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Is Among Us On Xbox One

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Among Us Sneaking Onto Xbox Game Pass In December


It’s been teased for a while, but Among Us for Xbox is finally a reality. It was announced Thursday that the social deduction game will be hitting Xbox Game Pass on Dec. 14, 2021, just in time for playing with friends and family over the holidays.

No other info was revealed in the Xbox news post , but it’s safe to assume that this will be the base version of the game. Granted, the game wasn’t that expensive to begin with, but now you have easy access to play it on your Xbox console. The game will also be hitting the PS5 and PS4 on Dec. 14. No matter which platform you and your friends play on, crossplay is available.

This news has been a longtime coming. Innersloth revealed at the 2020 Game Awards that the game would be coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One sometime in 2021. On the day of the announcement, the game launched on Xbox Game Pass for PC. Previously, that was the only way to play Among Us if you were exclusively in the Xbox ecosystem. However, it was also available on PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, and on mobile.

Among Us Is Out Now On Xbox One Xbox Series X

Among Us is finally out catch our game of teamwork and betrayal now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and with Xbox Game Pass.

Traverse through space and attempt to hold your spaceship together alongside your other crewmates, but beware there could be Impostors on board. Or maybe youre the Impostor?! Theres only one way to find out!

Thats not all, though the release of Among Us comes with all of the previous content, a slew of new updates, and some exclusive cosmetics. Lets talk about it!

Find the Liars Or Be One

Your crews success depends on your social deduction abilities. Think you know who the Impostors are? Can you find them before they murder you? Or maybe youll be wrongly ejected. Out in space, no one can save you good luck finding out the truth!

New Updates Roles, Cosmicubes and Achievements

Among Us is being continually updated, and the Xbox version is no exception!

Enter a whole new level of gameplay with roles, with adjustable probabilities and numbers for an added layer of depth. Heres what you can expect:

Scientist: Access vitals at any time. Engineer: Can use the vents. Guardian Angel: Cast a protection shield around the remaining crew.Impostor Role Shapeshifter: Disguise yourself by morphing into any other crewmate.

And if achievements are your kind of thing, dont worry there will be plenty for you to discover.


Thank you for all of the support, and we hope you have a blast venting around and getting ejected.

La Tripulacin De Among Us Llegar A Xbox Y Playstation En Diciembre: Traiciones Y Acusaciones Nos Esperan En Consolas

Fue sin duda alguna el gran bombazo en la industria durante el año pasado. Lanzado en el 2018, no fue hasta el 2020 cuando Among Us vivió su momento de gloria, convirtiéndose en uno de los títulos más jugados de la industria. Sin embargo, todavía faltaba asaltar dos plataformas realmente importantes.

Tanto Microsoft como Sony han anunciado que Among Us dará el salto a Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 y PS5 el próximo 14 de diciembre. Por supuesto, en el caso de los sistemas Xbox, estará disponible para los suscriptores de Xbox Game Pass. Además, hay sorpresa incluida.

Estará habilitado el cross-play y en el caso de PS4 y PS5 habrá una skin exclusiva de Ratchet & Clank. Podremos jugar con usuarios de otras plataformas, entre ellas PC y dispositivos móviles. Entre 4 y 15 jugadores podrán soportar las partidas online en las que, recordemos, tendremos que averiguar quién es el impostor o acabar con el resto de la tripulación si nos toca.

Por otro lado, InnerSloth ha confirmado la llegada de las ediciones físicas de Among Us. En el caso de la versión Tripulante, estará disponible en España el 14 de diciembre, mientras que en Latinoamérica tendrán que esperar hasta el 11 de enero de 2022. Este es todo su contenido, que costará 32,99 euros:

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Among Us Llega Hoy A Xbox Game Pass

Estas últimas semanas están siendo realmente espectaculares para Xbox Game Pass, el servicio de suscripción creado por Microsoft que nos permite acceder a cientos de juegos, tanto grandes títulos triple A como el esperadísimo Halo Infinite hasta títulos independientes como el que hoy mismo se suma al catálogo, el esperado Among Us.

Y es que finalmente, Among Us ha aterrizado en el servicio de suscripción de los de Redmond, y además, lo ha hecho el mismo día de su esperado debut en consolas. Desde hace pocas horas todos los usuarios de Xbox Game Pass pueden disfrutar de este divertido título multijugador que logró una increíble popularidad, principalmente a la gran cantidad de reconocidos creadores de contenido que jugaban habitualmente.

Will Among Us Be Free On Xbox

Among Us On Xbox One Console

When will The Last of Us: The Xbox One Edition be released? With the release of Among Us, nearly every gaming platform is now supported, including the Xbox Series X and S, the Xbox One, the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch, the PC, and Android and iOS mobile devices. Among Us is available for free and ad-supported on both Android and iOS devices, with the same in-game purchases.

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Is Among Us Coming To Xbox Game Pass

Yes, Among Us has been confirmed to be arriving to Xbox Game Pass on day one. This means when Among Us releases for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on December 14th, it will be immediately available to play via the subscription service.

