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How To Play Fortnite On Xbox Without Xbox Live

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Other Solutions To Get A Free Xbox Live Gold Membership


There are also other solutions that allow you to obtain a subscription to the service. Xbox Live Gold free or almost. I am referring, in fact, to the ability to purchase a bundle with an included Xbox Live Gold membership. Alternatively, you can obtain the subscription in question by participating in the point collection program Microsoft rewards. In this sense, you can find more information on the following lines.

Why You No Longer Need Xbox Live Gold To Play Fortnite

You used to require an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play free-to-play games on Xbox, but that’s no longer the case.

If you’ve tried to play Fortnite without Xbox Live Gold in the past, you will have discovered that despite being free-to-play, you needed an Xbox Live Gold membership to play it.

If you have been burned this way in the past, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now play Fortnite on Xbox without an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Auto Aim Mod For Ps4 & Xbox One 2021

Press the left trigger to aim as you normally do and move your crosshairs towards a zombie. The mod will automatically cause the crosshairs for locking on the zombie and all you have to do is press the fire button. The auto-aim mod can be very useful in situations where you are overwhelmed by zombies.

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How Can You Play Fortnite Without Xbox Live Gold

You previously needed an active Xbox Live Gold subscription to play Fortnite, as well as a range of other free-to-play games, online, on your Xbox. This is because you needed a subscription to use online multiplayer features on the Xbox network, even for games that are free to play.

This was, suffice to say, rather silly. Especially when Microsoft’s console rivals, Sony and Nintendo, both let you play free-to-play games online without paying for the privilege.

Both of these companies have Fortnite on their consoles, both of them have a paid-for online multiplayer service, and yet both of them allowed people without memberships to play Fortnite online.

Which is probably why Microsoft finally relented and allowed people to play free-to-play games without Xbox Live Gold. Yes, that means all free-to-play games are available without an Xbox Live Gold subscription, not just Fortnite.

This move is just one of many boons for free players. For instance, you can now also use Xbox Party Chat without a membership, meaning you can talk online for free.

Online Multiplayer For Free


Today, we are sharing more details on our plans to make online multiplayer in free-to-play games available on Xbox without an Xbox Live Gold membership. As part of listening to your feedback, this change will take place starting today, and all Xbox players will be able to access online multiplayer at no charge for a library of over 50 free-to-play games that support online multiplayer.

The full list of more than 50 free-to-play games is available on and below the list will be updated as more free-to-play games launch. For more information about these changes and your Xbox membership options, please visit our FAQ.

  • 3on3 FreeStyle
  • Dead or Alive 5 Last Round: Core Fighters
  • Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters
  • Defiance 2050
  • The Four Kings Casino and Slots
  • Too Human

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Player And Technical Support

  • Nvidia GTX 1080, AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT, or equivalent GPU
  • 4 GB VRAM or higher
  • Intel Core i7-8700, AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, or equivalent
  • 16 GB RAM or higher
  • NVMe Solid State Drive
  • Windows 10 64-bit

I see an error when I attempt to install the Epic Games launcher. It says the installation package is not supported by this processor type.

A 64-bit OS is required to install the Epic Games launcher and to run Fortnite.

Im having trouble installing the game. What should I do?

Please contact our Support team by emailing them at for assistance.

Where can I get help if Im having in-game issues and need technical support?

If youre experiencing issues with the game and need technical support, reach out to us at

If you are experiencing issues with the Epic Games Launcher, check out the articles here.

Xbox Players Will No Longer Require Xbox Live Gold Membership To Play Over 50 Online Multiplayer Games

Microsoft is making over 50 games free to play on Xbox without an Xbox Live Gold membership. Now all Xbox players will be able to play these online multiplayer games for free. The party chat feature for these free-to-play games will also not require Xbox Live Gold membership. Microsoft will also make the Looking for Group option open to all users this month via a system update.

The Xbox website has been updated with the list of games that are now free to play. It will also display whether the game is free to play online or requires a subscription in the Microsoft Store. There are some features that still require a subscription and these include premium or paid game modes and experiences. Demos of games that require a pre-order or purchase, early access edition, trial license versions also require an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Theres an FAQ page for Xbox players to get more details about this new update.

As for the free-to-play Xbox games, heres the full list:

3on3 FreeStyle

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Is There Going To Be An Xbox Series S

We’ll learn more about the Xbox Series X and the next generation in August, so Microsoft may be responding to these rumors to some degree. The Xbox Series S should also be unveiled after months of speculation and will serve as something of an entry-level console for those looking for a more powerful machine without breaking the bank.

