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How To Stream On Xbox One Twitch

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Layouts Alerts And More


Once you have the basics of OBS and XSplit down, you can start customizing your stream with layouts and custom alerts. There’s a brace of popular toolsets for enhancing the look and feel of your stream are StreamLabs and StreamElements.

StreamElements is an all-in-one, browser-based tool that lets you design entire layouts complete with widgets, animations and more. Once you’ve created a theme, you can easily bring it to OBS or XSplit with a simple browser code.

StreamLabs offers a variety of customizable widgets, such as an Alert Box that shows on-screen notifications when viewers do things such as subscribe to your channel or make a donation. You can also use StreamLabs to set up Bots that help moderate your chat room.

Streaming From An Xbox One

Streaming with Twitch on an Xbox One is just about as easy as it is on a PS4. There are a few technical issues that require you to have one additional piece of equipment.

If you want to have a facecam, legacy Xbox One owners can use the Xbox Kinect. . If you use Xbox Kinect to do this, make sure to pair it with a headset to record your voice. The Kinects microphone tends to cut out intermittently when streaming via Twitch. This can be easily remedied by having a headset plugged in. Then the stream will use that mic instead of the one on the Kinect. Unfortunately, the camera and its associated adapter have are no longer made. So if you do not have a Kinect, youll have to stick to voice only.

How To Stream On Twitch: The Ultimate Guide

Ready to join the wild world of live streaming on Twitch but have no idea where to start? No worries! Weve got you covered with this ultimate guide to live streaming on Twitch. Learn about popular live streaming software, the best mics and webcams for streaming, required PC specs, and much more!

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How To Stream From Your Xbox One To Twitch With A Camera And Mic

10 February 2018

Here’s how to enable your microphone and camera when streaming to Twitch from your Xbox One.

Streaming to Twitch directly from your PS4 or Xbox One is a great way to get comfortable with broadcasting gameplay without having to deal with any complicated software.

However, console streaming still has its quirks, as made clear by this question from forum user vfxtodd:

“Thanks to your guide, I was able to start streaming on Twitch through my Xbox One X. Now, I need to figure out how to get my chat audience to hear my voice while I stream. Currently I have my head set mic piped into my XBox controller. But, that doesn’t come through my stream. Any ideas would be appreciated. Also, how can I set up a face cam to show in my stream?”

Vfxtodd is looking to make sure that his Twitch audience can both hear and see him two things that are totally possible when streaming directly from Xbox One. Heres how to do it.

Stream Using Your Xbox Or Playstation Twitch

How to Stream to Twitch from Xbox One

While playing a game, press the Share button on your controller and select Broadcast Gameplay from the Share menu, and select Twitch. You can choose your;

First, youll need to download the Twitch application from the Microsoft Store. 2. Open the Twitch application and select the Broadcast tab at the top of the;

To stream from Twitch on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, youll need to download the free Twitch app. Press the Xbox button to open the guide and select;

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Perform The Initial Twitch App Set

The first time you log into the Twitch app for Xbox One, it will test your Internet connection to determine what your streaming quality should be. You can select Twitchs recommended settings, select a setting manually, or select Get New Recommendation to have Twitch check again. You can change this setting later, if you wish.

Capture Devices Or Cards

These are peripheral devices or installable parts for your computer that allow you to record gameplay from consoles that dont have built-in support for doing so.

  • Capture cards, like the AVerMedia Live Gamer HD and Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, are somewhat tricky to set up. You have to take your computer apart, install them, and then put your computer back together again. However, theyre usually better because they dont require an extra power source. They also often dont take up as much of your computers processing power, letting you do more stuff on your computer at once.

  • Peripheral capture devices, like the Hauppauge HD PVR Gaming Edition, are easier to set up. You usually just need to connect them to your computer, console, and/or TV and perhaps install some interface software. However, they may slow down your computer or need a separate power source.

Well, now that you know what hardware and software you need, lets start explaining how to set up your Twitch stream! The process is a bit different depending on what platform youre playing your games on, so skip to the section most relevant to you.

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What Is Needed To Stream On Twitch

Expect that you may need to invest in streaming equipment. Some devices are equipped for streaming by default , while others will require extensions, such as external capture cards, webcams, microphones, etc. The better your audio, video, and lighting equipment, the better-looking your Twitch streams are going to be. This is another investment that you should keep in mind.

