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How To Sync Xbox Controller To Pc

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If You Have An Older Xbox One Wireless Controller

How to Easily Connect Xbox One Controller to PC (Via Bluetooth)

If you are one of the people without one of the Bluetooth equipped Xbox controllers, or you have a PC without Bluetooth, you’re going to need the Xbox wireless adapter. It’s a proprietary dongle Microsoft makes that pairs to the controller using a dedicated wireless connection.


Once you have one of those adapters, you simply plug it into a spare USB port on your Windows laptop or desktop, and then press and hold the pairing button on the side until the light starts blinking.

Now you switch on your Xbox controller by pressing the central home button, and then press and hold the pairing button on the top edge until that big ‘X’ starts flashing.

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At this point, the wireless adapter and your control pad should find each other automatically, and then after a few seconds they’ll connect and the lights will become constant and stop blinking on both devices.

We Show You How To Use Your Xbox Series X Controller On Pc So That You Can Take Your New Controller With You From The Couch To The Desk

Wanting to use your Xbox Series X controller on PC? You’re not alone. While there’s no denying that console gaming using your Xbox has some serious perks, your PC is no slouch in the gaming department either and hooking up your controller to your PC can give you the best of both worlds.

For starters, if you have one of the best graphics cards, then chances are you’re going to enjoy some pretty outstanding visuals on your PC, plus, the best PC games often cost a lot less than Xbox games, so if you’re looking to save yourself some money, figuring out how to use your Xbox Series X controller on PC can be well worth it.

The latest and greatest Xbox consoles, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, launched with a new take on Xbox controllers. Although they may look similar to the controller that came with the Xbox One, there are some differences that you’ll find with the Xbox Series X/S controller.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the newer and older controller has been the introduction of a Share button which allows you to easily capture screenshots. If you’ve ever used the Sony PS4 Slim then you’ll know that this was introduced there several years ago, so it’s good to see Xbox finally playing catch up on that one.

Below, we walk you through exactly how to get the job done, including outlining the process using both Bluetooth and a micro-USB cable. Let’s take a look…

How To Sync Your Xbox Controller To Multiple Devices At Once

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If you use your Xbox Series X or S controller with multiple devices, you might be surprised to learn that its possible to quickly switch between a console and a secondary device without having to re-pair every time.

Heres how it works.

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How To Connect Xbox Controller To Pc Via Usb Cable

The most straightforward way to connect your Xbox controller and PC is with a micro-USB cable or a USB-C cable . Simply plug the slim end into your Xbox controller and the other end into a USB port on your PC. Hit the Xbox button to turn the controller on, if it doesn’t do so on its own.

On Windows 10 and Windows 11, your computer should recognize the controller instantly. On earlier versions of Windows, the OS should automatically download drivers and your controller will be ready in a few moments.

When your Xbox controller is plugged into a computer, it will be powered by your PC, so the batteries will not drain. You can even remove the batteries and still use your controller over USB.

When you want to disconnect your Xbox controller from the PC, just unplug it. It may flash for a few seconds as it’s looking for other devices, but it will turn off before long. If you want to turn it off right away, press and hold the Xbox button on the controller for several seconds until the light goes out.

How To Pair An Xbox Series X Controller To An Android Device

How To Sync Xbox One Controller To Pc

To pair an Xbox Series X controller to an Android device, make sure your controller has received the latest updates and your Android device is on the latest operating system version. Press the Xbox button to turn on your controller, then hold the Pair button and release after 3 seconds. Next, on your Android device go to Apps > Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > Turn On, then check the list of available Bluetooth devices and choose Xbox Wireless Controller. Wait until Connected appears underneath the Xbox Wireless Controller, then you’re all set. While you’re on your phone, why not find out how to set up the Xbox mobile app as well.

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How To Pair An Xbox Series X Controller To A Pc

To pair an Xbox Series X controller to a PC, first make sure that your PC and controller have received the latest updates. Press the Xbox button on your controller to turn it on, then hold down the Pair button for 3 seconds before letting go. Next, on your PC go to Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth and ensure that Bluetooth is turned on, then choose the Add Bluetooth or other device option. Click on Bluetooth in the Add a device screen, then wait until Xbox Wireless Controller appears in the device list and you’re ready to go.

As with the Xbox Series X console, connecting your controller to your PC via a USB to USB-C cable also works, allowing you to play PC games with a wired controller.

How To Connect An Xbox Controller To Pc

If you’re sick of mouse and keyboard and you want to go back to basics, here’s how to connect any Xbox controller to your PC without hassle

While the graphical capabilities of gaming computers are generally seen as far superior to consoles these days, getting to grips with a keyboard and mouse, especially for the best competitive FPS games, can be fairly tricky. Going back to basics and playing with a controller can sometimes feel like your only option but its not always clear how to connect an Xbox controller to PC.

