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How To Speed Up Xbox One

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Make Sure There Arent Any Other Devices Nearby That Are Connected To The Internet


Another factor that may affect the download speed of your Xbox One is that there may be other devices nearby that are connected to the same Internet connection your Xbox One is linked to. This may be the desktop computer, a laptop or every single smartphone in your household whatever gadget it is, having numerous devices connected to one Internet line can definitely lead to sluggish download speeds.

Now, you may think that your idle smartphone or laptop is not using up any data. However, there is always a chance that it may begin updating the software of every single app or even sync files to Google Drive or Dropbox. To ensure that you are experiencing optimal download speeds on your Xbox One, it is strongly recommended that you disconnect all devices that are connected to the Internet while you are downloading.

Avoid Using Your Xbox One During Peak Times

There are certain times throughout the day when a lot of people are trying to use the internet at the same time. Unless you have a fiber internet connection, its likely that you will experience slower download speeds during these peak internet traffic times. This happens because you share bandwidth with your neighbors and other internet users that subscribe to your ISP. If it fits into your schedule, try gaming during less busy parts of the day. You can also download games during off-peak hours to speed up the process.

How To Set Up Xbox One: Speed Up Xbox One Setup With Our Handy Tips And Tricks

Did you manage to snap up a shiny new Xbox One S or Xbox One X? Maybe youve picked up an original Xbox One secondhand? Either way, a world of gaming fun awaits you thanks to your new console.

Unlucky for you, this entails unpacking your Xbox One and setting it up first. Lucky for you, this doesnt require a degree in electrical engineering Microsofts straightforward process makes Xbox One setup easy.

And were here to make it that tiny bit easier, offering you some of the best hints and tips on how to set up your Xbox One and get the best out of your new console.

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Closing Open Games Or Apps

  • 1Press the Xbox button. It’s the button with the Xbox logo in the center of the controller. This will suspend any games or apps that happen to be running and return to the Home screen.
  • 2Navigate to any games or apps running and select them. The large box in the Home screen displays any running apps.
  • 3Press on the controller. Press the Menu button with three lines near the center of the controller. This will show a menu with additional options.
  • 4Select Quit. Highlight the “Quit” option and press A on the controller. This will close the app. Multiplayer games and video streaming apps can eat up a lot of bandwidth and slow down any ongoing downloads you have. Avoid running any apps until the download is finished downloading.Advertisement
  • Enable Quality Of Service

    how to speed up xbox one game downloads

    While this tip is only recommended for our more advanced readers, enabling Quality of Service can also bring a notable bump in the speed of your Xbox One downloads. Enabled through your router, QoS manages bandwidth depending on the current traffic on the network. This allows you to prioritize certain traffic types, to ensure bandwidth is allocated to your Xbox One when required.

    However, with QoS tied to your router settings, the exact method and complexities behind the feature vary from model to model. We recommend searching online for your exact router, for further information on the feature.

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    Check Bandwidth Usage Elsewhere On Your Network

    When your Xbox is downloading something, it has to share the available bandwidth on your network with every other device in your home. Thus, if you have other computers, phones, or game consoles using your network too, your Xbox download speeds will suffer.

    Next time you need an Xbox download to complete as quickly as possible, check other devices in your home. If someone is downloading large files on a computer, streaming 4K video from another TV, uploading files to cloud storage, or performing other network-heavy behaviors, close those out and see if your Xbox download speeds increase.

    To go further, you can set up the Quality of Service feature on your router. This allows you to specify certain devices or types of traffic that receive priority on your network.

    Make Your Xbox One X Upgrade Easy With A Hard Drive And The Cloud

    There are several ways to transfer all your games and personal data from one Xbox One to another. Microsoft now automatically backs up your Home layout and console settings in the cloud, so whenever you sign in on any console, all the pinned apps and games, communities, and game bubs that you follow will be exactly where you expect them to be.

    One pain with a new console is that you have to install your games all over again. If youre upgrading, you can remove that pain completely by having all your games already installed on an external hard drive. Simply plug that drive into your new Xbox One X and all your games are there to play right away.

    No hard drive? If you still have your old Xbox One while upgrading, you can do a network transfer. Head to the Settings app, then System | Backup & Transfer | Network Transfer. Check the box marked Allow Network Transfer.

    On the new Xbox One, log in and head to the same place where you should see the old console listed. Select it and youll be able to pick exactly which games and apps to copy across over your local network.

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    Restart The Xbox One Console

    If you notice that your downloads are inching their way to 100%, perhaps this timeless trick can help you. Simply restart the Xbox One console and you just might bring your speeds back to normal. Dont worry a hard reset will not lose any data. Just hold down the power button for 10 seconds and afterwards, wait 30 seconds more before going back online. Now, be aware that this isnt a surefire thing but it can sometimes give you resolution when other fixes wont help.

