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How To Open Xbox 360

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Solution : Diagnosing Usb Flash Drives

How To Open An Xbox 360 (BLACK) disassemble

Try to replace or reformat the USB flash drives connected to the Xbox console and then see if the problem gets fixed. Follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, turn off the Xbox.
  • Detach any USB flash drive connected to the Xbox console.
  • Now turn on the console again and try to play the game disc.
  • Observe that if your console can read the disc without the USB flash drive attached to it then replace it using a different USB flash drive.
  • How To Disassemble An Xbox 360 For Cleaning

    Be warned, following these steps WILL void your Xbox 360 warranty. It is therefore advised that you only follow this guide if your console is older than 3 Years.

    Xbox 360 and supplies .

    This is a classic white Xbox 360 Premium. Usually it has a hard drive attached, however this one did not when it arrived for cleaning.

    Start by removing the front bezel. Pull from the bottom or the right-hand side .

    Following this step WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY! Use you knife to carefully cut the warranty seal along the seam.

    Remove the bottom plastic grey vent. Pull from the front edge in one quick motion.

    Repeat the last step for the other end.

    Now grab your small, flat-head screwdriver.

    Insert the screwdriver as shown and with a force push down until you hear a click.

    Keep gently pulling apart the casing as you go.

    Here we see the rear of the case fully seperated.

    At the front the 360 you need to separate the locking tabs. I find this easier with the screwdriver but it can be done using just a fingernail. Again, gently separate the case as you move along.

    Lift off the bottom part of the case now and lay it flat, naked side facing up as shown.

    Remove the eject button, pulling it away from the right hand side. It may be quite stiff, but don’t worry.

    Now, again with your knife, slice along the warranty seal.

    Time to get out the T10 Torx Driver!

    Remove the screws. 6 in total. 2 at each side and another two in the middle. They are silver and DO NOT HAVE ROUNDED HEADS.

    Solution : Be Violent

    That actually helped certain people deal with this same issue and the reason for it is unknown. Sometimes simply being mildly violent with the console by closing and opening the tray repeatedly or by pushing the cartridge back on forth simply works and users have confirmed. A little smack on top of the Xbox 360 also worked to avoid the issue instead of solving it. This method is also easiest to try out before giving up.

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    How To Open An Xbox 360

    This article was written by Jack Lloyd. Jack Lloyd is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles. He is technology enthusiast and an English teacher. This article has been viewed 321,341 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to disassemble the case of an Xbox 360 classic model. The disassembly process for an Xbox 360 classic model is different than the disassembly process for an Xbox 360 Slim or an Xbox 360 E. Keep in mind that disassembling your Xbox 360 console will void your warranty.

    Solution : Clear System Cache

    Fixing the " Open Tray"  Error (for XBOX 360

    Another remedy for resolving the Xbox-360-open-tray-error could be clearing the system cache. This could be done as follows:

  • Browse to the settings option on your Xbox console and then hit the Memory icon.
  • Here highlight your hard drive and press the Y key.
  • A menu will open up on your screen. Then find and press the Clear system cache option.
  • Your Xbox should reset automatically now. If it doesnt do so you can do it yourself manually.
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    Manually Eject The Tray

    Start off by shutting down the console and removing all the cables plugged into it. Then, securely holding the console, use your thumbs to pull the faceplate off the front of it.

    With the faceplate off, insert a paper clip into the hole underneath the disc drives right side and push until some resistance is felt. This should cause the tray to pop out a bit, and you can open it the rest of the way with your hands. If this worked for you, skip the next paragraph, otherwise theres one more thing you can try.

    There are two more holes underneath the left side of of the disc tray. Insert a paper clip into the leftmost hole and push until you feel it hit something. If you pushed the internal gear correctly the disc tray should open slightly, and you can pull it out fully with your hands.

    With the tray now open, make sure the disc inside isnt sticky and causing the problem. Then plug the console back in and see if the tray is back in working condition. If not, reopen the disc tray the same way and move on to the next section.

    Solution : Repair Your Console

    If none of the above-mentioned solutions worked in your case then your console might need service or repair. You can submit an online application for service which is the quicker and easier method. At first you need to sign in at Device Services and select Register new device. After the registration step you can regularly check the warranty status of your device. You can check out Getting your Xbox serviced for submitting an online repair request.

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    Cracking Open The Xbox 360 S Slim

    Bill Detwiler cracks open Microsoft’s new, slim Xbox 360 S game console.

