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How To Sell Xbox One

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Are Old Consoles Worth Keeping

Microsoft: Sell Digital Games on Xbox One

Always keep the original consoles because emulators have a very long way to go before they accurately emulate a console, especially PS1 and PS2 and definitely PS3 and Xbox 360, I cant even imagine the computer that would be required to run a 100% accurate emulator when it finally gets finished.

Selling Your Xbox One On Ebay

As one of the most popular online auction sites, eBay serves as a platform for thousands of second-hand Xbox One sales monthly. Provided that you’re asking for a reasonable price and offering enough photos and descriptions, it’s not difficult to get traction with a sale on eBay.

Before listing your item, take a look around at the pricing of Xbox One consoles currently for sale. Right now, Xbox One 500GB models are fetching close to $150 or lower, and Xbox One X is reaching $250. This increased value comes from a direct sale to the buyer with no third party in the middle taking their cut. eBay does take a small cut of the profit when selling through their site, so make sure your earnings don’t diminish over other methods.

When listing an Xbox One console on eBay, make sure to present the console professionally with an in-depth description and high-quality photos. Other bonuses, such as fast shipping and additional accessories, will help your listing stand out from the crowd.

Our Top Equipment Picks

While this guide only covers three outlets for selling your Xbox One, you may find better valuations from other businesses or even making a direct sale to a friend or family member. As always, keep your mind open, but be wary of potential scams. Once you’re ready to go, pick up the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S if you can find one in stock.

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How To Wipe An Xbox One

To wipe your Xbox clean of all your personal details so that its ready for the next owner, proceed with the following steps:

  • Press the central, lit button on your controller
  • Choose Settings from the menu on the left
  • Select System, then Console Info
  • Choose the option to Reset Console
  • You will be asked whether you want to keep apps or other personal information choose the option to remove everything
  • The console will begin the reset process and may restart a few times. When it reaches the point where its asking you to press the button on the controller, youre safe to go
  • Its not entirely clear whether this process cleans the data on the console to an entirely secure state . The speed at which the reset takes place makes me suspect its not a full wipe, but I might be wrong.

    However, youd have to be seriously unlucky to find the person youre selling the device to is a skilled data thief. For 99.99% of all Xbox One sales, this process will be fine.

    How Can I Sell My Xbox One


    The direct approach: eBay, Craigslist and Gumtree Of the three services eBay is the most in-depth, but in return you get the most amount of options. You can sell your console as an auction and hence get whatever people are willing to pay, or if you know what its worth then you can set a Buy it Now price.

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    Best Places To Sell Your Used Xbox For Cash

    by Lauren Bennett – Last Updated April 8, 2021

    With more than 48.69 million units sold, the Xbox One is one of the most popular gaming consoles out there.

    If youre looking to sell used video game consoles like Xbox, whether its an Xbox One, an Xbox 360, or the newer Xbox Series console, then this is the post for you.

    Below, Ill cover the best places where you can sell a used Xbox.

    Sell Your Xbox Live Account For Real Money

    Sellers who decide to sell their Gamertags or Xbox Live accounts on online marketplaces should ensure the account is active and free from any ban history. They should generally attach an email address separate from the one they use personally. 2FA should be deactivated while doing the transfer. In the process of transferring, sellers should include access to the email address so their potential buyers can change the email address to the one they like. Moreover, its a good practice for sellers to list down what the subscription type is for the account and list down all the games included as well as what the Gamertag and amount of Gamerscore there is.If in any doubt, we urge sellers to consult the consoles website first for guidance and other information.

    • 1+ million worldwide members from over 140 countries
    • 100% protection against buyer payment fraud
    • Accept payments from buyers across the globe
    • No membership fees

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    Reset A Windows 10 Device

  • Back up any info that you want to save.

  • Select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Backup > Add a drive, and then choose an external drive.

  • After you’ve backed up the info you need, select Start > Settings > Update and security > Recovery.

  • Under Reset this PC, select Get started, and then follow the instructions on the screen. Resetting your device removes your files, settings, and apps, then reinstalls Windows.

  • Selling Og Gamer Tags 2021

    How to RESET your Xbox One to Factory Settings when Selling it.

    The Xbox is about OG as they come. With Halo as their forefront title in introducing the exciting world of Gamertags, gamers all over take pride in displaying their awesome Xbox cards complete with their high achievement scores. Sadly though, some gamers are unable to fill up their Xbox cred with achievements others regret the awful usernames they signed up with and may choose to start fresh.