Select A Game To Play And A Quality Bit

How to Stream XBOX ONE to TWITCH at 1080p with NO PC NEEDED! (Easy Method)

The final step is to select the game you want to play, and then select a bit-rate for your session. The bit-rate affects the quality and speed of your broadcast; generally, higher bit-rates result in cleaner graphics, but may slow down or cause interruptions in your stream. You may need to do a bit of homework regarding your Internet connection to see which bit-rate gives you the best balance.

After that, just select Start Broadcast and youre ready to go!

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How To Stream On An Xbox One Using Twitch

Once you’ve downloaded the Twitch app, you can begin streaming.

1. Select the game you want to stream and press the “A” button on your controller to launch the game.

2. Once you want to begin streaming, press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide. Then, select the Twitch app and press “A” again to launch it.

3. On the Twitch app, navigate to the “BROADCAST” tab and press “A” on your controller. From there, select the “Enter a title” field on the left side of the screen and press “A” again. Use the controller to type in a name for your broadcast.

4. Once you’re ready to start streaming, navigate to the “START STREAMING” button and press “A” on your controller. Then, reopen the game you were playing before, and you’ll begin streaming momentarily.

5. As you play, you can view some information about your stream on the bottom-right corner of your screen, including the amount of time you’ve been streaming and the number of viewers currently watching your stream.;

There are many different ways to stream content. Now that you’ve mastered the basics, try exploring the different options that are out there to see which methods you like best.;

Carefully Choose The Games You Want To Stream

The most popular games have lots of viewers but also lots of established channels flocking to them. New releases can balloon quickly, as evident in the 2019 success story of Apex Legends. A good trick is to use tools such as Quizzical Pixels What to Stream to find games that have good viewership but very few channels streaming them.

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How Do You Get Good At Streaming On Twitch

A very limited number of the best streamers, four thousand of them, get three quarters of the hours of live viewing. Twitch has around 3.6 million monthly streamers, so the math is obvious: a lot of people dont have that many viewers.

Youll need to put in a little more effort than learning how to stream on Twitch if your goal is to find a place among successful streamers. The best place to start determining your strategy for success is in the most important aspect: the content.

The Main Issues With Capture Card Streaming

How to Stream to Twitch on Xbox One

The first problem that comes with capture card streaming on Twitch is the cost.

Not only do you need a PC, but you also need to invest in the capture card itself. The Elgato costs more than $100 at retail, and a good PC could set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Theres also a level of experience needed to know how to stream on a PC and how to set up the look of your stream. Most of the basic information and guides for streaming with a capture card are available online, though. You can also find guides for each piece of broadcast software on Twitch.

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Set The Graphics Quality For Your Stream

Now you will have to set your streams resolution, or how crisp the graphics will be. To do this in OBS , select the Video sub-menu from the Settings menu. Here, you will be able to set the Base and Output graphics quality of your stream.

The Base setting will affect how the stream looks from your end. Usually, it will be set to the default resolution of your computer monitor which is where you want it to be so you can ignore it. The Output setting, meanwhile, affects how your stream will look to viewers. A starting baseline is 1280 by 720 pixels and 30 FPS .

How To Stream On Twitch From Pc Ps And Xbox Fossbytes

Apr 19, 2021 How to stream on Twitch from Xbox · 1. Firstly, download the Twitch app on your Xbox from the Microsoft store. · 2. After downloading the app,;

8 hours ago How to stream on Twitch from Xbox for beginners? · You need to install the Twitch app from the Microsoft Store on your Xbox console. Now start;

Jun 9, 2021 Everything you need to know on how to stream on Twitch in 2021 pro tips, Learn how to set up Twitch on PC, smartphones, PS, or Xbox.

Mar 9, 2021 Plus with Microsoft closing down its own streaming service, Mixer, you only really have the Twitch app or a dedicated capture card as streaming;

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What You’ll Need To Twitch Stream On Xbox One

To stream to Twitch on your Xbox One video game console you don’t need much beyond the following basics.

  • One console from the Xbox One family of devices such as the Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X.
  • A wireless or wired internet connection. Either is fine but the faster the internet connection is, the better quality of video you’ll be able to broadcast.
  • One television set to connect to your console so you can see your gameplay.
  • An Xbox One controller to play your game and navigate the Twitch app.

How To Stream Your Xbox One Gameplay Without A Capture Card

How To Stream Xbox One To Windows 10 Using OBS & Twitch – WORKING PARTY CHAT TUTORIAL! (2019)

To begin, you need to enable streaming on your console. Go to Console Settings.

Next, navigate to Preferences Xbox app connectivity.

For other devices enable streaming only from profiles signed in on this Xbox. Also, make sure to enable both streaming options on the right for this Xbox.

