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How To Unlink Roblox Account From Xbox

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How to unlink your account off the Xbox ROBLOX

Like most subscription services, you can cancel your Roblox account at any time. You will need to follow these few steps to ensure that you have canceled your account and that you will no longer be billed, as Roblox automatically renews your subscription when the subscription ends unless you cancel it.

Unlink And Sign In Again

Try unlinking the Roblox account then sign in again to fix this error. This works when there is some temporary login glitch causing it to consider your login as double. To unlink your account, go to the Settings > Roblox Account and click on the Unlink the account option. Now, when you open Roblox, you will be asked to sign in again.

If you use Xbox and are unable to unlink your account, try signing out into your main Xbox Account.

Xbox One App: Trouble Linking Roblox Account

Roblox is available for ages 10 and up on Xbox One, so please make sure your Xbox age settings exactly match those of your Roblox account.

  • To check your currently set age on Roblox, and look in the Personal section.
  • To check your currently set age on Xbox, for instructions on Microsoft’s help page.

For younger players, we highly recommend they ask their parents for assistance.

Note: Your Roblox account can only be linked to one Xbox Gamer Tag

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Fix Roblox Error Code 277 And 901 On Pc Or Xbox One

In this article, we are going to discuss multiple methods to fix error codes 277 and 901 in Roblox on Windows 11/10 or Xbox One. Roblox is a popular online game creation platform available for web, Windows PC, Mac, Xbox One, Android, and iOS. It lets you create games as well as play a wide number of online games. But like other services, it also contains errors. Two of the common errors that users face in Roblox include error code 277 and error code 901.

If you are facing any of these two errors in Roblox, you have landed on the correct page. Here, we are going to show you multiple working solutions to fix these two errors in Roblox. Let us checkout!

Unlink Epic Games Account From Switch

How To Hack Into Your Friends Roblox Account
  • Login to Epic Store Account or start Epic sport launcher.
  • You shall be redirected to the Epic Game account in a browser.
  • Go to Connections > click on on Disconnect to unlink.
  • There isn’t any direct option to disconnect Switch, Xbox, and PS4 account with Epic recreation shops. You should do that by the use of Epic Games > Manage Account > Connection phase. You can’t at once disconnect the Epic games by the use of PS Store or Xbox Store. So the above two strategies are simple to unlink all types of accounts from Epic Store.

    This is how you’ll be able to merely unlink Social Club, PS4, Xbox, and various other accounts from Epic Store.

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    How Do I Unlink An Origin Account From An Xbox Live Account

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    Oh no they can’t 2.5 hours on chat last night, 1.5 hours on the phone today, and even though I could verify the account they couldn’t disconnect them.


    Hi, unlinking accounts is currently only possible for Game Advisors. Please contact one of them via live chat or phone at for further assistance.

    Also on a general note, you should not create a new account, all your game entitlements are tied to your account and by simply changing to a new account you might lose access to all your previous games. If the email address for your account is no longer in use, you can get it changed to a new one by contacting a Game Advisor.

    In this case I would strongly suggest to get the email address of your old account changed to a new one, instead of continue playing with the newly created Origin account.

    This is quite an old reply, but I’m a situation similar and I’d like to ask something. Since you mentioned it removes entitlements you mean to say that when I play Battlefield 3 on my Xbox I would lose my stats/rank/progression connected to that one since I want to link it up with my new Origin account that I made to play Battlefield 4 on? That doesn’t really make sense, and really want to have these linked as it is much easier to see my stats rather than sign in and out of different acounts and be kicked from servers on PC while checking stats for BF3 while I’m loading it during an Xbox session.

    How To Fix Roblox Error Code 901 Xbox One

    The Roblox Error Code 901 usually occurs in Xbox, so here are some Error Code 901 fixes to deal with the frustrating Roblox Error Code 901.

    Reinstall Roblox

    • Go to Home > My games & apps > press the Menu button > Select Uninstall > Install the Roblox again.

    Reset Console

    • Select Xbox Button on your console.

    • It will open the Guide. Follow the below path:

    • Settings > All Settings > System > Console info & updates > Reset Console

    • Check whether you have the right Sign in email and password before performing the reset.

    • Now, tap on the Delete option to Delete everything.

    • Once the whole Operating System of the Console is reset, you can start up fresh to play.

