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How To Open Up An Xbox One Controller

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If Your Controller Isnt Connecting Check For Interference

How to Open up an Xbox One Controller

If youve exhausted every other option such as checking for dead batteries and youre still having trouble connecting your Xbox One controllers, its time to troubleshoot other possibilities. One of the most common contenders for this is interference in your play area, whether from other electronics, walls, or something unexpected, like radio or microwave interference.

The first step is to check that youre close enough to your Xbox One. This matters because your controller can only reach between 19 and 28 feet away. If you try to play from a much longer distance, you are more likely to have problems with your connection.

After that, make sure to note any barriers that might be blocking your controllers connection. Some of these obstacles might include walls, furniture, or even additional accessories you have plugged into your Xbox One. You should try to remove as many barriers as possible because having things in the way can worsen your signal.

Make sure you remove any metal items from your controller and console. Items like these can damage your signal. The last tip to remember: Turn your console off and on again for a clean slate. If you try all of this and youre still having connectivity problems, you should take a look at Microsofts support website for more tips or consider purchasing a new controller.

We hope this guide was helpful and that youre ready to check out all the best Xbox One games available.

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Wii U Pro Bluetooth Pairing

If you wish to use a Wii U Pro wireless controller with an Xbox One, PS4 or Xbox 360, be sure to connect a Pass-Thru Auth Controller to A1 before powering on the console.

  • Turn off the Console.

  • Ensure your wireless Wii U Pro Controller is turned off.

  • Plug in the short micro-USB cable to the back of the Zen and connect the other end to your PC or console.

  • Turn on the console with its power button and wait until it boots to the main menu.

  • Place your Wii U Pro Controller into Bluetooth pairing mode by pressing the SYNC button at the back for a few seconds.

  • The player LED indicators at the bottom of the Wii U Pro Controller will now begin to cycle.

  • Press the Bluetooth pairing button on the Cronus Zen. The RGB LEDs will flash BLUE to show Bluetooth pairing has begun.

  • Within a few seconds the Zen RGB LED will change to WHITE indicating that pairing is complete.

  • Once paired, the player LED corresponding to the controller number will remain lit.

  • That’s it!You are now connected to the Cronus Zen and ready to use your Wii U Pro controller wirelessly. Test the controller in-game to make sure you have full functionality before attempting to use any GPC Scripts or GamePacks.

  • How To Pair An Xbox One Controller With Your Iphone Or Ipad

    The iPhone and iPad finally feel like proper traditional game systems now that iOS and iPadOS support some Xbox One controllers and PlayStation DualShock 4 controllers. Were focusing on the Xbox One S controller in this article, so youll want to head here if you need to hook up a DualShock 4.

    Unfortunately, you cant use any ol Xbox One gamepad. Youll specifically need the Bluetooth-compatible model that was made for the Xbox One S or the new $179.99 Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 , and youll need to be running iOS or iPadOS 13 or later.

    If you dont want to bother looking for a number on a non-Elite controller, you can tell at a glance if your controller will work by looking for a segmented plate around the Xbox button . If your controller doesnt have one, youre probably good to go.

    Jason Cross/IDG

    The face of the controller will look like a solid piece if it supports Bluetooth.

    Making sure the controller works is the hardest part. Setting it up only takes a couple of seconds, and after that it should work with any game with MFi controller support.

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    How To Configure An Xbox Controller On Windows 10

    If you use your Xbox controller with your PC, you can still configure it in the same way. You’ll need to install the free Xbox Accessories app from the Microsoft Store to do this.

    Open the app and connect your Xbox controller to your PC using a USB cable. Your controller should appear on the app’s main screen. From there, it will work exactly like the Xbox interface examined above. Click Configure to create multiple controller profiles with buttons assigned as you like.

    For a full guide, see how to set up your Xbox controller on Windows 10.

    How To Pair An Xbox One Controller With An Iphone Or Ipad

    How to Open up an Xbox One Controller
  • Open the Settings app.

  • Press Bluetooth. Bluetooth is probably already on, but if it isnt, flip the Bluetooth toggle at the top of the next page to green.

  • While the Bluetooth menu is still open, grab your Xbox One controller and make sure its charged. Turn it on by pressing the Xbox logo button.

  • Press the wireless enrollment button on the back of your Xbox One controller and hold it down for a few seconds. The light on the Xbox button should start flashing quickly

  • On your iPhone or iPad, you should see Xbox Wireless Controller pop up under Other Devices in the Bluetooth menu. Press it.

  • The light on your Xbox button should immediately stop flashing and stay lit. Your Xbox One controller is now paired.

  • Jason Cross/IDG

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    Find The Connect Button On The Xbox One

    To pair your controller to your Xbox One, youll need to activate the connection on both the console and the controller. First, locate the Connection button on the console. On the original Xbox One, youll find that button on the left side of the console, near the disc tray.