    Select A Qos Gaming Router

    How to Speed Up Xbox One Games with an SSD! Faster Loading Times!

    Routers designed for gaming have Quality of Service features. These routers, also called gaming routers, let you prioritize your Xbox over the other devices using the internet in your house. This means that your Xbox will have priority if multiple people are trying to use the internet at the same time. When youre gaming and your roommate is watching Netflix at the same time, your Xbox will get first dibs on the bandwidth so you wont experience lag.

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    Whats The Difference Between Xbox Series X And Xbox One

    When it comes down to it, Xbox Series X is more powerful, about four times faster, and includes a lot more storage. Both consoles support 4K games, although the Xbox Series X comes with an HDMI 2.1 .

    Both Xbox series X and Xbox One include something called a fast resume feature: it allows you to switch quickly between different games. On Xbox Series X, the feature is more advanced and supports switching between multiple games at one time. There are some major updates to Xbox Series X that make the change much easier than on Xbox One.

    Testing Your Network Connection

  • 1From the Home screen, select My games and apps. It’s a panel on the right-side of the Xbox’s Home screen.
  • Use the analog stick on the controller to the right to highlight this option and then press the A button on the controller to select it.
  • 2Select Queued. This will display all the games and apps that are currently downloading or queued to download.Advertisement
  • 3Select an active download. You will see the progress of the selected download when it’s selected.
  • 4Press the button on the controller. Press the Menu button with three lines near the center of the controller.
  • 5Select Pause. This will pause the download. Repeat this for each active download in your queue.
  • When you are done checking your internet connection, return to the Queued list in My games and apps, select any paused downloads, press the Menu button, and select “Resume installation”.
  • 6Press the Xbox button. It’s the button with the Xbox logo in the center of the controller. This will display the guide.
  • 7Select
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    Speed Up Xbox Downloads The Easy Way

    With this useful new Xbox feature and a few other tips, you can speed up Xbox downloads, even without closing your current game. Hopefully, your system downloads most updates when the console is in standby mode, so they don’t bother you at all.

    But next time you need to apply an update as fast as possible, you know what to do. It’s not a bad idea to explore other options in your router for a better online gaming experience, either.

    Image Credit: Miguel Lagoa/Shutterstock

    Use A Wired Connection To Speed Up Xbox Download Speeds

    How To Speed Up Game Downloads On Xbox One

    If your Xbox is connected to the internet using Wi-Fi, switching over to a wired connection is an easy and fast way to speed up your Xbox. All youll need to do is get an ethernet cable and plug one end into your router and the other to the ethernet port on the back of your Xbox console. Your Xbox download speeds will increase because the console will be plugged directly into the internet connection instead of trying to wirelessly connect through Wi-Fi.

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    Learn Your Way Around With Xbox Assist

    If youre feeling a bit lost with your new console, you can always delve into Xbox Assist to learn about some of its features, find a solution to a specific problem youre having or search the help database.

    You can find Xbox Assist by pressing the Xbox button on your controller to open the Guide menu, scrolling right to the System tab, and then selecting Xbox Assist.

    Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. This does not effect our editorial in any way.

    Best Ways To Increase Xbox Series X Download Speed

    There are numerous ways to increase Xbox Series X|S internet download speed, but which are the best? The best ways to improve the download speed of your Xbox are:

  • Pay for a faster internet service to increase your Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S download speeds.
  • For the optimal use of your Xbox Series X|Ss download speed, use a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi.
  • If youre still using Wi-Fi then either move your Xbox Series X|S closer to your Wi-Fi router.
  • Buy a better Wi-Fi Router with improved range if you cant have it near your Xbox Series X|S.
  • Buy a powerline adapter to connect broadband to your Xbox Series X|S.
  • Pause and Resume the download to potentially improve your Xbox Series X|S download speed.
  • Put the Xbox Series X|S into Rest Mode.
  • With games like Assassins Creed Valhalla being very large, youll want all the download speed you can get. Games have been getting bigger and bigger in recent years, and that is unlikely to change.

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    How To Install Xbox One Games Faster

    The current generation of consoles has been quite successful. Both Sony and Microsoft have offered a lot of new features and options with their respective consoles. Sony Playstation 4 has sold a lot more units worldwide than Microsofts Xbox One, however, after a and a great bundle offer last month, Xbox One has received some serious attention from gamers as well.

    Theres no denying that both consoles offer a lot of new things to the gaming community and both have their ups and downs. Were not here to argue which console has the edge over the other one. We cater to all gamers be it a PC gamer or any console gamer. Today, we will help out gamers whove just bought their shiny new Xbox One and want to learn how to fix the really slow installation process of different games. This is for games sold ON DISC. If you bought an online game, you have no choice, but to wait for the download.

    Free Up Storage On Your Hard Drive

    (HOW TO) Speed Up Xbox One Internet Connection 100% Increase Download And Upload Speed

    If your Xbox is still lagging or having connection issues, this step will free up more space and allow your machine to work faster. If you decide to reinstall games later, all your saved data and preferences will reappear once you log in online.