According to the official Xbox website, Among Us will only be available on the console version of Game Pass, but will be coming to the Cloud Gaming version at some point in the future.

Fans will also be pleased to know that Game Pass also has some other massive titles coming to the service this month, Aliens: Fireteam Elite will be made available on the same day as Among Us, whilst Halo Infinite is available to play right now.

Soon is pretty good. before you know it, ‘soon’ becomes ‘now’

Xbox Game Pass

For more details on Among Us coming to Game Pass, as well as all of the other massive titles arriving in December, visit the Xbox website.

Is Among Us Coming To Ps4 Or Xbox One

Console players would like to know if Among Us is coming to PS4 or Xbox One.

Among Us has shot up the popularity charts in the last few months, becoming one of the most watched games on Twitch. Its even caught the attention of AOC , a U.S. congresswoman who recently pulled in more than 400,000 viewers paying the game on the popular livestreaming platform. Everyone wants to play, including console gamers, but will Among Us release on PS4 or Xbox One? Will it release on PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, for that matter?

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About Among Us Crossplay

Among Us is initially available on iOS and Android, and stretches out to PC and Nintendo Switch gradually. On , Among Us is already available on most major consoles such as PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Though Among Us was released in 2018 on PC and mobile, it recently made its way onto Nintendo Switch at a premium price. When it comes to the mobile phone and tablet, you can find that Among Us is for free on Android and iOS with in-app purchases and ads. To get rid of the ads, you need to pay for that.

If you are a PC gamer, you can obtain Among Us on Steam at a premium price or download it free of charge as a part of the Xbox Game Pass on PC.

Read here, you may wonder is Among Us cross platform. If it is crossplay, you can play this game with friends on any supported platforms.

Will Among Us Be On Xbox Game Pass At Launch

Among Us is coming to Game Pass for Xbox consoles in 2021

Among Us is coming to consoles!

By Kyle Knight

Innersloths hit social deduction game, Among Us, is finally getting the console release it deserves. Although PlayStation and Xbox fans are overjoyed, were all eager to know if Among Us will be available on Game Pass on launch.

Microsofts massive subscription service has become incredibly popular amongst both Xbox and PC users. Game Pass offers consumers a wide selection of games to play for just a small amount per month and often includes massive triple-a titles on the day of release.

The only downside to the service is that the games are constantly rotating, meaning your favourite title might not always be available via Game Pass. But if youre simply eager to find out how well Among Us plays on consoles, heres whether or not you can pick up the hit game via Xbox Game Pass when it releases.

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Among Us | VR Announcement Trailer

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Among Us On Xbox: Release Date Game Pass And Other Details

After being launched on the Nintendo Switch, Among Us recently made its way into the Xbox Game Pass for PCs while the console version is set to arrive in 2021.

Microsoft recently announced that Among Us will be available on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and the Xbox Game Pass for Console.

Judging by the popularity of Among Us being available on all platforms, the game’s introduction to the Xbox platform should be a glorious one.

have a good holiday today!!! having you on board has been the best gift we could ask for. whether you’re spending the holidays alone or with loved ones, you’ll always be part of our crew

Among Us on holiday!

Despite Among Us’ late outburst as a mainstream game, InnerSloth has taken much effort towards making the game accessible for players on all platforms.

After dominating handheld and PC platforms, Among Us is finally gearing up for its release on Xbox devices in 2021.

Here’s everything to know about Among Us’ upcoming launch for Xbox devices.

Is Among Us Coming To Ps4 Ps5 Xbox One And Xbox Series X

Here’s everything we know about the Among Us Xbox and PlayStation versions

For a period of 2020, it was hard to find one of Twitchs biggest streamers playing anything other than Among Us during their live streams. The whodunnit party game kicked off the Twitch audiences hunger for collaborative content that would see their favourite streamer play alongside several other big names.

Among Us has provided millions of hours of hilarious content, and its been picked up by an insane amount of players on PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile. But console gamers have been left asking: Whens our turn?

With so much hype around the game, which is so untaxing in the graphics and gameplay departments that it can be easily run on most mobile devices, its strange that its taken this long to set the wheels in motion for more console ports of Among Us. So when is the game coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles? Well, weve compiled all the info for you right here.

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Among Us Versions And Console Pricing Explained

If youre wondering how much does Among Us cost on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, the base version of the game seems to be priced at £4.19 on the Xbox Stores digital product page .

There are also three different physical versions of Among Us coming to PlayStation and Xbox the Crewmate Edition, the Impostor Edition and the Ejected Edition, and some of them come with plushes. This is what you get with each one:

What Time Does Among Us Launch On Playstation And Xbox In The Uk

Among Us: Crewmate Edition, Maximum Games, Xbox Series X ...

The Among Us unlock time for PS4 and PS5 owners will be 7pm GMT on 14th December, for players in the UK, according to the games official page on the PlayStation Store.

We would expect the Among Us launch time to be 7pm GMT on 14th December for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S players too, but the games page on the Microsoft Store does not mention a time explicitly.

