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How To Reset Xbox Controller

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Several Xbox Series X Owners Have Been Facing Issues With Their Xbox Series X Controller How To Fix Xbox Series X Controller Issues Scroll On For Details


The release of the Xbox Series X was one of the biggest events in the gaming industry. The next-generation gaming console has received much love and positive reviews from the gaming community. It offers a solid 12 teraflops of computing power and comes with a wide array of other interesting features. However, the Xbox Series X has also been plagued with a bunch of minor issues and bugs that have cropped up for a number of early adopters.

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Several Xbox Series X owners have complained that they encountered certain issues with the gaming unit, where most of the issues were centered around the consoles disc drive. While that has been fixed for most users, another common issue faced by users has to do with Xbox Series X controller.

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How Do You Reset An Xbox Controller

To reset an Xbox controller, power on the Xbox and switch on the controller using the center button. Wait for the controllers guide button to flash, and push the sync button located under the memory card slot. Finally, press the sync button on the controller adjacent to the charge slot.

The Xbox 360 uses wireless controllers for playing games. There can be up to four controllers connected to one Xbox, enabling mutliplayer games. When synced, each controller is assigned one of the four lights on the center guide button. When a synced controller is switched on, the corresponding light illuminates.

If Your Xbox One Controller Won’t Turn On

If your Xbox controller is not turning on, don’t worry. This is another common problem, with similar solutions to the above.

When your Xbox One controller won’t turn on, first, make sure the batteries aren’t dead. If the batteries are low, the controller won’t turn on at all. Pop the back cover off and replace the two AA batteries, then try again.

You can also purchase the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit to gain rechargeable batteries.

If changing the batteries doesn’t work to power on your Xbox controller, try this:

  • Turn off your Xbox One fully by pressing and holding the power button on the front of the system for 10 seconds.
  • Unplug your console’s power cable, and leave it unplugged for a few minutes.
  • Use a USB cable you know is good to connect your controller to the system.
  • Plug your Xbox back in and turn it on using the power button on the system. Don’t press anything on the controller until the Xbox boots up.
  • Try pressing the Xbox button on your controller at this point to see if it’s working.
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    Why Does My Headset Keep Disconnecting

    There may be too many apps running in the background of the device the Bluetooth is attempting to pair with. Certain applications cause interference with the connection, and some devices are limited in the number of applications that can run concurrently. If in doubt, check with the headset manufacturer.

    How To Fix Wireless Xbox One Controller Requires Pin On Windows 10


    Xbox is easy to pair and use on a Microsoft Windows laptop or desktop but recently it has been reported multiple times by gamers on online support forums that wireless Xbox One Controller is asking for a PIN on Windows 10 to start although they have not set it up. This creates an unfavorable experience for gamers restricting them to play their games.

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    What To Do If Your Xbox One Controller Still Wont Sync

    If the controller still doesn’t work after trying all of the possible fixes, then there may be a physical problem with either your console or your controller.

    You can further narrow this down by trying to sync your controller to a different Xbox One. If it works just fine, then the problem is in your Xbox One console and not the controller. If it still doesn’t connect, then you have a broken controller and it might be time to buy a new one.

    In either case, you may be able to use the controller by simply connecting it to the console via a USB cable. This is less convenient than using the controller wirelessly, but it’s less expensive than buying a new controller.

    Ways To Reset An Xbox One

    Most Xbox One users dont encounter problems with their console but for those who may have to deal with some problems, knowing how to reset their device might find it handy. There are three types of reset that you can perform on an Xbox One. Each of them may be necessary to fix a certain problem. This brief article will show you whats the difference between each of these resets.

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    What Controllers Does Steam Support

    There are a variety of different controllers you can use on Steam. Here are the most common ones:

    The Steam Controller

    All Xbox controllers, new or old, wired or wireless

    PS4 Controller, wired or wireless

    PS5 Controller, wired or wireless

    Wired Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

    For a very detailed database of supported controllers, please visit this page to find out if yours is on the list. In general, almost all USB or wireless controllers would work with Steam. Its rare to find something that Steam doesnt support nowadays.

    You can potentially use a GameCube Controller with an adapter and some extra software too. It might take some fiddling, but youre more than welcome to try and find some good settings.

    Solution : Reset The Xbox Controller

    How to Fix Xbox One Controller Won’t Connect (Hard Reset Method!)

    This solution has been posted over several forums across the internet and a huge number of gamers have reported that this solution has worked for them perfectly. In this solution we are going to reset your Xbox One wireless controller to remove the PIN prompt it is showing. To do that correctly, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the Xbox button on the controller for 6 seconds to power off. Powering off Controller
  • Press the Xbox button again to power it back on. Powering ON Controller
  • Connect your Xbox Wireless Controller to your PC using a USB cable or the Xbox Wireless Adapter recommended for Windows 10.
  • This should fix your problem. If not, proceed with the following solutions.

