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Is Among Us On Xbox

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Among Us The Extremely Popular Handheld Game Is Finally Making Its Way To Consoles Learn More About Among Us Xbox Release Date And More Here

Among Us is coming to Game Pass for Xbox consoles in 2021


Among Us is the game that took the whole world by storm thanks to its simplistic and intriguing play style. The word imposter became extremely popular and a part of pop culture due to the sudden rise of fame for Among Us. Since then Among Us has been teasing a console release for the longest time but the players havent received any information. Among Us is now finally coming to consoles on the Xbox which was announced during E3 2021. Players wish to learn more about Among US Xbox release date.

Is Among Us On Xbox One

Among Us is not available on Xbox One gaming consoles. While this is clearly bad news for the Xbox fans, the developers behind the game have explained that there are certain limitations relating to voice comms and other technicalities that are preventing them from implementing a console port at the moment. Among Us can be easily played on smartphones and PCs using keypads and touch commands, which is a bit difficult on Xbox controllers.

The game is currently available only on mobile devices and PC via the Steam store. It is also available through the Epic Games store.

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Is Among Us On Xbox Game Pass

Yes, its good news this time for members of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

Among Us will be available on Xbox Game Pass for consoles as soon as it launches on the 14th December, and it will come to the Xbox Cloud Gaming version of Game Pass at a later date that is yet to be confirmed. Among Us is also on the PC version of Xbox Game Pass and has been for some time.

Its worse news for PlayStation subscribers, though theres no sign of Among Us coming to PS Plus any time soon.


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Among Us Xbox One: When Is Among Us Coming To Xbox

After taking the gaming world by storm on most platforms, Among Us will soon finally be coming to Xbox.

Among Us was one of the big winners of the first lockdown, becoming highly popular among gamers and casual players.

After an initial slow start, by November 2020 the game has 300 million active monthly players.

Among Us is a multiplayer game where up to ten players are tasked with a range of objectives as Crewmates.

Up to three of those Crewmates will be Imposters, whose secret job will be to kill all of the Crewmates.

The Crewmates need to survive and either finish their tasks or work out who the Imposters are, making it a game focused on teamwork and information-gathering.

Once they find an Imposter, they can all vote to eject them from the ship.

There are three different maps that are available to play on, depending on the players preferences, each with its own set of tasks.

So far, its been available to play on most major platforms, including mobile, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Soon, however, Xbox gamers will also be able to try their hand at the game.

Heres when Among Us will be coming to Xbox and how to play it.

Among Us Is One Of The Hottest Video Games Right Now However It Is Restricted To Certain Platforms Is Among Us On Xbox One Read On To Learn All Details

Among Us: Crewmate Edition, Maximum Games, Xbox Series X, [Physical ...

Among Us is one of the most popular local party games from American game studio InnerSloth. The online multiplayer title was able to garner over 400,000 concurrent players in a single week last month and is among the bestsellers on the game streaming service. It was also one of the most-watched games on Twitch throughout September.

What makes it more interesting is the fact that the video game was released in 2018, but it’s only now that it’s starting to captivate the gaming audience. Among Us also comes with simple gameplay mechanics, however, it is restricted to certain platforms.

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Is Among Us Coming To Ps4 Ps5 Xbox One And Xbox Series X

Here’s everything we know about the Among Us Xbox and PlayStation versions

For a period of 2020, it was hard to find one of Twitchs biggest streamers playing anything other than Among Us during their live streams. The whodunnit party game kicked off the Twitch audiences hunger for collaborative content that would see their favourite streamer play alongside several other big names.

Among Us has provided millions of hours of hilarious content, and its been picked up by an insane amount of players on PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile. But console gamers have been left asking: Whens our turn?

With so much hype around the game, which is so untaxing in the graphics and gameplay departments that it can be easily run on most mobile devices, its strange that its taken this long to set the wheels in motion for more console ports of Among Us. So when is the game coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles? Well, weve compiled all the info for you right here.

Will Among Us For Xbox Have Any New Features

The Xbox Wire post that confirmed the Xbox versions of Among Us did not suggest that this new version of the game would feature any distinctive features or exclusive content. The Nintendo Switch version of the game did not feature anything special, and all versions of Among Us must be compatible with each other, so it’s doubtful that the Xbox version of the game will be much different than the others.

It should be fully updated and content compatible with other versions of Among Us at launch. Innersloth has also taken some steps to improve their account system in new updates, which a developer has previously said was necessary for console ports of Among Us to happen.

