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How To Play Hello Neighbor Xbox One

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Hello Neighbor Act 1 Basement Guide


After running down the stairs, open the old timey washing machine up against the wall to reveal a secret passage into the next area.

Open the door to discover a rather disturbing room where a whole fake world has been created to fool someone .

Pull one of the paintings of an open window off the wall to exit the fake room stage and access the rest of the basement.

There’s more than just dirty laundry in there!

There’s a wall breaker you can turn off, but don’t do it just quite yet. Instead, flip the nearby wall switch to open the grating to another room and gain access to very large area to explore. You are looking for a section with a red light bulb and a marionette near another grate.

Flip the switch to open the grate and you will see a large open room with a fence. Behind the fence is a generator and some sparking wires that can’t be reached. Near the fence, pull the chair off the door and head into the next room.

To your right on the wall is a section of black bricks which you can break by throwing any object.

If it seems suspicious, always try breaking it!

Through the broken wall you can now access the sparking lever and the generator, but don’t do that yet since you don’t want to get electrocuted.

With the wall broken and all the grates opened, go back to the beginning and flip the wall breaker you ignored earlier. This turns off the sparks so the switch can be safely used.

What the heck? I don’t have any of those keys!

Hello Neighbor 2 Gameplay & Plot

In the Hello Neighbor 2 game, you play as a journalist Quentin whos searching for the missing Neighbor. A trail of clues leads him to a queer house where The Guest resides. As you play further, you realize that the Guest has locked up the Neighbor, and your mission is to break inside and set the Neighbor free. In order to open the attic where Mr. Peterson is locked, you will look for a variety of tools, work on unlocking the gate door, find ways to finally get into the attic, and possibly even rummage the net for Hello Neighbor 2 code.

Meanwhile, as you play Hello Neighbor 2, your behavior patterns will be studied by the AI whos constantly stalking and trying to attack you. You will like the fascinating sandbox experience as you download Hello Neighbor 2 and start pillaging it. While enjoying the Hello Neighbor 2 play, you will have a blast developing out-of-the-box strategies and looking for the most innovative solutions to finally solve all the games puzzles. Once you get Hello Neighbor 2 and launch the game, you will notice that the plot is very smart and well-thought-out.

5 Reasons to Click Hello Neighbor Alpha 2 Free Download

  • excellent graphics: even better than before
  • advanced AI: yep, smarter than before
  • challenging: you will want to outsmart it like never before
  • improved mechanics: you will instantly notice this perk
  • the game is super fun: a real mood-lifter!

The Traitor In Disguise

The Neighbor’s job is to gain the trust of other players and betray them. This is an experience unlike any other – Social Horror. You watch for suspicious behaviors by your friends, knowing they might betray you. The Neighbor uses tools and gadgets to trap other players as they scavenge the house for keys to unlock the basement door.

Players have 15 minutes to unlock and get into the mysterious basement

Keys are randomly scattered around the house. The goal is to find them, and unlock the basement door.

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How To Play Hello Neighbor With A Gamepad On Pc

The controller may be one of the most logical choices for enjoying Hello Neighbor. First, the button combinations are more logical to the player. However, the character view controls suffer a bit when switching to the controller, which is not as fluid or precise as doing it with a mouse. They are the following:

  • The left analog stick is used to move the character in all directions.
  • With the right analog stick, we control the view of the character.
  • With the D-Pad buttons, we select any of the 4 objects that the character can hold.
  • With the Y button, you can view the inventory of the character.
  • Pressing the LB button lets us use an object.

Apart from having the list of controls as clear as possible , to beat the game, you have to fulfill a series of requirements that we detail below.

How To Win In Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor 2 Xbox One Full Version Free Game Download ...

Hello Neighbor is divided into several acts. The premise in each of them is the same: to enter the neighbor’s house and avoid being captured. Once we have managed to get into the house and outwit the AI , we will have to try to enter the basement and discover what is hidden inside.

Around the house, we will always find several elements in common: a building where we can enter and pick up objects and objects scattered on the sidewalks and in the garden of the house of the neighbor. With them, we will be able to create steps and ladders to climb to different heights or to create blunt objects to break windows to enter the house.

This is the first phase of the plan, and here, we must be careful that the neighbor does not catch us. The most logical thing to do is to approach the house as stealthily as possible , to walk under the windows, and avoid the prying eyes of the antagonist.