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    What Is Factory Reset

    Xbox One factory reset wipes the data stored in the hard drive and returns the software settings to its factory state. This reset will erase all saved game data, installed apps and games, and other settings that you configured before. In other words, the software will revert to a state when your console was first shipped.

    Reasons why you might want to factory reset your Xbox One

    Doing a factory reset is usually a recommended troubleshooting step if you encounter problems that regular steps like soft or hard reset cant fix. For example, if your console keeps on freezing or crashing games all the time, its possible that there may be a software issue behind it, or the game in question may have corrupted files. To fix the problem, you can perform a factory reset to bring back the known working factory state of the software.

    You also need to factory reset your Xbox One if you plan in giving it away or if you want to sell it. Doing so will remove all your personal information such as your gamertag, saved games, downloaded apps and games, from the hard drive.

    Microsoft/xbox Needs A Way To Reset Controller Firmware To Factory Settings And To Also

    Discus and support Microsoft/Xbox Needs a way to Reset Controller Firmware to Factory Settings and to also… in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem I had finally bought an Xbox Controller/Replacement that worked really well and it had pristine audio on it and it was doing a great job with how it…Discussion in ‘XBoX on Consoles‘ started by CrygorTheManiac, .

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    Xbox One Controller Firmware Problems

    If your Xbox One controller still won’t work, you may have a hardware or firmware problem. Before you reach for a USB cable, send your controller in for servicing, or throw it away, you should try to update the firmware. If the built-in firmware is corrupt or out of date you may experience connection issues.

    The solution to this problem involves updating your controller:

  • Turn on your Xbox One, and open the Settings menu.

  • Navigate to Kinect & Devices> Devices & Accessories.

  • Select the controller you’re having trouble with.

  • If the controller needs and update, you’ll see a message to that effect.

  • You May Have A Sticking Issue

    How to reset xbox one controller to factory settings ...

    Spilled drinks, dirty fingers, or dust can all gum up your controller.

    Cleaning your Xbox controller regularly with gentle strokes of soft microfiber cloth will help avoid sticking issues.

    Pay special attention to the grip zone where you hold the computer.

    If your controller is especially dirty, you can spray a small amount of isopropyl alcohol mixed 50:50 with water on your cloth.

    Short bursts of compressed air can blow out the dust, fibers, pet hair, and other unwanted grime.

    Moisten a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol and clean all buttons, thumbsticks, D-pads, and triggers.

    If the problem persists, you can open the Xbox controller for internal cleaning. Be advised that this will void the warranty and may lead to further damage.

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    Calibrate Your Game Controller With Steam

    Did you know that Steam comes with its own controller calibration function? Its more in-depth and even allows you to adjust the deadzones. You can even fine-tune your controller settings on a game-by-game basis even if the game doesnt support USB controllers.

    Heres how to perform some basic calibration with Steam:

  • Launch the Steam client.
  • After this, you need to go back and follow these steps:

  • Select Calibrate again.
  • This time, disable Lock Out Joystick Navigation.
  • Adjust both sticks deadzones until you feel comfortable with the settings.
  • When youre done, return to the Controller Settings screen.
  • To adjust the settings for individual games, select Xbox Configuration Support or PlayStation Configuration Support according to your controller. After that, select the game you want to adjust for and go wild on the settings if you want.

    Remove Connected Xbox Accessories

    Sometimes Xbox One accessories, attached either to the controller or console, can introduce connection issues.

    If you have an external hard drive, keyboard, or similar peripheral connected to your Xbox, try disconnecting it and then attempt to connect your controller again. Do the same for the Stereo Headset Adapter on your controller, if you have it.

    If you’re trying to sync your controller using a USB cable, make sure you’re using a high-quality cord. Low-quality or damaged cables may not work correctly.

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    Why Would I Need To Do This

    There are times when a controller develops strange readings and settings, particularly if youre using it in platforms youre not supposed to. Using a PS4 or PS5 controller on a PC might result in some suboptimal settings and deadzones, for example.

    With calibration, youre making it feel better on the platform youre using. Of course, adjusting game settings can help, but there are times when calibration is better.

    Normally, Xbox controllers are pre-calibrated to work well on PC, but if you notice it feeling strange, you can always calibrate it to ensure it works well.

    Older controllers can also become less accurate when you use them for a long time. Calibration helps give it a new lease in life, though it doesnt fix all problems. If not even intensive calibration is working for your controller, then its time to get a new one.

    How Do You Resync Your Xbox Series X Controller To Your Xbox Series X

    How to reset your controller on XBox one?

