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How To Open Up Xbox One

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Four Reasons To Take Apart An Xbox One Controller

How to Open an Xbox One Console

Your Xbox One controller gets a lot of action. As a result, it needs to be regularly maintained. Beyond occasionally wiping the buttons clean, you probably don’t do this.

However, maintenance to ensure long term performance from the controller requires you need to know how to safely take the Xbox One controller apart. This might be to:

  • Repair or replace a thumbstick
  • Repair or replace a button or trigger
  • Check battery connections
  • Clean any dirt that has accumulated around the controls
  • Keep reading to learn how to open your Xbox One controller for cleaning and repairs. Note that these steps are specifically for Microsoft-produced Xbox One and Xbox One S controllers rather than later or third party devices. If you have a third-party Xbox One controller, these typically feature eight screws than can be removed with a small Philips screwdriver.

    Having said that, you can use this guide to open a first generation Xbox Series X/S controller.

    What To Do When Xbox One Guide Wont Open

    • Geared up with a controller, HDMI and power cables, Kinect cam plus a power brick, the console was labeled as an all-in-one entertainment system by Microsoft. It’s easy to see where the name Xbox One comes from.
    • On top of that, the Xbox One also has a guide that lets you review and change settings, check messages and notifications, update your profile and perform a multitude of other tasks. If the guide wont open, you might find yourself struggling. But rest assured that there are solutions to have it running again and we have covered them in the article below.
    • Moreover, you can get all the help you need from our page, dedicated to fixing Xbox One issues.
    • For an extensive research on the topic, check out our Xbox troubleshooting hub and don’t forget to bookmark the page for further reference.

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    If youve been using your Xbox controller and then out of nowhere, the Xbox One guide wont open, it can be frustrating.

    When the guide wont open, then you may not be able to fulfill these tasks.

    Heres what to do when your Xbox One guide wont open and you really need to get gaming again.

    How To Clean Residue Off An Xbox Disc

    Use the microfiber cloth to wipe down both sides of the disc, especially the underside. You can add a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the cloth to buff out sticky spots, but be sure to let the disc completely dry before re-inserting it into your Xbox.

    That’s it! Once you’ve cleaned your Xbox One console, controllers, and discs, you can get back to enjoying the games you love.

    If you’ve tried these steps and still need a little help, we’re right around the corner. Schedule a repair at the nearest uBreakiFix® by Asurion or Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions⢠store and our certified experts can get your device back up and running as soon as the same day.

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    How Do You Open An Xbox One S To Clean It

    1:226:03How to Clean Xbox One S – Complete Teardown – YouTubeYouTubeInício do clipe sugeridoFinal do clipe sugeridoThe case from the Xbox one s. Once you get the case off you’re going to have a system that looksMoreThe case from the Xbox one s. Once you get the case off you’re going to have a system that looks similar to this and once all the screws are out then this top will just pop right off.

    Why You Need Open Nat On Xbox

    Xbox One S Teardown

    When connected to the Xbox network and playing online games, you may have seen terms thrown around indicating the leniency of NAT types. This somewhat represents your compatibility with other players, with stricter NAT types often experiencing issues with multiplayer connectivity.

    A good way of showing how NAT influences connectivity is through a handy grid courtesy of Xbox Support . This shows the compatibility between NAT types and why aiming for Open NAT makes for the best overall experience.


    On a surface level, users with Open NAT will usually see the best experience with Xbox multiplayer. While getting your NAT open is ultimately the end goal for the best connectivity, this has proven to be difficult for many users. One of the common solutions is port forwarding, or helping route gaming traffic directly to your console. We first recommend checking out our UPnP guide for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and returning to these steps if you’re still struggling with NAT.

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    How To Open Up An Xbox One Controller

    What kind of screwdriver do you need to open an Xbox controller?

    A Phillips screwdriver.

    What tools do you need to take apart an Xbox One controller?

    There are a few different tools that you will need to take apart an Xbox One controller. A Phillips head screwdriver is necessary for removing the screws around the controllers base, while a flathead screwdriver is helpful for removing the screws around the controllers buttons and sticks. Additionally, you will need a small Phillips head screwdriver to remove the battery cover.

    What do you need to unscrew a Xbox controller?

    There are six Phillips screws on the back of an Xbox controller.

    What size screws Xbox One controller?

    The Xbox One controller screws are M3 x 25mm.

    What is a T10 screwdriver?

    A T10 screwdriver is a type of screwdriver with a 10-point blade. It is designed for use in tight spaces and is often used to remove screws in furniture.

    What is a T6 screwdriver?

    A T6 screwdriver is a type of screwdriver with six blades. It is designed to handle screws that are either thicker or have a different head shape than a T5 screwdriver.

