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How To Open And Clean Xbox One

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How To Clean Xbox One In 3 Steps

How To Open A Xbox One (Original) | Clean | Thermal Paste | Fix

If you are a happy owner of Xbox console its crucial to keep it clean if you want to last it for a long time and maybe even sell it later at a decent price.

Dust can easily build up, and generate different problems with the console. Thats why our handy guide to cleaning your Xbox One would be handy. This is what to do to maintain your console clean and shiny!

Repair The Xbox Controller

If you prefer to not open the controller up yourself, the best option is to visit a service center and get it repaired professionally. If it is under warranty, this is what you need to do asap. Now, in case the product is defective and unfixable, you may get a replacement. Just speak to Microsoft support and they will help you out. And if the warranty period is over, a new Xbox controller could be calling your name.

So, thats basically what you can do if your Xbox One or Series X,S controller has sticky or jammed buttons. For more Xbox related guides, be sure to explore more on Gamer Tweak.

Fix: Xbox 360 Open Tray Error

The Open Tray error on Xbox 360 is definitely one of the most troublesome errors you can encounter on your console as its cause is usually related to hardware, rather than software issues, meaning you sometimes really need to have someone to look at it or you need to perform some maintenance carefully.

There are quite a few solutions to this problem and you never know which one might be suitable for your situation. If the Xbox 360 is not able to read discs, you are not able to install any new games or even play a game if it requires the disc to be inserted. Follow the solutions presented below to get rid of the Open Tray error once and for all.

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Cleaning The Inside Of Your Xbox 360

There are some people capable of taking an Xbox apart and cleaning the inside of it. And though I am one of those people, I am of the opinion that you shouldnt open your Xbox unless there is something wrong with it. And when there is something wrong with it, you are probably not the one to fix it. I have seen videos of people fixing their heat sinks, and it looks pretty easy. But did you notice a lot of dust inside? I didnt. The truth is, it will take years and years before you have enough dust inside your machine to cause a problem. And by then you will have a new gaming console, so dont worry about it. Just leave the inside alone. To help keep dust out of the inside, just keep your home clean. And occasionally clean the outside of your Xbox. If you begin to have problems with your Xbox, notify Microsofts customer service. If the warranty is expired, there are a lot of resources for Xbox repair and service on the web. You are not alone. Game on.

How To Clean Xbox One Controllers

How To Take Apart Xbox One S To Clean

The hard work is done, and now all that’s left to clean are your gaming accessories. Unlike your console, you can use disinfectant wipes on Xbox wireless or adaptive controllers . You can also use rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth. It’s simple:

  • Disconnect and turn off your controller by pressing the Xbox button for 5â10 seconds.
  • Use a disinfectant wipe or apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to a microfiber cloth and wipe both analog sticks, especially at the base. Be sure to move each stick around as you clean.
  • Wait for the alcohol to completely dry on your controller before using it.
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    How To Open An Xbox One S Console For Repair

    One of the biggest benefits of consoles is their simplicity. In contrast to PC, a platform built with the goal of accomplishing any task, consoles are designed specifically for gaming. What you lose in flexibility you gain in hardware tailored for the experience and only one company making the parts.

    Despite this closed ecosystem, sometimes there’s a reason to take a look inside your devices. While Microsoft strongly discourages users from opening Xbox One consoles, there are some valid reasons to whether performing minor tweaks or repairing a hardware issue outside of warranty. For those using Microsoft’s latest entry-level console, the Xbox One S, these are the steps to do so.

    Warning: By opening an Xbox One, you will void your console’s warranty. This can be a risky activity for those new to opening/modifying electronics and is recommended only to those confident in doing so. Perform the following steps at your own risk, with the chance of damaging your Xbox One.

    How To Open Xbox One Controller

    If you use a lot of Xbox One controllers. Compatible with several devices , not just the Xbox One, this controller can be smashed, dropped or dirty. Hand grease, sweat, food and other debris can be found on surfaces, corners and crevices.

    Second, there is a problem with the feedback motor, buttons, and thumbstick. That is, the Xbox One controller needs to be taken care of. To do this, you need to know how to open, clean, repair, and reassemble your Xbox One controller.

    So today, in this article, we will explain how to open Xbox one controller.

    4 Reasons to open Xbox One Controller

    The Xbox One controller performs many actions. As a result, it requires regular maintenance. You probably wont do this other than occasionally wiping the buttons clean.

    However, maintenance to ensure long-term performance from the controller requires knowing how to safely safely the Xbox One controller. It looks like this:

    Repair or replace the thumbstick

    Repair or replace the button or trigger

    Check battery connection

    Removes dirt that collects around the control

    Please note that these steps are specific to Microsoft-created Xbox One and Xbox One S controllers, not later devices or third-party devices. If youre using a third-party Xbox One controller, they usually have eight screws that you can remove with a small Philips screwdriver.