    This is where selling OG Gamer Tags come in. Sellers whove quit their Xbox careers may decide to sell their Xbox profiles to gamers who might be wanting them. There might be a few solid reasons why sellers choose to part with their Xbox profiles in exchange for payment.

    Whether its the Switch, the PS5, or the Series X or S, consoles have their own line of first-party titles. Gamers can sometimes get burned out with a specific game series and would like to try a new list of games available on other consoles. Instead of letting the account go dormant, they may choose to sell it for good. This is very natural in the world of gaming and like most online games or MMORPG accounts, players who are certain they will never get back to it may choose to retire the account completely and sell it.

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    How To Sell Your Xbox One At The Best Price

    “”How to sell my Xbox One at the best price?â If this was your question, then here is our deal for you. We always love to buy your Xbox One game console for a fair price and we are one of the best websites where you can sell your Xbox One gaming console at an amazing price.

    Simple steps to sell your Xbox One:

    You can sell your Xbox One by just following these simple steps â Sign Up â Select Payment Method â Select a Date and Time â Securely pack your Xbox Games & Console in a box and send it for FREE. Itâs that easy. Selling your Xbox one game console online privately can get you more cash, but having to deal with strangers arriving at your doorstep, people letting you down and offering you less money can be a headache. HandsetRecycle offers the best prices on Xbox one. Itâs fast and simple with same-day payments.

    Sell your Xbox One today with HandsetRecycle

    Broken Xbox One game console? Old, defective and unwanted Xbox one? Sell it today on HandsetRecycle website for cash. Fast payments, the same day, every day! If you are local to us, then pop into one of our stores that buy your Xbox One game console for cash or trade-in your Xbox one for an upgrade. From the start of the selling your Xbox one game console to until the moment you get paid, we will keep you updated in each step of the way you move. We have the best site to sell your Xbox one game console.

    Recycling your Xbox One for cash doesnât get easier than with


    What Should I Do If My Xbox One Is Unstable

    Head to Settings > All Settings > System > Console info & updates > Reset console. Next, youll get the following three different options: Reset and keep my games & apps This is the best option to use if your Xbox One is unstable and youre trying to troubleshoot the issue. The OS will reset and delete corrupt data and keep your games and apps.

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    Gameflip Is The Best Way To Sell Xbox Games For Cash

    Gameflip is the best way to sell Xbox games, whether you want to update your collection or just need some cash.

    Xbox is one of the biggest and well known gaming brands. The original Xbox, the Xbox 360, Xbox One and the new Xbox Series are favorites among gamers, with a lot of great titles to choose from.

    Simply list your Xbox games using our website or our free mobile app. Once your game is sold, follow the instruction to ship or send it to the buyer. After the buyer receives your game and completes the transaction by rating, the sale proceeds are immediately deposited into your Gameflip wallet. You can choose to withdraw your sale proceeds any time or spend it on building your next collection.

    What Are Buyers Looking For In An Xbox Account

    How to sell your old Xbox to buy a new Xbox One X ...

    There are a lot of levels when it comes to deciding what makes an Xbox account worth it. Weve listed down some factors based on what Xbox gamers generally go for when it comes to accounts.

    • Subscription: Ultimate Game Pass, Gold, or just Game Pass
    • High score when it comes to Achievements or Gamerscore
    • Amount of digitally purchased games
    • Other sub-accounts included such as a Bungie, EA, or Ubisoft account
    • A cool-sounding and exclusive Gamertag!

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    Will You Buy A Broken Xbox

    Well buy your broken Xbox, even if it no longer works. Broken Xboxes may still have working parts, which means the buyback company can use those parts to repair other Xboxes. Other times, the buyer can repair your Xbox and resell it once they get it working correctly again.

    Even if you dont know whether your used Xbox can get you cash, start with comparing prices on BankMyCell. Find your Xboxs value when you search our site for the model and see what each buyback company can offer. When you want to sell a broken Xbox, enter your systems condition as Faulty to get an accurate quote.

    You may not get the same price you would for an Xbox in usable condition. Still, depending on the problem, you can get enough cash to invest in a new one.

    How To Factory Reset Your Xbox One

    When neither of the other approaches has worked, or youre selling your Xbox One, you may want to reset and remove everything. When you go through this process, youll delete all your data including saved files, games and apps. It could save your console though, so it can be worth trying if youre looking to fix an issue. When recycling or selling your console youll want to go through this process too to make sure its restored to factory defaults.

