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How To Set Up Xbox One

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First Lets Talk Capacity

How to set up the Xbox One

Xbox consoles come in standard capacities of 500GB or 1TB, which is enough storage for about 10-20 Xbox One games.1 Perfect for new gamersbut not so perfect for seasoned players who want classic favorites in addition to new releases at their disposal. Which is exactly why we built Game Drive for Xbox. Its a compact, portable drive with up to 4TB of space for storing 100+ Xbox One gamesand up to 8TB for 200+ if you opt for the hub!

Thats intense.

So lets say youve decided to make the leap with this flashy little green drive. Great. Space for a ton of games sits before you. Now what?

Creating A Microsoft Account On The Xbox One

If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can create one from the Xbox One while setting up your user profile. You can also create an account online.

1. Select “Get a new email.” This option appears when creating a new user profile on the Xbox One.

2. Create an outlook email address. To do this, enter the text you want to use as your local part . Then select the “enter” key on the screen and press “A,” or just press the “Options” button on the controller.

3. Enter your first name and last name. On the first screen that says, “Create your account,” enter your first name and choose “enter.” On the following page, type your last name.

4. Pick a password. Xbox requires that your Microsoft account password have at least eight characters, at least one of which must be an uppercase letter, a number or a symbol. On the page after that, the Xbox will ask you to to enter your date of birth.

5. Add a backup phone or email address. Microsoft requires you to enter either a backup phone number or an email address where you can be reached if you ever get locked out of your Microsoft account.

6. Accept the services agreement, and privacy and cookies statement. You’ll have to click on the buttons labeled “Microsoft services agreement” and “Microsoft privacy and cookies statement” to actually read them. On this page, you’ll also need to make sure to check or uncheck the options to receive promotional emails and to let Microsoft analyze your account information.

What To Do Before Going Ahead With The Setup

Before you start the Xbox One, make sure that you meet all these prerequisites:

  • Unpack the Xbox One and all its accessories and have them available.
  • Find the Quick Setup Guide. You will have to use it.
  • Make sure that you have an Internet connection available, either wired or wireless. If you go for a wired connection, make sure that you have a network cable for connecting the console to the router.
  • Find the batteries for your Xbox One controller.
  • Make sure that you are in a quiet room and you position the Kinect so that it can easily see you and hear you.
  • Make sure that you have a Microsoft account and that you know the password for it. If you enabled two-step verification, you will be needing also a verification code.
  • If you want to type faster you may want to connect a USB keyboard to the Xbox One.
  • Turn on the speakers or the TV that will be connected to the Xbox One and then turn up the volume.

If all these prerequisites are met, then go ahead with the setup process.

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How Can I Designate An Xbox One Console As My Home Xbox Check Here

Want to designate an Xbox One console as your home Xbox? If so, you come to the right place!

Having your Xbox Once console set as you home Xbox will allow you to do the following:

The first time you sign in on an Xbox One console and save your password, that console will become your home Xbox. Keep in mind, you cannot designate more than one Xbox as your home Xbox. You can share purchased games and your Xbox Live Gold membership with other users only on your home Xbox.

How can I designate an Xbox One console as my home Xbox?You can designate an Xbox One console as your home Xbox by completing the following steps:

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide
  • Select System, then select Settings
  • Select Personalization and then select My home Xbox
  • Make sure to review the information and then choose Make this my home Xbox to designate the console as your home Xbox. From this step, you can also remove designation by selecting This is not my home Xbox

Keep in mind, when you change home consoles, all device licenses for digital content will move to your new home Xbox. You will not be able to access this content on your old “home” Xbox.

How many times can I change which console is my home Xbox?You can change which console is your home Xbox console up to five times during a one-year period. To clarify, this period works on a rolling basis, starting the moment you change your home Xbox for the first time.

Set Up A Static Ip Address In Your Xbox One Console

Xbox One Installation Setup

If you have a router that does not allow you to manually assign internal IP addresses, follow these instructions to set up a static IP address in your Xbox One console:

1. Find out what IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS settings your Xbox One console is currently using. To find this info:

  • Go to the home screen and push the menu button on the controller
  • Select Settings
  • Select Network
  • Select Advanced settings
  • In the IP settings section, you should see the IP address,Subnet Mask,Gateway, Primary DNS, Secondary DNS, and MAC address listed. Write all of these numbers down, you will need to enter them in later.

2. Next, login to your router and note the DHCP range your router uses. The DHCP range is the group of numbers that your router uses to assign internal IP addresses to devices on your network. For help logging in to your router visit our router guides and/or our guides on finding your router’s IP address.

Here is a screenshot of a Linksys router. The DHCP range is circled in red.

