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How To Redeem Code On Xbox App

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Xbox App For Mobile Updated

How to Redeem a Prepaid Code through the Xbox App (Windows 10)

When it comes to staying in touch with your Xbox Live family, the best way to do it may be through the Xbox app for mobile devices. Built with gamers in mind, the app is available;on a variety of platforms, be it Windows, Android, or iOS. Today, an update has hit the apps, bringing the long requested redeem a code feature to the app experience.

The Xbox app for mobile has been updated. You can now redeem a code via the app while on the go

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As seen above, Xbox’s Major Nelson first mentioned the update in a Tweet. This time, however, the update does not just smash the usual bug fixes, but rather brings support for redeeming a code. ;The feature, which was long requested by users of the app, and can now be accessed from within the app via the Store link.

So, if you’re using the Xbox App, be sure to head over to your app store and press the update button! Even if you’re not using the app, we have done you;favor and included download links for you below. As always, though, please be sure to come back to WinBeta and drop us a comment with your thoughts on this new update below!

How To Redeem An Xbox Gift Card On Your Xbox Console

Many gamers prefer to use their console for redeeming their Xbox digital codes from Amazon. To do that, on your Xbox, open the Store app.

Open the Store on your Xbox console

Before moving forward, make sure that you are signed in with the Xbox account on which you want to redeem your game’s download code or your Xbox gift card. Once you redeem a code, you cannot undo your action. You see your Xbox account name at the top of the left sidebar. If you are using the correct account, go to Redeem.

Verify your Xbox account and go to Redeem

Your Xbox console asks you to type the redeem code. Type it using your controller and the keyboard shown on the screen and press the Check code button.

Enter the redeem code on your Xbox

The Xbox gift card credit or the game you purchased using a download code is added to your Xbox account and used as you wish.

Xbox Series X And Series S: How To Enter And Redeem Codes On The Xbox Store

It’s time to enter a 25-digit code, just for it to have one mistake, start all over again!

Gaming used to be all about queueing up in the night and cold to get your hands on a copy of the newest game.

Now, we just wait for the clock to strike, click a button and the game is yours.

On Christmas Day this will be really useful, as even with stores closed you can still buy online and get your game codes instantly!

Though then you need to actually redeem the code, so we’re going to tell you how to do it on the Xbox Series X and S!

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How To Redeem Codes For Xbox One

Heres how to redeem codes for Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, and Digital Content on your Microsoft Account.

Are you a new Xbox User?;With this guide, you will learn how to redeem Digital Codes that allow you to play online through Xbox Live Gold Membership, add money to your account through Gift Cards, and download DLCs for your favorite games.

Here are the steps to follow to redeem Codes from Xbox One Console, Web and App.

Are Microsoft Xbox Egift Cards Refundable

Xbox Users Can Now Redeem Codes Through the Mobile App

Once a Microsoft Xbox eGift Card has been e-mailed, it is non-refundable. If the intended recipient does not receive the e-card or accidentally deletes it, ask the recipient to check SPAM folders, deleted email folders or automatic filters. If the eGift card is not found, contact Customer Service for assistance.

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How To Redeem An Xbox One Code

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To buy or unlock digital games on Xbox One, Microsoft offers us a very simple way to do it, without the need to enter a credit card. These are Xbox gift codes or cards, which are priced between $ 10 and $ 100. These include a scratch-off coating on the back, where a 25-character printed code is revealed. Great, but how do you redeem these codes? There are several options, from entering the code in Windows 10 to redeeming it through a mobile application, to name just a few. Here are the different ways you can redeem an Xbox One code.

The Code Was Damaged Or Not Readable

If the code was damaged, scratched, or warped in some way you may not be seeing the correct characters. Codes shouldn’t contain the following characters: A, E, I, O, U, L, S, 0, 1, 5.

If it’s a physical code, try returning it to the place you purchased it from and explaining that it couldn’t be redeemed.

If it’s a digital code, contact the person who sent it to you and explain that the code couldn’t be redeemed.;If this code was a gift from another player, ask them to sign in to their Order history and select Cancel item.

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I Get A Message That The Item Im Trying To Purchase Is Not Available For My Region

This may mean that the content that you are trying to purchase or download is not licensed for the country where you are located.;

Available products and services may vary depending on your region. You cant;purchase or download content that is not licensed for your country or region.;To complete your purchase, you may be required to have a valid billing and shipping address within the country or region of the Microsoft Store where you are purchasing.

