesperson has reportedly revealed to Inverse that “MLB decided to bring the franchise to more players”, hence its appearance into Xbox Game Pass. This follows Sony Interactive Entertainment previously agreeing to the game being supported on more platforms back in 2019. We’re not quite sure this is what they had in mind, though.

As part of the goal for this years game, MLB decided to bring the franchise to more players and baseball fans. This decision provides a unique opportunity to further establish MLB The Show as the premier brand for baseball video games.

It’s definitely a bold choice, especially when PlayStation users will have to play for full price for what has been up until this point, a first-party franchise. But Xbox players are definitely getting the better end of the deal, as it will be ‘free’ to download in Game Pass when it launches on . We can’t wait!

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Mlb The Show Is Coming To Xbox In April

With the MLB starting Spring Training later this month , it is time to dust off your latest copy of MLB The Show! However, this year is different. Since its inception, San Diego Studios baseball series has been a Playstation exclusive. Leaving out a vast majority of gamers and baseball fans, alike. This year, they will be able to play one of the best all-around sport video game series on their Xbox.

Yes, you’re seeing that right. is OFFICIALLY coming to Xbox.


Thankfully, the announcement of The Show 21 coming to Xbox has come with a few additional surprises.

Play Ball!

To that, both Microsoft and Sony, Xbox and Playstations parent companies, say the game will include cross-platform compatibility. Something that will likely make this game one of the best selling games of all-time. Allowing players to battle it out on the diamond regardless of what system you play on is a brilliant move. Microsoft also mentioned the ability for cross-platform progression. This means playing online against someone with a different console will still level your profile up!

Buy The Hype

Although the addition of Xbox to The Show family, there still will not be cross-compatible Road to the Show or Franchise modes. But that should be in the works for future installments. Even with this edition lacking that amazing feature, this is still a game to buy into the hype. Especially if you are an Xbox owner and havent had a baseball game to play since 2K13.

Is Mlb: The Show 20 Coming To Xbox One

MLB: The Show, for generations now, has been the only high-end baseball sim in town, and for years, if you were on any other platform outside of Sonys ecosystem you were all out of luck. Its not going to be that way forever though. If youre here, youre likely wondering if MLB: The Show 20 is coming to Xbox Onethis year.

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Baseball Is Almost Back Mlb: The Show 21 Is Coming Xbox This Year

Its no secret that I am a huge fan of sports games and baseball games in particular. Or that I have been disappointed in the Major League Baseball offerings on Microsofts consoles since the Xbox 360 era. So you can imagine my excitement when it was announced that MLB: The Show 21 will release on April 20, 2021, and be on both PlayStation and Xbox with cross-play support.

Mlb The Show 21 Coming To Xbox And Playstation: Collectors Edition Cover Star Release Date Details


With MLB The Show 21 coming to Xbox and PlayStation for current and next-gen consoles, there is plenty of excitement surrounding the games release. A standard cover star was revealed for the game just days ago and now the Collectors Edition details are available. An all-time legend will appear on the cover of the game which will also arrive on the PS and Xbox consoles.

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Mlb The Show 21 Is Getting A Game Pass Surprise None Of Us Saw Coming

Slated for release later this month, MLB The Show 21 is shaping up to be a very interesting entry in the long-running franchise. MLB The Show 21 will be the first game in the series to be multi-platform instead of just launching on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, itll also be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Today were learning that not only is MLB The Show 21 coming to Xbox consoles, but itll also be available through Xbox Game Pass.

The fact that its coming to Game Pass is surprising enough remember, this is a game being developed by Sonys San Diego Studio but Microsoft confirmed today that MLB The Show 21 will be on Game Pass from day one. The game will be available through Xbox Game Pass on April 20th, and itll be available both on the console version of the service and through Xbox Game Pass Ultimates Cloud Gaming on Android .

This is a pretty impressive announcement, because it means that a first-party Sony game is coming to Xbox Game Pass, and thats something many of us thought wed never see. Unfortunately, this probably isnt the beginning of some unprecedented partnership between Sony and Microsoft, because MLB The Show 21s multi-platform release is likely due to Sonys contractual agreements with MLB.

Sony’s Mlb The Show Comes To Xbox For The First Time On April 20th

MLB The Show is stepping up to the plate on Xbox for the first time. This year’s edition, MLB The Show 21, will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on April 20th. Better yet, the game will have cross-play and cross-progression support, so Xbox and PlayStation players can face off against each other on the field.