Fortunately for you, were here to help. Xbox controllers come in all shapes and sizes and while the latest iterations are technically wireless, you still have to do a bit of a magic in order to get it talking with your gaming PC.

So if youre looking for the scoop on how to connect an Xbox controller to PC, read on. Heres everything you know about linking your controller up so you can grind the Rocket League ranks in peace.

You can connect almost any Xbox controller to PC these days, but the one youre most likely to have is the Xbox Wireless Gamepad you know, the one that comes with the Xbox Series X|S. These controllers can be hooked up wirelessly via Bluetooth or by wired connection.

The Xbox One S controllers are the same, but the original Xbox One controllers are not. Youll only be able to link this up to your PC via a cable.

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Turn On Your Xbox One

Turn your Xbox One on by pressing the Xbox button on the front. The button is located on the right side of the front of the console regardless of whether you have an Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X.

When the console has turned on, the button will illuminate. You can let go of the button and go to the next step.

Locating The Xbox One Controller In The Device Manager

PROBLEM SOLVED connecting xbox360 controller to PC wont snyc

If the drivers are fully updated, there is one solution that usually feels the most logical. It turns out that not every micro USB cable works for the controller and there is a specific type needed to be used. What causes the issue is the fact that certain micro USB cables only provide power transfer and they would work for Xbox 360. However, the Xbox One controller can only use the data sync cables which provide both power and data transfer. The prime example of this issue is the fact that you cant use the cable from your regular Xbox One controller to connect to your PC since there is no data being transferred.

This can make it difficult for users to find the perfect cable. The cable you want to use should be micro USB, type B, and it should be a data/sync cable so make sure you let the guy in the tech market know what you want. Also, if you must turn on the controller first and then plug in the cable to make it work. Moreover, do not plug into USB 3.0 ports.

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Update Xbox One Controller Through Xbox

Xbox One controller has to be updated to the latest version of firmware before they start to operate with Windows 10. Usually, if the firmware isnt updated, the computer will not recognize the controller at all. To solve this problem, plug in the controller into an Xbox One and update the controllers firmware through that Xbox One. Afterward, plug the controller into the PC and see if the issue is resolved.

Press The Connect Button On Your Xbox One

The connect button is what tells your Xbox One that you are trying to connect a controller. The specific location and appearance will depend on the type of Xbox One that you have.

Xbox One: The connect button is located around the corner from the slot where you insert games.

Xbox One S: The connect button is located on the front of the console, on the right side, below the power button.

Xbox One X: The connect button is located on the front of the console, on the right side, right next to the USB port.

Once you have located the connect button, press and release it.

Make sure you have your Xbox One controller handy. After pressing the connect button on the Xbox One, you need to immediately proceed to the next step and complete it within 20 seconds.

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Search For Controller And Connect

Press Add Bluetooth Or Other Device -> Bluetooth, and since your controller is now in pairing mode, your PC should be able to detect your controller. Once the two have found each other, in the Bluetooth connectivity menu, the controller should appear as either Xbox Wireless Controller or Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, depending on the model you are trying to connect. When finished, press Done and grab your Xbox controller.

How To Use Your Xbox Series X Controller On Steam

How to Sync Your Xbox Controller to an Xbox One or PC

In most cases, your Xbox controller should automatically work with a PC game if it’s connected. As Xbox controllers are among the most popular controller choices for PC gamers to use, everything generally works automatically without any special settings.

If you want to absolutely guarantee that everything functions as intended, however, you can enable something called Big Picture Mode. Here’s how.

  • Open Steam.
  • Make sure your controller is connected via USB-C or Bluetooth.
  • Select Steam settings.

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Things To Keep In Mind

People sometimes have problems connecting their Xbox Ones and their controllers, but these issues are often the result of factors outside of the electronics themselves. As such, here are some things to keep in mind before assuming your controller or console is broken.

  • Controllers need batteries or charging, both of which can run out. If your controller doesnt turn on, check the batteries on the back of it. If you use disposable batteries, try replacing them. If you use a single rechargeable battery, possibly check whether it has run out of charge.
  • Syncing is only effective for a limited range. Most wireless products, like Wi-Fi, have an effective limited range of about 20 to 30 feet. This is also true of wireless syncing. Therefore, keep the controller close to your console when trying to sync otherwise it may not work.
  • Wireless devices interfere with one another. If you have a lot of wireless devices on at once in a room, it can interfere when you introduce a new one, like when syncing a controller. Make sure that other potentially conflicting devices are off and not transmitting when you try to sync the controller.

Connecting Your Xbox Controller To Pc Using Bluetooth

Before following the steps, you must check if your Xbox controller supports Bluetooth.

