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How To Use Xbox Gift Card

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Activating Your Xbox Gift Card Via The Xbox Website

How to Use Multiple Xbox Gift Cards to Buy Xbox Games – Can You Redeem Multiple Xbox Gift Cards

Please follow these steps to redeem your code via the Xbox website.

  • Go to and select Sign in
  • Sign in to your Xbox account and click on Redeem code in the drop down menu that appears when you click on your profile picture
  • Select Redeem code
  • Enter the code that consists of 25 characters, click next and confirm one last time. Have fun!

How To Redeem Xbox One Codes And Gift Cards

Just received a redeemable code for Xbox One? Codes are Microsoft’s method of sharing subscriptions, store credit and games outside of Xbox Live, with 25-character keys for redemption online. And no matter what your code provides, Microsoft offers a seamless method of applying them to an account. Here’s how to redeem Xbox One codes and access its contents on your console.

Keep All Egift Cards In One Place

Because I am always testing out different ways to use egift cards in stores, I often have different egift cards in different places. The confusion in my wallet is what led to my confusion at the cash register. Pick a method that works for you and stick with it. If you do not want to use an app, you could put screenshots of each digital card into a folder on your phones home screen or print physical copies of each egift card on your printer at home and put the papers in your real-life wallet. Whatever method you choose, stick with it and use it consistently.

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Buy A Dlc Using An Xbox Gift Card

Youll want to go to the store tab as mentioned above to add the gift card to your account. All of the funds will be transferred to your Xbox account, so youll be able to use it for buying DLCs. Once youve redeemed your code, go into the game that you want to buy a DLC or in-game items from.

I am going to use Fortnite as an example.

Perhaps you want to add some V Bucks to your account to buy the Battle Pass. What I would do is choose how many V Bucks you want to buy, and then youll see a screen that tells you how much real money youll need to make the purchase.

Youll be able to choose to buy the in-game items using your Microsoft account balance.

Note: Remember to redeem the code prior to going to buy the in-game item so that you have the funds in the account to make the purchase.

Youll be able to purchase any DLC or in-game items using the same method. Remember to make sure that you switch to using your account balance rather than using a credit card if you have one associated with your account.

How To Buy An Xbox Game From Amazon That Is Available As A Digital Code

How to add prepaid credits on Xbox using gift cards

The fastest way to buy Xbox games from Amazon is to look for games that use the term Digital Code in their name. These games are available as digital, download-now options, and they use the Xbox Live DRM system. Services LLC always sells them, and you can pay for them using your Amazon Gift Card balance , your debit or credit card.

For example, heres a screenshot of Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition – Xbox One . You can purchase it from Amazon and redeem it on your Xbox for download and installation. We highlighted the DRM information so that you know where to find it. If it does not say Xbox Live, you should look for other purchase options.

Buying a game available as an Xbox One Digital Code

Other Amazon websites, like, add the text Download Code in the name of the Xbox games that you want to find. So, for example, on, you have .

PROS: You can buy and download an Xbox game in minutes, and your only limitation is your internet connections speed.

CONS: The biggest problem with this method is that you get access to a limited portfolio of Xbox games. Usually, major titles can be found on Amazon, but not all of them can be bought digitally. Also, Digital Codes for some games are not always available. There are months when digital Xbox One games are not sold on Amazon but only on the Microsoft Store from your Xbox console.

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How To Use Prepaid Codes To Shop On Xbox

The gaming world has undergone great changes in recent years. Its graphics are constantly being improved to offer a realistic experience while playing.You can get more than you want with your Xbox Pass and the latest Xbox DLCs

Add-ons increase the replay value of each game, but are essential for the game. There are many types of add-ons that players can use on Xbox One, including subscriptions, game content, and prepaid cards, but there is one requirement to access them you need to use codes. So, if you have an Xbox Gift Card, Xbox Live Gold Card, or other prepaid Xbox Live code, well show you how to use them.

What are prepaid codes

This is usually a 25-digit code, printed on a card purchased from a merchant, that a customer can use to make purchases without a credit card. The user can then redeem the purchased prepaid codes on their game console Xbox or computer. We will first look at the method of redeeming a code on a computer via a web browser.

How To Redeem Xbox Live Gold Codes

Xbox Live Gold redeem codes are similar to Xbox and Microsoft gift card codes but instead of adding credit to a Microsoft account that can be spent on digital purchases, it either activates an Xbox Live Gold subscription or extends the duration of a current one.

Xbox Network gift card codes can be redeemed in the exact same way as the Xbox and Microsoft codes.