It emerged in late 2019 that the franchise would expand to non-PlayStation consoles as early as this year. San Diego Studio will show off MLB The Show 21‘s new features in a series of Feature Premiere videos, the first of which will be released in March.

On the downside, the standard edition of MLB The Show 21 will be more expensive on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S than PS4 and Xbox One. There’s no free upgrade path for the standard edition, which costs $60 on PS4 and Xbox One, and $70 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

The collector’s edition will allow you to play across both console generations, which may be useful if you have a PS5 in your living room and a PS4 in your bedroom. Details about the collector’s edition will be revealed on Wednesday.

This will be the first time that PlayStation Studios has published one of its games on a competitor’s consoles. The company brought Horizon Zero Dawn to PC last year and has said it might do the same with other first-party PlayStation games.

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Is Mlb The Show On Xbox Game Pass Has Been A Popular Question Amongst The Gamers Recently So We Have Managed To Gather Some Information About It Read More

MLB The Show 21 is an upcoming baseball video game that has gained a lot of attention amongst the gaming community. This was mainly because the makers have now decided to take their game across multiple platforms. Because of this, the players have certainly been curious to find some more information about it. To help these players, we have managed to gather some information about the same. Read more about MLB The Show 21.

What You Need To Know

MLB The Show 21 Revealed! Coming to Xbox & More!
  • MLB The Show 21 is officially launching in Xbox Game Pass on April 20.
  • This is the first time the series has launched outside of PlayStation platforms.
  • MLB The Show 21 is coming to Xbox, PC, and PlayStation.

It was no doubt a shocking announcement when it was revealed that MLB The Show would be coming to other platforms in 2019. This marked the first time in the franchise’s history that it would release outside of the PlayStation platform, which was exciting for many baseball fans. However, with a brand new announcement today, Xbox players will have even more reasons to be excited when MLB The Show 21 launches on April 20th.

In an official blog post from Xbox Wire, it was revealed that MLB The Show 21 will officially be coming to Xbox Game Pass. Not only is the game coming to the service, but it is also launching day and date on Game Pass. MLB The Show 21 will be playable on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and playable on android and tablets via Xbox Cloud Gaming. The game features cross-progression and cross-platform play, making MLB The Show 21 incredibly accessible to both new fans and seasoned veterans.

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‘mlb The Show 21’ Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass At Launch

Xbox is bringing to Game Pass on release day. What makes a little different from the many other games on the service is that PlayStation Studios developed and published it.

This marks not only the debut of the series on non-PlayStation platforms, but also the first time Sony has published a game on Xbox. Its mighty strange that MLB The Show 21 would arrive on Game Pass rather than Sonys own . Perhaps itll show up there as well at some point, but this is still a highly unusual deal.

MLB The Show 21 will arrive on April 20th. Thats just a couple of weeks after Opening Day of the 2021 MLB season, so baseball hype should still be at a high level.

Members of Game Pass will be able to play MLB The Show 21 at no extra cost on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S later this month, and Ultimate subscribers can step up to the plate on Android phones and tablets via Xbox cloud gaming . Both the Xbox One and Series X/S versions will be available on Game Pass. MLB The Show 21 supports cross-platform play and progression, so if one of your friends picks it up for PS4 or PS5, youll be able to take them on.

Mlb The Show Coming To Xbox & Switch

As early as 2021, MLB The Show will be joining new consoles and platforms. With Xbox Scarlett set to drop next holiday season, this means MLB The Show 21 would be the first title eligible for such a change. Of course, theres no guarantee it gets done in time for MLBTS 21. Heres how Xbox and Nintendo reacted to the news on Twitter.

No more away games.

Nintendo of America

Complete details on all new platforms will be announced at a later date, but we can safely assume Xbox and Nintendo are locks based on their Twitter feeds.

With a new console generation debuting in the next calendar year, there was no need to rush a multi-platform endeavor like this. MLB The Show 20 with cover athlete Javier Baez will release on March 13, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

You can read more about all of the new content here.

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Why Is Mlb The Show 21 On Game Pass

According to PlayStation, the decision to bring MLB The Show 21 to more platforms and Game Pass came straight from MLB.

âAs part of the goal for this yearâs game, MLB decided to bring the franchise to more players and baseball fans,â a PlayStation representative tells Inverse. âThis decision provides a unique opportunity to further establish MLB The Show as the premier brand for baseball video games.â

Sony Interactive Entertainment agreed to support more platforms when it renewed its license agreement with MLB in late 2019. MLB appears to have gone further to get the game in the hands of as many players as possible.

