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How To Turn Off Narrator On Xbox

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Turn Off The Narrator In Another Gaming Device

How to Turn OFF Xbox One Narrator to stop your Xbox talking to you.

Now, if you play this game on another gaming device, you can also turn off this feature.

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Turning Off the Narrator on Xbox

If you enjoy playing on Xbox, then there are two ways to disable this function.

First, press the Xbox button on your controller and go to System options. There, you need to find the Ease of Access alternative so you can disable the narrator in all games.

On the other hand, if you just want to remove the Minecraft narrator, then once again go to the main menu of the game, tap the X Xbox button and go to settings.

Keep in mind that you can manage the Accessibility Options the same way you do it on your computer. Disable it and thats it.

Disable Narrator on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

If you use Minecraft on Nintendo or PlayStation, then the only way to turn off the narrator is by looking for the option once again on the settings menu of the game.

Start Minecraft, go to Settings, and toggle the UI screen reader to the left side. Really easy, right? Just keep in mind that some players often select the Audio and Video option, which is wrong.

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How To Turn Off The Narrator Function On Your Xbox One

1. On your controller, hold down the Xbox button until it vibrates and opens a pop-up menu asking, “What do you want to do?”

2. In the bottom-right hand corner, you’ll see three bars next to “Narrator.” Press the Menu button on your controller again to open these settings.

3. Select “No” using the toggle on your controller. This will automatically turn off the Narrator function and your console will stop reading text and other elements aloud.

How To Turn Off The Xbox Series X Or S Narrator From The Power Menu

The easiest way to switch off the narrator is to use the Xbox Series X or S power menu, which is accessible at any time via the Guide. This method is fast, but the problem is that it also makes it extremely easy to switch the screen reader on by accident. If youre unsure why your Xbox Series X or S is suddenly talking to you, this is probably what happened.

Heres how to turn off the Xbox Series X or S narrator via the power menu:

  • Turn on your Xbox Series X or S.

    When the Narrator is turned on, a blue box will always appear around the currently selected item.

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the Guide.

  • Navigate to Profile & system > Settings, and select Power.

  • Press the menu button on your controller.

  • Narrator will turn off.

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    No : Using The Controller

    The simplest way to turn off the Narrator on Xbox one doesnt require going to the system settings.

    It should not take less than five seconds just hold down the Xbox Ones home button. If youre going to turn off the system and wait for the menu to appear, use the menu button to disable Narrator.

    If youre already in Xbox One system settings, you can turn off the Narrator without holding down the home button.

    Instead, you can select the ease of access tab and see all checked boxes for the Narrator. Just uncheck it, and your Narrator will be turned off. To turn it on, select the checkboxes again.

    Turn Off Narrator In Minecraft On Xbox One

    How to Turn Off the Narrator on the Xbox Series X or S

    As you see, it is super easy to turn off Minecraft Narrator on PC. Well, is turning off Minecraft Narrator on Xbox One as easy as on PC? Maybe not. Four steps are required to turn off Minecraft Narrator on Xbox One:

    Step 1: Press the Xbox button, which will open the guide window.

    Step 2: Once you are in the guide window, choose the System option.

    Step 3: Choose the Ease of Access option.

    Step 4: Click the Narrator option to turn it off.

    Then, the console will stop reading text and other elements aloud.

    Well, now you have known how to turn off the Minecraft Narrator function, but do you known how to turn off the Windows Narrator function? If you have an interest in how to turn off the Windows Narrator function, you can read 3 Ways to Turn Off Narrator Windows 10 .

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    Turn Off Minecraft Narrator On Pc

  • Press and Hold the Windows Key and press CTRL + Enter keys together.
  • On your computer screen you see an indication.
  • Again Press and Hold the All three keys Windows+CTRL+Enter and the narrator will turned off.
  • Another way to turn off narrator in PC, by press the CTRL+B keys together. This step will troggle the voice and sound controls in Minecraft game.
  • How To Turn Off The Narrator On Xbox One Makeuseof

    Jan 5, 2018 How to Turn Off the Narrator on Xbox One · Press the Xbox button to open the Guide and scroll over to the gear icon. · Select Settings, then pick

    Jul 12, 2021 When playing a movie/video users generally go to the Closed Caption menu. There is no visible option to turn off the narrator there. You

    Hey my brother did the same thing. In the main menu go to settings then to accessibility settings. From there turn off enable UI screen reader and it should do

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    How To Turn The Narrator Off On Keyboard

    This method are for those who are proficient enough with their keyboard,

  • Press keyboard shortcut Win+CTRL+Enter simultaneously this will open the Narrator control window.
  • If this is your first time using Narrator, youll see a Welcome Narrator Window.
  • You just need to clear the checkbox of Show Narrator Home when Narrator starts, so the Narrator option does not appear in the future.
  • So these are the few methods you apply to turn off your Narrator on Xbox. After using all these methods, if you still have the problem, it is better to chat with Microsoft Support.

