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How To Log Into Xbox Live

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Activate Your Xbox Live Gold Subscription Via Your Xbox One

How To Log In Into Xbox Live And Ps4

Do you want to redeem your gift card using your Xbox One console? First, make sure you are signed into the right account before redeeming. Follow these steps to activate your gift card:

  • Use the Xbox button (
  • Scroll to the Store tab
  • Choose Use a code
  • Enter the code that consists of 25 characters, click next and confirm one last time. Have fun!

Solution : Verify The Microsoft Account Password

Now if you cant sign in to Xbox then check whether the password you entered is correct.

But if in case you are getting the error every time you try to sign in with your password or you forgot our password, simply reset your password.

  • And after resetting the password click Edit security info. Check your security information as well like Alternate email address, Phone number, and Security question
  • And sign out of your Microsoft account and sign in again.

Now try sign in to Xbox Live again and check if cant sign in to Xbox account issue is fixed or not.

Signing Into Live On An Xbox One

  • 1Turn on your Xbox One. To do so, press the Xbox button on the right side of the console.
  • You can also hold down the Xbox button in the middle of a connected controller to turn on the Xbox One.
  • 2Open the sidebar. To do so, simply flick the left analog stick left while on the Home screen.Advertisement
  • 3Select the profile icon and press A. It’s the person-shaped icon in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • 4Select Add & manage and press A. This option is below any existing account name.
  • 5Select Add new and press A. This option is to the left of any existing accounts.
  • 6Enter your Xbox LIVE email address. You’ll do so in the text field to which this page opens.
  • If you don’t already have an Xbox LIVE ID, create one before continuing.
  • 7Press â°. It’s a button near the center of your controller.
  • 8Enter your Xbox LIVE password.
  • 9Press â°.
  • 10Press A to select any options you prefer. If you’d rather skip through the setup, simply press A until you arrive at the “Xbox Live Gold” screen.
  • 11
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    Remove Your Account From The Xbox Console

    If logging out and into your account didn’t fix the “The person who bought this needs to sign in” error, then you might have to take a more drastic measure and remove your account from the console entirely, and then add it back.

  • Go to Settings and then navigate to Account.
  • Select Remove accounts.
  • In the opened dialog, select the problematic account.
  • Confirm by selecting Remove.
  • Now that Xbox has removed every trace of your account, it’s time to sign back in.

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Navigate to the far-right tab and select Add new.
  • Enter your credentials and sign in.
  • Hopefully, this fixes the issue for you.

    How To Create And Sign In Xbox Live In Minecraft Pe In Hindi No

    How To Log In Into Xbox Live And Ps4

    How do you sign into Xbox Live on Pocket Edition?

    You can sign into Xbox Live on Pocket Edition by opening the main menu, selecting Profile, and then entering your Xbox Live username and password.

    How do you sign into your Microsoft account on Minecraft PE?

    To sign into your Microsoft account on Minecraft PE, open the game and select Options from the main menu. Then, select Login. You will be prompted to enter your email address and password.

    How do I link my Xbox account to my Microsoft App?

    To link your Xbox account to your Microsoft App, open the Microsoft App and sign in with the same Microsoft account you use for your Xbox. Once youre signed in, youll see a list of your Xbox Live friends. Tap on any of your friends to see their profile information and recent activity.

    How do you log into Minecraft PE without a Microsoft account?

    There is a way to log into Minecraft PE without a Microsoft account. You can create a local profile on your device by selecting Create new world and then Local world.

    How do you login on Minecraft?

    To login on Minecraft, you need to enter your username and password.

    How do you join Minecraft live?

    To join Minecraft live, youll need to have a copy of the game and an internet connection. Once you have those, open Minecraft and click Multiplayer in the main menu. From there, click Join Game and then type in the server address.

    How do I sign in to my Microsoft account?How do I sign into my Microsoft account on Minecraft iPad?

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    My Xbox Live Gold Subscription

    Congratulations! You acquired an Xbox Live Gold card. With the code you have received, you are granted access to the most wanted content available on your Xbox! But what exactly is Xbox Live Gold? With a Live Gold membership, you got yourself the following deal:

    • You are a member of a trusted gaming community
    • You can play online with your friends
    • You get to download 2 free games every month
    • You receive exclusive discounts for add-ons, games and more
    • You are granted access to the Xbox Live-parties and party chat
    • With Home Gold, everyone within your household can benefit from your Live Gold membership

    Is this the first time you have ever bought an Xbox Live Gold card and you are unsure how to redeem it? Do not worry, we love to help a fellow gamer in need! To assist you, we made this step-by-step instruction guide on redeeming your code. Enjoy all the extras that come with a Gold Live membership today!

