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How To Share Xbox Game Pass

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What Content Is Shared With Xbox Gameshare

How To Share Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with Family or Friends | 2021

When you set a friends console as your home Xbox, they get access to all of your digitally purchased games, including Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X or S games. They also get access to your Game Pass Ultimate subscription if you have one. That means theyll be able to play online and also download Game Pass games to their console even if they dont have their own subscription.

How To Share Xbox Game Pass Pc With Your Family

The Xbox Game Pass PC subscription can be shared with your family members. This guide shows how to configure your Microsoft and Xbox App accounts.

Please note:

  • Xbox App and Microsoft Store accounts are distinct from each other.

  • All your family members must create their own Xbox App account so they can have their own game profiles, saves, and achievements.

Sharing Game Pass Ultimate With Family Over Two Consoles In The Same House

Discus and support Sharing game pass ultimate with family over two consoles in the same house in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem I’m trying to share game pass ultimate with family over two consoles in the same house. I have a xbox-series-x and xbox one x setup on two TV’s in my…Discussion in ‘XBoX Games and Apps‘ started by nebeloc, .

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Do I Need To Share My Xbox Account Information

How to Share Xbox Games, Game Pass , Xbox Live &  Downloads ...

To make use of gameshare, youre going to have to share your account details with a friend. Obviously, if you and your intended sharer live in the same place, you can log in on each others consoles without sharing passwords, keeping your details safe. However, if you live in two different places, youre going to have to share your details.

Remember, regardless of how you set up gameshare, your friend can still use your account, make purchases, or message your friends, so make sure you trust this person before you set this feature up.

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Could It Realistically Happen

I think what could be holding this up is potential skepticism from Microsoft’s partners. Xbox Game Pass is still a relatively “unproven” model in the long-term for third-party publishers. Although, there is a ton of data coming out that the service is only a win-win-win for everybody involved. I’ve seen documents from internal Microsoft presentations that detail how gamers within Xbox Game Pass are not only spending more time gaming, they’re actively spending more on games at retail as well.

Why this might be is anyone’s guess. Perhaps people still want the sensation of buying-to-own. Perhaps they want to take advantage of the Xbox Game Pass-exclusive discount you get after a game leaves the service. Perhaps the virality of “free-to-play-like” access to the games helps boost their mindshare profile. Or perhaps they just want to support the developers. Either way, Xbox Game Pass seems to boost retail sales of games that are in the service, not hinder them.

Still, I’ve heard in the past that some third-party publishers had pushed back on the idea of a family-style plan for Xbox Game Pass, worrying that their games in the service were potentially going to be split multiple ways, instead of just one. It’s potentially a fair concern. Netflix and other’s family-sharing features are often “abused” and shared with friends far beyond the account owner’s household.

How To Share Xbox One Games With Family With Multiple Consoles

Its not very uncommon to have multiple consoles in a family. One for the kids, and one for the parents. Keeping this in mind, Xbox one introduced Game sharing feature. This feature makes it possible for parents not to buy multiple copies of the games, and pay twice. Microsoft accounts have solid family features which span across PCs, and Xbox making it possible for parents to monitor kids activity. However, game sharing is a little different. In this guide, we give you a walkthrough on how to share Xbox One games with family between multiple consoles.

Microsoft lets you mark your primary console as My Home Xbox. When you sign in to a new console, it is automatically set as Home Xbox. We will learn how to use this feature for game sharing.

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How To Activate Gamesharing On Xbox One And Xbox Series X

Step 1: To start setting up Gamesharing, youll need the login information for your friends Xbox Live account. Next, turn on your own Xbox console and sign into your Xbox Live account.

Step 2: Press the Xbox button, and on the far left of the menu, select the Add New option.

Step 3: Add your friends Xbox Live account using their login details, which will consist of their email address and password registered on the subscription service.

Step 4: Accept the terms and conditions of the privacy notice, and follow the instructions to set preferences on your friends account.

Step 5: Press the Xbox button again, and select the new account as your current profile.