3. You will need to pick a number between 2 and 254 that is outside of your router’s DHCP range to assign to your Xbox One.

In the example above, this Linksys router uses the range 100-149 to assign IP addresses to devices on the internal network. I chose to assign my Xbox to 201. The IP address that I am going to assign to my Xbox is Here are a few more examples for you:

4. To find out if this number is available ping the address using the Windows Command Prompt.

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How To Connect Kindle Fire To Xbox One

William StantonRead more December 9, 2019

With gaming consoles becoming ever more impressive, it was only a matter of time before you could connect your tablets for second screen entertainment. Fortunately, the Kindle Fire HD acts as a superb second screen for Xbox One or Xbox 360. Apart from playing your Xbox games on your Kindle Fire, the two devices can interact in a number of other ways.

Initially, Microsoft only had apps for the Google Play Store, Apples iOS, and the Windows phone, with no app released on the Amazon Store. It meant that people owning both the Kindle Fire and an Xbox One could never connect them together and use them to the optimum. But thanks to Microsofts Xbox SmartGlass, you can now connect your Kindle Fire to the gaming console and never stop having fun!

Using The Xbox Live Website

  • 1Go to the Xbox LIVE website. You may sign up for an Xbox LIVE Gold membership here; after doing so, it will be available on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 on which you’re logged in.
  • 2Click the Xbox Live tab. It’s below the “Support” tab that’s near the top-middle of the page.
  • 3Click Join Xbox Live Gold. This option is near the middle of the “Xbox Live” drop-down menu.
  • 4Click Join Today. It’s a green button in the lower-left section of the page.
  • 5 It will say “1 Month Xbox Live Gold” in the box; clicking it will prompt a drop-down menu with three options:
  • 1 Month Xbox Live Gold – This option costs $9.99.
  • 3 Month Xbox Live Gold – This option costs $24.99.
  • 12 Month Xbox Live Gold – This option costs $59.99 and is the best value.
  • 6 Doing so will select it for your Xbox LIVE account.
  • 7Click Join now. This is the blue button below your selected pricing option. Doing so will take you to a login page.
  • 8Enter your Xbox LIVE email address. You’ll need to do this even if you were already signed into the Xbox LIVE website, since this step serves to verify your identity.
  • You can also enter your phone number or your Skype name here.
  • 9Click Next. It’s below the email field.
  • 10Enter your Xbox LIVE password. This is the password for the email address you entered on the previous page.
  • 11Click Sign in. It’s below the password entry field. This will take you to a verification page where you’ll enter a code sent by Microsoft.
  • Select a verification device from the drop-down box.
  • Click Send code.
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    Turtle Beach Headset Audio Controller Plus

    The Turtle Beach Headset Audio Controller Plus can bridge the gap for controllers that do not have the 3.5mm audio jack to plug in a Bluetooth transmitter. However, you will still need to secure a Bluetooth transmitter to connect the Bluetooth headphones.

    This device has other great functions, too! It elevates your gaming experience by enhancing your game audio to a top-notch level. It does so by incorporating an ultra-sensitive feature called the Superhuman hearing mode. This allows picking up silent audio leads such as enemy footsteps or weapons reload.

    It also has game and mic presets. With it, you can customize your gaming sounds or adjust your voice volume. Who needs to shout with this feature?

    Plus, it also allows you complete control of your mic, game, and chats volumes through easy-to-manage buttons.

    Allowing The Xbox To Control Your Tv

    How to SETUP the Xbox One S Console for Beginners

    Now that the initial set up is complete, it’s time to turn it on and tweak a few features.;

    Both the Xbox One S and One X have an IR blaster built in to let you control your TV, allowing you to turn your TV on when you power on your Xbox.;

    Press the “Xbox” button on the controller. Move over to the “Settings” gear by pressing “RB” and select “Settings.” Head down to the section labeled “TV & OneGuide” and choose “Device Control.” Click on “TV” followed by “TV setup.”

    Depending on the model, the Xbox may automatically detect the type of TV and know how to control it. If not, you can search for the brand manually, which will walk you through the setup.

    Once added, hit “B” to get back to the “Device Control” screen and choose “Device power options.” Make sure that, when the Xbox is turned on, your TV is set to on and when the Xbox turns off, your TV is set to off. .;

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    How To Increase Xbox One Download Speed Wikihow

    30 steps1.From the Home screen, select My games and apps. Its a panel on the right-side of the Xboxs Home screen.Use the analog stick on the controller to the 2.Select Queued. This will display all the games and apps that are currently downloading or queued to download.3.Select an active download. You will see the progress of the selected download when its selected.