    How do you unscrew a T8 screw without a T8 screwdriver?

    There are a few ways to unscrew a T8 screw without a T8 screwdriver. One way is to use a Phillips head screwdriver. Another way is to use a flathead screwdriver.

    What is a T9 screwdriver?

    A T9 screwdriver is a type of screwdriver with nine blades.

    How do you take apart an Xbox One controller without Torx?What size is a T8 screwdriver?

    Perform A Full System Reboot

    If your Xbox One guide wont open, performing a system reboot usually fixes the chop as it is really the first line of action you can take, especially when you dont know what else to do.

    Usually, when you turn off your console, it goes to a standby mode, which means the next time you want to use it, you simply boot and it will awake fast.

    The full system reboot works in a rather similar way to how you reboot your computer when it has a problem you shut it down and start again.

    This usually solves some problems because like the Xbox One, your computer, too, gets slowed by other programs running in the background so a refresh is a good thing.

    The Xbox One needs a refresh after all the gaming, too, right?

    Rebooting, however, doesnt solve all problems like if a game or app stops working, but it should be your first line of action when your Xbox One guide wont open.

    However, its not every day that the normal happens, so heres how to perform a full system reboot when your Xbox One guide wont open:

  • Hold the power button down for several seconds to turn off the Xbox One completely. If you want to know that it has shut down, the light on the power brick turns to amber, not white.
  • Turn on the Xbox One again. You can use the power button on the controller to do this.
  • Try and check whether the guide is working again.

    Did a full system reboot help restore your Xbox One guide to normal functioning? If not, try the next solution.

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    How To Open An Xbox One S Console For Repair

    One of the biggest benefits of consoles is their simplicity. In contrast to PC, a platform built with the goal of accomplishing any task, consoles are designed specifically for gaming. What you lose in flexibility you gain in hardware tailored for the experience and only one company making the parts.

    Despite this closed ecosystem, sometimes there’s a reason to take a look inside your devices. While Microsoft strongly discourages users from opening Xbox One consoles, there are some valid reasons to whether performing minor tweaks or repairing a hardware issue outside of warranty. For those using Microsoft’s latest entry-level console, the Xbox One S, these are the steps to do so.

    Warning: By opening an Xbox One, you will void your console’s warranty. This can be a risky activity for those new to opening/modifying electronics and is recommended only to those confident in doing so. Perform the following steps at your own risk, with the chance of damaging your Xbox One.

    How To Clean An Xbox One

    How to open up an xbox one s
  • Unplug your console from the outlet and remove its power cable.
  • Use the microfiber cloth to wipe down the entire surface and exterior of your Xbox. Do circular motions to buff out fingerprints, smudges, and dirt.
  • Loosen the dust in and around the console’s ports, vents, and openings with the soft-bristled brush. You can also use the can of compressed air to blow away dust in these areas, but be sure to do only short bursts.
  • Grab your vacuum and hold the handheld attachment or hose near the console to remove any remaining dust in the console’s vents and ports.
  • Use the microfiber cloth to go over the Xbox’s surface one more time in case any dust has settled on top of it.
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    Performing Xbox One Controller Repairs

    Once you have successfully taken apart your Xbox One controller, you can attempt to make repairs. Some problems can be fixed by simply cleaning components, while other issues require you to replace components. In some cases, advanced skills like soldering are required to remove and replace components. Depending on your experience level, some of those repairs are better left to the professionals.

    Other fixes are much simpler, like repairing or replacing the d-pad ring. If your d-pad isn’t responding correctly, try this quick fix:

  • Use a prying tool or tweezers to carefully pop off the spring steel d-pad ring.

  • Carefully lift up the arms on the d-pad ring so that they apply more pressure, and reassemble. If that doesn’t fix your problem, you may need a new d-pad ring.

  • Remove The Back Cover

    The hardest part of the process is this first step, Xbox uses “Security Clips” to keep this back panel part in place. We found the easiest place to start is on the short side adjacent to the power input. From there, carefully work your way around the rest of the console feeling for where you can press in the security clips and pull the cover up.

    We recommend saving the extra security nub section for last, once you’ve already separated nearly all of the other security clips. Pressing in that small plastic piece will take a little extra coaxing but once you’ve pressed it in sufficiently, the back panel should free easily.

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    How To Do A Power Reset On Your Xbox One

    Once it becomes clear the Xbox One itself is the problem, it’s time to try a power reset the system’s internal power supply might be at issue, and note that we are here discussing the Xbox One X and S consoles we’ll cover the original Xbox One in a moment.

    1. To do a power reset, disconnect the power cable from the rear of the console and wait a full ten seconds. Now, reconnect the cable, then press the Xbox button on the front of the system.

