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How To Tell Which Xbox One I Have

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Listen To Hd Audio On Your Home Theater System

How To Check How Much Money You Have On Xbox One

If you’re an audiophile, then you probably want the best audio quality available on your movies and other media. In the past, this meant getting a stand-alone Blu-Ray player to connect to your high-definition stereo receiver. However, if you own an Xbox One, you already have everything you need to enjoy HD audio on your home theater. The console even supports next-generation audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X…by not supporting them. Wait, what?

With the Xbox One’s “Bitstream Passthrough” option, the console won’t decode the audio on Blu-Ray or 4K Blu-Ray discs. Instead, it sends the audio output directly to your home theater system, giving you the best quality sound possible. First, make sure you have the most recent update downloaded for Xbox One’s Blu-Ray player app. If you have an audio receiver that supports uncompressed formatsor positional ones like DTS:X and Atmosgo to the settings for the app and choose “let my receiver decode audio.” Finally, connect your Xbox One to your receiver using the HDMI output, pop in a disc, and enjoy your high-quality audio. As a bonus, while the Blu-Ray app is open, all other sounds on your Xbox One will be silencedincluding notifications, background audio, and party chat.

Disc Drive Makes Grinding Sound

This problem is something that a number of Xbox One users have reported, but thankfully, they also report that it doesnt actually damage the disc. When you put a disc in the consoles optical drive, it makes a grinding sound. An error message then reads, Sorry we cant play that disc. Try an Xbox One game, music CD, or a movie on a Blu-ray or DVD. Thankfully, the issue is only present on the original Xbox One.

Possible solutions:

Microsoft has addressed this particular issue multiple times and confirmed that owners can return the hardware. You can always try to repair it yourself if you are familiar with optical drives, but youll void your warranty in the process. If you are suffering from this problem, your options are limited.

  • Return the hardware to where you purchased it. Microsoft addressed this problem with launch units by giving out free games to those affected. It doesnt appear that the promotion is still active, but if youre hearing grinding in the disk drive, you can still probably return your console. If buying secondhand, always make sure to check the disc drive.
  • Contact Microsoft directly using one of the contact methods above. The companys support team is arranging replacements, and in some cases will ship a new console with a game of your choice to you before you send your system in.

Which Xbox One Should I Buy

Now youre armed with all the knowledge you need, which Xbox should you opt for?

I want the best of the best, no expense spared – Buy the One X. The ability to play games in 4K and the added graphical ability will set it apart from the One and One S. Microsoft have claimed it will be the most powerful games console ever.

I want a good deal – The One S is your best bet. While you may think that the original One would be the cheapest, this isnt generally the case. Stock is running low, and most retailers have moved on to using the One S in most of their high profile bundles. Of course, there will always be exceptions to the rule.

I play a lot of games, so I need the storage space – The original One went up to a 1TB hard-drive, while the One S offers both 1 and 2TB options. Only a 1TB version of the One X is available currently, but don’t be surprised if a larger capacity launches in 2018. As it will play the same games, the file sizes wont be different, however Microsoft may want to make a statement with the console by including a bigger hard-drive. If you’re planning to go all digital the;Xbox One S All-Digital Edition has a 1TB hard-drive and will keep you covered for quite some time.

Ready to compare prices and bundles? View all our deals below:

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Xbox Wireless: Everything You Need To Know

While Microsoft continues to converge its experiences across Xbox One and Windows 10, programs like Play Anywhere are proving how unified platforms can be beneficial to both the consumers and the company itself. “Xbox Wireless” shows this philosophy being applied to accessories too, building a hardware ecosystem between Microsoft’s two flagship gaming platforms. Here’s everything you need to know about Xbox Wireless, and its benefits to you as a gamer.

Play Your Other Consoles On Your Xbox One

Xbox 360 What Motherboard do I Have Tutorial

The Xbox One’s HDMI Passthrough feature allows users to watch live TV on their console by connecting a cable or satellite box directly to the HDMI input. With certain providers, you can even set up OneGuide, allowing you to control live TV with your Xbox One controller or Cortana voice commands.;

But what Microsoft won’t tell you is that you can also connect practically any other device with an HDMI output like the PS4, Xbox 360, or Apple TV directly to your Xbox One. That’s right, you can put a console in your console, then switch seamlessly and easily between them.

