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How To Speed Up Updates On Xbox

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Change Your Xbox One Dns Settings

How to Update your Games Faster on Xbox One [Easy, 100% Working]

Domain Name System settings are fundamental to every aspect of the web, guiding devices from the web domain you provide to their internet protocol addresses. DNS servers perform this translation behind the scenes, helping connect you with your desired web location.

Unless you’ve previously changed up your DNS settings, your Xbox One likely uses the default DNS settings offered by your internet service provider for Xbox Live. While using these settings is perfectly viable, you may see slightly increased speeds when switching to a third-party anycast solution. Here’s how to take advantage of popular third-party DNS services such as GoogleDNS and OpenDNS, on your Xbox One console.

  • Open Settings on your Xbox One.
  • Navigate to the General tab.
  • Select the Network settings tile.
  • Select Advanced settings.
  • Select Manual to manually enter a new address.
  • A screen will now appear to enter an address.
  • If you’re using Open DNS, enter
  • If using Google DNS, enter
  • If using another third-party service, enter the primary address here.
  • After confirming the primary address, you’ll next be prompted to enter a secondary address.
  • If you’re using Open DNS, enter
  • If using Google DNS, enter
  • If using another third-party service, the secondary address should go here.
  • If you wish to revert back to your default DNS settings at any point in time, switch your DNS settings back to Automatic via the same menu.

    Make Sure That Your Internet Router Can Support Your Download Speeds

    Routers are only designed to handle a certain amount of download speed, and some routers can handle more than others. If youre paying for an internet plan with download speeds up to 500 Mbps, but your router can only handle speeds up to 250 Mbps, you will never get download speeds faster than 250 Mbps. This is a waste of money because youre paying for twice the speed that youre actually getting. To find out if your router can support your internet plans download speeds, google your routers make and model. This information should be printed on the back of your router.;

    How To Speed Up Xbox Downloads Without Quitting Your Current Game

    A new Xbox feature lets you download games and updates faster on Xbox One and Series X|S. Here’s how to use it, plus bonus tips.

    Xbox games update all the time, so you likely want these updates to run as quickly as possible to minimize interruptions. One of the best ways to do this is by closing your current game, but sometimes that’s not an option. Maybe you’re in the middle of something important and can’t quit at the moment.

    Thankfully, there’s now an easy way to speed up Xbox game and app downloads while keeping your current game active. Here’s how, plus some extra methods for speeding up downloads.

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    Put Less Pressure On Your Internet Connection

    You might have noticed that your Wi-Fi connection runs slower when many devices are connected to Wi-Fi at the same time. The same is true for your Xbox One.;

    If you disconnect other devices from your Wi-Fi, like your phone or laptop, it will strengthen your Xbox One’s Wi-Fi connection and allow for faster download speeds.

    Cancel Installation For Games Or Apps That Are Downloading And Reinstall Them

    Xbox April update adds speed up downloads option, new Game ...

    If your Xbox One games still wont install after youve restarted your equipment, try starting the downloads over again. Sometimes an installation is just glitchy and needs to be reset. To cancel a download and reinstall it, follow these steps:

  • Open My Games & Apps from the home screen.
  • Click on Queue and hover over the game or app that is downloading.;
  • Press the black Menu button that features three horizontal bars on your controller and select Cancel.;
  • Reinstall the game or app by downloading it from the Microsoft store or inserting the disc again.;
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    Ensure That Your Router Has A 5ghz Band

    Routers have either a 2.4 or 5 GHz band. For those that are using a Wi-Fi connection for gaming instead of a wired ethernet connection, wed recommend a router with a 5 GHz band. The 5 GHz band enables faster and more reliable Wi-Fi speeds than a 2.4 GHz band. By upgrading to a router with a 5Ghz band, your Xbox One should run faster. The only drawback to 5 GHz bands is that they work best over short distances. Youll want your Xbox to be as close to the router as possible to avoid any connection issues.;

    Wired Or Wireless The Pros And Cons

    The right networking hardware also plays a fundamental role in Xbox One download speeds, but you don’t need to be an expert to eliminate the common bottlenecks. With an understanding of how your connection works, chosen hardware can instantly streamline your speeds on Xbox One and other devices.

    Wired connections always provide the best speeds and stability. Connecting your console via the rear ethernet port is a direct line to your network, with the best possible download and upload speeds. While wireless networks continue to improve, the old-fashioned wire is unbeaten for range and performance. Ethernet cables come in many varieties, but any modern cable will provide more than enough throughout for a premium experience.

    Going cable-free also has its benefits, primarily removing the need to run a physical tether to your device. But depending on your router, two wireless bands are widely used: 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections.

    Using a 5GHz connection provides additional bandwidth, capped as high as 1300Mbps, up to double of 2.4GHz wireless. That can support faster downloads, but with a reduced range over its 2.4GHz alternative. However, the range of 2.4GHz connections isn’t always a good thing, with possible interference from other 2.4GHz networks and separate local wireless devices. Your Xbox One’s detailed network statistics lists “Wireless strength,” which provides an idea of how reliably your connection performs.

