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How To Record On Xbox 360

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How To Record On Xbox One More Than An Hour

How-to record your Xbox 360 Gameplay with Elgato Game Capture HD

For people who want to record on Xbox One for an hour or even longer time, Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder is an essential tool. There is no maximum time limit. You can record Xbox One gameplay with a laptop or desktop for hours or even days. Just make sure there is enough storage space. Furthermore, you can add voice, facecam, annotation and more to your Xbox One gameplay recording video.

  • 1.Record gameplay on Xbox One over, 30 minutes, an hour or even longer.
  • 2.Record Xbox One gameplay with internal audio and voice.
  • 3.Add real-time drawing tools to Xbox One gameplay recordings or screenshots.
  • 4.Set hotkeys to start, pause, resume, stop recording and take a screenshot on Xbox One instantly.
  • 5.No lag or delay. Your computers performance will not be affected.

Rating: 4.9 / 5

Step 1 Run Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder. Click Video Recorder in the main interface.

Step 2 Set screen capture area. Turn on System Sound and Microphone to record gameplay on Xbox One with voice. Moreover, you can turn on Webcam to record gameplay on Xbox One with webcam and sound as well.

Step 3 Click REC to start recording on Xbox One video game. If you want to stop gameplay recording on Xbox One, just click this option again.

Step 4 Preview and trim the game recording video. At last, click Save to save Xbox One game video as MP4, WMV, MOV and more formats.

How To Capture Gameplays From Xbox Via Kinect

Kinect is a game accessory for Xbox One and Xbox 360 to control something via voice. When you play games on Xbox, you can use voice to control the built-in Xbox screen recorder and save the last 30-second gameplay.

Step 1: Make sure that you have the Game DVR app on your Xbox One. When you want to record gameplay, say Xbox, snap Game DVR.

Step 2: Next, say Xbox, select, then Start recording to your Kinect to begin the gameplay recording.

Step 3: When you finish capturing the gameplay say Xbox, select, then Stop recording. That will save your recording in the Game DVR temporarily. Note that your recordings will be automatically deleted after a period.

Step 4: To save the recording, say Xbox, view all captures. Then select the clip and save it.

After saving your clips, you can transfer the gameplay recordings from Xbox One to another device via OneDrive. Go to My games and appsclick Apps and then choose Game DVR, select the recording and hit Edit menu. Then it will open in the Upload Studio app if you have the app on your Xbox. Click Finish to upload it to OneDrive.

Ultimate Guide On Recording Xbox 360 Gameplay Without Capture Card

To record Xbox 360 gameplaywithout capture card, youneed the assistance from a third-party software. VideoSolo Screen Recorder is the qualified gameplay recorder works reliably to record Xbox 360 gameplay in the simplest way. It empowers the video recording by equipping with high resolutions and frame rate . The mainstream MP4, MOV formats are provided to output the recordingsso that people can play the gameplay recordings back on any devices or upload them to online platforms such as YouTube for sharing. From all these aspects, VideoSolo Screen Recorder will be the best option to record Xbox 360, Minecraft.

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Whatll You Need To Record Gameplay From Xbox 360

What is the required equipment for Xbox 360 recording? Of course, you need the Xbox 360 with the game or content you want to stream. An HDMI Splitter with 3 HDMI cables to send the HDMI signal. A display or TV for viewing your PS3 gameplay video, and even a PC with AnyMP4 Screen Recorder to record Xbox 360 gameplay videos.

How To Record A Gameplay On Xbox One With Built

How to Record XBOX 360 with AVerMedia Game capture HD II ...

To record Xbox One gameplay, you can use the built-in recording feature of Xbox One. First, play your game as usual. When you want to capture the gameplay, press the Xbox button to open the Guide menu. Then, press the X button to get a game clip of the past 30 seconds of gameplay. To save a longer clip, press the View button, then select Capture what happened and choose an amount of time.

If you have Kinect or a headset with a microphone, you can also say Hey Cortana, record that , and the recording process will automatically starts.

After saving your recordings, users can adjust video length as they want from the End Game Clip option.

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How To Record Xbox 360 Gameplay Via The Best Xbox 360 Recorder

Microsoft has designed a new video game console called Xbox 360. It has many great features like network capabilities, a cordless controller system, 3 USB ports, RAM of 512MB. Additionally, it has an optional hard drive and capabilities of the media center. Plus, it has an audio processor of 32 bit and many other great features. It has eight times more memory as compared to the original Xbox.

If you wish to share your video games with your friends, then you should use your capture card to record all the games you like in high quality. Mentioned below is a way through which you can record gameplay by making use of Xbox 360 recorder. Also, you may like to know more about those best Wii games for kids, Android modded games, Android game hacker app, and how to Record gameplay on PC.