For more info about how to check and change your regions, see;Change your country or region in Microsoft Store.

If youve moved and need to update your region info for Xbox, go to Moving? Bring Xbox Live with you and follow the directions to change your info.

How Can I Tell If My Card Or Code Was Redeemed

How to Redeem a Prepaid Digital Code on the Xbox Mobile App

To see if your card or code was redeemed, check your order history. On the Order history page, look for the date that you redeemed the card or code, and youll see the order number and how the card or code was used. If you see;Redeemed code under Payment method, the card or code was successfully redeemed.

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Activating Your Xbox Live Gold Subscription Via The Microsoft Store App

Do you want to redeem your code through the Microsoft app? Make sure you are signed in with the account you want to redeem the code with!

  • Go to the Microsoft Store via the Start button ;
  • In the Microsoft Store you can click on the drop down menu for the option Redeem code;
  • Enter the code that consists of 25 characters, click next and confirm one last time. Have fun!

How To Redeem A Gift Card Or Code Online

The easiest way to redeem a gift card or code is online. Sign in to;;with your Microsoft account, enter the 25-character code, and then select Next.


  • If you or your family have multiple Microsoft accounts, make sure you’re signed in to the one to which you want to apply the gift card or code.;Money can’t be transferred from one Microsoft account to another and can’t be converted from one currency to another. For more info, see Limits on the money in your Microsoft account.

  • Try signing in to your Microsoft account using an InPrivate browser session to clear all other Microsoft account info from the cache. See Browse InPrivate in Microsoft Edge for more info.

If you want, you can also redeem;a card or code from Microsoft Store on a Windows 10 device. For more details, go to the next section.

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How To Redeem Game Codes On Xbox Series X & S

How to Redeem Prepaid Code On Xbox One X

How to redeem game codes on Xbox Series X & S, if you are looking for an answer to this question then congrats you are at the right place.

Currently more and more people are joining the gaming community andevery one is downloading game digitally rather than picking it up frommarts or gaming stores.

However, this is more like an Xbox thing because many of Xbox series gamesare available only online and In fact, the Xbox Series S lacks a disk drive andcan only play digital games. Moreover, Xbox games pass library keeps evolvingwhich makes it a must to have for any Xbox player.

Game Pass have almost every Xbox games but not all according to Microsoftgame pass is one of its biggest selling points of;Microsofts latest consoles.But there will be a point of time where you would want to purchase a gameso here is a very detailed process on How to redeem game codes on Xbox Series X & S.

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Best Ways To Spend That Xbox Gift Card You Received This Holiday Season

One of the most popular gift options is gift cards, as it still gives the recipient the freedom to choose whatever gift they want. In particular, one gift card can be used on a staggeringly wide variety of goods and products. Xbox and Microsoft Gift Cards look different, but they both give you funds to spend in the same place: the Microsoft Store. This means video games, movies, apps, hardware, accessories, and more. They can even be used as credit towards larger purchases, giving you a nice discount on a new headset or whatever else your heart desires.

Heres a look at some of the best ways you can spend that Xbox Gift Card right now.

How To Buy An Xbox Game From Amazon That Is Available As A Digital Code

The fastest way to buy Xbox games from Amazon is to look for games that use the term “Digital Code” and “Xbox” in their name because you get to purchase and download them almost instantly. These games are available as digital, download-now options, and use the Xbox Live DRM system. They are listed as being shipped and sold from Amazon Digital Services LLC, and you can pay for them using your Amazon Gift Card balance or with your debit or credit card.

To help you out, here’s a screenshot of Cyberpunk 2077 Standard Edition – Xbox One on Amazon, which you can immediately purchase and then redeem on your Xbox for download and installation. We highlighted the DRM information, so that you know where to find it. If it does not say Xbox Live, then you should look for other purchase options.

Cyberpunk 2077 is available on Amazon as a digital code for Xbox

Other Amazon websites, like, add the text “Download Code” in the name of the available Xbox games. For example, on, you have .

PROS: You can buy and download an Xbox game in minutes, as your only limitation is the speed of your internet connection.

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Activating Your Xbox Live Gold Subscription Via Your Xbox 360

Do you want to redeem your Live Gold code using your Xbox 360 Console? First, make sure you are signed in to the right account before redeeming. Follow these steps to activate your subscription:

  • Use the Xbox-button (
  • Select the option Games & apps;
  • Choose Redeem Code;
  • Enter the code that consists of 25 characters, click next and confirm one last time. Have fun!

