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How To Tell If You Have Xbox Live

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Xbox Beginner’s Guide: Top Tips And Tricks For New Xbox One S And Xbox One X Owners

How to Check Xbox Live Gold Expiration Date Renew Xbox Live Gold Subscription Cant Play Online

New Xbox One S or Xbox One X owners will find the console’s basic functions easy to access, but unlocking the full power of the console can be a little more complex.

Beyond gaming, the Xbox One can act as a media center, you can use it to create and edit clips from your favorite games, and there are tons of great apps available even many of the same Windows Store apps as your Windows 10 PC.

Still, you’ll need to get yourself set up. So here are some of the most important things you should do first after opening that glossy box.

How Do I Get A Free Trial Of Xbox Live Gold

  • When a person registers an Xbox One or Xbox 360 and creates a Microsoft account, they are given the opportunity to sign up for a free Xbox Live subscription. This first-tier Xbox membership, as the name implies, is free to get but offers restricted features. After that, youll be given the option to upgrade to an Xbox Live Gold subscription. If you want to do so, you will get a free month of Xbox Live Gold. Even if you dont upgrade, youll be prompted to utilize your Xbox Live Gold free trial.
  • Free Gold Weekends: Microsoft sometimes offers Free Gold Weekends, during which all Xbox Live Gold subscribers get a free subscription. It is not required that the Xbox One and Xbox 360 have the same gold weekends.
  • In-game Promos: Using in-game promotions is another excellent method to obtain a free Xbox Live Gold subscription. Some games come with complimentary Xbox Live Gold trial cards, which are primarily designed to promote online competitive gaming. Free Xbox Live trials are available for 48 hours to 14 days. Users may use each promotional free trial code just once, although they are allowed to use as many as they want/have.

Know The Difference Between The Xbox One S And Xbox One X

There are some pretty large differences between the models of Xbox One. You should know that the base Xbox One launched in 2013 is no longer being manufactured, it’s only the slimmed-down Xbox One S and suped-up Xbox One X currently on sale, and both consoles offer a premium gaming experience, but what are the key differences?

Both the X and the S sport 4K Blu-ray, complete with streaming 4K playback for media apps like Netflix. The Xbox One X, however, has beefed up specs, delivering 4K visuals for games, with various other graphical enhancements. There is also a disc-less Xbox One S “All-Digital” variant, which omits the disc drive for some price savings.

8-core Jaguar “Evolved” CPU at 2.3GHz 8-core Jaguar CPU at 1.75GHz
40 CUs 6 TF GPU 12 CUs 1.23 TF GPU
Ports HDMI-in HDMI-out one front-facing USB 3.0 two rear-facing USB 3.0 IR receiver/blaster SPDIF digital audio Ethernet HDMI-in HDMI-out one front-facing USB 3.0 two rear-facing USB 3.0 IR receiver/blaster SPDIF digital audio Ethernet
Optical drive

In terms of usage and operating system, though, both consoles are virtually identical. Both consoles are compatible with all Xbox One accessories and games. Games will just look and run far better on the Xbox One X.

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Need To Check Your Headsets Mic Is In Tip

If you want to know how to test your microphone on Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S consoles, weve got you covered!

A quality headset is a vital component of online gaming. After all, gaming is a social experience one that relies on free-flowing, two-way communication between you and your teammates, at least in theory.

As such, its probably a good idea to test your microphone before settling down for a mammoth multiplayer sesh. Otherwise, you could find yourself screaming into the void during a crucial Fortnite battle or Warzone fight.

Luckily, if youre playing on an Xbox One or next-gen Xbox, theres an easy way to check that your microphone is in good working order before you enter the digital fray.

Using A Free Trial Code On Xbox One

How to
  • 1Find your free trial code. Some games come with a two- or three-day free trial code card in the packaging. You can enter the code on the card into your Xbox One’s Settings to redeem your free play days.
  • 2Turn on your Xbox One with a connected controller. Press and hold the “Guide” button, which is the Xbox logo in the middle of the controller. This will turn on both the Xbox and the controller.
  • 3Make sure that you’re signed into the right account. Press the “Guide” button, then scroll up to the top of the Guide menu. If you see the correct profile, you’re good to go.
  • If you see a different profile than the one to which you want to apply the free trial, select the account, scroll down and select Sign out, and then re-open the Guide menu and sign in with the correct account.
  • 4Open Settings . Scroll down to select the gear-shaped Settings icon, then press A.
  • If you had to sign into a different account, first press the “Guide” button again.
  • 5Select All settings and press A. This will open the Settings menu.
  • 6Select the Account tab and press A. It’s on the left side of the screen.
  • 7Select Subscriptions and press A. You’ll find this option in the bottom row of options here.
  • 8Select Learn about Gold and press A. It’s in the middle of the screen.
  • If you’ve used Gold on this account before, you’ll just select the Xbox Live Gold option.
  • 9Select Use a code and press A. Doing so will open a window for you to enter your code.
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    What Kinds Of Discounts Do I Get With Xbox Live Gold

    This will depend on the time. Right now you can pick up games like Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Legends of Eternal, The Surge, V-Rally 4 Ultimate Edition and others at varying discounted prices.

