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How To Reset Xbox Account Password

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Did You Manage To Reset Your Microsoft Account Password

How to Reset your Microsoft Account Password on Xbox One

You know now how to reset a Microsoft password. As youve seen, recovering a Microsoft account is easy as long as youve been proactive and provided Microsoft with an alternate email address, a phone number, or a two-step verification app before losing your password. Otherwise, things get tricky, and its not 100% sure that you can and will ever recover your Microsoft account. If youve gone through this process, let us know how well it worked for you.

Reset Password On Xbox One Using Console

Step 1: Turn on your Xbox console and go to the Sign In menu.

Step 2: Enter the email id or phone number of the Microsoft account.

Step 3: On the next screen, click the I forgot my password button.

Step 4: Enter the CAPTCHA text and click the Enter button on the on-screen keyboard.

Step 5: Click the Next button on the next screen to receive the security code.

Step 6: On the next screen, enter the security code you received on your phone number or mail id and click the Enter button on the on-screen keyboard.

Step 7: Here, type the new password and click the Enter button.

Your Microsoft account will be reset to the new password. Now, you can sign in to your account with the new password on your Xbox 1 or Xbox 360.

Why Wont My Xbox Connect To Xbox Live

If your Xbox 360 console is unable to connect to Xbox Live, the first step is to run the network connection test on your console. Select Settings > System Settings, and then Network Settings. Select the name of your Wireless Network, or select Wired Network for a wired connection. Select Test Xbox Live Connection.

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Save Yourself The Frustration

Successfully resetting your password can be a complicated journey. Is your new password long enough? Does it have all the letters, numbers, and special characters it needs? Is it too close to a previously used password? Instead of trying to figure all that out, let DoNotPay retrieve your current password for you.

  • Go to the Recover Passwords product on DoNotPay and select the type of account you are trying to recover, such as email, streaming service, social media, gaming, eCommerce, and more.
  • Tell us more about your account, including usernames and associated emails and phone numbers.
  • Help us verify your account ownership by entering the date you first created the account, when you last logged in, and any payment methods saved under the account.
  • Upload photographic evidence if you have any that can help prove your account ownership.
  • Enter any last known or previously used passwords to help verify your identity.
  • Reset Xbox Password Using Pc / Smartphone

    Add or Remove a Microsoft Account on Xbox One

    If you forgot the password for your Xbox profile, you can easily reset the password with the PC, smartphone or tablet.

    Step 1: Open any of the web browsers on your PC and go to

    Step 2: You will get a Recover your account page. Enter the email, phone number, or Skype username and click Next.

    Step 3: Like the Xbox Consoles, you will get a code on your phone number or mail. Click Get code to receive the security code.

    Step 4: On the next screen, enter the code and click Next.

    Step 5: Finally. you can enter your new password.

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    To Reset Or Change Xbox One Password Using Pc & Mobile

    Xbox Live website also allows user to change Xbox one console password. Similarly, they can also reset forgot password for Xbox one. Change Xbox One password if Forgot by clicking on the Forgot password menu. Alternatively, if you know the correct password and want to change/reset Xbox one profile account then you have to sign in and change it.. Just follow the guide below and change password of Xbox one from android Smartphone or pc with the help of Xbox Live website.

    Step 1: Open any web browsers on your PC/mobile and open the Microsoft official site

    Step 2: Now you will land on Recover your account page. Simply enter the email ID, phone number or Skype username and click on Next button.

    Step 3: Like the Xbox Consoles, you will get a security code on your registered phone number or mail ID. For this click on Get code button and receive the security code.

    Step 4: In the next verify your identity window, enter the unique code and click Next button.

    Step 5: Finally, you can enter your new password to reset old Xbox password.

    In this way we can reset password of Xbox one using our pc or mobile. Its actually, much easier method in comparison of first method. Otherwise, you are free to apply any Xbox password changing process.

    Change Password Using Xbox

    To change your Xbox password using an Xbox console, follow the following steps.

    Note that you cant change the password if you own an Xbox One.

  • Fire up your Xbox device and go to the Sign-in option.
  • Enter the email address or phone number associated with your account.
  • Select I forgot my password option on the next screen.
  • Verify that you are human by completing the captcha.
  • Click on the button that says Next. You will soon receive a security code in your mail.
  • Enter the security code in the field provided.
  • Type in the new password and press Enter.
  • Now you can easily login with your new password on any console device.

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    To Set Passkey On Xbox Console

    . On Xbox One, press the Xbox button on the console.

    . Click on the System option from the right to choose Settings.

    . Choose Account option and then click on Sign-in, security & passkey.