    Now, you can use this guide to open your first-generation Xbox Series X / S controller.

    What you need to open your Xbox One controller?

    Torx screwdriver

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    Now You Know How To Clean Your Xbox One Controller

    From simple exterior cleaning to cracking it open to clean inside, your Xbox One or Series S|X controller should now be clean.

    We’ve given you everything you need to clean your Xbox One controller, except the materials. Be sure you have them on hand before you start cleaning. Keeping your game controller clean is something you can easily keep on top of with a quick wipe down. However, you should probably make a point of giving your Xbox One controller a deep clean once a month.

    Once you’re done with your game controllers, it might be time to make your workspace clean and virus free.

    How To Clean Your Xbox Controller

    How to Clean Your Xbox One WITHOUT Opening it

    Although you can go many months without noticing any grime on your controller, its probably littered with dust and hand oil after only a few weeks. In this guide on how to clean your Xbox controller, were going to show you how to get your controller looking brand new.

    In addition to cleaning the outside, were going to talk about taking apart your Xbox controller to clean the inside. This is an advanced process that could break your controller, so only attempt it if youre comfortable dealing with electronics. After youre done cleaning your Xbox controller, be sure to read our guide on cleaning your PS4 controller.

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    Four Reasons To Take Apart An Xbox One Controller

    Your Xbox One controller gets a lot of action. As a result, it needs to be regularly maintained. Beyond occasionally wiping the buttons clean, you probably don’t do this.

    However, maintenance to ensure long term performance from the controller requires you need to know how to safely take the Xbox One controller apart. This might be to:

  • Repair or replace a thumbstick
  • Repair or replace a button or trigger
  • Check battery connections
  • Clean any dirt that has accumulated around the controls
  • Keep reading to learn how to open your Xbox One controller for cleaning and repairs. Note that these steps are specifically for Microsoft-produced Xbox One and Xbox One S controllers rather than later or third party devices. If you have a third-party Xbox One controller, these typically feature eight screws than can be removed with a small Philips screwdriver.

    Having said that, you can use this guide to open a first generation Xbox Series X/S controller.

    Solution : Checking For Faulty Disc And Analyze Disc Specifications

    To check whether there is an issue with your disc try loading multiple discs into your Xbox console. The result you would get here would help you to determine if there is any problem with your disc or not. Perform the following steps for this:

  • Replace the old disc with a new one in your Xbox 360 console and try playing it.
  • If your console gets successful in playing this disc it means that the fault exists in your previous disc and you need to replace it. You can contact the disc manufacturer for the repair of the faulty disc too.
  • One of the things that you could try is to verify the discs type, region, and format. You can do this by looking at the packaging of the game disc. Since the 360 Xbox console cannot play all the Xbox games you need to check whether the disc is an Xbox 360 game or not. Xbox 360 games are clearly specified on the packaging of the disc. Secondly, verify the correct disc region. You can do it by counter checking the region code on your game disc. It should match with the country where you purchased your Xbox console originally. In short, you need to substantiate the fact that both your disc and Xbox 360 console belong to the same region.

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    Cleaning Your Xbox 360 Console

  • Unplug all the cords and perform a visual inspection of the outside of your Xbox. Look for stains, dirt, and accumulations of junk. As long as you are not using your Xbox as a beer holder or foot rest, you shouldnt have any major buildup. Also, keeping your house clean and dusting occasionally will decrease the likelihood of your Xbox getting dirty.
  • If you locate a bit of buildup, use a dry towel to wipe the outside of your Xbox off. Dont use any liquids or solvents to clean your Xbox. These do not mix well with the electronic components. Dont use an abrasive cloth or scrub brush to clean your Xbox either.
  • Remove the faceplate carefully. Gently pull out one side of the faceplate. If that side doesnt release easily, try the other side. Use a dry cloth and gently wipe the outside of the ports. Dont stick anything inside the ports themselves. The connections are delicate and could easily break.
  • Microsoft does not recommend putting objects into the ventilation holes to clean them. You could damage the fans or just push dirt further inside your machine. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust out. Dont use a air can as that may just blow more dust inside.
  • Clean the footpads with a dry towel. The footpads should be kept clean so that the Xbox doesnt tip over or slip. We keep our Xbox on its side to keep it from tipping over. It is designed to be set up either way. Our way seems more logical to me.
  • How To Disassemble An Xbox 360 For Cleaning

    How To Take Apart Xbox One S To Clean

    Be warned, following these steps WILL void your Xbox 360 warranty. It is therefore advised that you only follow this guide if your console is older than 3 Years.

    Xbox 360 and supplies .

    This is a classic white Xbox 360 Premium. Usually it has a hard drive attached, however this one did not when it arrived for cleaning.

    Start by removing the front bezel. Pull from the bottom or the right-hand side .

    Following this step WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY! Use you knife to carefully cut the warranty seal along the seam.