Xbox systems also support a unique mechanic that could fix one of the Nintendo Switch port’s big issues: typing in a text chat. Xbox consoles currently have keyboard and mouse support for some games. While nothing has been confirmed yet, it’s possible that Among Us could feature keyboard and mouse support on Xbox to avoid the chat issues of the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Having a built-in party chat on Xbox consoles should also help circumvent this issue.

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Playing Among Us On Xbox Has Unique Benefits

Since Among Us is an Xbox Game Pass title, subscribers to the subscription service are able to play the title for free. Another benefit of playing Among Us on an Xbox console is that players are able to take advantage of the Looking For Group feature. This allows players to create a post calling for other players to play Among Us. Communication is key in a game like Among Us, so the Xbox Party Chat system, which can hold 16 players, comes in handy. Account linking also exists on Xbox so players dont have to worry about losing their cosmetics and cosmic cube progress if they decide to play on a different platform, excluding PlayStation.

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The Xbox controller is something that may take some getting used to, as some players may be more accustomed to playing Among Us on mobile or PC. Unlike the PlayStation port, the Xbox version doesnt have any exclusive cosmetics, and players may feel left out in that regard even though they dont provide any gameplay advantage. When it comes to communication, if a player decides to play solo, chatting in-game takes forever when using a controller and if a player has vital information it may not be given out in time. While Xbox does use predictive text, it doesnt automatically bring up previously used words like PlayStation systems do.

Among Us Crewmate Edition

Among Us 15 Player Lobbies Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2021 Official Announce Trailer

The Among Us: Crewmate Edition launches on 14th December for £27.99. It includes the Among Us base game, all its DLC and some retail exclusive downloadable content, as well as a sticker sheet, a 3D Lenticular Case, one of 12 Special holographic access cards, a folded Skeld map poster and a redeemable code for six phone/PC wallpapers.

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How To You Set Up Among Us Cross

If youre looking to make use of Among Us cross-play features and invite your friends to play, dont worry its simple. All youll need to do is make sure everyone is on the same server.

Then, from there, one person will need to create a game as the host, tinker with the settings, and confirm them. Once thats done, the host will spawn in the spaceships waiting room and a lobby code will be displayed bottom left. To join a game, all you need to do is enter that four character code.

Among Us Ps4 And Xbox Release

If youre hoping to see console ports of Among Us on your Ps4 or Xbox devices, then we suggest that you dont. Theres little to no chance that Among Us current version comes to either of the two console platforms and if such a thing even gets to development, you should expect it when Among Us 2 is announced sometime in the future.

However, Innersloth recently dropped the idea of releasing Among Us 2 but instead confirmed a future significant update to the current version of Among Us. So, its best left to not expect a console version go Among Us before mid-late 2021 since thats when the next big update to the indie game is about to release.

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Does Among Us Have Cross Platform Multiplayer

Among Us does have cross platform multiplayer and crossplay for PS4, Xbox, and PC.

It was confirmed on the PlayStation Blog back in October that the Console Edition on PS4 and PS5 does include the ability to play with mates on other systems. No specific platforms are listed, but it should be compatible with PC and Xbox as well as mobile and Nintendo Switch.

The feature has been available for awhile on computers, mobile, and Switch, and there was never any doubt about its inclusion on Xbox. This is because Microsoft is not as stringent as Sony.

Among Us Ejected Edition

Among Us confirma su lanzamiento en Xbox Game Pass para consolas en ...

The Among Us: Ejected Edition launches Spring 2022 for £74.99. It includes everything you get in the Crewmate and Imposter editions as well as a fleece blanket and a beanie hat.

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How To Play Among Us On Xbox One

Youll be able to access Among Us through Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Its expected that this will be the base version of the game without the extra DLC or additional in-game aesthetics that have popped up in other versions, especially for PC gamers.

On Amazon, the game is listed as costing £27.99 and you can pre-order now for many major retailers if you want a hard copy.

Once you have the hard or soft copy of the game, you simply need to log in, find a network, and start snooping.

To play with friends, you can create private networks with a code that can be shared around so that you can all play together in the online mode.

The Pros & Cons Of Playing Among Us On Playstation

Unlike the Switch and Xbox ports, Among Us on PlayStation has Ratchet and Clank customization options to be released at a later date. As of now, PlayStation players are the only ones who have console-exclusive cosmetics in Among Us in a. Those cosmetics are Ratchets ears which act as a hat, Ratchets clothes, and Clank as a pet. When communicating to other players using the text chat, those on PlayStation have the upper hand on other platforms as the system uses predictive text and makes it easier to select words that have been used frequently. Being able to quickly type out important phrases is crucial, especially in group discussions. Regarding communication, PlayStation party chats can hold up to 16 players so using the text chat can be treated as a second option.