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Among Us Aterriza En Xbox Store Y Ps Store: Detalles A Tener En Cuenta

Among Us ya se puede comprar en los portales digitales de consolas Xbox a un precio de 4,99 euros . Los jugadores que estén suscritos a Xbox Game Pass pueden jugar sin coste adicional a la suscripción en todas las plataformas de Microsoft incluido PC, donde lleva disponible unos cuantos meses.

Among Us is OUT NOW on: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and with Xbox Game Pass PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5it’s finally your time to live, laugh, love except it’s cry, scream, murder

Xbox And Pc Game Pass Support

Among Us was available through PC Game Pass for months before its eventual launch on Xbox consoles, but that didn’t stop the game from joining Xbox Game Pass the moment it was released. Now, subscribers can enjoy Among Us on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC through Microsoft’s subscription service, with cross-play and cross-progression enabled between the platforms. Among Us is also coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming on Dec. 15, 2021. With so much going for it, Among Us is one of the best Xbox Game Pass games on the service.

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How To Play Among Us On Xbox One

Youll be able to access Among Us through Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Its expected that this will be the base version of the game without the extra DLC or additional in-game aesthetics that have popped up in other versions, especially for PC gamers.

On Amazon, the game is listed as costing £27.99 and you can pre-order now for many major retailers if you want a hard copy.

Once you have the hard or soft copy of the game, you simply need to log in, find a network, and start snooping.

To play with friends, you can create private networks with a code that can be shared around so that you can all play together in the online mode.

Among Us Llegar A Xbox Series Xbox One En 2021

How to play AMONG US on Xbox One / Series X/S / Playstation 4/5 for Free!

Innersloth anuncio Among Us llegara a las consolas de Microsoft Xbox Series, Xbox One en 2021

Among Us se lanzó por primera vez para iOS y Android en junio de 2018, seguido de PC a través de Steam en noviembre de 2018. La versión de Among Us para Nintendo Switch se lanzó a principios de esta semana y la versión para PC ya está disponible a través de Microsoft Store y Xbox Game Pass para PC.

Aquí una descripción general del juego, a través de Microsoft Store:

Juega con cuatro a diez jugadores en línea o mediante Wi-Fi local mientras intentas preparar tu nave espacial para la partida, pero ten cuidado, ya que uno o más jugadores aleatorios de la Crew son impostores empeñados en matar a todos.Creado originalmente como un juego de fiesta, recomendamos jugar con amigos en una fiesta LAN o en línea mediante el chat de voz. Disfruta del juego multiplataforma entre dispositivos móviles y PC.

Para más noticias del mundo del Gaming da clic aqui, y no olvides seguirnos en nuestras redes sociales

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Among Us Lanza Versin Para Playstation Y Xbox

Among Us se puede comprar a través de las bibliotecas oficiales de las consolas de Sony y Microsoft. Foto: EPIC GAMES

La desarrolladora de videojuegos Innersloth ha anunciado que uno de sus videojuegos estrella, el título multijugador Among Us, ya está disponible por primera vez para consolas de Sony y Microsoft, en los modelos PlayStation 4 y Xbox One, así como las consolas de nueva generación PlayStation 5 y Xbox Series X/S.

A través de un comunicado, ha anunciado que el videojuego ya está disponible con todo el contenido lanzado hasta la fecha, así como nuevas actualizaciones y algunas novedades exclusivas.

Among Us se puede comprar a través de las bibliotecas oficiales de las consolas de Sony y Microsoft.

En este comunicado, Innersloth ha indicado que, aunque la versión para todas las consolas es la misma, la vinculación de cuentas en PlayStation no está disponible, al contrario que la de usuarios de Xbox, que sí podrán acceder a esta función.

En esta ampliación a otras plataformas se incluyen las actualizaciones más recientes, entre las que se encuentran nuevos roles para los personajes tripulantes e impostores. De este modo, el ángel de la guarda puede lanzar un escudo de protección al resto de la tripulación y el ingeniero puede utilizar las rejillas de ventilación.

Cabe recordar que el juego se lanzó inicialmente como un multijugador online para móviles, aunque actualmente también está disponible para PC y Nintendo Switch.

Among Us Is Now Live On Xbox Series X And Xbox One Consoles

Innersloths Among Us has finally made its way to Microsofts Xbox consoles and is now live on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X console families. The game is now also via the Microsoft Store app store on Windows PCs.

This release of Among Us supports crossplay between the Xbox console and Windows versions, will play in 4K Ultra HD on supported hardware, supports online matches with up to 15 players, and comes with a number of Xbox Achievements for players to unlock.

Among Us only costs $4.99 on Xbox consoles and Windows PC but its also available to play for free for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscribers.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is also fully supported.

Among Us originally launched on iOS and Android back in June 2018 before arriving on Windows in November of the same year. The game became somewhat of a viral hit after streamers on Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer began streaming it and was one of the most-talked about video games of 2020.

Heres the official game description and trailer:

Play with 4-15 players online or via local WiFi as you attempt to prepare your spaceship for departure, but beware as one or more random players among the Crew are Impostors bent on killing everyone!

Originally created as a party game, we recommend playing with friends at a LAN party or online using voice chat. Enjoy cross-platform play between mobile and PC.

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