    Remove the bottom plastic grey vent. Pull from the front edge in one quick motion.

    Repeat the last step for the other end.

    Now grab your small, flat-head screwdriver.

    Insert the screwdriver as shown and with a force push down until you hear a click.

    Keep gently pulling apart the casing as you go.

    Here we see the rear of the case fully seperated.

    At the front the 360 you need to separate the locking tabs. I find this easier with the screwdriver but it can be done using just a fingernail. Again, gently separate the case as you move along.

    Lift off the bottom part of the case now and lay it flat, naked side facing up as shown.

    Remove the eject button, pulling it away from the right hand side. It may be quite stiff, but don’t worry.

    Now, again with your knife, slice along the warranty seal.

    Time to get out the T10 Torx Driver!

    Remove the screws. 6 in total. 2 at each side and another two in the middle. They are silver and DO NOT HAVE ROUNDED HEADS.

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    How To Open Your Xbox One Fan

    Also, you can open your Xbox One to clean the fan. But, this process is highly risky if you dont have experience with such a thing. If you have previous experience at opening electronic devices and youre handy, its actually not too difficult. If you will use this method, its important to have necessary tools like small screwdrivers for electronic devices in your home. Be careful that your Xbox One is unplugged. There are so many tutorials on the internet, especially on Youtube. You can watch this example and see how to do it. If you arent confident with this matter, it would be better to seek professional help.

    How To Open An Xbox One S

  • Turn the Xbox One S upside down, with the black side facing upwards.
  • Locate the tamper-resistant warranty sticker located on the rear corner of the device.
  • Remove the sticker from the console, using either a pair of tweezers or your finger.

  • Use an opening tool to pry the black base away from the remainder of the Xbox One S, starting in the corner where the warranty sticker was removed. We recommend using a plastic tool, to prevent heavy scratching.
  • Continue to work around the sides of the console using the prying tool, detaching the clips built into the base. A fair amount pressure must be applied to detach them, though be careful not to damage nearby ports. Firm clicking sounds will be made when each of these clips is detached. A metal interior casing will be exposed once the base has been removed.

  • Remove the six green screws located across the console’s inner casing, using a TR10 Torx security screwdriver. This will detach all internals from the white plastic casing that surrounds the console. Ensure these screws are kept in a safe location, as they are required to reassemble the device later on.

  • Push the sides of the white shell outwards, detaching the rear panel.
  • Lift the main body of the Xbox One S from the upper casing.
  • Flip the console over, with the fan pointing upwards.

  • Lift the metal panel, to reveal the components underneath. This is held in place by soft padding and requires little force.
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    Performing Xbox One Controller Repairs

    Once you have successfully taken apart your Xbox One controller, you can attempt to make repairs. Some problems can be fixed by simply cleaning components, while other issues require you to replace components. In some cases, advanced skills like soldering are required to remove and replace components. Depending on your experience level, some of those repairs are better left to the professionals.

    Other fixes are much simpler, like repairing or replacing the d-pad ring. If your d-pad isn’t responding correctly, try this quick fix:

  • Use a prying tool or tweezers to carefully pop off the spring steel d-pad ring.

  • Carefully lift up the arms on the d-pad ring so that they apply more pressure, and reassemble. If that doesn’t fix your problem, you may need a new d-pad ring.

  • How To Clean An Xbox One

    How to properly open A Xbox One for Maintenance, Repair & cleaning A to Z
  • Unplug your console from the outlet and remove its power cable.
  • Use the microfiber cloth to wipe down the entire surface and exterior of your Xbox. Do circular motions to buff out fingerprints, smudges, and dirt.
  • Loosen the dust in and around the console’s ports, vents, and openings with the soft-bristled brush. You can also use the can of compressed air to blow away dust in these areas, but be sure to do only short bursts.
  • Grab your vacuum and hold the handheld attachment or hose near the console to remove any remaining dust in the console’s vents and ports.
  • Use the microfiber cloth to go over the Xbox’s surface one more time in case any dust has settled on top of it.
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    Reassemble An Xbox One Controller

    When you’re satisfied the Xbox One Controller is ready to use again, simply follow the instructions above in reverse to reassemble the device.

    Whether you’ve cleaned it or made a repair, once reassembled your Xbox One controller should be working as normal once again. If not, consider buying a replacement controller, or looking at other troubleshooting steps.

    Solution : Open Your Console And Clean The Laser

    Opening the Xbox is sure to get your off your warranty but it may be the only solution for you to get rid of the error. These types of issues are usually caused by a faulty or dusty laser and you can hope for the best that simply giving it a thorough cleaning will help you solve the issue easily.

  • Follow the instructions on how to open your Xbox from the top of the article.
  • Use a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol to clean the laser which is located at the disc tray like displayed on the photo.
  • Also, make sure you use a mini vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust inside and also use a couple of extra q-tips to get rid of the dirt.
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