The biggest downside to playing Among Us on PlayStation, unlike Xbox, is that there is no account linking between platforms, meaning if a player has played on a previous platform the player’s data doesnt transfer over. Data such as cosmetics bought with in-game or real currency and cosmic cube tree progress will be gone and players will have to start over. While Xbox has a Looking For Group feature to find other players to play with, PlayStation users have to go an extra mile and join Among Us communities in order to find and play with other players. Using a controller may prove to be a challenge as some players may be used to playing on mobile or PC.

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When Is The Release Date For Among Us On Xbox

Among Us is now available for practically every gaming platform, including Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch, PC, and Android and iOS mobile devices. Among Us on every platform should be more-or-less identical, besides platform-specific optimizations for controls, achievements, and more.

On most platforms, Among Us costs $5 with in-game purchases and microtransactions. On Android and iOS, Among Us is free and ad-supported, with the same in-game purchases. In-game cosmetic purchases can move between platforms, but there are exceptions depending on your platform.

What Time Is ‘among Us’ Released On Ps5 And Xbox

Among Us – Official Xbox Version Announcement Trailer | E3 2021

The digital console ports of Among Us will be released on Tuesday, December 14.

In terms of specific timing, the relevant store page listing for the PlayStation version says it will come out at 7 p.m. GMT. This translates to 2 p.m. ET or 11 a.m. PT.

The equivalent page for the Xbox port does not specify a time, but it will likely launch close to the PS4 version.

There are also going to be physical editions of the game that you can get. The first of these, entitled “The Crewmate Edition,” will be released in the U.S. on January 11, 2022. Meanwhile, the more costly “Imposter” and “Ejected” editions are coming in spring 2022.

In related Among Us news, it was announced during the recent Game Awards broadcast that a VR port is in the works. For more information about this and all the other highlights from the show, .

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‘among Us’ Has Skyrocketed In Popularity Thanks To The Pandemic And Its Functionality

There is no question that this year has been a challenging one. There has been a lot more time spent at home for both kids and adults. With more families worried about finances, having anything to do that doesn’t cost money has been celebrated. This is a large reason why Among Us has been so popular over the last few months.

The game is free on some platforms, including all mobile versions. Even the platforms with a cost associated like Steam and Nintendo Switch are reasonable and affordable at only $5. There also aren’t in-game purchases to advance your character’s ability, making it an accessible game for many.

The game also has a social aspect to it. It’s great for all ages, and kids and adults can play together without there being too much of an issue. People can talk to each other through the chat, building a community, and there have been many, many Twitch streams dedicated to playing Among Us.

There’s been a larger push to make the game available on more consoles, one that InnerSloth has been listening to. Not only is Among Us coming to the Xbox Series X and S, as well as Xbox One, but it’s also coming to PlayStation 4 and 5 in 2021. The game can currently be played on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and PC.

Among Us On Xbox Is The Best Console Version Of The Game

Among Us is a game that thrives off player communication, and its definitely a plus if everyone in a lobby is able to participate in voice chat. With that in mind, the Xbox version of Among Us excels compared to the other console versions, thanks largely to its Looking For Group feature. Players are able to set parameters for whats needed in the groups and can invite others into a party chat so that the chat feature doesnt need to be used at all during a play session. However, one thing to note about all console versions of Among Us is that they all require their system’s respective online services in order to play them.

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Is Among Us Coming To Console

” is something were starting to talk about,” programmer Forest Willard explained on a recent live stream .

According to Willard, the issue would come down to ways to allow players to communicate, noting that they’d need to integrate “a system for quick comms”.

Given the complexity of the information being relayed, it’s unlikely you’d use a radial menu like Rocket League, and even something more precise like Apex Legends’ ping system could be ill-equipped.

That means voice chat would likely be key, but not everyone is comfortable with it or would be able to use it. On PC, many players use Discord to communicate, for example.

In any case, it’s good to know that the team is considering it, and while it may be a little way away, we’re sure it’ll be worth the wait.

The team recently announced a sequel to the game was in development, before cancelling it shortly after.

“The main reason we are shooting for a sequel is because the codebase of Among Us 1 is so outdated and not built to support adding so much new content,” the Innersloth website reads.

“However, seeing how many people are enjoying Among Us 1 really makes us want to be able to support the game and take it to the next level.”

“We have decided to cancel Among Us 2 and instead put all our focus into improving Among Us 1.”

“All of the content we had planned for Among Us 2 will instead go into Among Us 1.”

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