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint for example is 85% off right now. So if you were interested in that title and have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, now is the time to pick it up. Lest you have to pay full price down the line.

    Do I Need To Install The Games To Claim Them

    No. All you need to do is claim the game and itll be there until you decide to install and play it. You can install it if you like to have all of your games readily available at a moments notice though.

    This would save you time after all, as you wouldnt have to wait for the install down the road when you decide to play something new. So its at least worth considering installing games right when you claim them even if you dont plan to play those games right then and there.

    Again though, if you dont install them right away you wont lose them. As long as you claim they will be in your library for good.

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    Voice Control: Amazon Echo

    You can now control your Xbox console using voice commands via an Amazon Echo speaker. The lowest-cost Echo devices are pretty affordable and currently sport the most extensive array of support for connected devices and services. The most affordable Echo device is the Echo Dot, starting at $25.

  • 3544
  • 4500

    The steps to change port availability differ for every router, so please consult your router manufacturer’ specific instructions.

  • Enable your router’s UPNP setting setting to further improve connectivity to Xbox Live.
  • Note: Sometimes, simply opening the ports isn’t enough, you may have to set up your Xbox One with a static IP address to ensure that the ports remain open for that particular device. has specific guides on configuring the open ports for your specific model of router.

    What To Do If Your Xbox Account Is Hacked

    How to Check When Xbox Live Expires

    If you’ve ever been hacked, Microsoft gives you plenty of options to get your Xbox account back and protect it from being compromised again in the future.

    Receiving an email saying your account has been accessed by an unauthorized party happens, and it’s normal to panic, especially if that account has your financial information attached to it. However, there are ways to protect your information and your account. Here’s what to do if your Xbox account is hacked and how Microsoft might respond.

    The first thing to do if you think that you’ve been hacked is to go to Microsoft’s website for compromised accounts. Here, you’ll be guided through the process of finding out what exactly happened. First, you’ll select whether or not you are able to log in to your account. If you can’t and it’s because of your password , select “no.”

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    Selecting “no” takes you to another page where you’re instructed to change your password on the “Why can’t I sign in?” screen. Provided either are registered to the account, you’ll receive a code to your email or phone. If you can’t use any of these options, you’re prompted to enter a new email address where you’ll receive an account recovery form. In this form you’ll answer as many questions about your account and old login information as you can remember before getting a password recovery email.

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    Using A Free Trial Code On Xbox 360

  • 1Find your free trial code. Some games come with a two- or three-day free trial code card in the packaging. You can enter the code on the card into your Xbox 360’s Settings to redeem your free play days.
  • 2Turn on your Xbox 360 using a connected controller. Press and hold the “Guide” button, which is the Xbox logo in the middle of the controller. This will turn on both the Xbox and the controller.
  • 3Make sure that you’re signed into the right account. Press the “Guide” button, then look at the name on the left side of the Guide window. If it belongs to the account that you want to use, you’re good to go.
  • If you’re signed into the wrong account, press X, select Yes, press X again, and select the correct account.
  • 4Close the Guide window. Press the “Guide” button once to do so.
  • 5Scroll over to the settings tab. It’s on the far-right side of the Xbox 360 menu. Press the RB button seven times to navigate to this tab.
  • 6Select Account and press A. You’ll find this option in the bottom row of settings.
  • 7Select Redeem Code and press A. It’s at the top of the “Your Billing Options” window.
  • 8Enter your card’s code. Type the card’s code into the text field using the on-screen keyboard.
  • 9Press âº. This button is to the right of the “Guide” button. Doing so will enter your card code and apply the free Gold days to your account.
  • You may have to restart your Xbox 360 for your account to recognize the Gold.
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Everything You Need To Know

    Announced back in 2019, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate program is Microsoft’s latest evolution of its popular service. One of the big requests from subscribers was a single program to combine subscriptions for Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold, and that’s exactly what you get with Game Pass Ultimate.

    Oh. and it comes with a little sprinkling of something for PC and mobile gamers bundled in for good measure. Here’s everything you need to know about Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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    So Do You Need Xbox Live Gold

    Ultimately, no, you don’t need Xbox Live Gold. You can still play your games offline, without access to the internet. However, if you want to compete and play with or against other gamers, you’ll probably want to sign up.