    May 20, 2020 6 Ways to Make Xbox Games Download Faster · 1. Quit All Games & Apps · 2. Pause Any Other Updates or Downloads · 3. Restart Your Xbox One · 4. Move;

    How To Set Up Your Xbox Series S

    Got a new Xbox Series S? Follow our setup guide to get started and enjoy gaming as quickly as possible.

    Just picked up;an Xbox Series S? We’ll show you how to set it up properly so you can dive into your new console right away.

    Below you’ll learn how to get started with your Xbox Series S, including what’s in the box, how to connect everything, and an explanation of the setup process. Most of these steps also apply to the Xbox Series X since the steps are similar, but this is written with Series S owners in mind.

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    How To Download Games Faster On Xbox Series X

    Nov 10, 2020 How to download games faster on Xbox Series X · Use a wired connection · Remove other internet devices · Restart your Xbox Series X or your router.

    Aug 21, 2021 Try downloading your games or apps during the evening to see if the speed improves. Low bandwidth. If youre running multiple devices on your;

    8 days ago 1. Close all apps and games · 2. Make sure there arent any other devices nearby that are connected to the Internet · 3. Hit the pause button on;

    Jun 24, 2020 I would do as the Mod suggested try installing without your internet. I have poor wifi and this has helped me quite a bit. If that didnt work,;

    What Are The Best Xbox One Kodi Builds

    How To Set Up The Xbox One X

    A Kodi build is a simple way to install a preset version of Kodi that comes with add-ons. These builds usually have unique skins and have been designed to provide added ease of use for people who want access to specific content.

    The problem with a pre-configured build of Kodi is that it may install add-ons that include copyrighted content, and, if you don’t realize this is the case, watching that content could cause you to break the law. This is why it’s always much safer to use a VPN when experimenting with Kodi builds.;

    Generally speaking, we recommend that you stick to the official version of Kodi that is available in the Xbox store. From there you can have full control over the repos and addons you install, so you’ll know exactly what is on your system.;

    For those who are interested in Kodi builds, however, we have included a list of the most popular ones below:

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    How To Use Your Own Headphones On Xbox One Xbox Series X And Xbox Series S

    You don’t have to purchase the best Xbox One headset to get the most from your Xbox audio experience, especially not if you’ve already invested in a set of good, maybe expensive headphones. There are some features you’ll lose, but even adding a microphone isn’t the hardest thing in the world. Luckily, you can connect those to your Xbox One. Here’s everything you need to know.

    Youre All Set To Enjoy Your Xbox Content On Your Kindle Fire

    Now that youve connected your Kindle Fire to the Xbox One, you have entered a world of endless possibilities. You can use your tablet for playing games or consuming media, while constantly being updated about developments in the gaming community all through your Kindle Fire. You can check up on your gamer friends and see what theyre up to even while youre away from the console!

    If there are any tricks and tips youd like to share with us about gaming in general or using the Kindle Fire as a companion piece to your Xbox One, let us know in the comments section below. Your valuable input is indispensable to nurturing an informed, tech-loving community!

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    How To Connect Any Xbox One Controller To Pc Via Usb

    If you dont mind a wired connection, using a USB cable is by far the easiest way to set up any type of Xbox One controller with a PC. This method works for Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One Elite controllers.

    All versions of the Xbox One controller have a Micro USB connector on them. This allows you to connect them directly to a PC using a Micro USB-to-USB Type-A cable. And, since Windows can automatically recognize connected Xbox One controllers, theres nothing more to it.;

    • Step one: Connect your USB cable to your powered-on Windows computer
    • Step two: Connect the Micro USB end to your Xbox One controller.;
    • Step three: Press the Xbox logo on your controller to turn it on.
    • Step four: Enjoy your games. Once connected, Windows 10 should automatically detect the Xbox One controller, and youll be able to use it with games that support controller input.

    Get Your Xbox Series S Online And Choose Power Options

    How to SETUP the Xbox One X for Beginners

    Next, assuming you’re using a wireless connection with your Xbox, tap your Wi-Fi network from the list and enter its password.

    After your console is online, you’ll most likely see a prompt to update your system. Once you start this, you can continue walking through setup on your phone.

    Image Gallery

    The next step is to choose a power mode. Energy saving shuts off your console when you’re done using it, meaning it will take longer to start up when you boot the system. You can still resume games where you left off, but your console won’t automatically install updates while it’s shut down.

    On the other hand, Instant on makes your console start up near-instantly, at the cost of increased energy usage. Your console will auto-update games while it’s “turned off.”

    After choosing Instant On , for best results, enable Keep my games and apps up to date on the next screen. This minimizes the amount of time you’ll spend waiting for updates to run when you sit down to play.

    The next page lets you turn on remote features. Enabling this allows you to install new games using the mobile app, as well as streaming your Xbox games to your phone.

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