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    Super Slow Download Speeds On Xbox Series S Microsoft

    I have all xbox console variants even xbox one x and always my downloads a game) and you will get the usual speeds so you can download games faster.

    Feb 11, 2020 Restart your Xbox One. If youre experiencing slow download speeds on the Xbox One, the first thing you should do is restart your system. · Close;

    May 26, 2020 How to Speed Up Your Downloads on Xbox One · 1. Use Ethernet · 2. Avoid Peak Times · 3. Change DNS Settings · 4. Close Games and Apps in the;

    Get Free Xbox Games With Free Trials And Subscriptions

    How to Update your Games Faster on Xbox One and Xbox One X [NEW 2018]

    Your console also comes with 14-day free trials for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. These can come as codes in the box with your console some boxed bundles come with longer trials but are also offered when signing in for the first time.

    Xbox Live Gold is required for online gaming. It also comes with two Xbox One and two Xbox 360 games every month as part of Games with Gold.

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    Pause Other Xbox One Downloads

  • Press the Xbox logo button on your controller to bring up the Guide.

  • Press down on the D-pad or joystick once to highlight My games & apps.

  • Press A.

  • Highlight See all and press A.

  • Scroll down the left menu to Queue.

    You should see all of your active downloads. If this section is empty, that simply means that you currently have no active downloads.

  • Highlight the download you want to pause and press the Menu button on your controller.

  • Highlight Pause and press A.

  • Install Via Discs Whenever Possible

    Even with Microsoft pushing towards a digital future, physical discs are still here to stay. If you’re an avid gamer who frequently buys new games, buying a retail copy can be an easy way to cut down on data use. With disc-based titles installing directly off the disc, you’ll only be using bandwidth for updates over Xbox Live. You’ll probably find gaming a lot cheaper, too, with physical copies more heavily discounted than their digital counterparts.

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    Speed Up Xbox One Setup With Your Phone

    A few steps into the first-time Xbox One setup, youll be faced with a mandatory system software update, which can take a good 15-20 minutes depending on your internet connection. You could pop the kettle on and sip a cup of tea while you watch the progress bar across the screen, or you can use your phone to help speed things up.

    At the bottom of the screen, youll see a URL and code that you can use with your phones web browser. This will let you carry on with the rest of the setup process while your console is busy updating itself.

    Close All Games And Apps

    Did the recent Xbox One Update speed up download times ...

    Did you know that playing Xbox One games can impact your download speeds? Microsoft’s Xbox One operating system features various multitasking capabilities, including the ability to continue downloads while using your existing games and apps. But for online games like Call of Duty or Fortnite, video streaming apps, and other bandwidth-dependent activities, the console will automatically slow your downloads to ensure a smooth entertainment experience.

    For the best Xbox One download speeds, we recommend closing any games and apps. The console provides the ability to force-quit your software, preventing it from silently working in the background. Here’s how to fully close your most recent Xbox One game and ensure your downloads receive the attention they deserve.

  • Press the Xbox button. The Guide menu will appear from the left-hand side.
  • Scroll down to your most recent game.
  • Press the Menu button represented by three lines. A pop-up menu will appear.
  • Select the Quit tile. The game or app will close.
  • To ensure the fast possible download speeds, close any games and apps currently running on the console. The Xbox One’s instant-on power mode is equally effective, allowing downloads to continue without interruption while entering a sleep state.

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    Using A Wired Connection

  • 1Connect an Ethernet cable to your XBox One. The Ethernet port is on the back of your XBox One on the far-right side. It’s the port under the icon of three squares connected to a single line.
  • You’ll need an Ethernet cable that is long enough to reach from the Xbox to your modem or router. Read Connect Your Xbox One to the Internet for more information.
  • 2Connect the other end of the ethernet cable to your router. A typical router has four LAN or Ethernet ports on the back of the router and they are usually color-coded in yellow.
  • When you boot your XBox One, it will automatically detect the wired connection.
  • Xbox Update Makes An Important Change For Download Speeds

    A new update is available for testers, and it sounds very handy.

    A new Xbox One update is available now for testers that includes a notable change that should help improve download speeds in some scenarios. Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie said on Twitter that people in the Xbox Insider tester program might want to try out a new “Suspend” feature.

    “Suspend in the queue will let you download at full speed while making sure your game remains resumable (or quick-resume-able on Series X|S,” she said. Additionally, there are new banners in the library to help you find important information faster, like titles leaving Game Pass soon.

    VGC reports that the new feature allows players to manually suspend a game’s state to clear up bandwidth space for new game installs or updates for titles in the download queue. Before this change, players needed to quit their current game completely to speed up download speeds.