To get started, follow the Microsoft support guide on how to setup Live TV with your Xbox One. Instead of a cable or satellite box, connect your Nintendo Switch, Chromecast, or any other device with an HDMI output. To expand your options even further, buy a high-quality HDMI switch, which allows you to connect multiple HDMI devices to your Xbox One at once. While the concept of HDMI Passthrough is pretty awesome, there are a few caveats. Your Xbox One must be turned on for Passthrough to work standby mode won’t cut it. Additionally, some users have reported moderate input lag although that problem seems limited to earlier models of Xbox One. You can try turning the input settings to 720p to reduce latency. Finally, you cannot use HDMI Passthrough with a 4K signal even if you own an Xbox One X.;

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Xbox One Vs Xbox One S: Price And Verdict

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You can pick up the Xbox One S from around , and for that money, you are getting A LOT of console. Remember: it can upscale games to 4K, play Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video in 4K, and it also doubles as one of the best-dedicated UHD players on the market right now.

You have full HDR-support for gaming, which is a huge addition that makes a massive difference to the overall quality of your gaming experiences. With respect to audio, its kitted out with the best tech in the business for truly immersive experiences.

The design, finish, build materials, and selection of games is also stunning. But the Xbox One S isnt just a gaming machine; it is a central media center for your home. It does everything from 4K Netflix to file management for all your downloaded films and TV Shows.

And for less than $300, that is truly exceptional value for money

And remember: you can save a bunch of cash by picking up a refurbished unit direct from Microsoft.;

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Loading On A Different Console

Using your saved game on a different console is easy. Just do the following:

  • Turn on cloud saved games

    On the new console, sign in to your Xbox Live profile. Then repeat the steps above to turn on cloud saved games for this console.

  • Start the game with the cloud save

    Open up the game you want to play and it should immediately sync your saved data. If it asks for a storage device, select cloud saved games.

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    Register The Console Online

    You can sign on to the website and register your device. You can go to and register your console. It will tell you the amount of storage the console has. It will not tell you how much is available or what you have used but it will tell you what the console has.

    Continue An Xbox 360 Game Where You Left Off

    How to Check Xbox One S / X Console Serial Number & Model Number?

    With the rollout of backwards compatibility for an ever-growing library of Original Xbox and Xbox 360 games, many Xbox One owners are revisiting their old favorites. While it’s always fun rediscovering a game by starting over from scratch, you don’t have to lose all of your progress just because you’ve upgraded to a new console. You can actually transfer and sync those save files from your 360 to your Xbox One by using cloud storage.

    Cloud storage can only be used by Xbox Live Gold members, so sign up for that first. Next, follow this visual guide, which explains how to copy or move Xbox 360 save data to cloud storage. Sign into your Xbox One with the same profile, launch the game, and your console will sync automatically with the cloud save. Xbox 360s are limited to 512MB of cloud usage, so you might have to repeat this process a few times if you have a bunch of large save files. Once you’ve re-saved them on your Xbox One hard drive, you can delete the cloud saves to make room if needed. When you’re done transferring all your Xbox 360 game saves, you can safely cancel your Gold membership. However, if you leave the subscription active, there’s an added benefit: cloud syncing works both ways. If you make progress on a game with your Xbox One and then play it later on your Xbox 360, the older console will sync and download the new save state from the cloud.

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    Things You Didn’t Know Your Xbox One Could Do

    By the middle of 2017, sales of the Xbox One had topped an estimated 30 million units. Add in the million or more Xbox One X consoles sold in 2017, and that equals a lot of Xbox One owners around the world. While many of those proud Xbox One owners undoubtedly believe that they know their console inside and out, they still might be unaware of some of its coolest bells and whistles. Here’s a list of some of the most awesome Xbox One features that you might not know about including a couple of things Microsoft probably doesn’t want you to know.

    Now Let’s Find Your Original Xbox Version

    Referencing the picture above, Go down each point below and compare it to your console.

    • If the GPU Heatsink has a small fan attached unlike the example above, then you have a version 1.0 original Xbox
    • If your PSU connector is only a single row but does NOT have the extra fan on your GPU heatsink, Then you have a version 1.1 original Xbox
    • If your console has a double row PSU connector just like the picture above, and then has a Conexant branded video chip, Then you have a version 1.2 – 1.3 original Xbox console. The 1.2-1.3 have so little difference between them that the distinction doesn’t matter. Anything you are replacing or modding will work exactly the same on a 1.2-1.3.
    • If you have a Focus branded video chip then you have a 1.4 – 1.5 original Xbox version, Just as above, the 1.4 – 1.5 have virtually no difference between them.
    • If you have the Xcalibur Video Chip then you need to check your RAM chips. If the Ram chips are Samsung branded then you have a 1.6 original Xbox version If the Ram chips are Hynix then you have 1.6b original Xbox version

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    Which Xbox One Controller Is Bluetooth

    The Xbox One controller is, for my money, one of the most comfortable gamepads around, so why not use it on other platforms? The good news: you can. The bad news: if you have an older version, you might have a significantly harder time of it. The key question and the one asked by many around the globe is which Xbox One controller is Bluetooth?

