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How To Make Games Install Faster On Xbox One

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Check Your Xbox One Internet Connection

How To Install Games 50x Faster on Xbox One! (2017)

If your Xbox One download speeds are slow, the first step is to check your connection. This will show you the amount of speed, packet loss and latency your Xbox currently has. To check the connection:

  • Open the Settings app on your Xbox.
  • Find the Network tab.
  • Select Network Settings.
  • Select Test network speed & statistics.
  • Wait for your connection to be checked. Once it is done, youll see the speeds, packet loss and latency values displayed on the screen.
  • If you regularly check your connection and notice that youre experiencing download speeds much slower than the speeds you pay for from your internet provider, there may be a problem with your connection. You can follow the rest of our tips for speeding up your Xbox One downloads to see if your connection improves. Check out our guide on internet speeds for gaming for more information on how much speed youll need for the best gaming experience.

    How To Speed Up Xbox Downloads By Suspending Your Game

    1. With an Xbox game loaded, press the Xbox button on your gamepad. From the menu that appears, select My games & apps.

    2. On the next menu, press See all.” Its the item at the very top of the list.

    3. Scroll down to Manage Queue,” and select it. Its the item at the bottom of the list on the left.

    4. Select Queue to see all the apps currently being downloaded and updated.

    5. The Xbox will have detected youre in a game, and will give you an option to exit and boost download speeds. Simply press Suspend my game and your download speed should get an instant boost.

    With games that support Quick Resume, your exact position should be stored the next time you load the game.

    Quit Other Games And Apps In The Background

    The first and foremost thing you can do is to quit all the other running games and apps in the background. You should do this especially if you have an application or game thats running on the internet in the background. As such programs roll in the background, your only internet source gets divided and shared among the different parts of your system, in this case the game youre downloading and the programs running in the background. This causes the internet to slow down, resulting in slower download speed. You can completely close an app using the steps below:

  • Use your controller and press the Xbox button on it
  • From the left sidebar that appears, highlight the app or game in the background that feels like it should be closed
  • Once you have the program highlighted, press the Menu button
  • Choose the Quit option in the menu that appears
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    What Is Xbox Sleep Mode

    Technically, the Xbox offers more than one kind of standby mode. There is the Energy-saving power mode, which is designed, as youd expect, to save energy. It takes longer for the console to boot up after you turn it back on up to 45 seconds.

    It also offers something known as sleep mode. If you have just purchased your Xbox, you are probably curious to try it out and figure out what exactly this sleep mode does.

    Sleep mode is similar to putting your Xbox on standby. Rather than switching it off completely, sleep mode will keep your console connected to the internet, but not actually turned on.

    Another option, the one used to download games while this Xbox is on standby, is the Instant-on mode. As the name suggests, this will switch your console on much faster, taking under 5 seconds.

    The benefit here is that games and applications will continue installing and updating, even when the console is off. It does consume more power than the energy-saving mode, but it will save you time when you want to play.

    Pause And Resume Your Ps4 Download

    How to make your xbox one games or apps Install faster ...

    If you see your PS4 download ticking along at an annoyingly low speed, we’ve found that pausing it and resuming it can result in a better download speed. We’re not sure if there’s any logical reason for this, but it does seem to work. Simply access your downloads from your notifications and then hit X on the controller when you’ve highlighted the download that you want to pause. Then press X again to resume the download.

    That’s it for our guide to improving the download speed on your PS4. Hopefully one of our suggestions worked.

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    Look For A Faster Internet Connection To Speed Up Xbox One Downloads

    If youve tried all of our tips and nothing seems to work, you might just need a faster internet connection. Gaming requires a good amount of speed, especially if there are other people in your household using the internet. For those that live with other gamers or streamers, you have to share bandwidth with them. Certain types of internet offer faster and more reliable speeds than others, which makes them better for gaming. Connections like fiber and cable internet will be better for gaming than DSL or satellite internet. To find out if your provider offers faster speeds or if there is a better provider for gaming in your area, use our search by address tool.

    If youre not sure exactly what internet speeds you need for your household, heres a chart to help you decide:

    Check Bandwidth Usage Elsewhere On Your Network

    When your Xbox is downloading something, it has to share the available bandwidth on your network with every other device in your home. Thus, if you have other computers, phones, or game consoles using your network too, your Xbox download speeds will suffer.