    At E3 2010, Microsoft unveiled a new version of the Xbox 360–the Xbox 360 S or “Slim”. The new console features a 250GB hard drive, integrated Wi-Fi, and sleeker design. The new Xbox 360 S retails for $299 . In this special TR Dojo photo gallery, I crack open the Xbox 360 S.

    Update 12/19/2011: This post originally appeared in our TR Dojo blog.

    How To Open Your Xbox

    How To Open An Xbox 360

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 106,481 times.Learn more…

    If your old Xbox is starting to fail and youre thinking about repairing it yourself, or you want to install a modchip in it, the first step is opening the case. Luckily, with the right tools, opening the Xbox case is only a short process. Follow this guide to learn how.

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    Getting Inside The New Xbox 360

    To get into the Xbox 360 youll need pretty much the same tools you needed to get into the old one. A flat head screwdriver helps, preferably one with a long, thin stem . Youll need a torx driver with T8 bit. A phillips head screwdriver if you want to remove the fan on the heatsink and a selection of thin/flat tools to help you pry bits of the case apart.

    The bad news is that the new Xbox 360 is not really any simpler to disassemble than the old one. I’ve included photos of the process here but for larger versions and even more than what I’ve included inline, check out the gallery below. As always, proceed at your own risk – we’re not responsible for any damange to your console that happens as a result of following these instructions. Also know that proceeding with this will surely void your warranty from Microsoft.

    To start youll want to first remove the hard drive. Next we have two plastic grates on the left and right of the system that pop right off. They are attached using clips along their edges so work one part out with your flat head driver and just pull the rest off.

    The side without the hard drive is a bit more difficult. I crammed a plastic tool between the chrome casing and the plastic grate to pull it off and then wedged my fingers in there to get the entire piece off.

    Now youve got line of sight into the system itself. Great.

    Youve got 6 on one side and 5 on the other chrome lip, the shots below should help you.

    The Easy Guide To Opening The Xbox 360

    There are some good guides out there on how to open the Xbox 360. However I have read a few places that people are a bit scared about opening the case from fear of damaging their console.

    This guide is supposed to be a really easy guide, with lots of pictures to show you how EASY it really is. You would really have to try to break your Xbox!

    Please note following this tutorial will break the warranty sticker and therefore void your warranty with Microsoft.


    • A Torx screwdriver sizes 9 & 10
    • Something thin, strong and pointy
    • A small flathead screwdriver

    Make sure there is no disc in the drive, and the power is off.

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    How To Open A Stuck Or Sticky Xbox 360 Disc Tray

    As our Xbox 360s continue to age the parts in them feel the wear of time and sometimes start to malfunction. While sliding disc trays didnt make the leap to the next generation of consoles, and werent even to be found on the Wii or PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 steadfastly held onto the aging technology.

    Now gamers are finding out why the technology evolved as their consoles disc trays become sticky and start to jam. Rest assured there are likely ways you can reach your stuck copy of Halo 3 and theres a chance you can fix the issue entirely.

    Cleaning The Internal Mechanisms

    How to open a Xbox 360 Slim

    Dont worry, you wont have to open up your console any more than you already have to try this potential solution. A video of this method is available here.

    One of the main mechanisms for opening your 360s disc tray is a simple rubber band. Holding firmly onto the open disc tray,use a small pair of tweezers or something similar to reach into the tray and grab the rubber band stretched around two rotating cylinders, making note of exactly where the band is. Be very careful to ensure the disc tray does not close, as it would be difficult to reopen without the rubber band in place.

    Using rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab, gently rub the alcohol over the surface of the band, getting the grime and dirt off. Using the same products, gently rub the cylinders the rubber band was on, slowly opening and closing the disc tray while doing so to rotate the cylinders. Then use another cotton swab to ensure the cylinders and rubber band are dry.

    While holding the tray open, carefully rewrap the rubber band back around the cylinders they were on.

    With any luck the newly cleaned opening mechanism will solve your disc tray issue.

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    Undo Front Case Clips

    This is now your last chance to back out of opening the console before breaking the warranty sticker on the case!

    The four case clips shown in the image below now need to be unclipped. This can be done with a fingernail or screwdriver.

    Once you have undone this clips, you can now lift up the top half of the case. You need to keep these apart now, otherwise they will clip back into place.