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How To Check Your Xbox Gift Card Balance

Xbox lovers rely on Xbox Live access to get loads of goodies and player access, regardless of whether using Xbox 360 or Xbox One. But unless youve opted for an annual Xbox Live or Xbox Live Gold card, you may be in for a crushing surprise in the form of a sudden low balance. Fortunately, a few easy questions lead to the right answers to ensure your Microsoft account is never neglected and youll always be able to know just how much is remaining on your Xbox gift card. Lets get started!

Xbox Gift Card Generator: Get Unused Xbox Gift Codes

How to Redeem Codes on Xbox One Redeem Xbox Gift Card and Activate Xbox Live Gold Subscription

Our Free Xbox Gift Card Generator is an online tool that makes you to generate the free xbox gift codes. Get the free xbox gift card codes without survey from us. At gift card generator, we have created the tool called as xbox gift card generator that will help you to get the xbox gift codes or gift cards for free.

If you are searching for the free xbox gift cards then you have visited the correct place. Here we are sharing the codes that are working properly with out any survey. You can directly take the code and place in your card.

As you know Xbox is launched by Microsoft, it is having many video game consoles for gamers and children. If you are a gaming person then you must know about how to generate gift cards and purchase games at Xbox.

Xbox Live is a online service of Xbox that enables us to play the games online. This is having almost 65 million users. Not only online these Xbox games can also be downloaded and played offline using the Xbox live marketplace. As you know there is a limited edition content, the movies and trailers of games can be watched through these services.


  • $25 Xbox Gift Card

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What Is An Xbox Gift Card

What is an Xbox Gift Card or credit? The Xbox Gift Card is a prepaid card from Microsoft that you can redeem in the Microsoft Store and the Xbox Store. For those unfamiliar with that, Xbox is part of Microsoft. So there is a lot of overlap in the two systems.

An Xbox gift card is therefore useful if you do not want to use a credit card to shop in the Xbox store. You can spend the gift card on many things. Think of games, apps, films, series !.

You cannot use the Xbox Gift Card to extend your Xbox Live Gold subscription . You have special tickets for this.

Read This Before You Buy An Xbox Gift Card

If you plan to buy an Xbox gift card, there are a lot of things you need to know. Keep in mind that this isnt your ordinary gift card .

Xbox is a great gift card because you can do a lot with it.

What can you do with your card?

  • You can buy full games right online for Xbox, which you can download immediately and play
  • Pay for apps
  • Purchase the most recent television shows
  • Buy devices, too

You cant use your gift card at physical Microsoft Stores, but you can use them on Windows, on Xbox and on the Microsoft Store online.

You can redeem your Xbox gift card for most entertainment-related purchases, and its one of the best choices for any teen who owns an Xbox console. If youre running late come a persons birthday or the holiday season, you can always purchase a digital code online and send it to them via text or email.

Its a fast and easy way to be able to send a gift even if you forgot to purchase it in stores.

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Xbox One Console Lets You Redeem A Prepaid Code

From the home screen, scroll right to save.

Next, in the Categories section, select Games.

Select Redeem Code. Or, say Xbox, use the code.

Sign in when prompted.

If your prepaid code is a QR code, hold it up to the Kinect sensor as shown in the screenshot below.

Otherwise, select, enter your 25-digit code, and then enter your code.

How Egift Cards Work In Stores

Buy Three Months of Xbox Live Gold, Get a $10 Xbox Gift Card

Ive used mobile gift cards in stores multiple times without incident, but earlier this week, I broke my own rules for using egift cards and found myself unprepared.

When the cashier asked me for payment, I suddenly remembered that I had digital gift cards that I had wanted to use. So I dug through my purse to find my smartphone, which took longer than it should have. Then I blanked on where I had stored the egift cards. I could not remember if I had moved them to a mobile wallet, stored them in a gift card app, had taken screenshots of the digital codes or had planned to just pull up the email at the point of sale.

Feeling pressured by the line of shoppers stacking up behind me, I got flustered and paid for my purchase with a debit card instead of the egift cards I had intended to use. Although using egift cards in stores is easy, the process can certainly be made EASIER if you have egift cards ready to use before you actually need them. Below are my tips on how to use egift cards in stores.

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How Xbox Redeem Codes Work

Because the account system thats used on Xbox One consoles is the same one used for the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 computers, money added to an Xbox account via an Xbox One redeem code will also be usable on a Windows 10 device using the same account.

For example, if you redeem an Xbox One gift card code for $50 on your Xbox One console, you could use $30 to buy an Xbox One game, then use the remaining $20 to buy an app or movie on your Windows 10 computer.

Microsoft and Xbox accounts are the same thing. They simply use different names depending on what device youre using.