    Next time you need an Xbox download to complete as quickly as possible, check other devices in your home. If someone is downloading large files on a computer, streaming 4K video from another TV, uploading files to cloud storage, or performing other network-heavy behaviors, close those out and see if your Xbox download speeds increase.

    To go further, you can set up the Quality of Service feature on your router. This allows you to specify certain devices or types of traffic that receive priority on your network.

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    Pause Any Other Updates Or Downloads

    Whether its on your Xbox One, or another device thats connected to your router, make sure that there are no other updates or downloads being performed.

    Simultaneous downloads will slow down the download speed for each one. If youre trying to download an Xbox One game fast, consider pausing or canceling any other updates or downloads until your game is all finished.

    How Fast Xbox Series X Download Speeds Are Compared To Xbox One

    how to install xbox one games faster

    The new Xbox Series X is getting a lot of attention for its fast downloading speeds, but how do those compare to the speeds of the Xbox One?

    The Xbox Series X is releasing next week, and the console is already getting a lot of attention for its speed. This includes both loading times and download speeds, which are impressively faster than those of the Xbox One and have been wowing early reviewers. But exactly how much faster are the download speeds of the Xbox Series X compared to the previous generation of consoles?

    Even for a next-gen console, the Xbox Series X runs surprisingly fast. This is thanks in part to the Xbox Series X’s specs. A custom 1TB NVME SSD hard drive enables this super fast speed. The 8-core custom Zen 2 processor optimizes everything, leaving Xbox Series X users with smooth and quick loading experiences.

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    Additionally, the console’s new Quick Resume features offer seamless transitions between apps and games. This means players can pause a game on the Xbox Series X, open an app, and then go back to the game without having to close either. These kinds of quick transitions and speeds are impressive, and make the Xbox Series X stand out from previous Xbox consoles. It doesn’t stop there, though, since the Xbox Series X’s download speeds are equally impressive.

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    How To Download Faster On Xbox Series X And Series S For A Price

    While there are a few tricks to improving your Xbox Series X|S download speed for free, by far the most effective ways to increase your download speed is spending money on better services or products. These best things to spend money on to increase your Xbox Series X|S are:

  • Paying for a faster internet service, such as fibre broadband.
  • Using a wired ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi.
  • Using powerline adapters, which makes it possible to have a wired connection in any room in your home.
  • Some of these services or products for improving your Xbox Series X|S’s download speed may require a significant investment, but they are guaranteed to produce results.

    Want To Download Games While You Xbox Is Switched Off Here Is Everything You Need To Know

    One of the best features of Xbox consoles is the vast array of games available to purchase via the digital storefront. While downloading games has its benefits, time spent waiting to download a game can sometimes be a little frustrating. Especially if you are impatient to start playing.

    What you may not have realised is that you can actually download your games even while your Xbox is off. This has the benefit of letting you get on with the rest of your day. When you return to your console, you wont have to start up the download where you left off, saving you a lot of time and frustration.

    Sounds good, doesnt it? So lets get into how you download games onto your Xbox, even when its in sleep mode. Well look at both the Xbox One and the Series X below.

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    Move Your Xbox Closer To Your Router

    If all else has failed up until this point, youre better off focusing on closing the gap between your Xbox One and your internet router. If your Xbox One is far away from the router, it may have a weak Wi-Fi signal, and as a result the download speeds can be inconsistent or slow.

    Move your Xbox One closer to where your router is plugged in if possible. By reducing the range, you should see a significant improvement in your Xbox One game download speed, as well as the stability of the connection overall.

    Restart Your Xbox One To Fix Buggy Downloads

    How To Install Xbox One Disc Games Faster (not Digital ...

    If your game download seems unusually slow or has completely stopped, resetting the Xbox One console can correct any connectivity issues the specific download may be having.

  • Press the Xbox logo button on your controller to activate the Guide.

  • Press right on the D-pad or joystick three times to navigate to the System pane.

  • Highlight Restart console and press A. Your Xbox One restarts and the download should continue as normal.

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    Strategy Three: Make Changes To The Hard Drive

    Although hard drives can’t affect FPS, they do have an influence on game loading speed, namely, time for loading texture material for each scene and image. In order to make games run faster, you should improve the performance of your hard drive to shorten game loading time and get smooth gaming experience.

    Put Less Pressure On Your Internet Connection

    You might have noticed that your Wi-Fi connection runs slower when many devices are connected to Wi-Fi at the same time. The same is true for your Xbox One.

