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How To Stream On Twitch On Xbox One

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Quick Answer: How To Stream Xbox One To Twitch With Computer


How to Broadcast from your Xbox Go to the store on your Xbox and install the Twitch app. Open the Twitch app on your Xbox. Select Log In. Visit on your PC or mobile device and enter the 6-digit code shown on your Xbox app to link your Twitch account to your Xbox Live gamertag.

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Twitch Streaming Returns To The Xbox Dashboard In A New Update

Microsoft is bringing Twitch streaming back to the Xbox dashboard today. The Xbox maker first started testing the integration in October, and Twitch will now integrate into the Xbox Guide interface, complete with webcam support. Twitch first appeared integrated into the Xbox One dashboard in 2014, using a Snap interface to let players stream gameplay on Twitch.

Twitch streaming will now appear in the Capture and Share tab of the Xbox Guide, and youll need to just link your Twitch account to access the streaming features. Headsets and webcams are supported, and you can manage game or mic audio levels, include friend audio from party chat, or manually set the Twitch resolution and bitrate.

Twitch has had Xbox streaming support inside its own app for quite some time, but direct integration into the Xbox dashboard returns today after Microsoft removed its Snap feature and Twitch integration in 2017.

Twitch integration will be available on all Xbox One consoles and Microsofts latest Xbox Series S / X consoles today as part of a new dashboard update.

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How Do I Use Lightstream

Just open the Twitch app on your Xbox, go to the Broadcast tab, choose Lightstream as the destination, then start your broadcast. Instead of going directly to Twitch, your Xbox broadcast will go to Lightstream, which will add on all of your personalizations to your stream before passing on to your Twitch channel.

Select A Game To Play And A Quality Bit

How to Stream to Twitch on Xbox One

The final step is to select the game you want to play, and then select a bit-rate for your session. The bit-rate affects the quality and speed of your broadcast generally, higher bit-rates result in cleaner graphics, but may slow down or cause interruptions in your stream. You may need to do a bit of homework regarding your Internet connection to see which bit-rate gives you the best balance.

After that, just select Start Broadcast and youre ready to go!

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The Beginners Guide To Streaming On Ps4 / Xbox

Want to stream but not in possession of a powerful PC? Dont worry! Nowadays, its easy to do. All you need is the determination, personality, and the confidence to get you started. A few other things like a console and games to play will help.

But keep in mind that every Partnered streamer or popular content creator had a humble beginning. They all started with whatever resources they had available. Not everyones path is going to be the same, but you can definitely get started by following these few steps.

Is It Possible To Link An Xbox One To A Laptop

Its conceivable for me, its a portable TV. I just connected the HDMI cable from the XBOX to my laptop. The HDMI port on the laptop serves simply as an output connector for connecting an external monitor. Youll need a capturecard if you want to utilize your laptop as a screen and play Xbox on it.

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How To Broadcast On Twitch

Twitch is the most popular service for game streaming, and it offers the largest community of viewers, so youll probably want to stream on Twitch if youre looking to build a big audience. While the Xbox One cant stream to Twitch out of the box, you can enable Twitch streaming just by installing the free Twitch app from the Store. After you go through the setup process once, broadcasting on Twitch is quick and easy.

To get the app, head to Store > Search from your Xbox Ones home screen. Search for Twitch and install the free Twitch app.

To set it up, launch the Twitch app on your Xbox One, and then select the Log In option. Youll see a six-digit code. On your PC or mobile phone, head to the web page, sign in with your Twitch account, and then enter the code. This links your Twitch account to your Xbox gamertag.

If you havent created a Twitch account yet, you can do so from the Twitch website.

After you link your accounts, launch the game you want to stream, and then reopen the Twitch app. You can do this easily by pressing the Xbox button on your controller, and then selecting the Twitch app that should appear as an option since you recently opened it.

The Twitch app will appear as a sidebar app on the right side of your screen. Select Broadcast to start broadcasting the current game. If you select Broadcast before launching a game, the Twitch app informs you that you must launch a supported game first.

How To Stream On Xbox One

How to Stream to Twitch from Xbox One – No Capture Card – 2021

Twitch is the only platform that allows direct streaming from the Microsoft console. That includes the Xbox One, the Xbox One Slim, the Xbox One X, the Xbox Series X, and the Xbox Series S.

Then, the Xbox console family allows you to stream your library games to your smartphone, tablet, or PC from anywhere. This is a valid option to capture the gaming footage youre streaming from your console to the PC. Users with low-end PCs would prefer this option overplaying and capturing gameplay from their computers.