    Customer Support

    If none of the above fixes works, go straight away to contact customer support to get some help to fix the Roblox Error Code 901

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    This Is How We Fixed Roblox Error 905 On Xbox One

    • Roblox is an online game creation platform allowing players to create their own games and play them in the multiplayer mode.
    • Xbox One players have been reporting issues with Roblox, one of which is error 905. In this article, we’re looking at why this is happening and what steps you can take to resolve it.
    • More on Roblox and other similar games can be found on our Online Games page where we post the latest guides.
    • For more similar content, head over to our in-depth Roblox page where we post regularly about issues and their fixes.

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    Roblox is an online game creation platform allowing players to create their own games and play them in the multiplayer mode.

    Some Xbox One users encountered an issue when trying to connect to Roblox.

    Error code 905 prevents users from playing Roblox after linking their game and Xbox Live accounts.

    This specific error seems to be caused by an account or connectivity issue.

    In order to fix this issue, we managed to come up with a series of solutions.

    Three Reasons You May Not Want To Unlink Your Epic Games Account

    • Game progress and game purchases are stored through your Epic Games account, so when disconnected you will lose access to that data from your console.
    • Once disconnected, you cannot add a different console of the same type to your Epic Games account.
    • If you sign in to your Epic Games account using a console or platform that was disconnected, a brand new Epic Games account will automatically be created, with no game progression.

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    Unlink Epic Games Account From Rockstar Uplay Ps4 Xbox & Switch

    Epic Store is an internet platform like Steam to shop for games. You get two free games every day and you can hyperlink your Epic Game Account with more than a few other platforms. For example, you can attach your Epic Games account with Social Club, you can hyperlink it together with your PSN ID, or Xbox ID. But from time to time this purpose factor, and it’s possible you’ll look to disconnect your Epic Games account with various different products and services. So apply this information to know how to release Epic store account with Social Club Uplay, PS4, Xbox & Switch.

    Unlink And Sign Back Again

    Another common practice that can help you eliminate this error is that you should Unlink and Sign Back into your Xbox/Roblox Account. Usually, whenever you open Roblox, the game will crash with 901 error. Therefore, you wont be able to unlink the account. There is a way around through which you could log out of your Roblox Account. This might not be available for everyone, but give it a shot.

    Open Roblox while it loads, go to settings > Roblox Account > Unlink the account. After you do that, the next time you open Roblox, the game will ask you to log in again. This does fix the error because sometimes the game has a weird Login glitch, due to which it considers your login as double.

    In case you werent able to unlink the account. Then, you should probably try to logout into your primary Xbox Account. Other than this, it would be best if you also tried to login into a different Roblox platform. That goes on to say, you can download Roblox on Android and try to log in and logout numerous times. This is also the right way of checking if your account is working or not.

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    Remain Inactive For A Year

    Roblox deletes idle accounts in order to free up space on its servers for new players. If you don’t log in to your account for one year, it will be deleted for you.

    You should note, before trying any of these methods, that once a Roblox account is deleted it is extremely unlikely that you’ll be able to get it back. In rare cases where misunderstandings have occurred, people have been able to recover their information, but most of the time Roblox does not restore deleted accounts.

    Adding Friends Who Are On Xbox

    How To Unlink Roblox Account From Xbox Live

    Playing with others that are also on Xbox is much easier. One of you will have to search the others gametag on the Xboxs Friends tab. Once a friend request is accepted, you can effortlessly join their game by going into their Xbox profile at any time.

    You will not technically be friends inside of Roblox by doing this, but joining friends servers will be much less of a hassle.

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    What Should Pc Users Do

    All of the methods stated in this article are compatible with both PC and Xbox. However, there are several PC-specific methods that can assist you in resolving the issue. To begin, try resetting the browser in which you are playing Roblox. Also, please keep in mind that Roblox only works in Firefox and Chrome. Additionally, try to change your IP address by changing it from automatic to static. Thirdly, make sure your account is at least 30 days old. Finally, test out the Roblox Windows 10 Edition. It’s available for download through the Windows Store. I’d also suggest upgrading from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 because other operating systems aren’t as compatible.


    Check If Your Roblox Account Is Banned

    A lot of Youtubers who got this error mentioned that after getting banned. Whenever they launched the game, they would get this error. Surprisingly, there is no official word from Roblox that suggests permanently banned users would get this error. However, we have seen things like these in the past. Roblox errors do not make any sense. Thus, It is highly recommended you make sure that your Roblox account isnt banned.

    Once again, there isnt a proper way of knowing if your account is banned. However, you could certainly reach out to Roblox Ban Support and see if your account is banned. Other than this, you can go through this manual process that would tell you if your Account is terminated or not.

