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How To Update Xbox One Controller On Pc

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Update The Xbox Accessories App To The Latest Build

Update Xbox One Controller on PC! Update Xbox Controller Firmware on PC! Xbox Controller Update!

The Xbox Accessories app is essential for the operation of the Xbox controller and if the installation of the app is corrupt, then that may cause the Xbox controller problem under discussion. Here, updating the Xbox Accessories app to the latest build may solve the problem.

  • Launch a web browser and head to the Xbox Accessories page of the Microsoft website.
  • Now click on Get and in the popup select Open Microsoft Store. Open the Microsoft Store Page of the Xbox Accessories App
  • Then, in the Microsoft Store window, click on the Update button and wait till the app is updated. Update the Xbox Accessories App in the Microsoft Store
  • Once updated, restart your PC, and upon restart, check if the Xbox controller is working fine.
  • How To Update Xbox Controller Drivers On Windows 10 Easily

    Srishti Sisodia

    You connected your Xbox One Controller to your Windows 10 PC, however, to your surprise you are unable to play games using the controller. Since Windows is said to automatically download and install the driver for the controller. Ever wondered why this happens?

    One of the common reasons for this problem is missing or outdated Xbox controller driver Windows 10. The best way to fix this problem is to update your Xbox controller driver. This post, explains how that can be done in the easiest way possible.

    Fact: Windows 10 automatically installs the driver for devices as you connect them to the computer. However, there are chances that Windows doesnt install the driver. In such cases, you will need to update the drivers on your own and this can be done both manually and automatically.

    Here we will explain both ways you can choose the one that is easiest for you.

    Quickest Way to Update Xbox Controller Driver Advanced Driver Updater

    It doesnt matter whether you are a beginner or a tech-savvy using a driver updating tool Advanced Driver Updater is the best way to keep drivers updated. You can identify and update all outdated drivers using it in just a few clicks. Available for all versions of the Windows operating system, the tool automatically scans the computer for outdated drivers and shows the latest and most compatible updates.

    to jump to the section to & learn how to use Advanced Driver Updater.

    Way : Update The Xbox Controllers Firmware Using The Using Xbox Accessories App

    You can also install the latest firmware updates for your Xbox One controller wirelessly through the Xbox Accessories app. Here are the step-by-step instructions for the same.

    • First, you need to download the Xbox Accessories app from the Microsoft store.
    • After the application is installed, launch it and click on the three horizontal dots button to access more options.
    • Click on the Firmware version box available on the top-left of the screen.

    Note: If this Firmware version box says no update available, then it means you already have the latest firmware update installed for your Xbox One controller.

    • Next, click the Update now button to begin the process.
    • After the update process is finished, click the Close button.

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    Why Is My Xbox One Controller Not Calibrated

    You will know you need to calibrate Xbox One controller when youre having trouble playing. Wrong calibration settings produce random movement during your playtime.

    In particular, the issue may rely on the Axis, which is your X-Y-Z movement and perspective.

    A non-calibrated controller is a common issue on these occasions:

    • Youre using a new controller on your Windows PC
    • Youre using a very old controller on your Windows PC
    • You havent used the controller for a while on your PC
    • Steam, Epic Games, or Windows automatically changed your controllers settings after an update
    • Theres physical damage like wear, tear, dust or rust in the controller.

    For all causes, the steps are the same. Bear in mind that Xbox One calibration has nothing to do with your PCs drivers or the controllers firmware. Either way, keeping both up to date is best to avoid connectivity issues.

    How To Update An Xbox One Controller Wirelessly

    How to update your Xbox One controller

    Xbox One controllers are designed to connect to the Xbox One console through a wireless connection, and most of them are capable of receiving updates wirelessly as well. Some older Xbox One controllers can only be updated over a wired USB connection.

    If you aren’t sure which type of controller you have, check the part of the controller that points toward you when you’re holding it.

    If you see a small circular jack that’s designed for use with a headset or headphones, you can update your controller wirelessly. If you don’t see this jack, then you have an older controller that needs to be updated through a wired USB connection.

    Here’s how to update an Xbox One controller wirelessly:

  • Turn on your Xbox One, and sign in to Xbox Network.

    If you have a stereo headset adapter for your Xbox one controller, plug it in at this time so that it will also receive any available updates. You also need to have a headset plugged into the adapter for it to turn on and receive updates.

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.

  • Navigate to System> Settings.

  • Navigate to Kinect & devices> Devices & accessories.

  • Select to access more options.

  • Select the box that says Firmware version, followed by a version number.

    If this box says no update available, your controller is up to date already.

  • Select Update now.

    Make sure you have fully charged batteries in your controller. If your batteries are low, either replace them or connect the controller via USB before proceeding.

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    Update Xbox One Controller Driver On Windows 11

    It is quite a straightforward method to update Xbox Controller Driver if you have encountered any lag or problem with your Controller. Usually, Windows itself download the driver once you connected your device to the computer. Follow the following instruction to update Xbox One Controller Driver on Windows 11.