    On the Xbox One X and Xbox One S, the Connection button is on the bottom right corner of the front of the console, beneath the power button. Pressing the button should trigger the white Xbox logo to start blinking, indicating that the console is searching for a controller signal.

    Button Mapping And Global Tweaks

    Choose Configure from the main Xbox Accessories page to open a list of controller profiles. Here, you can create a unique profile for specific games or players. Once you’ve picked a profile, select the Edit button to configure button mapping for it.

    Here, you’re able to change the button functionality for anything on your controller. Select the dropdown box at the top that says by default to choose a button to remap, then select what it should do in the Map to box.

    For example, if you are used to the Nintendo Switch controller layout and prefer to have the right button act as “accept” instead of the bottom one, you can remap A to B to swap the two. What you do is completely up to your preferences.

    Of particular note are the and options. By default, pressing will take a screenshot, and holding it will record what just happened. But you can change these, as well as setting one to Start/Stop recording if you prefer.

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    Take a look at the checkboxes below on this page, too. These let you swap the two control sticks, invert the Y axis globally, and swap the triggers. You can also disable vibration if you don’t want it in any game.

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    How To Fix Stick Drift On Xbox One And Series X/s Controller With Pressurised Air

    This is the first port of call when combatting that pesky stick drift, which is likely to be caused by a build-up of dust, grease and dead skin cells after many hours of playtime. Step one is to buy some pressurised air.

    Once youve got your hands on that, you can start the process of fixing your Xbox One controller. Turn it off first, of course, then use the air tube to blow at the bottom of your analog sticks. Move them around a bit as you do so, but make sure to not do it constantly as it can damage the controller if used too much. Short, sharp bursts should do the trick.

    After this is done, carefully wipe away any excess dirt and wiggle your sticks around the full range of motion for a couple of minutes. Hopefully, this will have fixed your issue.

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    How To Clean Your Xbox Controller

    How to Open the Xbox One Controller TUTORIAL! / Inside the Xbox One Controller

    Although you can go many months without noticing any grime on your controller, its probably littered with dust and hand oil after only a few weeks. In this guide on how to clean your Xbox controller, were going to show you how to get your controller looking brand new.

    In addition to cleaning the outside, were going to talk about taking apart your Xbox controller to clean the inside. This is an advanced process that could break your controller, so only attempt it if youre comfortable dealing with electronics. After youre done cleaning your Xbox controller, be sure to read our guide on cleaning your PS4 controller.

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    Pair Your Controller To Your Console Wirelessly

    To stop your Xbox One controller from blinking and pair it to your console, just press down on the pair button on your Xbox One console and then release it, and within 20 seconds, hold down the corresponding pair button on your controller.

    The controller should flash more rapidly for a moment, then display a continuous light. When that happens, it’s paired.

    How To Take Apart Xbox One Elite Controller – Photo by

    If you own the Xbox One Elite console instead, youll notice that the controller is different from the standard one. Now if you want to know how to take apart Xbox One controller of this series, then follow these steps:

    1. Prepare Soldering Iro, iFixit Opening Tools, T6 Torx Screwdriver, and T8 Torx Screwdriver along with the controller.

    2. Remove the side panels with a pry tool.

    3. Remove the 5 Torx Security Bit screws.

    4. Pop the back panel off by prying the panel next to the 3.5mm port.

    5. Carefully remove the ribbon so that you wont rip the ribbon cable. You can pop the connector up to remove the ribbon easily.

    6. Screws on controller motherboard by removing the 2 Torx screws.

    7. Desolder wires from motherboard. Do it to the 4 wires on each side, these control the vibrations and the RT LT.

    8. Remove the motherboard by pulling up from the “top” side of the controller on the sister board.

    9. Remove the Home Button Cover. Be careful not to lose the sync button. Do so by prying the middle section up from the home button side. Note that this will also remove the LB and RB which is a single part.

    10. Remove the controller daughterboard by unscrewing the 6 Torx screws.

    11. Youve successfully dissembled your Xbox One Elite Controller.

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    Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver Pairing

    To game with an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, you must use an Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver.

  • Connect Zen to a Windows PC via the PROG USB port, using the supplied mini-USB cable, then open the latest version of Zen Studio. Go to Tools Device Monitor.

  • Connect the Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver to Zen’s A3 USB port. Wait at least 5 seconds for it to register with Cronus Zen.

  • Turn on your licensed Xbox 360 Wireless Controller by pressing the Guide Button

  • Press and hold the SYNC button on your Xbox 360 controller until the Guide Buttonstarts to flash. You have 20 seconds to pair with the receiver.

  • Press the SYNC button on the Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver.

  • Within a few seconds your Xbox 360 controller’s Guide Buttonwill stop flashing indicating that pairing is complete

  • That’s it!The Xbox 360 controller is now fully paired to the Cronus Zen and you’re ready to use it wirelessly with the gaming system of your choice. When connecting to a console, simply follow the Authentication rules and you’ll be good to go.