  • Go to the Roblox users URL.
  • Under the URL, replace the user ID with your account ID. If there was any account shown, then you are in safe hands. Else, you should contact Roblox for a unban.
  • To clarify, If your game is crashing after accessing a particular server. Then, you should understand that you are banned from that specific server. You could try to play a different server and see if its a server-specific ban. In that case, you should contact the Server Admin and figure why you were banned. On the other hand, If you are getting the error continuously across all servers. Then, there is a fair amount of chance you are officially banned from Roblox.

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    Roblox Error Code 901 Xbox One

    Now some of the Roblox users are facing the Roblox Error Code 901 in their Xbox One platform. Roblox, with millions of regular players online around the world, also has some severe in-game bugs and errors. There are also no official fixes by the Roblox officials regarding this issue. Usually, Roblox Error Code 901 refers to the update issue. It usually tends to occur when the game isn’t updated. It can also happen while Roblox is in maintenance. But many users face this issue, although they have updated the Roblox game. So, if you’re one from that group, never mind, the issue might be regarding the servers. There are, eventually, many reasons for the Roblox Error Code 901 to occur. This Roblox Error Code 901 is very annoying as there is no proper solution to fix this error.

    Ways To Fix Roblox Too Many Attempts Error

    How to unlink a terminated Roblox account on your Xbox. (More uploads and Live streams soon)

    Roblox offers players lots to do. In fact, it offers players a pretty much limitless amount of enjoyment that they can experience through the thousands of different places that can be visited in Roblox. Theres also account progress and customization as well. To protect all of the said progress for each account, Roblox takes its security very seriously.

    But sometimes, said security accidentally locks players out of their own account. If youre one of many players that are unable to get back into your account after getting locked out and are also receiving a too many attempts error message, here are a few things you should consider trying out.

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    Confirm That You Would Like To Cancel

    • After hitting the cancel renewal button, you will be brought to a screen that tells you that you are about to cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription.
    • This will open one more dialogue box, where you will have to select cancel subscription to finalize your cancellation.
    • A final box will pop up that says success. This is how you know that your subscription is canceled and that you will not be billed for future months of service.
    • You will continue to have access to your Roblox account until the current monthly billing cycle is ended. During the cancellation, you will see the date that your service ends.

    Uninstall Roblox And Download It Again

    There is a possibility that some bug or glitch might be blocking you from playing Roblox. Things like these are relatively familiar with Roblox. Uninstalling and Download the game again can certainly help. Itll reset all settings, clear cache, and fix out all the glitches. In case you are getting the error on Xbox. Make sure that once you uninstall Roblox. Try to clear the cache of Xbox One, so all leftover files are cleared out. For PC users, you should also clear out Temp Folder and perform a Disk Cleanup.

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    Check With Another Network Connection

    The error might be related to the ports used by routers. Some users reported that they encountered error 277 in Roblox using a specific connection but didnt face the same in a different connection. There might some glitch due to that. So, switch to a different internet connection and then see if the Zroblox error code 277 occurs or not while playing.

    How To Cancel Your Roblox Membership

    Roblox Account Linked To Xbox

    If you just want to cancel your recurring Roblox membership instead of deleting your account completely, thats much easier to do. First, log in to the Roblox website, then click on the gear in the upper-right corner of the page. In the menu that pops up, select Settings.

    On the My Settings page, click Billing in the sidebar, and then click Cancel Renewal. Follow the subsequent steps to have your recurring membership canceled. Good luck!

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    How To Restore A Deleted Roblox Account

    If you’ve changed your mind about an account you’ve deleted, there’s one option available to you that may get your account restored.

  • Provide as much detail as possible about your old account and explain why you’d like it restored.

  • Hope for the best! There’s no guarantee your data is still available, but it’s worth asking in case.

  • Plus How To Uninstall Roblox From Your Device

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    With over 100 million monthly active users, there’s always something to do in Roblox. But what if you want to call it a day and delete your account? Here’s everything you need to know about how to delete a Roblox account or what’s required to deactivate the account.

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    How To Play Roblox On Different Platforms

    If none of the methods listed above were successful in resolving the problem, It makes no difference whether you play on a PC or an Xbox. All you have to do now is go to Roblox and log in using a different platform. This is followed by the following: If you’re having trouble with the Xbox One, here’s how to fix it. Roblox can be accessed via Android or browser. If you are a PC user, on the other hand. Try playing the game on a Windows 10 PC or on a mobile device. You will learn the following things as a result of this.

    • Does the Roblox Error Code 91 only happen on your Device

    • Is your Roblox Account Banned

    • Are Servers down for all platforms

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