    • Open Windows Run Dialog Box, Using Win + R Key simultaneously.
    • Type devmgmt.msc and hit enter from there expand the Microsoft Xbox One Controller
    • Right-click on it and click on Update Driver it will start automatically start updating your Xbox One Controller
    • Click on Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software, It will start searching for the driver on its database.
    • Wait for the driver to download and install
    • Thats it!

    Hopefully, this guide remains helpful for you and you have successfully downloaded and installed an update of the Xbox One Controller on your Windows 11. Share if you have any queries or feedback in the comment section down below.

    Update An Xbox Controller’s Firmware From A Pc

    To update your Xbox Controller using a Windows 10 PC, you must first download and install the Xbox accessories app from the Windows Store. Then:

  • Connect your Controller to the PC via USB, wireless adapter, or Bluetooth
  • A wired USB connection, however, is the best and safest way to go
  • Open the Xbox accessories app
  • Press the ellipsis button on the app to view the Controller’s status
  • Check the app to see if you need a Controller firmware update
  • Remember not to use the Controller until the update is completed
  • For PC gamers with Xbox One controllers, it can be easy to overlook the ability to update the controller’s firmware. Firmware updates can help improve the controller’s performance, but Windows 10 has no built-in mechanism to let you know one is available. This technique will also come in handy for Xbox owners who want to check for controller firmware updates while away from their console.

    To check for firmware updates, you’ll need to install the Xbox Accessories app. Open the Microsoft Store, search for the app’s name and click “Get” to commence the download. Launch the app once it’s installed.

    Make sure your controller is connected to your PC. Any connection method will work USB, wireless adapter, or Bluetooth for modern Xbox controller hardware revisions. However, it is worth remembering that firmware updates could brick your controller if the process goes awry. For this reason, it may be safer to eliminate the risk of a wireless dropout and use a USB cable.

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    How To Calibrate Xbox One Controller

    Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs have a built-in program for the job, the Calibration Tool.

    This works with any controller you plug via a USB cable, including any PlayStation, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, or any generic controller. So, our instructions can help you calibrate any controller you have.

    Therere three ways to calibrate Xbox One controller on Windows 10:

  • Reset the settings to default
  • Calibrate the controller manually
  • Calibrate the controller via Steam
  • You Cant Upgrade An Xbox One Controllers Firmware On Windows 7 Or 8

    How to Update Xbox Controller on Windows PC (Firmware & Settings)

    Unfortunately, the Xbox Accessories app is only available for Windows 10. Microsoft provides no way to update an Xbox One controllers firmware on Windows 7 or 8.

    To update an Xbox One controllers firmware, youll need to connect your Xbox One controller to either a Windows 10 PC or Xbox One console. If you have a Windows 10 PC or Xbox One, or just know someone who does, thats your best bet for updating the firmware.

    On a Windows 10 PC, you can simply connect the Xbox One controller to the computer normally and update it with the Xbox Accessories app as described above.

    On an Xbox One, you can connect the Xbox One controller to the Xbox One using the included USB cable. The update may begin automatically. If it doesnt, head to All Settings > Kinect & Devices > Devices & Accessories and select the controller. If an update is available, select the Update button. If no update is available, youll see a No Update Available message on the controllers information screen.

    Hopefully, Microsoft will one day make this process easier. For example, the ability to upgrade firmware could be integrated into the Xbox app bundled with Windows 10, and that app could notify you when a firmware upgrade is available.

    Microsoft could also release a standalone firmware-updating tool for older versions of Windows, but that doesnt seem very likely with Microsofts focus on Windows 10.

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    Does Windows 10/11 Have Xbox One Controller Drivers

    To answer this, in short, is that neither Windows 10 nor 11 comes pre-installed with Xbox One or Xbox controller drivers, for that matter.

    However, as soon as you plug in your Xbox One or any other Xbox controller, Windows 10/11 OS will automatically detect the device and install compatible drivers.

    This negates the need to install drivers for your Xbox One controller separately on your Windows 10 or 11 PCs.

    But just like every other Windows problem, there are several user reports claiming that their Windows 11 PC did not recognize the Xbox controller when connected.

    Fortunately, we have a comprehensive guide on how you can fix the Xbox controller not recognized in Windows 11, which would possibly help you fix the problem.

    Expert Tip: Some PC issues are hard to tackle, especially when it comes to corrupted repositories or missing Windows files. If you are having troubles fixing an error, your system may be partially broken. We recommend installing Restoro, a tool that will scan your machine and identify what the fault is. to download and start repairing.

    Windows 10 users are no different, and they have been complaining about this issue for quite some time. Dont worry as this guide has you covered.

    What Causes Xbox One Controller Not Working On Pc

    According to the reports from users, we found that there are several common situations when the Xbox One controller not working on PC issue happens. Some users received the error message USB device not recognized Xbox One controller on PC or Xbox One controller not connecting to PC and etc.