    Hey Xbox Insiders! Did you notice these changes rolling out now? Suspend in the queue will let you download at full speed while making sure your game remains resumable . New banners in the Full Library will take you to more useful categories!

    Eden Marie

    Right now, this update is only available for people in the Xbox Insider program, which lets you test new Xbox updates before they are released publicly. Anyone can join this program–here’s how to sign up.

    Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Email

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    Fixing Xbox One Slow Downloads Issue

    There are a number of troubleshooting steps that you must do in order to identify the cause why your Xbox One has slow game or app downloads.

  • Power cycle the console.

    You can refresh the system by doing a hard reset. What this does is clear the network card and memory and reload the system.;

  • Check the download speed.

    You can check the actual download speed of the game or app being downloaded. You must do this if your console seems to download slowly even for a game with a small size. Heres what you must do:-Scroll to Installing<the game title youre downloading>.-Go to My games & apps.-Select Manage.-Select Queue and take note the download speed shown on the game or app thats being installed. This indicates the current download speed. If the speed is really slow like less than 1 megabit per second, it may take a long time for the download to complete.The table below is guide that will show you an estimated time for a download to finish on current download speed.

  • Quit games.

    Your Xbox One is designed to suspend downloads while playing to ensure maximum gaming experience. Sometimes, this feature can encounter a bug and may indefinitely stop downloads even after youve stopped gaming. To see if your downloads are being blocked by the system, follow the steps below:-On the Home screen, navigate to your most recently run game.-With the game highlighted, press the Menu button; and select Quit.-Check your download speed again and see if theres now an improvement.

  • Connect Your Xbox Series X/s To Your Router With An Ethernet Cable

    Xbox One – How to Update your Games Faster in 2021 [Increase and Double your Download Speed!]

    Using Wi-Fi is one of the most convenient processes in the world since you will have a stable connection wherever you go in your house. This doesnt mean that the connection will be strong enough in every room to deliver you the full potential of your internet, however.

    The further you are from your router, the worse your connection will get. If youre living in a house with thick walls, then your signal quality will suffer drastically between rooms, reducing your internet speed.

    Try connecting your Xbox Series X/S to your router with an;Ethernet cable. If you get faster speeds and a more stable connection, itll mean that the problem was your Wi-Fi all along.

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    Keep Your Xbox Series X/s Up To Date

    Each Xbox update brings stability upgrades to your system, and outdated system files can be the reason behind your lackluster download speeds.

    • Press the Xbox button to bring up the guide menu.
    • Get to the Settings through the Profile & System menu.
    • Head over to Settings and click on Updates.
    • Youll be able to click on Update if theres one available, but you should be fine otherwise.

    Use A Wired Connection

    If you connect your Xbox to your network using Wi-Fi, consider switching to a wired Ethernet connection. Even if you only do this temporarily to download an update or big game faster, it will make a big difference.

    While Ethernet connections aren’t as convenient as using Wi-Fi, they are more stable and offer faster download speeds. You’ll get closer to the download speed that you pay your ISP for with an Ethernet cable than you will with Wi-Fi.

    If you can’t move your Xbox closer to your router, then buying a long Ethernet cable that you use for large downloads is a low-tech solution.

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    Check Your Internet Connection

    Its worth checking the strength of your wi-fi connection to root out any problems if youre experiencing slower-than-expected download speeds:

    • Press the Xbox button on your controller to pull up the home sidebar.
    • Scroll across to the Profile & system section and then down to the Settings option.;
    • On the General menu, click on Network settings.

    If the wireless strength is low, try moving your router nearer to your console if you can. You could even connect the two devices with an ethernet cable if theyre close enough, which should dramatically improve the stability of your internet connection.

    If the download speed seems low, try turning off any other home devices that might be using it . And if the speed is lower than your broadband package guarantees as a minimum, it might be worth contacting your provider.

    Xbox Adds Option To Increase Download Speeds Eurogamer

    How To Install Xbox One Games Faster

    Mar 17, 2021 Pipe dreams. Microsoft has added a new suspend my game feature to the Xbox download queue screen. Selecting it will help improve download;

    Another way to speed up game installation on your Xbox One is to use an ethernet cable instead of a Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi connections can have numerous;

    Aug 21, 2021 Fixing Xbox One slow downloads issue · Power cycle the console. You can refresh the system by doing a hard reset. · Check the download speed. You;

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    Consider Your Internet Speed

    While all the above tips will help you download Xbox games and updates faster without closing your current game, your internet speed is still a limiting factor. If you only have a 20Mbps download speed from your ISP, nothing you do will up that speed to 100Mbps.

    If your entire network is experiencing slow speeds, you should reboot your router and modem, for the same reasons discussed above. Barring a temporary hiccup, though, slow speeds are best fixed by upgrading your internet plan.

    Visit your profile on your ISP’s website, or give customer service a call, to see what other options are available. Upgrading your speed will let you download Xbox content faster and provide more bandwidth for multiple devices to work at once.

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