Also, all of these consoles share the same interface, so you can follow the same steps on either platform.

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How To Use Xbox Game Bar

To capture your Remote Play footage, you can use Microsofts Xbox Game bar app. Its free for download on the Microsoft Store, but you may already have it on your Windows 10 or 11 PC.

Game Bar can capture footage from any app and share the footage with multiple platforms. In summary, Game Bar can take screenshots, capture video, capture video audio, and capture mic audio.

To use the Xbox Game bar, open it by pressing the Windows Key + G. Then, take a screenshot or record the footage. The app also has a sound menu where you can choose to enable your mic audio.

Once you capture video and audio, your PC will save it automatically on your default Videos folder.

Connect Your Twitch Account To Your Ps4

Once you have your Twitch account set up, getting your PS4 ready to broadcast a Twitch livestream is extremely simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Press the share button when you are playing a game.
  • Select the Broadcast Gameplay option.
  • Select Twitch as the service you want to broadcast on and select “Go to the Twitch website” on the next page.
  • Now you can login to the Twitch account you created, or create one right on the PS4 interface.

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How To Stream Xbox One To Twitch

  • Go to the Store Select Store at the top of your Xbox home screen.
  • Twitch Use the search option to find the Twitch app. Then, download the software and let it install on your system.
  • Open the guide menu After the app installs, press the Xbox button on your controller to open the Guide menu.
  • Go to Profile & System Click on your profile icon at the top right of the drop-down menu.
  • Go to Settings Press X on settings in the new menu.
  • Go to your Accounts privacy On the left-side panel, choose Account. On the right side, click on Privacy & Online safety.The Xbox may ask you to input a password if you have one here.
  • Go to Xbox Privacy Were to customize your sharing options, so click on Xbox Privacy. Check the box on Adult defaults. This will allow you to share audio outside of Xboxs party chat.Then, click on View details & customize.
  • Further customize your streaming options Click on Online status & history. Then, choose Everybody on Others can see if youre online. Leave the other options on default
  • Go to Game Content Go back to Xbox privacy and click on Game Content.
  • Customize broadcast options Search for the You can broadcast gameplay option on the right, and select Allow. Then, select Allow on You can share content made using Kinect or another camera.
  • Open TwitchClick on the apps tab, and select Twitch.
  • Select Broadcast and customize Inside the Twitch app, select Broadcast at the top menu.
  • Xbox Gamers Can Now Stream On Twitch From The Console Dashboard

    How to Stream to Twitch on Xbox One

    Microsoft is following up on a promise to improve Twitch livestreaming on Xbox consoles. As of today, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One owners can stream on Twitch directly from the system Guide. Once you’ve linked your Twitch account, you just have to choose a “go live now” option to start broadcasting. You also have access to some streamer-friendly options, including the bitrate, resolution, title and separate audio levels for your game and microphone.

    The integration is smart enough to automatically pause your feed and change show titles if you switch games, and you can decide whether or not you want viewers to hear your party chat. Your Xbox friends can also choose to receive alerts when you go live on Twitch.

    This kind of tie-in wasn’t surprising. Microsoft shut down Mixer nearly two years ago, leaving Xbox users without a truly integrated livestreaming option. The Twitch app filled that gap, but required significantly more steps to go live. This makes it more viable to stream on an Xbox, and might help Microsoft compete against Sony’s relatively strong Twitch support on the PS4 and PS5.

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    How To Stream On Xbox One To Another Device

    To stream from your Xbox One games to other devices, you need to complete the following steps:

    • Enable the game streaming option on the Xbox One
    • Enable the Remote Play option on the Xbox One
    • Log in on the app with your Xbox/Microsoft profile
    • Use a Wireless or BlueTooth controller on your secondary device.
    • Both devices need to have an internet connection. They dont have to be on the same WiFi, though.

    If you stream to a PC, you can use third-party software to record your screen. Then, you can edit the footage and upload it to sites other than Twitch, like YouTube.

    Alternatively, you can use software like OBS to stream your screen directly to the platform you choose.