    For these problems, there 4 common causes below:

    • Your Xbox One controller gets outdated. You can resolve this issue by updating it.
    • Your Xbox One controller driver gets corrupted or missing.
    • The USB cable may not be compatible with your controller.
    • Sometimes the PC not detecting Xbox One controller issue can occur because of your USB port. You can try connecting your controller to USB port on the back of your PC to resolve this problem.

    Now, lets see the detailed steps about how to fix the Xbox One controller not working on PC.

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    Way : Update The Driver Via Device Manager

    If Windows doesnt install the driver automatically, you can update the driver manually via Device Manager. Follow these steps:

    1) On your keyboard, press Win+R at the same time to invoke the run box.

    2) Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter on your keyboard.

    3) Expand the branch Microsoft Xbox One Controller.

    4) Right-click on the expanded Microsoft Xbox One Controller and select Update driver .

    5) Click Search automatically for updated driver software. Then Windows will install the new driver for the device.

    6) Check to see if you can use the Xbox One Controller properly.

    How To Update Your Xbox One Controller Wirelessly

    Update Xbox One Controller

    If you want to update your Xbox One controller wirelessly, you will need a controller purchased during or after June 2015. If you aren’t sure when you bought your controller, check the bottom of it for a round 3.5-mm port this indicates that your controller is able to update wirelessly.

    If you want your headset to receive updates as well, be sure to connect your stereo headset adapter to your controller.

    1. Power on your Xbox One controller and press the Xbox button. Select “System” and then “Settings.”

    2. Click on “Devices & streaming” and then “Accessories.” Select the controller that you wish to update.

    3. Click on “Device info” and select the “Firmware version” box.

    4. Click “Update Now” and your Xbox One controller will begin to update.

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    Q5 How Do I Update My Xbox One Controller Driver

    You can download and update the Xbox One Controller drivers on PC either manually or automatically. To install the updated driver version automatically, you can use a potent and well-trusted driver update utility like Bit Driver Updater. In case you choose to do it manually, you can either use Device Manager or visit the Xbox One Controller Search page.

    How To Update Your Xbox One Controller

    ByMatt Brownlast updated 9 February 18

    Once you know where to look, updating your Xbox One controller with the latest firmware is pretty simple.

    While infrequent, Microsoft has been known to release firmware updates for its Xbox One controllers in the past. Deploying fixes, adding refinements or establishing new features, these updates aim to push to most out of your existing Xbox One controller. And for new buyers of Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter , Microsoft’s external solution for 3.5 mm headsets, a controller firmware update may be required too.

    Despite not being mandatory to use your Xbox One controller, it’s highly recommended that these updates are installed. These are the steps to quickly update your Xbox One controller and get straight back into gaming.

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    Ways To Update Xbox One Controller Driver On Windows 11/10/8/7

    Xbox One is a line of eighth generation home video game consoles developed by Microsoft. As a well-designed controller, Xbox One Controller can provide gamers an excellent experience when playing a game.

    But it has problems sometimes. Keeping your Xbox One Controller driver updated is an important thing you need to do to maintain good performance of Xbox One Controller or fix theXbox One keeps disconnecting issue. Here are three ways you can use to update this driver for Windows 11 or Windows 10, etc.


    Use Device Manager To Update Xbox One Controller Windows 10 Driver

    Update your Xbox One Controller Firmware on Windows 10

    Updating a driver for a peripheral via Windows Device Manager is always recommended. So, in case you are using Windows 10, here is how you can update your Xbox One Controller driver

    1. Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box

    2. Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter

    3. Expand the Xbox Peripherals dropdown

    4. Right-click on Microsoft Xbox One Controller

    5. Click on Update Driver Software

    6. Your computer will now search for the most appropriate version of the Xbox One Controller driver for your Windows 10 system and install it

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    Update Xbox 360 Controller Drivers Using Driver Restore

    To know how to use Driver Restore, you can follow the below mentioned steps to update Xbox 360 controller drivers for Windows 10:

    • After installation, when you run the downloaded software, it scans the system and provides a list of outdated or missing drivers.
    • A window will pop up with all the missing or outdated drivers will appear on the screen. The drivers to be updated will have a warning sign against their names.
    • Select the driver and click on the Update Selected Driver button. The driver will start downloading the updates.
    • Within few minutes, the latest version of the driver will be downloaded.
    • Open the downloaded file and execute a normal installation process.
    • Once the installation process is over, a window will appear to confirm the successful installation of the driver. If the installation is successful, click Yes, in case it is not, select No.

    If there are more than one drivers to be updated, wait for all the drivers to be updated. Once the process of software update is complete, restart your system.

    How To Update Xbox One Controller 3 Methods For You

    Are you looking for ways to update Xbox One controller? How to do this work? This post from MiniTool can be helpful for you since MiniTool introduces 3 different methods for Xbox controller update in a wireless way, with a USB cable, and on a Windows 10 PC.


    These firmware updates make many improvements to the controller, for example, enhancements for your Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter capabilities. This is why you need to update Xbox One controller.

    Although it is not mandatory to use an Xbox One controller, we strongly recommend installing these updates. Here are 3 different ways for the Xbox One controller update and lets go to see them.

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