Common Information And Problems

How To Redeem a Xbox Gift Card on the Xbox app.

If any error messages appear, here are some of the likely causes:

A promotional code can only be used once.;Check your;;order history to see;;if it has already been redeemed in your account.

It is not possible to transfer funds or content between accounts;;therefore, be sure to redeem the code from the correct account.

Make sure you entered the code correctly.;Codes must not contain the following characters: A, E, I, O, U, L, S, 0, 1, 5.

You may not be able to redeem a code on your account if you have a pending balance that has expired for a subscription.

If the code has not been activated, return it to the place it was purchased and ask them to activate it so it can be redeemed.;Make sure you bring your proof of purchase with you.

The code was purchased to be used in a country or region other than where your account is set up, so you wont be able to redeem it.

Visit the;;Find Error Code and Status Code page;;for more information about errors that occur when redeeming an Xbox code.

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What About These Region Restrictions You Keep Hearing About

Now, if youre buying a gift card online or for someone else, you need to be careful about which region youre purchasing the card in.

Lets assume that the gift card is from the UK and has a value of £75. If you go to redeem the Xbox card in the US, youll not be able to proceed because youre in a different region.

The region restrictions are annoying, but what a lot of people have done is the following:

  • Switch your account to the UK region
  • Buy the item that you want
  • Switch back to the US region

Youll just need to restart the console after switching regions. Its a quick and easy way to get around these restrictions.

But if youre buying your gift card for someone else, youll need to tell them about these restrictions and what to do. In an ideal world, youd buy a card from the right region so that theres no need to switch regions.

For yourself, I recommend buying whatever region has the cheapest cards and switching regions.

Note: Xboxs customer service recommends this exact action if you get an error when trying to redeem your card.

You also have the option of returning the card if you want, but this is a rather big hassle when you can just switch the location on your console.

Why does Xbox have restrictions on redeeming an Xbox gift card?

The currency is what changes when you switch regions.

Android/windows 10 Mobile Device

  • Open the Xbox mobile app, then sign in .;

  • Press the Menu button in the upper left corner.;

  • Select Microsoft Store from this list, then choose Redeem a code.;

  • Select Redeem Code;

  • Enter the 25-character code thats displayed on the Order page of, then follow the prompts. Dont worry about hyphens, the system takes care of those for you.;

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    How To Redeem A Code

    Xbox Mobile App now Supports Redeem Code

    Digital 25-character product codes can be redeemed from the Store section of the Xbox Dashboard. This is the third section of the Dashboard, beneath the Home and Game Pass sections.

    Enter the Store using the Xbox app, and then scroll down to the bottom of the left-hand menu, where youll find the Redeem button. Using this will open the Redeem a code screen, where you can input your Xbox Series X code with the on-screen keyboard.

    If youd rather not use the on-screen keyboard, you can use a real keyboard or your phone by inputting your code into Microsofts Redeem website.

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    What Types Of Accessories Can You Buy With An Xbox Gift Card

    Xbox, or the Microsoft Store, allows you to purchase a variety of console accessories. All of these accessories will change your gaming experience, and they can help you create the ultimate gaming station, too.

    What can you purchase?

    • Vertical Stand. Want to keep your Xbox One S upright? You have a vertical stand that offers this option and will allow you to keep your console upright at all times.
    • Mount. A TV mount is available for the Kinect sensor that will work with nearly any television you try.
    • Wall Mount. Forza Designs has an awesome Xbox One S wall mount that allows you to mount your Xbox to the wall. The benefits of a wall mount include enhanced security, and safety from drops, kicks and even spills.
    • Game Drive. You can purchase a variety of game drives from the store, including special edition models and SSD drives which offer blazing speed options.
    • Microphone. Want to stream with crystal clear audio? The Turtle Beach mic will allow you to start streaming with studio-quality audio.

    As you can see, there are just so many options and accessories that you can purchase with your gift card. Its a universal gift card, and its one that allows gamers to really enhance their gaming experience. Parents or anyone that doesnt game may not see the benefit of having an extra, higher capacity game drive. They may also not see the benefit of a microphone and streaming content on Twitch.

    But for a gamer, its these accessories that make games more fun and rewarding.

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