    Microsoft rightly got a lot of stick for the 2013 launch of the Xbox One with its £425 price and enforced bundling of Kinect, but the gamepad also had weaknesses. Not only was it missing a 3.5mm headphone jack, but it also didnt have Bluetooth. Both of these issues have been fixed in more recent models the former point even means you can use a PlayStation Gold headset on Xbox One if you like.;

    But back to the latter

    Turn Off Cloud Saves For One Console

    Xbox One Install and Setup

    The second option is to keep saved games in the cloud and turn off cloud saves for a single console.;

  • Go to your primary storage device

    You can find this by going into settings, then system and selecting storage. One of the options will be the primary storage device; normally, this is the internal hard drive.

  • Delete the cloud storage console copy

    Under system items youll see the cloud storage console copy. You should select and delete this. There will be a prompt asking you to confirm that you want your saved games to remain in the cloud and for your console to stop syncing with any future updates to the file.

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    Xbox Network With Xbox One

    A key part of the Xbox One experience is Xbox Network.;Connecting your system online to Xbox Network allows you to buy game downloads and watch videos, share your recorded gameplay videos, use Skype to talk to friends and family, keep track of your friends, achievements, and game progress. In addition, you can play multiplayer games online with other people.;

    If you want to play games with other people, you will need to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold. This subscription level gives you access to members-only deals and discounts on downloadable games, as well as free game downloads each month with the Games With Gold program.;

    If you don’t want to subscribe you can still use the Xbox Network free service.;You won’t be able to play games with other people or get free games, but all of the other benefits of Xbox Network will be available to you.;There are dozens upon dozens of video apps that you can use on Xbox Network such as ESPN, UFC, WWE Network, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and many, many more that you can use on Xbox One for no additional fees;Subscription fees for individual apps will still apply, but you don’t have to pay for Xbox Live Gold on top of them just to use an app.

    How To Set Up An Xbox One External Hard Drive

    First, plug the drive into your console. You can use any available USB port; the ones on the back work well to keep the cable out of the way.

    After a moment, you’ll see a message appear asking if you want to use the drive for media or games. While you can use an external drive to store music and movies, this isn’t what most people are after. Select Format storage device to format your drive for Xbox One games.

    Next, give your device a name. You’ll then choose whether you want to install games on the external drive by default. Based on the speed gains discussed above, this is usually a good idea.

    Finally, you’ll need to hit Format storage device again to confirm.

    Keep in mind that formatting an external drive for use with your Xbox One will erase everything on the drive, so make sure you’ve backed up any existing contents beforehand.

    Also, once you’ve formatted a drive for use with Xbox One, you can’t use it on other platforms unless you format it for those first. Thus, you should dedicate an external drive exclusively for use with your Xbox One.

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    Voice Control: Amazon Echo

    You can now control your Xbox console using voice commands via an Amazon Echo speaker. The lowest-cost Echo devices are pretty affordable and currently sport the most extensive array of support for connected devices and services. The most affordable Echo device is the Echo Dot, starting at $25.

  • 3544
  • 4500

    The steps to change port availability differ for every router, so please consult your router manufacturer’ specific instructions.

  • Enable your router’s UPNP setting setting to further improve connectivity to Xbox Live.
  • Note: Sometimes, simply opening the ports isn’t enough, you may have to set up your Xbox One with a static IP address to ensure that the ports remain open for that particular device. has specific guides on configuring the open ports for your specific model of router.

    Set Up An Xbox Live Gold / Xbox Game Pass

    How to tell what version original xbox you have

    The Xbox One can be used offline, but many apps, services and features will require an online connection. By default, a new Xbox One user is signed up for a free Silver subscription, but by setting up a Gold subscription, you’ll be able to access a ton of extra benefits. In addition, you can also grab Xbox Game Pass, which comes with hundreds of games available instantaneously Netflix-style if you subscribe. You can sign up for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass at any time from the main dashboard, or online.

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    Set Up Your Xbox One To Stream Media

    You can use the Xbox One to stream content from your devices. On Windows 10, this is achieved simply by selecting the casting button seen in Windows 10 video apps, then selecting the Xbox One mapped to the same network. To access media content on a PC or server from your Xbox One requires a few settings tweaks in Windows.

  • First, you need to open the Media Player app, accessed via the Games and Apps section at the bottom of the main dashboard.
  • From here you can browse PC folders set up to share content over your home network.

  • To set up a PC for media sharing, type “Media Streaming Options” into your Windows Start Menu.
  • Find your Xbox One in the list, then tick to allow access.

  • From here you can customize which Windows libraries you want to share, such as Documents, Pictures, Music and Videos.
  • When you’re done, hit next and follow the extra steps to create a Windows HomeGroup. Your folders should now be accessible via the Xbox One media player app.
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