Because Windows and Xbox both use Microsoft accounts, you can actually redeem Xbox One gift card codes on Windows 10 and redeem Microsoft gift cards on an Xbox One.

How To Redeem Xbox Gift Card Codes On Web

One of the easiest ways to redeem an Xbox code is via the Microsoft website. All you need to do is go to, enter your code, and select Next to immediately add the credit to your account.

Before entering the redeem code, make sure youre logged into the correct Microsoft account by checking your account avatar in the top-right corner of the web page.

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How Does Xbox Gift Card Work

You will receive a code when you receive a gift card. This code consists of 25 characters. How do you redeem these Xbox Gift Card Codes? There are a number of ways you can do this:

  • Xbox website

Go to and sign in with your Xbox account. You can then open a drop down menu next to your profile picture, where you click on Redeem code. Then a screen will open where you can enter your code. Then press Next and then Confirm.

  • Xbox One

You can also redeem the code directly through your Xbox One console. Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button. There you choose the Store tab. Then a screen will open where you can enter the code.

  • Xbox 360

You can also redeem the code directly through your Xbox 360 console. Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button. There you choose the option Games and Apps and then Redeem Code. Enter the code and confirm your entry.

The Xbox Gift cards do not have an expiration date, so it does not matter when you redeem the codes. You have gift cards from £5 to £100. It depends on where you buy the gift cards .

Activating Your Xbox Gift Card Via Your Xbox 360

How to Redeem Xbox Gift Card on Xbox Console Xbox One and Xbox One S with Xbox Live

Do you want to redeem your gift card using your Xbox 360 Console? First, make sure you are signed into the right account before redeeming. Follow these steps to activate your gift card:

  • Use the Xbox-button (
  • Select the option Games & apps
  • Choose Redeem Code
  • Enter the code that consists of 25 characters, click next and confirm one last time. Have fun!

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How To Redeem Xbox Gift Card Codes

To learn how to redeem the Xbox gift card codes, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open up your browser and type

Step 2: Once the website loads up completely, sign up on Xbox using your working email address and verify it with the link that the site sends to your email.

Alternatively, if you already have an eBay account, you can sign in using your details.

Step 3: Navigate to the profile section and find the Redeem Voucher option.

Step 4: Enter the Xbox gift card code that you generated from our website, and then click Apply.

Step 5: Once the Xbox verifies the code validity, it will automatically add the voucher balance to your Xbox account. So you buy any product discount.

How To Redeem A Code On Xbox One

One of the most common ways of redeeming codes for digital items is directly through the console, via its integrated Microsoft Store. Using this method, associated items will be automatically received and instantly begin downloading.

  • Open theHome menu on your Xbox One console.
  • Press RB four times to arrive at the Store tab
  • Select the Use a code tile.
  • Enter your 25-character code using the on-screen keyboard.
  • Press the Menu button.
  • Select Confirm to add the product to your account.
  • For subscriptions and store credit, the benefits will now be applied to your account. For downloadable content, installation progress can be viewed under the “Queue” tab of “My games & apps.”

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    How To Redeem Your Digital Code On Your Windows Pc

    You can redeem the code from your Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer using the Xbox app. If youre using the same Microsoft account on your PC and Xbox console, open the Xbox app, click or tap Store, and then Redeem.

    Redeem a digital code with the Xbox app for Windows 10 and Windows 11

    Enter the digital code, click or tap Next, and enjoy your game or the Xbox Gift Card sent to your Xbox console automatically.

    If you dont use the Xbox app, go to this Redeem page in your web browser. Sign in with the same Microsoft account youre using on your Xbox console. Then, copy and paste the digital code received from Amazon. Press Next to apply it to your Xbox account.

    Redeem an Xbox Gift Card digital code on

    The game or the Xbox Gift Card balance should be automatically applied to your account when you open your Xbox console.

    Tell Cashier You Are Paying With An Egift Card

    How to get Free Xbox Gift Cards Code less than 5 minute ...

    Before getting into line, pull up the digital gift card you plan to use. Open your email, open the app, open your mobile wallet or dig through your purse to find the paper copy. If you wait until payment is due, you may find yourself as flustered as I had been. Instead, plan ahead and tell the cashier that you will be paying with an egift card. That way, he or she can prep the cash register if necessary.

    Youll be happy to know that I have since corralled all of my mobile gift cards into one smartphone app, updated the balances and deleted the cards I can no longer use. The next time I need to make a purchase at a store with a digital gift card, Ill have my phone handy and will get logged into my gift card app before I approach the register to make sure everything is in order. Though egift cards can be used at stores, getting organized ahead of time and having your phone ready before the cashier asks for payment will ensure the best outcome and smoothest transaction possible.

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