    2. If it turns on, you’re all set.

    To reset the external power supply for the original Xbox One, do the following:

    1. Disconnect all cables from the console, the power supply itself, and the wall outlet.

    2. Wait 10 seconds, then reconnect the power supply to the wall, then the console to the power supply.

    Understanding Upnp In Gaming

    How to Open up an Xbox One Controller

    Ports are digital channels for your router, used for sorting incoming and outgoing internet traffic. UPnP essentially allows applications to forward ports automatically, avoiding the hassle of manual “port forwarding.” Although they often achieve the same end result, UPnP allows the console to request a port seamlessly, rather than requiring specific port numbers to be entered manually. And for many, it’s a simple flick of a switch.

    You should note that UPnP has seen heavy criticism in the past, due to a long list of security flaws associated with the technology. Malicious programs can leverage UPnP vulnerabilities, simply as a result of its open nature. So there might be some related security risk here. The technology is also far from standardized, meaning implementations can vary between routers, especially on older or less reputable models. It’s a case of slightly relaxing security for convenience, though generally, the risk isn’t high for home users.

    To maintain higher levels of security, port forwarding only creates specific port maps but requires a bit of manual work.

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    Configuring Xbox Game Bar

  • 1. This will open the Game Bar. Alternatively, type Game Bar into the Cortana search box and choose the top result.
  • 2Choose whether you are viewing a game or not. If you are viewing a game, check the box labeled “Remember this is a game.”
  • 3Link accounts to Game Bar. To do so, click on “Accounts” from the left tab, click on Sign in or Link next to the account name, and follow the prompts to sign in.
  • 4Configure Game Bar shortcuts. Choose the “Shortcuts” tab, then click on the box underneath the shortcut you want to configure, then press the desired key combination.
  • 5Choose the Game Bar theme. You can choose between Light, Dark, and System Default. Click on “Personalization”. From this menu, you can turn on/off Game Bar animations, as well as reset the overlay position.
  • 6Change recording settings. To do so, click on “Capturing”. You can choose to record automatically when playing a game (where then you can retrieve the last 30 seconds by using the key shortcut WinG as well as show microphone recording notifications and what to record.
  • 7Change notification settings. To do so, click on “Notifications”. You can silence all notifications while playing all or just fullscreen games, you can enable notifications when achievements are unlocked and when certain friends are online/send you messages, etc.
  • Updating The Controller To The Latest Version Directly From Xbox One

  • Turn on your console, make sure youre signed int your Xbox Live account and ensure that the latest system update is installed. To install the latest system update go to System > Settings > System > Updates & downloads. Then, go to the Updates tab and select the Update available menu . Then, follow the on-screen prompts to install the latest system update if available. Updating console firmware to the latest
  • Once this procedure is complete, connect your controller to a USB cable and plug into the USB port on your console. If youre not prompted to update your controller firmware automatically, go to System > Kinect & devices > Device & Accessories and select the controller that you want to update. Then, navigate to Device Info > Firmware version and choose Continue. Controller updating menu
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update, then restart your console and see if the headset is not connected successfully. Updated Xbox One Controller example
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    Updating The Controller Using A Pc

    If the problem with your Xbox Home button is so severe that you dont have the means to update the controller from your console, you can also do it using the Xbox Accessories app. Heres how to do this:

  • Press Windows key + R to open up a Run dialog box. Next, type ms-windows-store://home and press Enter to open up the Microsoft Store. Opening the Microsoft store via Run box
  • Once youre inside the Microsoft store, use the search function in the top-right corner of the screen to search for Xbox Accessories. After you arrive at the correct listing, click on the Get button to download the application needed for the controller update. Downloading an Xbox application from Microsoft Store
  • After you download and install the Xbox Accessories application, open it and connect your Xbox One controller using a USB cable or an Xbox Wireless Adapter.Important: For this procedure to be successful, you need to have the Anniversary Edition update installed.
  • Once the pairing process is complete, youll be prompted by a message saying that an update to the controller is required. When you see this prompt, follow the on-screen instructions to install the update. Updating the controller via Xbox Accessories
  • After the process is complete, disconnect your controller and pair it back to your Xbox One console to see if the issue is resolved.
  • If youre still having trouble with the home button while the controller is connected to your Xbox One console, move down to the next method below.

    Check Xbox Live Status

    How to Open up an Xbox One Controller

    Sometimes the status of Xbox Live could affect the Xbox Ones system functions. In order to check the status of Xbox Live, whether it is running or not, go to the Xbox support page, which shows you the status at the top left corner of the webpage.

    Did this help fix the chop? If not, see the next solution.

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