    An Offline Xbox One Is Annoying But There Are Some Things You Can Try

    • Western Sydney University
    • Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

    Microsoft’s Xbox One video game console includes a wealth of online functionality. From multiplayer games and cloud saves to streaming video and Twitch broadcasting, the Xbox is fully enmeshed with the internet.

    That being said, connectivity is not always perfect. It’s not uncommon for users to run into a connection error or a prompt that says “Xbox can’t sign in.”

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    How To Fix Xbox One Sign

    Follow these troubleshooting tips to get your Xbox One back online.

  • Check if your internet is down. If your Xbox One can’t access certain online functions or is having difficulty logging in, the most likely culprit is a bad connection. Check to see if another device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer, is also having trouble connecting to the same network as your Xbox. If it is, then you know the problem is not with your Xbox.

    If your Internet is offline, try rebooting your router and modem.

  • Check if the Xbox network is down. You can check the current status of every aspect of the Xbox network on the official Xbox Status page. If the Xbox network is down, there’s nothing you can do but wait for it to go back online, which may take up to a few hours.

  • Check if the game’s servers are down. If you’re able to sign in to your Xbox One but unable to start a multiplayer match in a specific video game, it’s likely that the game’s servers have gone down. This may be due to a network error or routine maintenance.

    Check the status of a game’s online servers by checking the official video game’s Twitter account. These usually update ASAP to let players know what’s going on.

    Most Xbox One video games require an active Xbox Live Gold subscription to play online multiplayer modes. If you’re unable to play games online and you’re not an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, this is likely the reason.

  • Set Your Xbox To Home For Your Account

    how to sign into your xbox live account if you forgot password

    If you play across an array of Xbox consoles with your account, you can let Microsoft know which one is your primary console by making it your home Xbox. Once you make a console your home Xbox, everyone on that console can use the content you’ve purchased. This means others on that Xbox can play the games you’ve bought, or enjoy your Game Pass subscription on their own accounts, so long as they play on that console.

    This also makes Xbox more friendly towards offline gaming. Other accounts can use the stuff you’ve purchased without the need for you to be constantly active on the console. This simple trick also often fixes the “The person who bought this needs to sign in.” error.

  • Sign in with the account on your Xbox.
  • Go to Settings and then go to Personalization.
  • Select My home Xbox.
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    Solution : Try Sign In At Xboxcom

    Many users confirmed sign in to works for them to fix error 80048821 while trying to sign in to Xbox live and other problems related to cant sign in to Xbox Live.

    So, it is worth to try to sign in to

    Follow the steps to do so:

    • Click Sign In at the top of any page,
    • And type the Microsoft account username and password> click Sign In.
    • And if you sign in on then try to sign in on your Xbox Live console again.

    Problem : Cant Sign In To Xbox Live 0x87dd0006

    Well, this is not a very latest error but still, many gamers reported the Xbox wont let me sign in error 0x87dd0006 whenever try to sign in to Xbox Live.

    And due to this Xbox Sign-in Error 0x87dd0006, the Xbox app wont open in Windows.

    Moreover, the 0x87dd0006 error occurs when you try to sign in to Xbox Live due to many different reasons like:

    • Xbox profile gets corrupted
    • Network configuration
    • Or a problem with the security information

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    I Am Unable Sign In Or Connect To Xbox Live

    If you are unable to connect to Xbox Live, your antivirus or firewall may be preventing you from accessing the online service.

    Disable your antivirus and firewall.Try disabling your antivirus program and firewall and re-launching the game. Make sure the program is not running in the background.

    If you are still unable to connect, uninstall the game, restart your machine, and then reinstall game.Some antivirus programs can also interfere with the installation of the game files. Try reinstalling the game before trying to play again.

    If youre having problems signing in with your Xbox Live account:

    Make sure your Internet Explorer security settings are set to Medium or lower.If you are using high security settings, they can prevent you from connecting to the Xbox Live sign-in page. Try lowering your security settings, clearing your cache and cookies, and then launching the game to try again.

    Clear your Cache and Cookies in Internet Explorer.The module to sign in uses Internet Explorer to collect and transmit your information. If youre not seeing the sign-in box, try clearing your cache and cookies before launching and signing in through the game.

    Enable the Set Time Automatically setting.If your time is not synced, you will not be able to login. You can ensure your computers clocked is synced by navigating to Start > Settings > Time & Language > Date & Time, where you can toggle the Set time automatically setting to on.