    . Select Create my passkey option. You should set up a six-digit password on your console with Xbox One.

    . Go to Change my sign-in & security preferences and select Ask for my passkey. Now enter the six-digit password to sign in to make digital purchases.

    These are the two methods that you can use to recover your Microsoft email password. Once you change your Microsoft accounts password using Xbox or PC, it will automatically update the password to all the Microsoft related services that are linked to the account. Use passwords that are easy to remember so that you wont forget it.

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    How To Recover Your Xbox Account

    How to Reset Xbox Password (2022) | Reset Forgot Xbox Password

    In this post, you will learn How to Recover Your Xbox Account For this, you will need a Microsoft account email address to reset your account password. therefore, Microsoft developed Xbox, a gaming console having fantastic features, such as you can connect to a television or other display media. Xbox gaming consoles deliver realistic graphics for games. Consoles in the Xbox line comprise Xbox, Xbox 360, and the Xbox One.

    Thus, to access Microsoft services or your Xbox Live account, you will need your email address and password which you used to set up your Microsoft account. However, in any situation, you may have forgotten your Xbox password and cant sign in to your account, then you will need to reset the password quickly.

    Therefore, the below mentioned simple steps will help you to Reset your Xbox Password. You can follow the steps to recover your lost Microsoft Xbox account password.

    Recover Xbox Account

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    How To Reset Xbox Password And Continue Playing

    Ngoc Vo

    May 20, 2022

    Many owners have had to reset Xbox password at least once, usually because they forget what they entered in the first place.

    Gaming consoles dont have friendly input interfaces like computers or smartphones. They arent the ideal environment to manage an account either. But this doesnt mean the reset process should be complicated, and this guide will prove it.

    How To Reset Account Password On Xbox

    Follow these procedures to add a passkey:

    • To access the settings menu, press the Xbox button on the console.
    • Select System from the drop-down menu, then Settings.
    • Select Sign-in and security from the Account tab.
    • Create my passkey will allow you to create a 6-digit passkey for your console.
    • Change your sign-in and security choices now. Ask for my passkey is an option. That is the option to choose.

    When you buy something from the Xbox console, youll be required to input your passkey. If you enable parental restrictions, your child will be unable to make unauthorized alterations to your console. You may easily reset your passkey using your Microsoft account if you forget it.

    2) Using a computer or a smartphone, reset your Xbox password

    If you forget your Xbox profile password, you may easily reset it using your PC, smartphone, or tablet.

    • Step 1: Go to in any of your PCs web browsers.
    • Step 2: Youll be taken to a page where you can recover your account. Click Next after entering your email, phone number, or Skype username.
    • Step 3: Just like with Xbox consoles, youll receive a code through phone or mail. To get the security code, click Get code.
    • Step 4: Enter the code on the following screen and click Next.
    • Step 5: At long last. You are now able to input your new password.

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    How To Recover Xbox Live Account Password

    It is quite common for users to forget their Xbox Live password. There is nothing to worry about as you can easily reset it. Moreover, the only thing that you require is the email through which you made the account. Therefore, the method for resetting the password is mentioned below. Hence, follow the steps carefully to avoid any mistakes during the process of resetting Xbox live password.

    Step 1

    First, you need to go to the official Microsoft website to get the job done.

    Step 2

    Further, the user needs to fill in the correct Email ID in the space provided. Make sure that this is the same id linked with your account.

    Step 3

    Step 4

    Rather, click on the forgot your password option present below that.

    Step 5

    Finally, the system will ask you to choose the recovery method. It can be either the email itself or the phone number.

    Step 6

    As you decide the method, you will receive a One Time Password on the respective platform. Fill the same on the website itself.

    Step 7

    Once you get the access, you can reset the password. Make sure to have a strong password that is easy to remember. Hence, now you can use this new password to login in the future.

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    How To Change Your Xbox One Password And Add A Passkey


    Looking to change your Xbox One password? It’s the same as your Microsoft Account password. Here’s how to change it and add a passkey for even more security.

    Are you wondering how to change your Xbox One password? Perhaps you’ve just finished gamesharing on your Xbox and don’t want the other person to have your password. Or you’ve decided to set a stronger password to keep your account safe.

    On Xbox One, your Xbox Live account login is tied to your Microsoft Account. Microsoft doesn’t provide a specific way to change your password directly from your Xbox One, but it’s still easy to do. Here’s how, along with instructions for supplementing this password with a passkey.

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    Solution To Strengthen Xbox One Password

    Today, we have access to many platforms and we can lose track of passwords hence we keep resetting them. In some cases, our passwords are tampered with and we even fail to notice them. Sad, right? Well, the good news is there are password managers that allow you to manage all your passwords and save you from cramming them.