    If you have a busy schedule and rarely pick up your Xbox One controller, there’s no need for the extra expense. For those who download a lot of games and love the thrill of multiplayer online gaming, Xbox Live Gold is a great thing to have.

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    What Does This Mean For Gaming

    Xbox 360 What Motherboard do I Have Tutorial

    When it comes to online gaming, as with any task, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

    Its worth checking your microphone before a gaming session to avoid any annoying conversation cut-outs during play. In the heat of battle, a broken mic might not be as immediately obvious as a broken speaker, but it can still cause major problems.

    Its an especially good idea to make sure that your mics working if youre using a new headset for the first time. That way, if youre having trouble from the outset, you can immediately take it back to the shop whence it came for a refund or replacement.

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    Xbox Cloud Gaming From September 2020

    Microsoft’s cloud game streaming platform formerly known as Project xCloud is an official product as of September 2020, and is part of the increasingly attractive Game Pass Ultimate package.

    The library of games has shrunk somewhat from that which was offered during the testing period, but there are still some of Microsoft’s finest in there for launch along with some top titles from third-party publishers. Most recently, titles brought in-house with Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda have joined the game streaming ranks.

    Cloud Gaming is part of the main Game Pass app for Android, while on iOS, Mac, Chrome OS, and Linux, Xbox Cloud Gaming is available through the browser.

    How To Sign Up For Xbox Live Using An Xbox One Console

    1. Boot up your Xbox One and controller. Once it’s powered on, press the Xbox button on your controller.

    2. Use your controller to navigate to the “Profile & system” tab, then select “Add new” and press the A button.

    3. If you already have a Microsoft account, type in that email address using your controller. If you don’t already have a Microsoft account, select “Get a new email” and press A, then type a new email address . When you’re done, press the Start button.

    4. Type your name and press the Start button when you’re finished.

    5. Type in the password you want to use with your Xbox Live account. Press the Start button once you’re done. On the next screen, type in the same password and press Start again.

    6. Use the controller to select your birth date. Select “Next” and press A when you’re done.

    7. Select “Add phone” or “Add email” based on your security preferences, then follow the prompts.

    8. When you’re asked to agree to Microsoft’s Services Agreement and Privacy Statement, select “Next” and press A.

    9. Confirm which notifications you’d like to receive from Microsoft, then select “Next” and press A.

    10. Type in the Gamertag you want to use. This will be how people recognize you on Xbox Live. When you’ve chosen a Gamertag that’s unique, select “Next” and press A.

    2. There’ll be several screens like this that ask you to review certain information read them at your own pace, and continue through them by selecting “Next” and pressing A.

    After that, you’re ready to play!

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    What Is Xbox Live Gold

    Xbox Live Gold is Microsoft’s membership program for Xbox owners. If you’re switching over from the PlayStation, Gold is Microsoft’s equivalent to Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service. Membership connects you with an online community of gamers, so you can play with friends, voice chat, and play other gamers internationally.

    Make Sure Your Xbox Gamertag And Microsoft Account Are Set Up Properly

    How To Check When Your Xbox Live Runs Out On Xbox One 2021 (Works 100%)

    First things first, you’ll need to set up an Xbox Gamertag that’s connected to your Microsoft Account.

    It’s important to ensure that you have just one Microsoft Account across Xbox and Windows, particularly as these systems become more and more integrated. You can sign in with any Microsoft Account. If you haven’t done so before while setting up the Xbox One you’ll be prompted to create a “Gamertag” this is your identity on Xbox Live.

    You can only change this once for free, so pick a good one!

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    What Games Does Xbox Live Gold Offer

    As mentioned above it will vary from month to month. As of this writing, the free games in the Games With Gold offer are Darksiders III, Yooka-Laylee, Lost Planet 3, and Garou: Mark Of The Wolves.

    The dates for when these leave will vary by game title. And not all of them arrived at the same time. For instance, Both Lost Planet 3 and Darksiders III were available on August 1. And while Darksiders III will be available until August 31, Lost Planet 3 is only available until August 15. So just a few more days.

    One day later though, on August 16, youll get access to Yooka-Laylee and Garou: Mark Of The Wolves. The former leaves September 15, while the latter leaves August 31. So make sure to claim your games by these dates. Or you lose out on getting them for free.

    How To Test Your Mic On Xbox Series X/s

    Testing your microphone on the shiny new Xbox consoles is pretty much the same as on the Xbox One, given the seamless transition Xbox wanted between the two generations.

    If you enter an Xbox Party chat, make sure your microphone is not muted, before speaking into the microphone. If its working, the ring around your profile picture should light up. If it doesnt and youre unmuted, the chances are that there might be some issues with your microphone or headset.

    If this is the case, wed recommend testing out your mic on another device, such as your phone, to see if the same issues arise.

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