Step 6: Now go into the Settings of your Xbox, navigate to Personalization, and then select My Home Xbox.

Step 7: Select Make this my home Xbox and youre halfway done!

Your friend will now need to put your login details into their Xbox and repeat the process above, signing into their console with your profile. Once theyve set it up and designated their Xbox as your home console, youll both be able to access games that youve both bought and Xbox Live Gold perks. Its worth noting that this method only works for two people at a time, so make certain that you Gameshare with someone that you trust.

For more on Microsofts console, check out the best Xbox Series X|S games and the best Xbox One games.

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Things To Be Aware Of When Game Sharing On Xbox One

How To Share Xbox Game Pass Ultimate With Family

While sharing your games library with a friend is brilliant, there are some downsides and potential risks. We’ve got the main points to consider:

  • Only share with a trusted friend – this one might seem obvious, but as you’re essentially handing your account to another person, make sure that person isn’t likely to abuse the account.
  • Microsoft could block game sharing – while Microsoft has allowed game sharing for a long time, it’s possible that it could be blocked in the future. Try to split game purchasing evenly so if access is ever blocked both parties will have an equal share of games on their profile.
  • Game sharing is digital only – If you like owning physical copies of games, this isn’t going to work well with game sharing. Physical games that come on disc will only work on the console the disc is inserted into.
  • Limited to two people – Game sharing on Xbox One is limited to two people: you and your friend. You can’t share your account with more than one person. Your account’s home Xbox can be changed five times each year, so if you change who you’re sharing with you have some breathing room to change your mind.

That’s all the info you need to know about game sharing on Xbox One and Xbox One X. Follow these steps and you and a friend will suddenly find themselves with much larger libraries of games.

Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. See our terms & conditions.

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Are There Any Limitations To Gameshare

There are very few limitations to Xbox gamesharing. Your friend will be able to play all of your games, and you can still make purchases and play your own games on any console youre logged into. When you make any such purchases, your friend immediately gains access to those games on their console, since its set as your home Xbox.

The main limitation to gamesharing is that you can only switch your home console five times per year. That means you cant just freely switch between friends and family members to share with, as youll quickly run out of your allotted switches, and youll be stuck with one home console for an entire year. Thats why its so important to choose carefully when setting up gameshare, and only share with people you really trust.

Re: How Do I Access Ea Play On Pc With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Please Help

Im in the UK and Ive tried everything to get this to work on the Xbox Windows 10 app. My accounts are linked correctly according to both EA and Microsoft but the Xbox PC app still asks to download the EA desktop app every time. Clicking to download just tells me that it cant download and to do so manually myself instead. I did this but the EA app asks me to pay 3.99 for a subscription before I can download a game. Going back to the Xbox PC app just asks me to download the EA app again!

I have tried restarting one app then the other, restarting only the Xbox PC app, restarting only the EA app and even rebooting my PC twice and then uninstalling the EA app altogether and I am still no further forward!

I dont have an Xbox now, only a PC and I have been using Game Pass for Windows for quite a while without problems until now. The only thing I can think of is that I also have a linked account for EA with Steamcould that be causing problems? My sub with Steam expires in a few days so thought I would be able to switch over to Game Pass with no problems.


The Xbox app still demands that I download the EA app so I dont even bother clicking anything in there now as long as the EA app works

It Takes Two Friends Pass Official EA Site

Copy the link and share

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Famly Sharing

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Thanks for coming to the forums. This will work just like the Xbox live gold subscription works. With having it on your profile, you will need your profile set as home for the console the kids play on. They can log on their own profiles share the gold and game pass. You can then play on a different console. Here is a link for home console.


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How satisfied are you with this reply?

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Hi Cardinal,

Thanks for coming to the forums. This will work just like the Xbox live gold subscription works. With having it on your profile, you will need your profile set as home for the console the kids play on. They can log on their own profiles share the gold and game pass. You can then play on a different console. Here is a link for home console.