Unfortunately, original Xbox One controllers do not support Bluetooth. However, if youre using an Xbox Series S/X, youre ready to go.

  • Press the Windows button on your taskbar, then look for the Settings cog and click it.
  • On the new window, click on Devices.
  • Press the Xbox button on the controller to turn it on.
  • Press and hold the pairing button found on top of the controller for three seconds until the Xbox button begins flashing.
  • Right-click the Bluetooth icon that showed up on your system tray.
  • Then click the Add a Bluetooth Device option to open the Bluetooth menu.
  • Click Add Bluetooth or other device in the new window and select Bluetooth.
  • Click the Wireless Controller and wait until the Xbox button stops flashing. Windows should now say that your controller is connected.
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    Way : Using A Wireless Adapter To Connect Your Xbox One Controller To Pc

    Besides USB connection, if you use a wireless controller, you can connect the controller to your PC with a Xbox wireless adapter.

    Follow these steps

  • Plug a Xbox wireless adapter into your PC. Then press the button on the edge. The Windows will install the Xbox One controller driver automatically for you.
  • Make sure there are batteries in your controller. Press the Xbox button to turn on your controller.
  • Press the controller bind button on the top of your controller. The LED lights on your controller and adapter will blink a few times. Once the lights go solid, your controller is connecting to your Windows.
  • Now you can enjoy video games with your controller.

    Connect Xbox Controller To Pc: Gaming Ready In Just A Few Steps

    How to Connect a Xbox One Controller to Windows PC

    The Xinput interface makes connecting Xbox controllers to the Windows PC easy as pie. The configuration of the buttons and the general interaction between a PC game and the Microsoft controllers is already optimally coordinated through their shared ecosystem. Well show you which different connection types you can use to quickly use controllers like the Xbox One controller on the PC.


  • Connect Xbox controller to PC via Bluetooth
  • Make a statement with your own .gg domain and let the games begin. Register your own .gg domain now with IONOS.

    The latest Xbox generation from Microsoft is called Xbox Series X and is the fastest and most powerful Xbox of all times. The corresponding Xbox Wireless Controller is also ideally suited for gaming with a controller on the PC. The controller can be connected to a PC in three different ways, which we will introduce below. The older models from Xbox One and Xbox 360 can also be connected to a PC in a simple way. The only drawback with the older controllers is that the Xbox 360 controller cannot be connected to the PC via Bluetooth, since it does not use this transmission method.

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    Turn On Your Xbox One Controller

    Turn on your Xbox One controller by pressing on the Xboxbutton, which is located on the front of the controller, in the center, near the top. The button will illuminate when the controller is on.

    If the button doesn’t illuminate, make sure that you have batteries in the controller. If you don’t have batteries, then proceed to step six for information about connecting an Xbox One controller via USB.

    How To Connect An Xbox One Controller To A Windows Pc

    To help you play all of your favorite PC games with your favorite Xbox One controller, weve put together this simple step-by-step walkthrough. Before we begin, you should know that there are three ways to do this: USB, wireless, and Bluetooth. You should also make sure your controller is updated with the latest firmware.

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    Press The Connect Button On Your Xbox One Controller

    The connect button on your Xbox One controller lets the Xbox One know that it is ready to connect. It is located on the top of the controller, on the same side as the triggers and USB port.

    Once you have located the connect button on your controller, press and hold it. The Xboxbutton on your controller will flash, which means it’s looking for a console to connect to.

    If your Xbox One controller successfully connects to your console, the Xboxbutton will stop flashing and remain lit. You can let go of the connect button and then go back to step three and repeat the process for any additional controllers that you want to connect.

    You must press the connect button on the Xbox One controller within 20 seconds of pressing the connect button on the Xbox One console. If you don’t, you will have to start the process over again.

    Switch Between Your Xbox And Pc Or Mobile Device

    How To Sync Xbox One Controller To Pc

    First, be aware that this only works with the new Xbox Series X and S controllers. It wont work with the older Xbox One controllers. You can quickly tell the two apart because the new controllers have a Share button right in the middle of the controller, just below the Xbox button.

    In case you werent already aware, you can pair your Xbox controller to another Bluetooth device, like a PC or smartphone. This is especially useful when youre playing games remotely over a local connection, or alternately, when youre using game streaming over the internet.


    To connect your Xbox controller to a new device, press and hold the sync button for around three seconds, until the Xbox button flashes repeatedly. Now, complete the pairing procedure on the device youre trying to pair with, as you normally would.

    Once youre successfully paired, switching between your devices is easy. To get back to your Xbox, double-tap the sync button. To use a secondary device, press and hold the sync button for around two seconds. The Xbox button will blink once or twice before turning solid to indicate that you are paired.


    You can only pair the controller with one Xbox and one other device at a time.

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