  • You only have to run this pairing procedure once. As soon as the process is complete, all you need to do in future is simply connect the wireless receiver to the A3 USB port and turn on your controller. It will sync in a matter of seconds and you’re good to go!

    Find more detailed information about Xbox 360 Controllers here:

    Enable Or Disable Open Xbox Game Bar Using Controller In Windows 10

    How to Sync an Xbox One Controller? in 2020

    Enable or Disable Open Xbox Game Bar using Xbox button on Game Controller in Windows 10Shawn BrinkGamingEnable or Disable Open Xbox Game Bar using Xbox button on Game Controller in Windows 10Xbox Game BarXbox Game BarXbox Game BarXbox Game BarXboxWindows 10

    • Option One: Enable or Disable Open Xbox Game Bar using Xbox button on Game Controller in Settings
    • Option Two: Enable or Disable Open Xbox Game Bar using Xbox button on Game Controller using a REG file

    EXAMPLE: Xbox button on Xbox One Controller

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    How To Cancel Origin Access Account Subscription

    There is a very simple and easy to follow method for you to follow in order to learn how to take apart Xbox One controllers and then put them back together again.It really does not take long at all and you will find that it is actually much safer to take this route rather than trying to take apart the pieces on your own.If you follow the simple steps below then you will be able to successfully complete the task of how to take apart Xbox One controllers.

    How To Take Apart Xbox One Controller Without Torx – Photo by

    Dissembling your Xbox One controller with Torx screwdriver may be the best option since its fairly easy to use. But if by chance you have none at home and still you need to fix that irksome unruly buttons on your controller ASAP, there is an alternative way.

    Follow the tutorial below to know how to take apart Xbox One controller without using a special driver.

    1. Prepare a 2mm slotted driver, preferrably electronics grade.

    2. Get your two millimeter slotted bit , there are seven screws including the hidden bonus screw.

    3. Wedge the screwdriver and you can unscrew them easily. Note that you have to unscrew all of them, or it wont come apart.

    4. Youve successfully taken apart Xbox One controller without using the special screwdriver!

    The good news is that you dont have to modify the screws, screwdriver, or go searching for a custom screwdriver to perform this tutorial on how to take apart Xbox One controller!

    Now thats all on how to take apart Xbox One controller, hope it helps!

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    How To Fix Xbox One Home Button Not Working

    Theres a sure of Xbox One reports with users claiming that the Home button is suddenly not working, even when the controller is connected to the console. While some users are reporting that the problem is occurring on and off, others say that the home button is no longer working. As it turns out, the issue seems to be occurring with both wireless controllers and controllers connected via USB cable.

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    How to Open an Xbox One Controller WITHOUT Torx Screwdrivers

    This $25 adapter has some benefits over Bluetooth. For starters, you can use up to eight gamepads with the adapter, while Microsoft recommends using just one at a time with Bluetooth. The headset jack is also enabled if you use the adapter, with adjustable settings in the Xbox app for Windows 10.

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    Xbox One Launch Model

    The original controller launched with the Xbox One console in November 2013 was black, with colored face buttons. A commemorative white variant was issued to Microsoft employees at launch, but was not available to the public until almost a year later, initially bundled with a matching white console and Sunset Overdrive.

    Using Your Xbox One Controller

    Using a wired Xbox One controller on PC is as simple as it gets, if you don’t mind a tether. Plug your micro-USB cable into the controller and into a USB port on your PC. Windows should install the necessary driver, the Xbox Guide button in the center will light up, and you’re in business!

    Windows version note: On Windows 10, you can connect up to eight Xbox One controllers, while on Windows 7 and Windows 8, you can connect up to four. On Windows 10, you can only have four controllers connected if you also connect an Xbox chat headset to the controller or two with the stereo headset. Audio throughput isn’t supported on Windows 7 and 8.

    Troubleshooting note: the vast majority of micro-USB cables carry data no problem, but some manufacturers cheap out and produce cables that can only charge. If you’re using a random USB cable from a drawer and having trouble, try a different one.

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    Turn On The Xbox One & Connect To The Internet

    Turn on the Xbox One and your controller by pressing the Xbox logo button on each of them. When the operating system is loaded, you are asked to press the A button on the controller. Then, you are asked to select the language you want to use. Browse to the language you want and press A .

    You are asked to select where you live. The list of countries available is not very long. If, like myself, you are based in a country that’s not on the list, choose the country that’s closest to yours.

    Now it is time to connect the Xbox One to the Internet. You are asked which of the available networks is yours. If you want to connect the Xbox One to the network with a network cable, plug one end it in the back of the console, in the network port and the other end in the router. Then, select “Use wired connection”.

    If you want to connect the Xbox One to your wireless network, browse the list of available networks and select your network. Now you are asked to enter the password for the selected wireless network. Type it using the keys displayed on the screen . Then, press the Enter button on your controller.

    Xbox One takes some time to connect to the selected network and then it checks whether it can access the Internet or not. If all is well, you are informed that you are connected. Select Continue and move to the next step in this guide.

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