    How To Turn Off Narrator In Xbox One

    Xbox One: How To Turn Narrator Off & On

    The narrator is nothing but the feature of screen reading mode for the Xbox One which performs the function of reading the buttons, menus, and the various other kinds of texts in a louder form. It is specially designed as the option of accessibility for gamers who have visual impairments. Such a thing can turn out in an annoyance of huge form if anytime it gets stuck and if you are not able to figure out in turning it off.

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    How To Turn Off Narrator On Xbox One

    If youve got got an Xbox One, you have in all likelihood used its Narrator functionality, which reads textual content aloud to the user. Text might also additionally come from any detail at the screen . This Narrator characteristic is specifically useful for folks who are blind or produce other imaginative and prescient impairments and require voice assistance. By default, its miles grew to become off

    Xbox Narrator Settings

    However, on this article, we are able to be discussing the way to close/disable the narrator feature. Many Xbox One customers are going through trouble in turning off this feature. For some, the narrator robotically activates once they login to their Xbox Live account. For others, its far robotically enabled whilst theyre looking a film at the Movies App. This can end up very nerve-racking for everyday customers due to the fact a voice begins off evolved to relate the whole lot occurring at the screen. So, lets examine a number of the viable fixes that could assist your disable this feature.


  • 6 FEATURED Video
  • How To Disable Xbox One Narrator Via Voice Commands:

    Voice commands are supported on some earlier Xbox One devices using the Kinect device or headphones and mic. If you have voice features enabled, you can switch off the narrator using one of the two commands.

    • Hey Cortana, turn off the narrator
    • Xbox, turn off narrator

    All you need to say are these two commands, and the narrator will be switched off remotely by the system. If you have Cortana enabled, you must execute the Cortana phrase, which gets activated in the settings menu console.

    If you have the Kinect connected in, though you havent switched on Cortana, youll have to execute the Xbox command. Also, if you do not have voice features enabled, neither of these commands will function.

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    Why Is There A Minecraft Narrator

    Mojang firmly believes that anyone should be able to play Minecraft. Thats why they have implemented important accessibility features and other methods for visually impaired players.

    The narrator option is just one of the many accessibility settings that make playing Minecraft in any gaming device software a complete experience.

    You can learn more about this matter in this article on theMojang official website.

    Of course, some of us neither want nor need to hear the narrators voice. Thats why Its important to know how to turn off the narrator in case you dont want it to read whats on your screen.

    Pro Tip

    Theres a lot you can do with your friends in Minecraft. Crafting aPotion of Night Vision, building aBrewing Stand, and saving the Overworld are just some of the things you can do once you manage to turn off the Minecraft narrator permanently.

    How To Disable Narrator Of Xbox One Via Power Menu:

    How to Turn off the Narrator on the Xbox One

    The quickest method to disable the voiceover is using the Xbox One main menu. This solution is also the most frequent way for users to activate the function without knowing it mistakenly.

    • Launch the Xbox One, then ensure that the narrator gets turned on.
    • Press the Xbox toggle on your control till it shakes and the menu appears.
    • Then, in the options, hit the button with three parallel lines to turn off the narrator.
    • Now return to the main screen and check to see if the narrator is turned off or not.

    Note: A light blue square indicates the objects you choose when the narrator is active. When you select a new item, you will hear a message voice.

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    Turn Off The Xbox One Narrator Via Settings Menu

    Such a method of Turning Off the Xbox One Narrator by the use of Settings Menu is a bit complicated one that the other methods. Though it provides various options that other methods dont have. As if we discuss the power menu, then it only gives the toggle of a simple one. But the settings menu will give you the control of the additional one over the function of the narrator.

    If you need the setting of the warning that will help you in the prevention of yours in turning on the narrator at any time in the future, then such a method will help you out there.

    Here we have the explanation of the steps in turning off the Xbox One Narrator by the use of Settings Menu.

    Step 1

    Firstly, press the button of Xbox on the controller for opening such a guide.

    Step 2

    Now do the navigation of the System and open there the option of Settings.

    Step 3

    Do the selection of the Ease of Access option.

    Step 4

    Then select the option of the Narrator.

    Step 5

    Take a proper check that the Narrator on the box is in selection there. Then press the button of A on the controller for removing the checkmark.

    Step 6

    If you need to avoid turning on the narrator at any time in the future, then do the selection of the option Warn me when turning the Narrator on and take a proper check that the box is in checked form.

    Step 7

    The narrator is off now, you will now be able to do the navigation of the menus and can play games without the Xbox saying anything to you.