    To Get Xsplit Set Up To Stream Follow These Steps:

    • Sign up for a free Xsplit account by going to the XSplit registration page and download the XSplit Gamecaster.
    • Once you launch XSplit, start your game and press the control and tab keys on your keyboard to bring up the XSplit overlay. You can click the stream button immediately to start streaming, but make sure you check out all of the options first. If this is your first time streaming, a window will automatically appear and ask you to login to your Twitch account which will sync XSplit to Twitch.
    • Before you start, it’s a good idea to make sure your audio is good to go. The XSplit interface allows you to adjust your audio from the overlay. Generally, what you hear over your speakers is what your audience will hear.
    • The XSplit overlay also has several options that allow you to customize your stream with extra features such as adding a webcam or annotations. You can also access to more advanced settings from the overlay menu which you should definitely check out.
    • Now you’re ready to stream! Just open up the XSplit overlay, click Stream, and you’re LIVE.

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    Check Xbox One Set Up For Twitch Broadcast

    If Twitch wont broadcast on Xbox One, check if the following are set up properly:

  • Your presence is set to Online
  • Under the Settings app, check Privacy and online safety, See if youre online to ensure they are set to Everybody
  • Check that Broadcast gameplay is set to Allow
  • Navigate to Settings and check Preferences, Allow broadcasts and Game DVR uploads to ensure the box is checked.
  • Check that you are playing a game. Twitch wont broadcast to Xbox One without first launching a game
  • In the Settings app under Privacy and online safety, is set to Allow
  • Check that Kinect, Kinect on is checked
  • To include Kinect audio in your broadcast, ensure the Use Kinect microphone for chat is checked
  • Task 3 Adjust Settings & Start Streaming

    How To STREAM From Xbox Series X|S

    If it is your first time learning how to stream on Xbox One, then some tests should be operated. Here, you learn how the streaming settings work for the Twitch app. Find options in the Twitch sidebar.

    Also, remember to perform Xbox One game for streaming as you can stream to Twitch if the game is active.

    Step 1. Go to the dashboard for Xbox One when opening the Twitch app. You can see the “Broadcast” option from the lower-left side and hit it. Here you can set the Broadcast Title and Settings.

    Step 2. In “Settings“, you can change the username, language, microphone, and camera settings. Also, the resolution for streaming can also be adjusted. You can change its quality as well.

    Step 3. Once you are satisfied with the settings, you can go back to the main broadcast menu by holding down the “B” button and then choose “Start Streaming” to start the mission.

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    How To Stream On Xbox Series S/x Using The Twitch App

    The Xbox Series X and S are the newest iterations of the Xbox console generations, officially releasing in 2020. And despite still being incredibly hard to get a hold of, these systems have many console exclusive titles and are considered the next generation of Xbox consoles. For those who do happen to own their own Xbox Series S or X, here are the required steps in order to stream directly from a console:

    Connecting Your Twitch And Xbox Accounts

    To make sure your Xbox One broadcasts to your Twitch account you’ll need to perform an initial connection using your computer. After your Twitch account is linked to your Xbox One, you won’t need to do it again unless you replace your console or change Twitch accounts.

  • Go to the official Twitch website in your web browser on your computer and login.

  • On your Xbox One, open the Twitch app and click the Log In button. The app will give you a six-digit code.

  • On your computer, in the same browser that you logged into Twitch, visit the Twitch activation webpage and enter the code from the app.

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    Link Your Twitch Account To Your Xbox One Profile

    Youll next need to link your Twitch account to your Xbox One console. To do this, start by logging into your Twitch account on your computer or mobile device. Then, go to and make note of the 6-digit code you are given.

    Once youve done that, open the Twitch app on your Xbox One and select Log In. Enter your account credentials, and then enter the 6-digit code. This connects your Twitch account to your Xbox One gamer profile.

    Settings Within The Twitch

    How To Stream Your Xbox To Twitch Through obs

    When the Twitch app is started for the first time, some preferences still have to be set. These include:

    Kinect camera

    You can set whether the video of the facecam should be shown on the screen and if so, where. Depending on the game, the UI is in different locations, so make sure that you dont cover important elements with your camera image. Of course streaming from the Xbox One also works with most USB headsets available on the market

    Kinect microphone

    Select whether your users can hear you by enabling Enable microphone. Also adjust the volume of the microphone in relation to the in-game sound so that it does not drown out your voice completely. When buying a microphone, you must first make sure that it is compatible with your Xbox.

    Twitch overlay

    Finally, you can decide whether you want to use the twitch overlay as a permanently displayed sidebar or in a minimized version. In the minimized version, you can access the functions of the app using the snap function of the home menu.

    Stream settings

    Now you only have to give your stream a name and select the game you want to stream. In the future, you can also start your stream outside of the app by simply using the Kinect command Xbox, Broadcast! On your mark, get set, stream!

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