Another option you have is to try to enter the house of your neighbor through the roof. You will not always have a direct route available, but with the help of the objects lying around, you can create a more or less simple entrance. It is about getting in as stealthily as possible, think carefully about your options before you act. If the neighbor is hanging around the garden and you have a way to get on the roof, it may be a good idea to break a window when he is not around.

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Hello Neighbor 2 Is Sneaking On To Xbox Series X

Hello Neighbor 2 is the sequel to the genre-defining stealth horror game about sneaking into your creepy Neighbors house. Taking place directly after events of the original, players will explore an open world while searching for the mysteriously disappeared Mr. Peterson and being stalked by a mysterious, raven-like being.

Welcome to Raven Brooks. A place where people have been mysteriously disappearing. You play as Quinten, a local journalist investigating missing persons cases. A string of clues leads you to a creepy abandoned house the house of the events of the original Hello Neighbor game to discover its occupied by a mysterious raven-like being. Naturally, you want to sneak into this house to find out whats going on.

Players will explore a creepy abandoned house while being stalked by an AI, and the gameplay will expand into the open world of Raven Brooks. Unlike the original, where the AI you were playing against navigated by manually placed waypoints, in Hello Neighbor 2 the AI behavior and navigation patterns are fully dynamic. The AI will observe player behavior, what they do, and try to use that knowledge to its own advantage in order to prevent players from figuring out the secrets lying within the house and its surroundings.

Hello Neighbor Stealth / Exploration

Now that you’ve got the controls down, it’s time to start exploring the house! Stay alert for audio / visual cues when the neighbor is near and when he’s spotted you, increasingly getting louder as the screen blurs black. These audio cues show up even if he’s in a different room or you don’t physically see him yet.

The first order of business is getting past a nasty bear trap blocking the front door. Throw an object like a glue bottle at the bear trap to get through — but remember he will reset it eventually, so keep an object on hand at all times.

Well that’s suspicious…

While inside, stay crouched down, keep away from light sources, and take note of cabinet locations so you can quickly hide. Keep in mind that most doors open towards you, not outwards, so if you are too close to the door when pressing E it won’t actually open.

Any changes you make while inside the home remain in effect even after you get caught . So for instance if you remove the chair and unlock the back door, you can now get in through the back door for each subsequent break-in, even after you get caught.

Having trouble getting into the front door the first time to start opening other entrances? Lure the neighbor out by throwing something loud at the bear trap , then run back to your house and wait. Eventually he’ll leave out the front door and head to the back yard, letting you inside to start your search.

What’s he got hidden down there?

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Hello Neighbor Basic Controls

For those just jumping into the game and getting frustrated by the lack of explanation on the game’s controls, there are a few basics to keep in mind. You can have up to four items in your inventory at once, with old items you pick up disappearing and going into previous inventory slots.

After the opening segment, press and hold E to pick up any object that makes the reticle become a larger circle, then hold the right mouse button to aim and release to throw. The longer you hold, the farther and harder it goes. If you only right click without holding, objects won’t actually break windows.

Knocking over the neighbor with a coffee mug

Objects can also knock over the neighbor, so keep something like the bowling ball or even a cup in your inventory for situations where you can’t hide. If you hold down the right click for a stronger throw, he’ll be knocked off balance for a few seconds so you can get away.

Hiding under beds or inside cabinets only works if the neighbor didn’t specifically see you enter the room, so you need to get ahead of him when he’s chasing you.

Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek

Let’s Play! Hello Neighbor in 4K Part 1 (Xbox One X)

A prequel, Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek, was announced in August 2018. Hide & Seek deals with the events in Mr. Peterson’s family that caused him to become a recluse. The gameplay is similar to Hello Neighbor, but the player controls Mr. Peterson’s two children, who play hide-and-seek in various fictitious scenarios. The game was released on 7 December 2018 on the same platforms as the original game, including non-Microsoft systems.

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Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1 Review: Fun And Challenging

Wondering if you should hit the tempting Hello Neighbor 2 free download link? Well help you decide. Hello Neighbor 2 is an awesome stealth horror title where a mystic, being follows your every step as you attempt to hunt down Mr. Peterson who vanished after the situation in the original title. In this installment, you fight against a state-of-the-art, self-training AI thats capable of adjusting its devious ways to your every behavior pattern.

The story is fascinatingly unpredictable, largely dependent on the choices you make throughout the gameplay. Below, we will cover Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha in more detail. We hope that after reading this review, you will want to make the most of the Hello Neighbor 2 download button and finally run the game through its paces. Chances are Hello Neighbor 2 for PC will grow on you even despite some bugs and multiple challenges you will come across throughout the gameplay.

Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1: Spooky Scary Raven Brooks

In July we announced Hello Neighbor 2 the sequel to our original stealth horror game about sneaking into your creepy Neighbors house and released its first Alpha. Alphas are a great way for us to get some feedback from you and adjust the gameplay accordingly, and for the players to experience some of the upcoming game for free!

And now its the time for the next iteration Alpha 1.5. Come closer, avid Neighbor fans and new players, and let us tell you what to expect from this new Alpha.

Sneaky-Beaky Like

For anyone unfamiliar, welcome to Raven Brooks! A small town that seems to have a serious missing persons problem

The game takes place directly after the events of the original Hello Neighbor, and the Neighbor is missing.

You play as Quentin, a local journalist investigating this sudden string of cases. Your investigative prowess leads you to a creepy abandoned house only to discover its occupied by a mysterious, beaked individual who seems to really dislike trick-or-treaters. Naturally, you want to sneak into this house to find out whats going on, because knocking politely never got anyone the big scoop.

New tricks and treats! But mostly tricks

Initial gameplay had players exploring the creepy deserted house and the surrounding open world while being stalked by the raven-like AI. Players had to solve tricky puzzles while either outsmarting the raven man or hiding from him. This newest update improves virtually every gameplay aspect!

Way better than candy corn

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Play Hello Neighbor With Keyboard And Mouse

Playing Hello Neighbor with keyboard and mouse can be non-intuitive. Not because you have to play with a keyboard and mouse combination, but because the key and button combinations are not always the easiest to execute. See below:

  • The WASD keys control the movement .
  • The TAB key displays the inventory.
  • The numeric keys from 1 to 4 let us change the objects that the character is holding.
  • The space bar controls the ability to jump.
  • The mouse controls the movement of the view of our character.
  • The left mouse button lets us use the objects, and the right mouse button is used to release or launch them.

Installing And Activating The Mods

How To Play Hello Neighbor Mods On Xbox One

Once Hello Neighbor Mod Kit is installed, the green “Install” button will turn into “Run”. To install a mod you have to:

  • Unpack the content into: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\HelloDevKit\HelloNeighbor\Plugins .
  • Run Hello Neighbor Mod Kit.
  • Go to the “Settings” tab and open “Plugins” window.
  • You can see the window with modifications detected by the tool kit. Find the modification you want to play and be sure that the “Enabled” button is activated.
  • Now, go to the bottom part of the main window. There, you can see all files and folders of Hello Neighbor. To run a mod you need to open the following folders: Maps -> “Mod’s name” -> Content -> Maps.
  • Here, you can find a file – usually, its name should be the same as the installed mod. .
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    Hello Neighbor Game Guide

    Your wicked neighbor! Hello Neighbor guide contains walkthrough and helpful tips. This game guide can help you deal with the mysterious neighbor and reach his deepest secret hidden in the basement. You will find here also information about keys .


    A game guide, walkthrough, and tips for the game Hello Neighbor. This game guide can help you deal with the mysterious neighbor and reach his deepest secret hidden in the basement.

    How To Download And Play Hello Neighbor On Pc

    • Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store, or do it later

    • Look for Hello Neighbor in the search bar at the top right corner

    • Complete Google sign-in to install Hello Neighbor

    You can easily play Hello Neighbor on your computer or laptop when you download the free BlueStacks player. Available for both Mac and PC systems, the BlueStacks Android emulator allows you to install and run any Android game or app directly from your hard drive. This eliminates the extra steps of searching for cables to sync your mobile device and computer system, plus one to make sure your phone stays charged so you can play for a while. When you change the mobile game with BlueStacks, you just sit down and get your game on without any worry or hassle. Once you start playing Hello Neighbor on your computer, BlueStacks is packed with features that will enhance your sneaking skills and help you find the secrets that only your neighbor knows.

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    Hello Neighbor Xbox One

    Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game about sneaking into your neighbor’s house to figure out what horrible secrets he’s hiding in the basement. You play against an advanced AI, that learns from your every move. Really enjoying climbing through that backyard window? Expect a bear trap there. Sneaking through the front door? There’ll be cameras there soon. Trying to escape? The Neighbor will find a shortcut and catch you.

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    Hello Neighbor Xbox One Controls

    Hello Neighbor Act 1 Walkthrough Xbox One Version


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