Omdia Principal Analyst George Jijiashvili tells Inverse this move is primarily about expanding the seriesâ reach. âThis is all about MLB finding a bigger audience, which took precedence over console manufacturer jousting,â he explains.

Ampere Analysis Research Director Piers Harding-Rolls considers this a practical move on MLBâs part. âFrom MLBâs point of view, this makes commercial sense as it opens up the content to a lot more players, especially in the US, but also keeps the established studio working on the game,â Harding-Rolls explains.

âIâm sure has been watching the in-game monetization of other sports games franchises such as Madden and FIFA with interest and is thinking about audience reach rather than premium sales in this case.â

Outriders MLB The Show 21.

MLB did not respond to Inverseâs request for comment.

Mlb The Show Coming To Xbox Gamepass


appears the game will be available for GamePass members on the 20th

that is unreal… about a grand slam…

They want you to buy stubs and packs… Heh

Great way to get people to play, by giving them the software for free.

Also, easy pickings for competitive players…

Man I was all set to pre-order and play in 2 weeks. That’s going to be a long 4 days if there’s no way to pay the difference for early access .

appears the game will be available for GamePass members on the 20th

Is gamepass the equivelant to ps+?

appears the game will be available for GamePass members on the 20th

Is gamepass the equivelant to ps+?

No. Game pass gives you many more games then the free than PS+, for a subscription of course. It’s more like PS Now if you are familiar with that

This is amazing news. I have the digital deluxe edition pre-ordered for PS5, but I think I’ll still keep it since I only have a Series S on the Xbox side. If I travel I am more likely to bring the Series S with me since it’s so small, so I’m looking forward to trying out the cross progression.

I also had some friends that were on the fence, but they have game pass. No excuses now. Can’t wait to play.

appears the game will be available for GamePass members on the 20th

Is gamepass the equivelant to ps+?

No. Game pass gives you many more games then the free than PS+, for a subscription of course. It’s more like PS Now if you are familiar with that

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Will More Playstation Games Come To Game Pass

MLB The Show 21 is a prime example of Microsoftâs deep commitment to Game Pass, even if itâs the only Sony-published game that ever ends up on the service. According to analysts, this move doesnât mean fans should expect to see more Sony games come to Xbox consoles or Game Pass.

âThis development is unlikely to have tangible ramifications on future Sony exclusives,â Jijiashvili asserts. âI believe this was a unique case, where a gameâs license holder forced Sonyâs hand.â

Harding-Rolls comes to a similar conclusion, saying, âI donât expect Sony to make a habit of it, no.â Still, the release of MLB The Show 21 is a groundbreaking moment, as a Sony game comes to Xbox Game Pass for the first time.

MLB The Show 21 will be released for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on April 20.

Mlb The Show : When Is It Coming To Xbox And Nintendo Switch

MLB The Show 20

The newest version of MLB The Show is set to release exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on March 17, but the Playstation-exclusive days for the highly regarded baseball series are likely coming to an end.

We learned in December 2019 that The Show would likely be headed to other consoles like Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

In fact, when the announcement was made, both Xbox and Nintendo of Americas Twitter accounts posted the message from Sony.

One question that Im seeing from thirsty cyber baseball fans online is when will The Show be available for their console? There is no definitive answer, but based on the release from Sony, The Show should be available for the next-gen Xbox and The Switch as early as next spring.

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Mlb The Show 21 Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass On Day 1

Latest News

MLB The Show 21 has just been announced by Phil Spencer that it’s coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day One. He also announced that it is also coming for Android phones and tablets via Xbox Cloud Gaming for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. Both the MLB The Show 21 Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S Standard Editions will be arriving on Game Pass so players can use the newest console they have available to play the best version of the game available to them. There will also be cross-platform play and progress and you can play against others online across the platform and generation that players can choose.

This is a pretty big deal, as MLB The Show has traditionally been a Sony developed and published product and has traditionally been a PlayStation exclusive. This year, however, the MLB has taken a more active role and is publishing the game on Xbox. It’s not as if they’ve been bad games either, as last year’s PS4-exclusive MLB The Show 20 received an 84 average on OpenCritic.

MLB The Show 21 will have next-generation improvements that include thousands of new animations, new innovations on the gameplay, and a new Stadium Creator that allows players to create their own perfect place to play.

MLB The Show 21 will be arriving on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Android Phones and Tablets via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on April 20, 2021. You can pre-order it now on Microsoft’s store here.

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