    Its just a few short steps:

  • Make sure your console is turned on
  • On your controller, press and hold the home button
  • Choose the settings menu
  • Then browse through System Link > Console Info
  • Select Reset Console
  • Youre then presented with different options. Press Reset and Remove Everything to reset the console.
  • Wait for your console to restore
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    Don’t Sell Your Xbox One Yet Microsoft Has Plans For It

    Thanks to Game Pass and cloud streaming, your old systems have some more life in them.

    This machine still has a future.

    Even though the Xbox Series consoles are out, they’re still hard to find, leaving many Xbox One owners waiting patiently to try to snag one. Microsoft says not to worry, as some of the biggest next-generation titles will still be playable on the older hardware.

    Microsoft revealed its upcoming lineup of games during its E3 2021 presentation and said in a blog post Sunday that it’ll share in the future how many of the next-gen games will be playable on the Xbox One through Xbox Cloud Gaming. One of the titles mentioned was Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is scheduled to come out July 21 for the Xbox Series X and S consoles.

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    Before E3 started, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said the company is expanding its cloud gaming service to smart TVs to allow people to play Xbox games without the need for additional hardware. Xbox Cloud Gaming is part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and works on Android devices and is being tested on iOS devices and PC browsers.

    It’s Very Easy To Sell Xbox One Console

    How to wipe XBOX ONE for sale – Step by step walkthrough

    Using TradeInForCash is the easiest way to earn extra money in exchange for an Xbox console and accessories you do not want anymore. All you need to do is use the box above to find the specific item you are selling, or you can try looking through our list of featured products. We offer some of the best Xbox one trade in prices in the UK.

    The free post, free collection and postage credit options make it easy to send us your consoles and we guarantee our prices are far better than those companies you may have tried before when trading in your console.

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    Why Should I Sell My Xbox One With Mazuma

    If you’re looking for a trustworthy, sustainable and simple place to sell your Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X for cash at a decent price, then we’re your guys. Here are a few reasons you can rely on us for a quality service:

    • The quote you receive for your Xbox One will be 100% guaranteed, with no hidden charges to worry about. If, for whatever reason, your Xbox One doesn’t match up to the description you gave for our valuation, we’ll send it back to you free of charge.
    • We offer super-fast payments that are processed as soon as we get your console. If your console gets to us before 2pm on any weekday and you chose to receive a bank transfer, you’ll get your money in your account the same day.
    • Our postage process is effortlessly easy and completely free of charge.
    • We guarantee full data security and will ensure your Xbox One is wiped clear of any personal data in case you forgot to factory reset your console.
    • We’re a sustainable company that will either sell on your Xbox One or break it down for parts, meaning nothing you send will go into landfill.

    How Much Will Gamestop Give You For A Xbox 1

    If you re selling an Xbox, you ll get up to $55 for the launch Xbox One, $65 for the Xbox One S and up to $150 for the Xbox One X. GameStop: GameStop offers more value if you re willing to accept store credit instead of cash, making it ideal for anyone who shops frequently at the gaming mega-retailer.

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    Tell Us About Your Xbox One S


    • Device looks brand new with zero signs of use
    • Flawless condition with no scratches or cosmetic blemishes of any kind
    • 100% fully functional
    • Light to moderate signs of wear or scratches consistent with normal use
    • 100% fully functional
    • Most common device condition


    • Heavy signs of wear but otherwise 100% functional


    • Device is damaged or faulty
    • eg. smashed screen, faulty screen, faulty camera / charging port / microphone, etc.

    What Do I Need To Do To Reset My Xbox One

    How To Buy New Xbox One X After Selling Old Xbox

    Resetting your device removes your files, settings, and apps, then reinstalls Windows. Reset an Xbox One. Back up your settings. Reset your console to factory defaults on Xbox One. Remove a device from your Microsoft account. After youve backed up and reset your device, you should remove it from your Microsoft account. Heres how:

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    There Is A Large Selection

    Both market place’s buyer and seller bases are enormous globally. As a result, you are able to choose from a wide variety of products and services. Which benefit do you receive?

    The act of fishing can be done in many different ways. market place has a wide selection of hairdryers available at various prices, models, and specs. Decide which seller you prefer.

    How To Hard Reset Your Xbox One

    Some problems can be more tricky to fix, and you may want to perform a full hard reset. Again though, your data should be safe, so if you want to completely remove your save data and restore it to original settings, this isnt what you want. It will keep your games, apps and save data fully intact.

    To perform a hard reset simply:

  • Hold the power button on the console for 10 seconds
  • Release once the Xbox has completely shut down
  • Disconnect the power cable from the back of the console
  • Wait another 10 seconds before plugging it back in
  • Turn the console back on using the power button
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