Xbox Live Gold No Longer Needed To Play Fortnite Warzone Or Roblox

How To Play Fortnite Without Xbox Live

Free-to-play games are now actually free on Xbox One and Series X/S, as Microsoft finally remove the need to have Xbox Live Gold.

Its a loophole that has persisted for years but up until now if you wanted to play free-to-play multiplayer games such as Fortnite and Call Of Duty: Warzone on Xbox then you still had to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription to do so.

Finally though, that is no longer the case and those two games, and more than 50 others, are now genuinely free to play on all Xbox formats.

Not even Nintendo charges for free-to-play games but now, as of April 21, theyre all completely free on all three console formats.

The news was announced last month but still might not have happened if Microsoft had not recently got itself into a PR blunder by trying to raise the price of Xbox Live Gold during the middle of lockdown.

Making free-to-play games free seems to have been offered as an apology for that move, although most gamers consider it long overdue.

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Where To Find Fortnite Inflate

These pesky disguises can be found in two ways: IO Chests and normal Chests.

However, there is one NPC on the Fortnite island selling these as well Rick Sanchez. For those who dont know, Sanchez can be found at the IO Base east of Weeping Woods .

NBA superstar LeBron James has officially joined Fortnites ICON Series skin set, with two outfits coming to the Fortnite Item Shop.

During the first day of the Epic Games vs. Apple trial, multiple planned or scrapped Fortnite crossovers had been leaked. The crossover information came from a Quarterly Business Review document for Epic Games. Among these leaks were planned crossovers with Naruto, Metroid, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, and more.

A crossover with LeBron James was also found in the court documents. The still image of LeBron James included the Icon Series logo. Players assumed a LeBron James Fortnite skin would be released during the Fortnite x NBA The Crossover event, but a set of customizable skins was released instead.

Epic Games put rumors to bed with an announcement on their official blog page on July 12, confirming the date NBAs MVP would be arriving in the world-famous Battle Royale.

He joins a list of celebrities to now have their own character in-game, including Marshmello, Ninja, Loserfruit, and more.

Is Minecraft Good On Xbox One

Posted 3 years ago . This is a very good gaming choice for people with an Xbox, it has great visuals and comes with mini-games that are loads of fun to play by yourself and with friends. It also has amazing multiplayer quality that doesnt make the game lag or glitch while playing with other people.

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Aimbot Fortnite Xbox One

Fortnite Xbox One Aimbot Download Download aimbot fortnite all my skins for fortnite xbox one.Partially fortnite ps4 duos partner form games air traffic control tower fortnite have approved new fortnite starter pack price that there skin typhon fortnite is a licensing to piece fortnite shoot through flaming hoops in …

The 5 Most Hated Skins In Fortnite


The Fortnite community is no fan of these skins.

Fortnite skins have taken on a life of their own since the game came out. Back in the early days, we couldnt imagine spending money on a free game. Now, hundreds of dollars later, were still padding our lockers as collectors of in-game cosmetics.

Some skins tell a lot about the player wearing them. A Peely? Theyre just trying to goof around and have some fun. A Dynamo? Sweat is probably pouring onto their keyboard at all times.

Today, were taking a look at the most hated skins in Fortnite the skins that elicit an immediate reaction from opponents. You better be ready for some backlash if you post a clip while wearing one of these skins.

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Which Multiplayer Games Will Be Free

Microsoft made a sweeping change across the Xbox platform, unlocking multiplayer across all free-to-play content on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles. That includes many of todays best Xbox games, including Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Apex Legends. Other highlights include Destiny 2, Hyper Scape, ROBLOX, SMITE, Warframe, and World of Tanks, to name a few. Future titles that launch for free on Xbox consoles will come with the same exemption from Xbox Live Gold restrictions. Heres the full list of free-to-play titles that dont require Xbox Live Gold on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S:

  • 3on3 FreeStyle

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Xbox Is Now Testing No Live Gold Requirement For Warzone Fortnite And More

Were turning this moment into an opportunity to bring Xbox Live more in line with how we see the player at the center of their experience, Microsoft added. For free-to-play games, you will no longer need an Xbox Live Gold membership to play those games on Xbox.

As well as access to online play, Xbox Live Gold offers subscribers purchase discounts and monthly free games that can be kept permanently on Xbox 360 or while a subscription remains active on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

In 2019, Microsoft started bundling Xbox Live Gold with its Xbox Game Pass subscription service in the form of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which costs $14.99/£10.99 per month and features on demand gaming and access to EA Play.

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Where Can I Get A Free Esports Logo

Whether you are looking for an esports logo, game club logo, game app icon or game avatar, you can find them all in your free game logo maker. It’s fast, easy and free. Use your game avatar maker to create the perfect logo design for your esports team, online gaming club, gaming clan or create your own gamer logo, it’s up to you.