    Minecraft Narrator: How To Turn The Function Off Across Different Platforms

    Here is how to turn on narrator on Xbox:

  • Visit the settings menu
  • This will open up a menu on the right with the Enable UI Screen Reader option
  • Toggle this off and the narrator should no longer be active
  • Additionally, players can hold down the Xbox button, then press the menu button which is located at the bottom right corner
  • Additionally, players can push the Xbox button and open the guide and do the following:

  • Select Profile & System and navigate to Settings
  • Find Ease of Access, where the narrator settings are and can be toggled on or off
  • Guys, the Minecraft narrator is WILD

    For Pocket Edition and other forms of Minecraft, players can visit the in-game settings and navigate to Chat Settings. At the bottom of the screen, there should be a Narrator setting that can be toggled.

    Here’s how to do it on PC:

    • Hold down the Windows start key while simultaneously holding the Ctrl button and the Enter button
    • An indication should appear on the screen
    • Hold the same keys again to turn the narrator off
    • Alternatively, players can also turn off the narrator on PC by holding down the Ctrl button and the B key in Minecraft
    • This will open the Voice and Sounds setting. Players can turn the narrator off from here, too

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    Forza Horizon : How To Play With Friends

    This menu also provides some great accessibility options that will allow you to get the game in a state that you find the most comfortable. These include things like subtitles toggle as well as their size and whether or not they have a background, color filters, and text-to-speech and speech-to-text options. With that out of the way, you now know how to disable the narrator in Forza Horizon 5.

    Xbox One Narrator Wont Stop Talking: Xboxone Reddit

    Xbox Series X/S: How to Turn ON/OFF Voice Narrator (Talk Back, Screen Reader, Voice Assistant etc)

    Hold the power button. Turn off narrator with the sandwich button. Done. 40.

    level 1. Moderator of r/xboxone, speaking officially-2 points · 4 years ago. Try These Steps. Power Cycle Instructions here. Press and hold the Xbox Logo on

    Why is my Xbox turning on by itself? How do I turn off Xbox narrator? Turn on Narrator on Xbox One. If youre using a controller, press and hold the Xbox

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    How To Disable The Narrator In Forza Horizon 5

    The narrator functions similar to a GPS as it will tell you where to turn and where to go when driving around the world of Forza Horizon 5. While helpful, for players who dont need or want the voice, you can turn it off. Make your way over to the games Main Menu. From here go to the Settings button and scroll down to Accessibility. Here you will find a list of options to make your experience in Forza more enjoyable. The one we are looking for here is the option Screen Reader. The option will be set to System Default by, well, default. Scroll down to it and toggle it toOff. this will disable the narrator in Forza Horizon 5 and give you a voice-free experience on the open roads of Mexico.

    How To Turn Off The Narrator In Pc

    PC users will have to follow a different method altogether.

    • Step 1: You can start by holding the Windows start key while pressing the Ctrl+Enter buttons at the same time.
    • Step 2: You will then spot an indication on your screen. Now hold the Windows start key along with Enter+Ctrl at the same time.
    • Step 3: You can also turn off the narrator on your PC by holding down Ctrl+B. This will toggle voice and sounds setting, where you can tweak with the narrator settings as you like.

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    How To Turn Off The Narrator Minecraft

    We are sometimes pissed off by searching for the method to turn off the narrator in the game, as it creates a bit of distraction between the games crucial tasks. Minecraft game is made very simple, easy to play, and enjoyable for all age groups, and there is a Minecraft narrator that displays and reads all the chats and system messages in the game. But sometimes, we get used to the Minecraft gameplay or do not like the space consumption& dictation done by the narrator, so we search to turn off the narrator and avoid the minor distraction.

    There are various methods to turn off the narrator depending on which platform you are playing the Minecraft game. For some devices, it is pretty simple to turn off the narrator, and a few of them require a little more steps to close the narrator. So, here we will get to know all the possible ways to turn off the narrator on various devices.

  • Other Minecraft Guides
  • Turn Off Minecraft Narrator On Xbox

    How to Turn off the Narrator on the Xbox One

    Method 1

  • Go to the Settings Menu given at the right side top of the screen. Youll see the accessibility tap on it.
  • It will redirect to the Menu where you will access the option called Enable UI Screen Reader.
  • Troggle the switch to the left to turn off the narrator in Minecraft game.
  • Method 2

  • Another method to perform this by Controller, Press and Hold the Xbox Button till the controller start vibrating
  • Then press the three line menu button given at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now the narrator will stop reading the text.
  • Method 3

  • Press and hold the Xbox Button from the controller to access the guide.
  • Choose the Profile & Settings given at the Settings menu.
  • Head to the Ease of Access where you can locate the narrator settings.
  • Turn off the narrator and enjoy your game.
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