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How To Screenshot Xbox One

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How To Take Share Delete And Manage Screenshots On Xbox One

How to Take a Screenshot on Xbox One (Best Method!)

If you are gamer, I am sure you love to share your achievements, gameplay, and anything that made you proud when gaming. It is easy to take a screenshot on the Windows PC with the PrintScreen key but when it comes to Xbox One, its a little different here. Good thing is that Xbox One has evolved to a stage now where taking, sharing, and managing the screenshot is easy! Lets talk about it.

The Xbox One in-built system allows taking a screenshot of in-game moments. In simple words, you can take screenshots of everything on Xbox One, i.e., Xbox Dashboard, Setting, Apps, and so on. There is a way, which I have mentioned at the end.

How To Take A Screenshot On Xbox One: A Lesson In Frustration

Trying to do just one simple thing seems to have 360 steps with Microsoft why is the Xbox One’s functionality such a car crash?

“The Xbox One’s definition of usability is in fact the exact opposite this is a console designed to make life inconvenient for its players unless they sign up for other Microsoft services.”

I recently bought an Xbox One, and even more recently tried to take a screenshot on it. This is my true story.

Let’s start by not getting too precious about screenshots. I don’t think this feature’s absence is a national disgrace, or devalues the Xbox One greatly. It’s more something that, in the context of the day, I expect to be able to do without fuss. Obviously I’m biased inasmuch as I’m a games journalist I have more call than most to take and use them.

But I find just as often I use screenshots for quick jokes on Twitter, email gags with friends, or the odd forum post. We spend enormous amounts of our lives peering into various screens, living other lives.

So screenshots are our holiday snaps, a mix of memento and found object that at the risk of getting philosophical are also curated. We take screenshots for other people to look at. And they’re simply part of the landscape for how we talk about games. Here’s an example from a couple of nights ago about Euro Truck Simulator:

Bayonetta? Mate, I’m stuck at a red light in the pissing rain.

Andy Kelly

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How To Share Your Screenshots On Xbox Series X

Immediately after taking a screenshot with the;button, hold the;Xbox;button to bring up your capture options. Once the menu pops up, select;See All Sharing Options.;On the Xbox Series X, you can share your screenshots in five places: Your activity feed, a private message, an Xbox Live club, Twitter, or OneDrive. If you missed the window to bring up this menu, you can find your recent captures by pressing the;Xbox;button, scrolling over to;Capture & Share,;and selecting;Recent Captures.;The menu looks a little different, but youll find the same five share locations.

The Xbox Series X itself is limited to those five locations, but if you have an Xbox Live Gold membership, you can easily share elsewhere. Once you take a screenshot, your Xbox will automatically upload it to Xbox Live. You can view and save captures on an Android or iOS device using the Xbox app. Once youve downloaded the app and signed in, select the;Library;tab it looks like a stack of books to see your captures. You can share them directly on other apps such as Snapchat and Instagram or save them to share however you like.

There are also third-party tools to view and save your screenshots, such as GamerDVR. There isnt much of an advantage to these tools with the Xbox app on Android and iOS, but if youre interested in downloading your screenshots directly to your desktop, you can.

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Ways To Take A Screenshot In Xbox

This gadget comes with interesting features like Kinect video commanding, recording, editing your gameplay, and even let you share the same. But many players want to capture their achievements and share as an image. For those users, the Xbox one allows capturing screenshots easily.

  • How to take a Screenshot in Xbox One
  • How to take a Screenshot in Xbox 360
  • How To Take Screenshots And Record Videos On An Xbox One


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    Microsofts Xbox One allows you to easily capture a screenshot or record the last thirty seconds of gameplay as a video. You can also use the Game DVR app;for more fine-grained recording options. All video clips are saved in 720p resolution at 30 frames per second.

    Theres one catch: you cant copy your captured screenshots or videos directly to a USB drive. The best way to get them to your computer is to upload them to OneDrive. But well show you how to do that near the end of this guide.

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    How To Enable And Configure Game Dvr On Windows 10

    Microsoft has long had a goal of integrating their consoles and their computer operating system, Windows 10. The finally achieved it using Xbox Live, their cross-system gaming network. With it, it became possible to play console exclusive games on your computer. But it also makes it easy to take screenshots.