  • On your controller, press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • Select Profile & system > Settings > System > Storage.
  • Navigate to the Manage storage devices screen, then select Clear local saved games. This will delete games saved to your hard drive but will keep them saved to the cloud.
  • To offload games to an external hard drive, follow this guide to managing storage on your Xbox.

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    Walkthrough Guide: How To Improve Xbox One Download Speed

    Lag and a slow connection are common problems that can cause frustration for Xbox One gamers. This guide will help eliminate these issues and speed up your Xbox One download speeds. Well cover:

    • What to do if your Xbox One game wont install
    • How to speed up your Xbox One download speeds
    • How to make your Xbox One games download faster
    • The best internet routers for gaming

    Connect Your Xbox Series X/s To Your Router With An Ethernet Cable

    Using Wi-Fi is one of the most convenient processes in the world since you will have a stable connection wherever you go in your house. This doesnt mean that the connection will be strong enough in every room to deliver you the full potential of your internet, however.

    The further you are from your router, the worse your connection will get. If youre living in a house with thick walls, then your signal quality will suffer drastically between rooms, reducing your internet speed.

    Try connecting your Xbox Series X/S to your router with an Ethernet cable. If you get faster speeds and a more stable connection, itll mean that the problem was your Wi-Fi all along.

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    Using An Ssd On Your Xbox One

    If youre ready to make the jump to an SSD, or even a hybrid drive, it really isnt that difficult.

    Grab yourself an external SSD, plug in via USB 3.0 and youre good to go. Your Xbox will detect the new storage device and walk you through some steps. To transfer games, youll need to go to your settings of the particular game and transfer the files over.

    If you already have an SSD, and just need a case, that is totally possible, as well. Just grab a SATA case and away you go.

    Close Games And Apps In The Background

    Did the recent Xbox One Update speed up download times ...

    Avoid running any apps until the download is finished. Before starting your download, make sure that you close all the running applications and games. Heres how you do so:

  • Press the Xbox Button.
  • Navigate to games or apps running and select them one by one.
  • Press the Menu Button with three lines. This will grant you additional options.
  • Select Quit and press A on the controller.
  • All done.
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    Check Your Internet Connection

    Its worth checking the strength of your wi-fi connection to root out any problems if youre experiencing slower-than-expected download speeds:

    • Press the Xbox button on your controller to pull up the home sidebar.
    • Scroll across to the Profile & system section and then down to the Settings option.
    • On the General menu, click on Network settings.

    If the wireless strength is low, try moving your router nearer to your console if you can. You could even connect the two devices with an ethernet cable if theyre close enough, which should dramatically improve the stability of your internet connection.

    If the download speed seems low, try turning off any other home devices that might be using it . And if the speed is lower than your broadband package guarantees as a minimum, it might be worth contacting your provider.

    How To Speed Up Xbox Downloads

    It’s very handy to know how to speed up Xbox downloads. The Xbox One, Series S and Series X offer a fantastic experience especially when paired with a Game Pass subscription for all-you-can-eat gameplay. But all three consoles can seem to dawdle with updates and downloads, which isnt ideal when you just want to jump in quickly and start playing.

    In March 2021, Microsoft introduced a new feature that lets Xbox Series S, Series X and Xbox One users quickly speed up their downloads by suspending the current game. This works especially well on Xbox Series X and S thanks to Quick Resume, which allows players to jump back into the exact moment they left off.

    In our guide below, we’ll cover how to speed up Xbox downloads by using this new game suspending option. But first we’ll provide some general tips that you should observe if you want the best download speeds possible.

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    This Sneaky Xbox One Update Makes Downloads 80% Faster

    Need for speed: Xbox One downloads just got quicker

    If you tried to download a game on Xbox One today and it felt faster for some reason, it wasnt just your imagination Microsoft covertly updated the console to make download speeds up to 80% faster for some users.

    The news, which didnt make it to main Microsoft news sites like the Xbox Wire or Major Nelsons blog, comes by way of some obscure patch notes on Microsofts Xbox support website.

    The update is titled 10.0.14393.2152 fre catchy, I know and besides improving general stability of the system, it will dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend waiting for a game to download.

    The largest improvement will come to users with high-speed connections, which Microsofts support site defines as greater than 100Mbps. They can expect apps and games to download about 80% faster than before thanks to the update.

    But if youre not rocking fiber yet, dont worry, youre still getting a performance boost too.

    The update notes say that anyone with a connection thats less than 100Mbps should experience more consistent performance that is up to 40% faster than before which could mean the difference of a few hours when downloading full titles like Gears of War 4 or Forza Horizon 3.

    While we all love flashy UI improvements slow download speeds have plagued the system since launch day, so its nice to see some work done in this area.

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