Do You Need Xbox Live


This is the part where we tell you the good news.

You do not need an active Xbox Live subscription to play Fortnite.

That’s right! Fortnite is free to play whether you want to pay for Xbox Live or not.

This wasn’t always the case though. It is only recently that Microsoft managed to confirm that free-to-play titles on Xbox would be truly free-to-play.

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How Does The Creators Program Work On Xbox One

On Xbox One, which offers players a specially selected store, games released through the Creators Program are sold as part of the Creators Collection. This strikes a balance between providing an open platform where anyone can develop and deploy a game and an organized store that players know and expect.

Play Fortnite On Xbox Live

Players who were paying an amount of $9.99 every month for the Xbox Live Gold will no longer need to do so. Microsoft recently announced that playing it free-to-play titles on Xbox no longer require Xbox Live Gold.

Some people may experience that their Xbox account still asks to pay for Xbox Live Gold. According to Microsoft officials, they are trying very hard to bring the new change that doesnt require Xbox Live Gold membership for free-to-play games in the coming months. So, if you are facing the issue you should wait patiently till they update this change completely.

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Can You Play Rocket League On Xbox Without Xbox Live

Yes, Rocket League can now be played without Xbox Live on Xbox platforms. Microsoft confirmed in April 2021 that a number of major free-to-play online games are now available to be played without the need for Xbox Live. Some of these games include Epic Games’ Fortnite and Rocket League, as well as Apex Legends, Warframe, and Roblox.

Free-to-play now means free-to-play.Starting now, all Xbox players can access these free-to-play games with or without an Xbox Live Gold subscription:


Previously, online play was limited on both Xbox and PlayStation to their respective online subscription services. This business practice meant that if you wanted to play a game like Rocket League on Xbox, you’d need Xbox Live. If you wanted to play it on PlayStation, then you’d need PlayStation Plus.

Now that you can play Rocket League without Xbox Live on Xbox One and Series X|S, this could open the door for an abolishment of these kinds of policies for online platforms. After all, it’s kind of outrageous that if you purchase a game like Call of Duty, you additionally need to pay for Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus to access the features that you already purchased… when you bought the freakin’ game! Honestly, this is a disgusting business practice, and I’m bloody happy to see it flushed out with the dishwater. Good riddance.

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How To Play Fortnite Without Xbox Live Gold On Xbox One Free Like Sony Or Nintento

How to play fortnite without Xbox Live super easy

I received the Fornoite Xbox as a gift and what a nasty surprise, I need topurchase the xbox live GOLD to play Fortnite !!!

Please open for free Fortnite for xbox player, there is no technical reason to force user to purchase thexbox live GOLD for this FREE GAME !!! , it’s incredible, it’s FREE ON ALL PLATFORM EXCEPT XBOX !!!


PS : I’m disappointed if there is no solution, I’m going to resell my Xbox before the end of the year, and I will buy a PS4.


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Fortnite On Xbox Live

Players who were paying $9.99 per month for the Xbox Live Gold service just to play a free-to-play title will no longer need to do so.

youve said that free to play games no longer need Xbox live gold anymore so how come when I come into fortnite it shows this


According to the official release from Microsoft:

“For free-to-play games, you will no longer need an Xbox Live Gold membership to play those games on Xbox. We are working hard to deliver this change as soon as possible in the coming months.”

How Do I Install Games On My Xbox One

Install games on Xbox One: Disc. If you’re installing games from a disc to your Xbox One, the process is simple. After you’ve set up your Xbox One, insert the disc you purchased with the game into your Xbox One or Xbox One S charger. With either of these, you can begin installing the game you just loaded.

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Icipate In Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft rewards is Microsoft’s point collection program that allows you to win Virtual points by going up a level and completing some specific actions. For example, for every euro spent on Microsoft Store you can get a point if you are in 1 level of the program.

That said, by participating in the virtual activities required by Microsoft rewards it is possible to accumulate points to buy the service subscription Xbox Live Gold. In this sense, you will be interested to know that the one-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold costs 7,000 points guidance on 1 levelwhile at 2 level serve 6,800 points.

But keep in mind that you can also get the necessary points completely free of charge: in the panel win Points can be earned every day by answering questionnaires related to Microsoft products and services or by answering proposed surveys.

In this sense, if you intend to succeed and therefore want to participate in the program in question, connected to the official Microsoft Rewards website, then click the button. to access located in the upper right corner, to log in to your Microsoft account.

After that, click on yours name and then in the voice Awards displayed in the relative drop-down menu. Now, on the next screen, you will be shown yours level and me points that you have accumulated so far. Then check the card win already the section called Additional activities, to earn points.

This is how to play Fortnite without Xbox Live Gold.

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