  • Launch the Xbox app on your Windows 10 computer.
  • Go to Settings, then Game DVR in the top left corner.
  • Verify that Record game clips and screenshots using Game DVR is ticked/enabled.
  • Optional. Under Keyboard shortcuts, change the shortcut for taking screenshots by clicking on the box next to Your shortcut, then pressing a key combination on your keyboard. Or, you can leave it as None, and simply use the Windows default shortcut, Windows logo key+ Alt + Print Screen .
  • Scroll down until you find a section named Saving captures. Take note of the location, which is C:\Users\%username%\Videos\Captures by default.
  • How To Capture Screenshots And Video On Xbox Series X / S And Xbox One

    How to capture depends on the Xbox controller currently in use. On Xbox Series X / S devices, they will come with a dedicated capture button, housed in the middle of the front of the controller, with an ‘upload’ style icon.

    If you don’t have a dedicated capture button on your Xbox controller, then press the Guide button during the game, then press the Y button to capture a screenshot, or the X button to record what happened.

    In either of the above cases, you’ll receive a notification showing the capture has been successful

    Remember you can customise how capturing works, from the buttons required to how long it captures for, and whether they are uploaded to Xbox Live right away. More on this towards the end of this page. Before that – let’s find out where those captures are located.

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    Where To Find Captures On Xbox Series X / S And Xbox One

    To locate where captures on Xbox Series X / S are stored, press the Guide button on your controller. This will overlay a menu on the left side of the screen.

    Now go to the second to last option on the right, which is Capture and Share.

    This gives you a list of pretty much everything you need to capture on an Xbox, from recording what just or is about to happen, recording a screenshot, through to sharing.

    If you want to view captures in particular, then the second to last option, Recent Captures, is the one to go for.

    This then brings up a list of your recent captures. Selecting one will give you a range of further options to share and edit if you like.

    However, if you want to see all your captures, then select the Show All option at the bottom of this menu.

    This then allows you to see everything tied to your online account or on the Xbox with the drop down box on the upper left, as well as filter by other settings, such as by screenshot, video or by game.

    Saving And Sharing Your Screenshots Via Your Xbox

    Xbox One – How to take a Screenshot on Xbox One! (Tutorial)
  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide menu.
  • Press the View button to open “Capture options.”

  • Navigate down using the left joystick to Manage captures and press the A button.
  • Find a screenshot you want to upload to OneDrive, and select it with the A button.
  • Select the with the A button.
  • From here, you can share the clip to the following locations:

  • Your Xbox Live activity feed, which friends can see .
  • A private message.
  • To an Xbox Club you’re a member of.
  • Aa Twitter link.
  • To OneDrive.
  • If you are signed in to your Microsoft Account on a PC or via OneDrive.com, you will be able to find the screenshot under OneDrive\Pictures\Xbox Screenshots.

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    Take Screenshots With Windows 10 Game Dvr

    The first thing you will want to do is launch the Xbox app. Then go to Settings > Game DVR and make sure that Record game clips and screenshots using Game DVR is turned on. Also, verify which keyboard shortcut is set for taking a shot. It should be Windows Key + Alt + PrtScn by default but you can make it something else that works best for you.

    Scroll down a bit further and you can see the folder where your screen captures are kept in the Saving captures section. The images are saved as PNG files stored in the Videos directory in the Captures folder on your C:\ drive by default. However, if you find that space on your drive becomes an issue, check out our article on how to change the Game DVR Captures Folder location.

    Once you have everything setup, youre ready to take a screenshot. While youre in a program you want to take a shot, hit Windows Key + G to bring up the Game Bar and click or tap Yes, this is a game box.

    Next, click or tap the camera icon to take a shot. Note that the keyboard shortcut will only work if you previously checked the Yes, this is a game box.

    Each time you take a new shot youll get a notification in Action Center.

    Using the Game Bar isnt necessarily the best way to take a screenshot in Windows 10 . If you want additional control over the specific area you get a shot, check out the Snipping Tool. Or, if you want even more control including editing capabilities, take a look at a third-party program such as Techsmith Snagit.

    How To Take Screenshot Of Xbox One Home Screen/menu Reddit

    Doea anyone know a way to take a screenshot of the xbox home screen/menu? On the home screen, one of the tiles was called anime on xbox.

    Jan 19, 2016 How to take screenshots on your Xbox One console, how to view them with the Game DVR, filter them and use them.

    Nov 5, 2020 Xbox One players will know just how annoying capturing in-game screenshots and clips could be. After all, having to frantically navigate;

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    How To Access Xbox One Screenshots And Videos From A Computer

    While it’s easy to share screenshots directly from your Xbox One, you may want to archive your favorite moments on a computer. One way to do this is by uploading content to OneDrive and then downloading it to a computer. Alternatively, you can use the Xbox app.

    Here’s how to use the Xbox app to download Xbox One media to a Windows PC:

  • Launch the Xbox app and select Game DVR.

  • Select On Xbox Live.