How Do You Record Tv On Your Xbox

I am guessing you meant how do you record Xbox 360 so you canplay it on your t.v. or put it on or other sites. Here is aguide detailing everything you need to know about recording xbox360 gameplay. It covers hd recording and standard def recording aswell as all the devices and cables you will need.

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How To Record Xbox One Game

On the other hand, if you want to know how to record gameplay on Xbox One then you can do it simply by utilizing the devices built-in game play recording function. This is much better since theres no need for any added hardware just to record a game.

To record game play with this method, follow the steps below:

  • Start a game that you need to record.
  • After that, say Xbox, snap Game DVR if you are using Kinect sensor. If using a game controller, just double tap the Xbox button, select Snap an app, and then select Game DVR.
  • Now select the length of the recording that you prefer.
  • To start with the recording say Xbox, select and Start recording. And when youre done just say Xbox select and Stop recording. If using a controller, click Start recording, and then click Stop recording when you are done.

Furthermore, if you want to edit or share the video after you record Xbox One gameplay, then you can use the devices app called Upload Studio. This tool will allow users to trim, add picture, add narration, etc. Once done, you can share the video clip online using its uploading function.

How To Record Xbox 360 Gameplay Without Buying Anything


Another Xbox 360 game capture software you can use is OBS which stands for Open Broadcaster Software.

Whether you are a beginner trying to record your first-ever gameplay or are an experienced user who has used such tools in the past, you will find it extremely easy to record your console gaming sessions. As long as you can get your Xbox 360’s content to show up on your computer, you can use this app to make your recordings.

How to Record Videos on Xbox 360 for free using OBS:

Step 1. Get Xbox 360 Screen to Appear on Your PC

The first thing you need to sort out is to connect your Xbox 360 to your PC and get the game content to appear on your computer. You can use an HDMI adapter to do this, and this should not take much effort.

Step 2. Configure OBS to Record Xbox 360 Gameplay

Step 3. Start and Stop Recording in OBS

Once you see your console’s content on your screen, you are ready to start the recording. To do it, find the option that says “Start Recording” on the right of your screen and click on it. Your game recording will begin.

When you are done, click the “Stop Recording” button on the right to put an end to your current recording.

Step 4. View Your Game Recordings in OBS

When you have finished your game recording, you can find and access all your recordings in a couple of clicks. While OBS is still open on your PC, click the “File” menu at the top and select “Show Recordings.”

This will open the folder on your PC where all your recordings are saved.

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How To Capture Xbox 360 Gameplay With A Capture Card

Capture card is another frequently used method to record Xbox 360 gameplay videos, which enables you to get the video files with a high quality. The PCI capture card will record game videos in better quality and faster operating speed comparing to the USV capture card, and also charges higher.

As for the method, you need a capture card, a USB cable, two HDMI cables and make sure the devices are connected to the same network with a stable environment.

Step 1: Connect one HDMI to the IN port of the capture card and link the OUT port to your computer. After that, plugin the USB cable to connect the capture card and computer.

Step 2: After that, you can tweak the settings for the recording parameters and set a proper recording resolution. Now you can start the gameplay on Xbox as usual.

Step 3: It will record Xbox 360 gameplay automatically. You are able to trim and merge Xbox 360 gameplay with the built-in video editor, or upload your recorded gameplay to social websites.

Try Screen Capture Software To Share Xbox 360 Gameplay

Snagit is the screen capture software, which can work not only on desktop, but also on iPhone and Android. You can grab the video size area by one click, in horizontal or vertical. It is very easy to record Xbox 360 gameplay with Snagit. Moreover, you can capture any video moment, the whole Windows or region by a single hotkey.

& #9670 Install Snagit on Windows or Mac as your OS differs.

& #9670 Click the Start icon and then record Xbox 360 gameplay with Snagit directly.

& #9670 You can highlight, add texts and use other tutorial filters to process your Xbox 360 videos.

& #9670 Turn the part of recorded Xbox 360 gameplay on PC or Mac into animated GIF to have fun.

The panoramic capture feature enables users to take individual captures by merging them together. In addition, the high-resolution output allows user to enlarge images or videos without blurry.

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Screen Recorder For Xbox 360

#1. Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam Screen Recorder is a screen recorder that records whatever is on your screen and saves them as video and image files. This software allows you to do Xbox 360 and Xbox one gameplay recording. To do so you have to connect your Xbox with and HDMI cable on your PC. It has a screen-recording mode that allows you to capture whatever you want to record from your PC. It has a real-time drawing feature that lets you make drawing as you record whatever you are recording on the screen. It allows you to also add cursor and tap on animation while capturing. Furthermore, It captures videos of a Skype chat and also 2D or 3D games and others. Bandicam Free Screen recorder captures video with fast speed and high quality. It allows you to add a webcam stream to video that you will capture on the screen.

#2. Elgato Screen Recorder

How To Record Xbox 360 Gameplay In The Absence Of Capture Card

How to Record Xbox 360 Gameplay: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

This is one of the ways through which you can come to know how to record Xbox 360 gameplay. If you have a desire of recording online games, then you should definitely use the best Xbox 360 recorder Filmora Scrn as it is a great video editor.