    Solution : Adjusting The Hardware

    In some cases, the hardware might get clogged due to the accumulation of certain dust particles inside the Xbox or in and around the cables. Therefore, if you havent tried it already, it is always a good choice to try to clean the Xbox Disc Tray, the Disc, and all the power cords and other cables connected to the console. Make sure to look for any clogged dust particles and remove them to allow for proper airflow and the optimal performance of the console.

    The disc that is inserted into the Xbox tray consists of two parts: one on which the disc spins and the second one is the laser which is used to read the disc. Sometimes an error occurs and the laser gets dragged out of its original position towards the outer edge of the disc drive. Therefore, you just need to get the laser back into its initial position and the error would get fixed. Be cautious and do not touch the upper top of the laser because this part comes in direct contact with the disc from where it reads the data.

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    How To Open A Wired Xbox 360 Controller

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 13 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 102,942 times.Learn more…

    In this tutorial you will learn how to open a wired Xbox 360 controller. This is very simple and allows you to do many things like add lights and a cool paint job, replace worn analog sticks, or to perform simple maintenance or repairs.

    Inside The Xbox 360 Elite

    How to open the Xbox 360 Slim Disk Drive tray without Damaging your Xbox

    With the cover removed, the Xbox 360 Elite’s DVD drive is clearly visible to the bottom left.Meanwhile, the unit’s two large fans sit at the back, while a large gray plastic air tunnel helps cool the console’s high-performance graphics chip. Note the second heat sink that’s been added to the unit at the bottom right this heat sink was not present in the first generation consoles.

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    Solution : Open Your Console And Clean The Laser

    Opening the Xbox is sure to get your off your warranty but it may be the only solution for you to get rid of the error. These types of issues are usually caused by a faulty or dusty laser and you can hope for the best that simply giving it a thorough cleaning will help you solve the issue easily.

  • Follow the instructions on how to open your Xbox from the top of the article.
  • Use a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol to clean the laser which is located at the disc tray like displayed on the photo.
  • Also, make sure you use a mini vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust inside and also use a couple of extra q-tips to get rid of the dirt.
  • Solution : Checking For Faulty Disc And Analyze Disc Specifications

    To check whether there is an issue with your disc try loading multiple discs into your Xbox console. The result you would get here would help you to determine if there is any problem with your disc or not. Perform the following steps for this:

  • Replace the old disc with a new one in your Xbox 360 console and try playing it.
  • If your console gets successful in playing this disc it means that the fault exists in your previous disc and you need to replace it. You can contact the disc manufacturer for the repair of the faulty disc too.
  • One of the things that you could try is to verify the discs type, region, and format. You can do this by looking at the packaging of the game disc. Since the 360 Xbox console cannot play all the Xbox games you need to check whether the disc is an Xbox 360 game or not. Xbox 360 games are clearly specified on the packaging of the disc. Secondly, verify the correct disc region. You can do it by counter checking the region code on your game disc. It should match with the country where you purchased your Xbox console originally. In short, you need to substantiate the fact that both your disc and Xbox 360 console belong to the same region.

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    How To Disassemble A Xbox 360

    This instructable requires overcoming the fear of playing with the innards of a $350 piece of equipment. The system is built with a sturdy steel chassis and requires Torx T8 and T10 screwdrivers to open.Knowing how to open your Xbox 360 will enable you to add whatever mods you like. I will be writing instructables on changing the LEDs in your ring of light, and adding cold cathode lighting to heating vents. You will also be able to access your DVD Drive and flash it to play backups, fix the Red Ring of Death, or upgrade various equipment in the console.Get ready to delve into Microsoft’s successor to the Xbox, and have some fun in your future projects.*** I am not liable for any damage or injury that occurs from following this instructable. The Xbox 360 is a piece of advanced equipment and can be irreparably damaged. Though the risk of breaking your system is highly unlikely if you follow the steps correctly, please do not complain to me if you brick your console. ***

    Fix: Xbox 360 Open Tray Error

    How to open a Xbox 360 Slim

    The Open Tray error on Xbox 360 is definitely one of the most troublesome errors you can encounter on your console as its cause is usually related to hardware, rather than software issues, meaning you sometimes really need to have someone to look at it or you need to perform some maintenance carefully.

    There are quite a few solutions to this problem and you never know which one might be suitable for your situation. If the Xbox 360 is not able to read discs, you are not able to install any new games or even play a game if it requires the disc to be inserted. Follow the solutions presented below to get rid of the Open Tray error once and for all.

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