  • Select the screenshots or videos you’d like to save.

  • Select .

  • Once you have downloaded Xbox One content to your PC, you can access it by following these instructions:

  • Launch the Xbox app and select Game DVR.

  • Select On this PC.

  • Select the screenshots or videos you want to view.

  • Select Open folder.

  • This will open the folder on your computer where the media has been saved. Now you can share it to any social media platform you like. You can also organize and archive your favorite gaming memories.

    How To Enable 4k Hdr Xbox Screenshots


    For this option to be available, your Xbox One needs to be able to output 4K video and your TV or computer monitor needs to be able to display 4K resolution. Additionally, if your screen supports HDR in any capacity, the screenshots will be able to reflect the increased dynamic range, although this is not a requirement.

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Go to Settings then choose System.
  • Choose Preferences, then Broadcast & capture.
  • Navigate to Game clip resolution.
  • Select 4K SDR if your TV doesnt support HDR. Otherwise, choose 4K HDR.
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    Is There A Quick Way To Take A Screenshot On Xbox One

    Whenever I try to take a screenshot, I have to press the Xbox button and then navigate over to the menu to take a screenshot. By the time I do this, the thing I wanted to take a picture of is gone. Is there a way to speed this up and map the screenshot capture to a button on the controller like you can on the PS4?

    There is no dedicated button for taking screenshots on the Xbox controller but there is a shortcut you can use that is a bit faster than the way you are currently doing it.

    Press Xbox Button -> Press Y

    This will take a screenshot for you right away and save you navigating menus. This should hopefully allow you to capture what you wanted.

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    How To Take A Screenshot On Xbox One

    Follow these steps to take a screenshot on Xbox One:

    This feature only works while playing a game. It is also disabled for streaming.

  • Press the Xbox button.

  • When the screen overlay appears, press the Y button.

    You will see a message informing you that your screenshot has been saved. The screen overlay will disappear, allowing you to return to your game.

  • If you’d like to capture the last 30 seconds of gameplay as a video, press the X button instead.

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    Using The Share Button On The New Xbox Wireless Controller

    The advantage of the Share button is that it doesn’t open the Guide and takes a screenshot or game clip immediately without disrupting the game’s flow. Even better, this means your game won’t pause as the Guide opens. This occasionally led to issues either with gameplay or successfully capturing screenshots. Of course, it’s also much more accessible and faster to access than using the Guide to take a screenshot or game clip, which requires a minimum of two button presses and usually a small wait.

    Using the Share button is incredibly easy. You can find the Share button below the Xbox or Guide button, near the center of the controller. The easily-recognizable “share” icon is printed on the button, and it has an oval shape to make it physically and visually distinctive from surrounding buttons. The Share button has two different functions, which by default include:

    • A single press takes a screenshot
    • A long press records a 30-second game clip

    You can change the Share button and map it to other functions and edit the defaults for recording game clips like length and resolution, in the Capture & share section in Settings.

    How To Take A Screenshot On Your Xbox One

    How to Take Xbox One Screenshot

    The Xbox One is capable of producing some truly jaw-dropping experiences, and sometimes you cant help but stop and marvel at your television display. Whether youre feasting your eyes on a beautiful in-game vista or celebrating a particularly lopsided victory in an online multiplayer, you might want to share the moment;with anyone and everyone.;Thankfully, the process for capturing screenshots on your Xbox One is extremely simple.

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    How To Take Screenshots On The Xbox One And Share Them

    Mar 30, 2015 While playing a game double tap the Xbox button on your controller to capture a screenshot and pressing Y to save the screenshot. Or if youre;

    Jul 30, 2020 There is no dedicated button for taking screenshots on the Xbox controller but there is a shortcut you can use that is a bit faster than the way;

    Nov 10, 2020 How to take screenshots and video on Xbox Series and Xbox One, and where to find your footage. Guide by Matthew Reynolds, Associate Editor.

    Dec 19, 2017 You can easily take a screenshot on your Xbox One when something cool happens. This is the easiest, most streamlined way to do so.

    View your gameclips on xboxdvr.com and pause it at the spot you want to grab a screenshot from. Then take a screen shot with your pc or mobile device. 1.

    How To Backup Xbox Screenshots

    This serves two purposes. One, its comforting to have a backup, ready to be downloaded should a failed update, power outage, or a software/hardware error wreak havoc on your Xbox. Two, if you have the habit of taking 4K screenshots and videos, the storage space on your Xbox will quickly become full. You can transfer those to the storage drive on your PC, and delete them from your Xbox. We will assume youve connected Microsoft OneDrive, one of the best cloud storage options for photos, to your Xbox Gamertag.

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