It is a screen recorder which can be used easily and is also very powerful. One of its best characteristics is that it can record games of high pace. Additionally, it can record webcam and screen recorder together at the same time. Moreover, it is a great tool that can be used for editing videos. Through the use of this tool, you can do basic editing & fix the issue of how to rotate a video in Windows Media Player as well as fix on the OBS studio black screen issue. Furthermore, you can add callouts, texts, and annotations. The users have an option of downloading its free version.

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Two: Record Xbox 360 Gameplay With Game Capture

If your pocket is full, and you are willing to spend money on your favorite Xbox gameplay, then you can consider purchasing a professional Xbox 360 video capture. Those Xbox 360 gameplay recorders are easy to use with its guides. But there are many such captures, so you need to sort them out. The following table of Xbox 360 gameplay captures is for your reference. Before you decide to get one, you need to know what your needs are. The portability? In-game chat? HD quality? Recording on a Windows or Mac system? Compare the features and find the best one Xbox 360 gameplay capture for yourself.

Comparison of Xbox 360 gameplay recorders
1. High-end input and editing hardware. 2. Input HD/SD with numerous formats and resolutions. 3. Up-convert real time SD to 1080p or 720p HD. 4. Work with either Windows or Mac optionally. 1. Need to pay a premium price for some functions. 2. The Shuffle has only Windows version by now. 3. Requires USB 3.0.

Such professional Xbox 360 gameplay recorders are good to record gameplay if you are willing the bear the price.

Record Xbox 360 Xgd3 Games On Pc

As I told you, to record Xbox 360 games on PC you must first find ImgBurn. It is a free program for OS Windows that allows to burn ISO images in an extremely simple and fast way and that also provides users with some advanced functions equal to those of the most famous paid programs.

To get started, download the program. To do this, click here so that you can immediately connect to the official ImgBurn website and then click on the item present at the top and then click

first in article Mirror x – Provided by MajorGeeks and then . Then wait for the program download to start and then complete, then double click the installation package named SetupImgBurn_x.x.exe which is now present on your PC.

In the window that will open at this point, first click Sip and then close. Therefore, accept the terms of use of the program by placing the check mark next to the item I accept the terms of the License Agreement. and then sequence click on the button close six consecutive times, on the button Sip and on the button Search to finish the installation. During the installation process, you may be offered to download additional promotional software, such as Ad-Aware the PC Mechanic. To decline the invitation, place the check mark next to the item Custom installation and uncheck all the options below. Then launch ImgBurn by double clicking its icon which has been added to the desktop.

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Control Your Live Stream From Youtube

Everything is ready for your live streaming event! Note that it can take 30 seconds or more for YouTube to sort out your connection and start processing the data, so make sure you get things ready well before your go-live time.

  • Return to YouTube .
  • Click Live Control Room the YouTube Live Control Room appears.
  • Verify that your stream is working by looking at the Stream Status section. The status is Green and says GOOD and the stream resolution is properly detected.
  • Optionally, use the preview window to preview the live stream
  • When youre ready, click the Start Streaming button at the top of the page.
  • When your event is over, click Stop Streaming.
  • Configure The Capture Software

    How To Record Xbox 360 Gameplay (easy way)

    For this tutorial, well capture Xbox One gameplay at 1080p and 60 frames per second. Well encode the video at 9000 kb/s and audio at 128 kb/s. Determining the best video rates for your computer and network is a bit beyond the scope of this page, but OBS provides a nice estimator tool you can access here.

  • Click the Settings button at the lower right side of the main OBS window the settings screen appears.
  • Select the Video settings tab from the list on the left.
  • Configure the base resolution, downscale and FPS. We used 1920×1080, no downscaling, 60 FPS.
  • Switch to the Encoding settings tab .
  • Set your encoding settings. We left the default settings except Max bitrate, which we changed to 9000 kb/s.
  • Click OK at the bottom of the window to save your configuration changes.
  • Hint: In my copy of OBS, recordings were being saved as .flv files. If you want to change this to .mp4, open the Settings screen again, and in the Broadcast Settings section, click Browse next to the File Path and select mp4 from the Save As drop-down, then click OK.

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    S To Record Xbox 360 Gameplay In Smart Way

    Recording well down gameplay and sharing to YouTube and Twitch have been the popular methods among game players. Moreover, many people make money by posting gameplays. Though PlayStation4 and Xbox one can record gameplay without buying anything, Xbox 360 gameplay still need third recoding editor to record and edit. If you are requiring high 360-gameplay quality, you can buy capture cards to record Xbox 360 gameplay with PC. However, the price between USB and PCI capture cards are $10 to $200. But do not worry about that, there are still methods to record Xbox 360 gameplay without buying anything.

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