    How Do You Sign Into Xbox Live On Pe



  • To sign into Xbox Live on your phone, youll need to have a Microsoft account. You can create one for free at
  • Once you have an account, open the Xbox app and tap the Sign In button in the top-left corner. Enter your email address and password, then tap Sign In.
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    Can’t Download Games Or Play With Friends Let’s Get You Back Online

    • Shoreline Community College
    • Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

    The Xbox Series X and S can both be used offline, but they arent really designed for it. When an Xbox Series X or S wont sign in and connect to the Xbox network, you lose access to your friends list, cant play multiplayer games, cant download new games and updates, can’t access Game Pass, and cant use streaming apps like Netflix or Spotify.

    Problem : Error 80048821 Occurs When You Try To Sign In To Xbox Live

    Well, many gamers reported error 80048821 while trying to sign in to Xbox Live. This error code erratically appears with the message while signing in to Xbox Live:

    Sorry, either thats the wrong password or the email you entered doesnt have an Xbox Live membership. Please try again, or go to if you need help.

    Code: 80048821

    So, this is the error message you get and as a result, Xbox wont load games & apps and cause other problems, but fortunately, there are fixes that you can try to solve the Xbox Live sign-in error.

    Cant sign in to Xbox Live80048821 error, appear due to one of the following reason:

    • Because your Xbox Live profile is corrupted.
    • Or there is a problem with the security information for the Microsoft account.

    Nevertheless, this is not something that cant be fixed just follow the fixes listed below to resolve Cant sign in to Xbox Live80048821 problem.

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    How Do I Sign In To Xbox Live From My Console

    The Xbox One console is specially designed to be used with Xbox Live, so setting it up is an essential step. When you log in to your Xbox, you may be presented with two different cases that we will explain below: the first if you have previously logged in to an Xbox 360 and the second if you do not have one, but have a Microsoft account.

    What If Your Xbox Series X

    Xbox One: Unable to log into LIVE.

    If you’ve verified that you’re using the right username and password combination, that your internet connection is solid, and that the Xbox network and other Microsoft services aren’t down, but you still can’t get online, you may have a hardware problem. Contact Xbox customer support to see if your console is under warranty, or if they have any other suggestions.

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    What Causes Xbox Series X Or S Sign

    When you have trouble signing in with your Xbox Series X or S, its usually due to a problem with the Xbox network, internet connectivity issues, or your login credentials. When your Xbox cant connect to the internet, it cant connect to the Xbox network either, so it wont be able to sign in. The same is true if the Xbox network service itself is down, and entering the wrong password or username when logging in can have the same basic result.

    If you can sign in, but you cant play a specific online game, check to see if the games servers are down. Try the official account of the developer or publisher, and search social media for posts about that game being down.

    Activating Your Xbox Live Gold Subscription Via Your Xbox 360

    Do you want to redeem your Live Gold code using your Xbox 360 Console? First, make sure you are signed in to the right account before redeeming. Follow these steps to activate your subscription:

    • Use the Xbox-button (
    • Select the option Games & apps
    • Choose Redeem Code
    • Enter the code that consists of 25 characters, click next and confirm one last time. Have fun!

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    How To Use Your Xbox Live Account On Xbox Series X

    If you have an account on Xbox Series X or S this will help you through the sign on process so you can have immediate access to download your games onto your new console.

    First, youll want to connect your Xbox Series X or S controller via the provided USB C cable for quick pairing. You can also use the included batteries.

    When you sign onto your Xbox Series X or S for the first time youll be prompted to go through the setup process which you can do with the controller, or by downloading the Xbox app and completing setup on your iPhone or Android device.

    If you already have an account youll be able to sign in and select a few options to get going.

    If you dont youll simply need to create a new account to get started. Once thats done youre ready to go.

    Once youve done this your console will ask you to turn on the controller to get started. Press the A button and be sure youre connected with the USB cable. The controller will be delivered a firmware update to ensure its working properly.

    The console will then configure your display options and allow you to begin using your Xbox Series X or S immediately. If youve previously transferred your games to an external device, you can quickly transfer them to your new console.

    Check The Xbox Live Servers Status


    In some rare cases, the troubles could be from the other side of the wire. Xbox Live servers aren’t perfect and sometimes have outages themselves. When this is the case, there isn’t much you can do except wait for Microsoft to fix the servers.

    One helpful step is to recognize that this is beyond your control so that you don’t go on messing around with the network settings in hopes of fixing the “The person who bought this needs to sign in” error. You can check the Xbox Live server status through the Xbox Status webpage. A red sign next to Account & profile or Store & subscription could mean that the issue is on Xbox’s side.

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