After doing that download and install an Xbox Console Companion App for your Windows computer. Log in to the same account you use on your console.

After logging in navigate to Connection and select your Xbox One. Press the Stream button on the top. A window with your console screen will be opened.

Note: You dont have to connect Xbox Gamepad to your PC. If you have a warning just click Continue to avoid latency issues.

Add this window to OBS as a Screen capture or Window capture in your main OBS Sources area.

Note: for the best quality, both devices should be connected to the same network with Ethernet cables. Having them connected over WiFi may result in a quality loss.

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Select Content You Can Generate Regularly

Because consistency is key when it comes to streaming, the best way to do it is to try to stick to a schedule as much as possible. If the content you want to create doesnt let you stream regularly, its best to avoid streaming that type of content. That is, of course, if you dont plan to add some other type of content to your portfolio that can fill in the gaps.

Xbox Streaming Using A Capture Card

Below is a quick guide to the steps you need to take to stream from your Xbox One using a capture card:

Step-by-step guide:

  • Create the source media source in it to feed the Xbox image into the broadcasting software.
  • Open the Studio mode in your broadcasting software.
  • Create and check your scenes .
  • Check all audio channels
  • Start your game on the Xbox.
  • Check the image of your upcoming stream.
  • Start your stream!
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    Streaming Xbox One Gameplay Has Almost Become As Commonplace As Playing The Games Themselves Continue Reading To Learn How To Stream On Xbox

    Streaming an Xbox One gameplay on Twitch is something that several video game enthusiasts and casual gamers love to partake in. However, setting up a stream may seem quite a challenging task for some users. This is mainly because a number of popular Twitch streamers generally invest in a range of expensive gaming devices and accessories. Luckily, any Xbox One user can set up a basic stream for free.

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    How Do I Make My Stream Look And Sound Great

    Xbox One gets all new Twitch features

    Your gear and your upload speed play a crucial role in the quality of your stream, but theyre not all that matters. Content affects quality, too, albeit in a different way. There are some other effects you can add to your stream, as well as special settings you can pay attention to, that can make a lot of difference.

    If you want your stream to look and sound like those of some of the most popular streamers, you should consider the following:

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    How To Stream Your Xbox One Without A Capture Card:

    01Login to Lightstream Studio with Twitch in any non-mobile browser at

    02Personalize your stream with overlays, video files, alerts, multiple scenes and more.

    03Download and log in to the Twitch app on your Xbox One, go to the broadcast tab, and set your stream settings. Make sure to choose Lightstream as your destination.

    04Go live from your Xbox One. With our Auto Live setting, Lightstream Studio will automatically go live in the cloud!

    How does it work?

    The Twitch app on Xbox One has a new Destination setting. Previously, the Twitch app would stream your game and camera directly to Twitch with no overlays or alerts. Now you can choose Lightstream as the destination and we will add your overlays, alerts, and more before sending it on to your channel and audience on Twitch.

    Lightstream will work with the Twitch app on any Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X. Please note that since this is a test, it may change depending on user feedback.

    A new type of project

    Lightstream Studio has a new project type called Gamer projects. They are specifically designed for gaming content and prioritize features like cloud-based game capture. You are able to design and build as many projects as you wish for the different games you play and content you create. We have made it easy to see all your projects and switch between them with the new top-left account menu. Learn more about Lightstream Studio Gamer Projects.

    Auto Live

    Remote control

    How To Stream An Xbox One To A Pc

    Lee StantonRead more July 26, 2021

    Before we get into the steps, we need to clarify something first. Streaming can refer to two things;

    Normally, when a person talks about streaming, theyre referring to streaming footage of them playing a video game to a platform, such as YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook. Most of the time, this requires a capture card in the case of a console or NVIDIA ShadowPlay on a PC.

    For our guide, well be talking about the second, less common definition. This involves sending the gameplay from your Xbox One to the PC. Youre effectively using your PC to play Xbox One games through a connection to the same network.

    You dont need to physically connect the two devices, but being connected to the same network is crucial. As your PC becomes a remote display, theres always some lag, but its still a reliable way to play your Xbox One games on your PC.

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    Adjust Your Stream Settings

    Return to your Twitch app and select the Broadcast tab. From this window you can adjust your most important stream and hardware settings, including:

    • Select a microphone and camera
    • Adjust audio settings and language
    • Select bitrate and stream resolution

    Some channel settings can not be edited from your Xbox. If youd like to add a profile photo, bio, moderation or safety features youll need to return to desktop or mobile.

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