    One of the best password managers in the market is 1Password. 1Password is a manager that is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Chrome operating system. With this software, it will be able to autofill forms and logins that you make across any platform. So far instance, if you log in to Xbox account when you have installed 1Password, it will be able to save your password automatically. It can also sync passwords across your devices hence if you login into Xbox from any of your device it will be able to remember your password. Moreover, the beauty of using 1Password is that it allows you to retrieve your passwords when you forget them. How cool is that?

    How Do You Unlock A Locked Gmail Account

  • Enter the Google username or Gmail address then click Continue.
  • Enter the characters as seen on the screen then click Continue.
  • Enter the answer to the security question then click Continue. If the security answer is not remembered: Click Get a password reset link at my recovery email. Click Continue. reset your password or change password
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    Change Your Xbox Account Password In Xbox Live

    One way to change your Xbox account password is to do it via Xbox Live.

    • Head on to the official Xbox Live website and click the profile icon to sign in to your account.
    • You will then need to fill in your email address and current password to log in. If unfortunately, you cannot remember your current password, choose the Forgot password option instead.
    • Go to your email and confirm your account by verifying it.
    • Proceed by entering and setting a new password for your Xbox account.
    • Another confirmation will be sent to your email. Go back and verify your new password.

    Once all of those are done, your Xbox account password is now changed.

    How To Reset Your Microsoft Password

    How to RESET XBOX ONE PASSSWORD on your Xbox One (Easy Method)

    After youve entered the security code, you can reset your Microsoft password. Type and confirm the new password that you want to use. Once youve done it, click or tap Next.

    How to reset a Microsoft password

    Microsoft confirms that your account has been recovered and that your password was changed.

    Microsoft password reset

    Thats it: youve now reset your Microsoft password, so you can use the new one to log in to any of the Microsoft services you use on all your computers and devices.

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    Use A Browser To Visit The Microsoft Password Reset Webpage

    To regain access to your Microsoft services, you can use any computer or device connected to the internet. First of all, go to the Microsoft password reset tool, a special webpage dedicated to helping you recover your Microsoft password. Next, in the Recover your account dialog, enter the email, phone, or Skype address associated with your Microsoft account. Then, press Next.

    Enter the Microsoft account on the Recover your account page

    What Is Xbox Live Password

    Some of you might not be aware of the fact that you need to set up an account on Xbox Live for Xbox live account recovery. Moreover, you have to generate a strong password for keeping the game and profile data safe from misuse. So whenever you create an account, Microsoft will ask you to create a password. Moreover, this password will act as a credential for your account for future references. Also, in case you want to login into your account, you have to fill in this password along with the username. In case you dont remember the original details, an error will appear on the screen. Therefore it is very important that you should safeguard the Xbox Live password.

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    How To Reset The Xbox Password

    Your Xbox account is tethered to everything Microsoft has to offer, regardless of whether you also use Microsofts email or other services. If you want to update your Xbox account password, youll need to go to Microsofts official website for Xbox services, which will take you to the main account area.

    • If you havent logged in before, go to and click the Sign In option.
    • Use your credentials to log in.
    • Choose My Microsoft Account from the account icon in the top left corner of your screen.
    • Youll be routed to your Microsoft accounts main hub, where youll notice a key icon beneath your name and email address.
    • To change your password, click the key icon.
    • If you have any verification methods enabled, youll be prompted to confirm your identity by entering the code sent to your phone through text message or the code displayed in your login app.
    • Fill in your old and new passwords
    • To finish the process, select Save.
    • Because theyre linked, if you change your Microsoft account password, youll have to update your Xbox account password as well.

    How Do I Get My Xbox To Stop Asking For My Password

    How to Reset Password on Xbox One X, S &  Xbox 360
  • You can restart Xbox One by holding down the Xbox button at the center of the controller.
  • Press the Guide button on your controller to clear the cache.
  • Factory settings must be restored.
  • You can delete your Xbox One Console profile by clicking here
  • Your account will be deleted and you will need to add it again to your console.
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    Can You Recover An Xbox Account Without The Email

    The only way now is to use the recover feature at, there they will ask a number of question, if you still remember the information when you create your account. You can find the Microsoft account password associated with your Xbox LIVE account on your Xbox console.

    Whether you reset Xbox password regularly or looking forward to change your current password with a strong one, we recommend you take a look at the below guide. You can reset the password on Xbox using any of its consoles Xbox One X, Xbox One S and Xbox 360.

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