    Once you reset your Xbox Series X controller, you will need to resync it with your PC or Xbox Series X.

    There are two ways you can do that wireless pairing or wired pairing via USB-C or a micro USB connector.

    Wireless Pairing:

    Step 1. Make sure that you have batteries in your controller before trying to pair wirelessly.

    Step 2. Press and hold the Xbox button in the center of the controller. And if you have enough power in the batteries, you will start seeing the Xbox logo start to flash. This means the controller is now turned on.

    Step 3. Now, on your Xbox Series X console, you will have to press the Pair button to connect with the right controller.

    Wired Pairing:

    If you thought that wireless pairing was confusing, then USB-C pairing is for you.

    This is the easiest way to sync your Xbox Series X controller to your Xbox Series X gaming console.

    Step 1. Connect your controller with your Xbox Series X via a USB-C cable.

    Step 2. Press down the Xbox button in the center of the controller.

    Once the Xbox logo starts blinking, that is when it automatically pairs with the gaming console that is available online.

    Once it is paired, you wont need to connect your controller via a USB-C wire every time you want to play. You can just disconnect the controller and as long as it will have batteries in them, the controller will work with your Xbox Series X.

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    Solution : Update Your Controllers Firmware

    In this solution, we are going to update the Xbox One Controller firmware as the outdated version can be causing the error. There are three ways to do this properly. Follow the respective steps to update in your preferred way: Update through Micro USB Cable:

  • Press and hold the Xbox button on the controller to turn it off. Once its turned off, keep it in that state for a few minutes. You can also take off the battery pack, and leave it for a few minutes.
  • Press the Xbox button again to power it back on.
  • Now connect your Xbox One Wireless Controller to the Xbox using a USB cable to update drivers. Connecting Controller with USB Cable
  • To check for updates manually, open its Settings > Kinect & devices > Devices & accessories > select your controller and update. Updating Firmware
  • Restart your PC and try connecting your Xbox Controller over Bluetooth.
  • Now try connecting your controller so it may resolve your problem.
  • Help I Forgot To Factory Reset

    If you no longer have physical access to your Xbox One but you didnt factory reset it, you may want to remotely wipe it like youd remotely wipe a phone or PC. Unfortunately, you cant perform a full remote factory reset. However, you can disable access to your Xbox profile and your personal data.

    Youll need to change the password on your Microsoft account to do this. The next time someone attempts to use your profile on an Xbox One console, theyll need to sign in with your new password. If they dont sign in, they wont be able to access your profile and its personal data, such as any files you have stored in OneDrive.

    To do this, head to the Microsoft Account website. Sign in with the same account you signed into the Xbox One with. Head to Security & privacy > Change password. Provide a new password here.

    People will no longer be able to access the profile you saved on the Xbox One without entering your new password, so they wont have access to it. Youll have to re-enter your new password on other devices and apps youve signed into with your Microsoft account, too. For example, if you sign into Windows 10 with this password and have a PIN configured, youll need to provide your new password before you can sign in with the PIN. Youll be asked to enter your new password on your other devices when necessary.

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    Check Your Xbox Controllers Firmware

    If you cannot connect wirelessly, use a Micro USB cable.

    If your firmware is current and functioning, youll receive a No Update Available message.

    If its out of date or corrupted, youll receive an Update Required message and will be able to download the proper firmware.

    Check your batteries. Before low batteries shut your Xbox controller down altogether, it may begin acting erratic. Try a fresh pair of batteries and see if that helps.

    Play with a wired controller. If youre out of batteries, dont despair! With a Micro USB cable, you can turn your wireless Xbox One controller into a wired controller. Thatll get you back to gaming until you can buy new batteries. If you have the Play and Charge Kit, the battery will charge while you play!

    Use your spare controllers. If you have another controller available, try swapping it for your unresponsive Xbox controller. If that solves your issue, the problem lies with the original controller. If you still cannot move, you need to check your Xbox, as there may be an issue with the Network Interface Controller card.

    If the issue lies with your Xbox, you can see if a hard console reset solves the problem.

    Try playing something different. If your controller works in the new game, youre probably dealing with a game glitch. Heavy traffic can also lead to painful lagging or choppy responses.

    How To Turn Off An Xbox Controller When It’s Connected Via Bluetooth For Project Xcloud And Pc

    How To Reset Xbox One Controller

    It’s confession time. I’ve had Bluetooth Xbox One controllers for years, but never knew how to turn them off via Bluetooth on mobile or PC without yanking the batteries. On Xbox, you simply hold the button, and it opens a new menu allowing you to turn it off. On mobile phones with Project xCloud and on PCs with Bluetooth, however, you don’t get any such menu.

    Turns out, that it’s actually incredibly easy to solve, with a quick 6-second Xbox button press.

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