    If you disconnect other devices from your Wi-Fi, like your phone or laptop, it will strengthen your Xbox One’s Wi-Fi connection and allow for faster download speeds.

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    An Ethernet Cable Is Best

    Well, using a Wi-Fi might be convenient but an ethernet cable is capable of transferring stronger data packets faster to your system. Wi-Fi will fail to do this as the approach of using the internet from it is wireless. Although an ethernet cable can get messy and piss you off sometimes because of its dirty long cables, it surely has its merits and is far better than a Wi-Fi connection.

    Other Ways To Download Games Faster

    How To Make Games Download Faster On Xbox One (2021)

    There are a variety of other things that you can do to speed up the downloads on your Xbox. The video above gave a specific method that works well for many people and is something that you should certainly check out and see if it helps you.

    Another way to to your modem/router rather than connecting wirelessly.

    You will ALWAYS get faster speeds when using an ethernet cord rather than wireless so if you are close enough to the modem/router then you should hardwire your console to it and enjoy the increased speeds.

    Another option is to increase the internet speeds that you currently get by either changing providers or seeing if your current one offers faster speeds. I recently upgraded from 50MB to 500MB for only an extra $10 a month so changing providers and increasing your speed wont necessarily be expensive and it can help out your download speeds tremendously.

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    Change Your Dns Settings

    Domain Name System is basically a contact list for the internet. When you type in a website like, your DNS searches through its contact list to find the IP address that matches the domain name you typed in. That way, you dont have to type in a long string of numbers for every single website you want to visit. Instead, you can just type in the domain name which is much easier to remember.

    Your home network is assigned a default DNS that is usually provided by your internet service provider. While the default DNS works, there are other DNS servers that are faster and run more efficiently. Switching to one of these faster servers can speed up your Xbox One download speeds. We recommend using Google DNS. To change your DNS settings:

  • Open the Settings app on your Xbox.
  • Find the Network tab.
  • Select Network Settings > Advanced Settings > DNS Settings > Manual.
  • Once you select Manual, you will be able to enter a new DNS address. To use Google DNS, enter
  • After you confirm this address, youll need to enter a second one. For Google DNS this number is
  • After following these steps your download speeds should increase. If you notice that your speeds have not improved over time, you can always revert back to your default DNS settings. To do so, follow steps 1-4 above. Instead of selecting Manual in step four, select Automatic. Your settings will revert back to the default DNS.

    Why Is Ps5 Storage So Low

    The PlayStation 5 comes with an 825 GB of onboard solid-state storage. As far as usable space goes, the PS5 only offers 667.2 GB of it. The reason for the massive space gap is because there are things like the operating system, firmware, and updates that Sony wants to make sure every PlayStation 5 always has room for.

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    What Affects Your Pc Gaming Performance

    Nowadays, many people like to play games on their phones or computers. Some people prefer mobile games because of convenience and some people prefer PC games because computers can give them a better game experience.

    However, some players may find that some games can’t run smoothly on their computers. Have you ever encountered such a problem? If so, please keep on reading.

    Generally speaking, your game experience is controlled by the following five conditions: graphics card, CPU, memory, hard disk, and network. So, how to make games run faster? Actually, you can improve PC gaming performance through adjusting the conditions above.

    The following methods are all aiming to improve the performance of these hardware. They are divided into 4 categories. They will tell you how to make games run faster on PC step by step. Please read on to get the detailed methods.

    What Is Instant On Mode On The Xbox


    The Xbox One is equipped with 2 power modes: Instant On mode and Energy-saving mode. While the energy-saving mode fully turns off the console with no capability to download any files or receive updates of any app or video game.

    The Instant On mode enables the download or updating game feature when the console is considered to be in sleep mode. When you enable the Instant On mode, the power button of the Xbox console shuts down major parts of its functions however, it puts the console in sleep or standby mode and allows it to perform some background tasks.

    It only takes 2 seconds to be operational with Instant On mode and allows downloading of games or apps from the internet or the disc drive while the console is off Downloading apps or games on Instant On mode increases the rate of download speeds compared to when you are using the console but whether it increases it vs having your console on but idle is debatable.

    You can easily put any app or video game on download before going to bed and have it fully downloaded in the morning .

    You dont need to wait for long hours to get your download completed and you can keep your apps or games up to date as well.

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