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How To Gameshare On Xbox Series X

How to Share Xbox Game pass ultimate with friends or ...

Want to lend your friends your digital games? Heres how to use Xbox Gameshare

Friendship is magic, but so is sharing the best Xbox Series X games with friends or family via the sorcery of Xbox Gameshare.

Xbox Gameshare lets you share games and any benefits of your Gamepass or Xbox Gold subscriptions with any user on your primary Xbox. While generally this means you can designate the Xbox in your lounge as your primary console and let other people in your house play on their own account, its possible to set your primary Xbox as a different one to the one you do most of your gaming on, and let friends elsewhere access and play your digital games.

Were a long way from the Xbox 360 days of taking a game you like to a friends house for them to play, but this will let you take advantage of that one friend who always has the latest games, just like the old days. Providing they are willing to be your designated sharer, of course. Read on, and well talk you through setting this up so you can dive into the best of your pals digital collection.

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What You Need To Gameshare On Xbox

To get started and gameshare on your Xbox console, youre going to need:

  • Two Xbox consoles
  • Your login
  • Your sharers login

To go into a little more detail, both you and your sharer will need an Xbox console, whether thats an Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, or Xbox Series X|S.

Any of these devices are viable, and any different combination is okay too it doesnt really matter which devices you use.

Youll also need to have both your own login information and the info of the person youre sharing with. Make sure youre comfortable with sharing this information with each other though if you and a friend share a log in, remember it can be hijacked. Only share this information with people you trust.

Account Sharing: Xbox Live Gold And Xbox Game Pass Too

Here is a list of all subscriptions shared with Xbox Account Sharing as well as other items shared and paid for by only one of the two accounts.

  • Abonnement Xbox Game Pass
  • Abonnement Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  • Abonnement Xbox Live Gold
  • EA Play membership
  • Xbox games downloaded from the store
  • Games Season Pass
  • Game DLCs
  • Game pre-order bonus

Note that for EA Play, only the free games in the safe are shared between the two accounts. The other benefits of the service like 10 hours of early access and promotions are only available to the subscribing account of the subscription.

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What You Need To Know

This method is only limited to two people, including yourself. However you can change your home console up to five times in a year.

We advise that you only gameshare on Xbox One with someone that you trust. The method we’ve laid out requires you to have access to your friend’s Xbox One console, however if you have your friend’s account details then you can gameshare remotely. But we don’t advise sharing your account details with anyone as they can make purchases without your permission.

It’s probably a good idea to enable password sign-in for your account so that your friend can’t just sign into it on their console .

To do this sign into your Xbox One account, select ‘settings’ and go to ‘account’. Next, click ‘sign-in, security & passkey’, select ‘change my sign-in and security preferences’ and then ‘lock it down’. This should mean that every time someone wants to log into your account , they’ll need your password.

Only one person can be signed into an Xbox account at a time. And once your Xbox account is added to another console, you cannot remove it, but you can try to ensure that someone else can’t log into it.

Finally, it’s worth noting that if you lose internet connection, and your Xbox One console isn’t registered as your home Xbox, you won’t be able to access your digital Xbox One library or your Xbox Live Gold. In addition, other users on your console won’t have access to your Xbox One games library.

Some Other Things To Know About Gamesharing On Xbox

How to Share Xbox Game pass ultimate with friends or Family

There are a few other important points about Xbox gamesharing before you decide to do it:

  • Gamesharing only works for digital games. You wont be able to install a physical game on two consoles and play one without the actual disc.
  • Setting a Home Console makes any Xbox subscription services available to the other person. This means you can both share Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate between the two consoles.
  • Both consoles will be able to play the same games at the same time. This includes Game Pass titles.
  • You can gameshare with different generations of Xbox consoles, but Xbox Series X games will not be usable on Xbox One.
  • In-game currency, pre-order bonuses, and items bought within a game are not shareable, however, DLC is.
  • You can only change the My home Xbox setting five times per calendar year. This period starts when you make the first change.

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