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How To Link Xbox Account To Epic Games

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How To Unlink Fortnite Accounts From Ps4 Xbox One And Nintendo Switch

How to Link Xbox Account to Epic Games Account

Unlinking an Epic Games account, which is the same thing as a Fortnite account, isn’t actually done from your video game console. Instead, you’ll need to log into the Epic Games website on a computer or mobile device.

  • Open your preferred web browser on your computer and go to

  • Select Sign In from the top-right corner and log into your Epic Games account.

    If youre already logged into the Epic Games website from a previous session, your username should appear in the top-right corner. Hover your mouse over your name and select Account.

  • Select how you want to sign into your Epic account.

  • Enter your username, email, and password and select Log In Now.

    You may be prompted to enter a security code if you haven’t logged into the website for awhile.

  • From your Epic Games account page, select Connections from the left menu.

  • Select Disconnect under each account you wish to disconnect from this Epic Games account. You’ll be able to disconnect your Epic Games account from Xbox, Nintendo Switch, GitHub, Twitch, and the PlayStation Network.

  • A confirmation message will pop up. Select Unlink to confirm the disconnect process.

  • Repeat for each account you want to disconnect.

    If you make a mistake, you can always select Connect under an account type to reconnect it again.

  • Why Unlink Your Epic Games Account

    Epic Games accounts are used to power Fortnite’s online matches and sync player progress between different video game consoles. While linking an Epic Games account to a PS4, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox One console or account does provide a lot of benefits, there are some reasons why you may want to unlink it:

    You can have the same Epic Games account simultaneously connected to your Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. You dont need to unlink from one to play on another. If what you’re trying to accomplish is getting rid of multiple Fortnite accounts, consider merging those Fortnite accounts rather than deleting them. This saves your progress and resources.

    Your Console Account Is Connected To A Nameless Account

    A nameless account is when your console account is connected to an Epic Games account without an email, password, display name, and first or last name. This means that when you first played using your console, you selected not to register for an Epic Games account. We automatically create an Epic Games account for you that uses your console login credentials to access the account. This allows you to play and save your game progression and purchases for the next time you play on that console.

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    I Have Already Created A Frontier Account Can I Use My Existing Account

    If you already have a Frontier Account then you can use it instead as long as it doesn’t already have a PlayStation®4 version of Elite Dangerous attached to it. You can register one version of each platform for Elite Dangerous to any Frontier Account at a time. Current platforms are PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac.1. Select the LOG IN TO EXISTING button.

    2. Enter the email address and password for your account. Accept the Terms and Conditions once viewed by selecting the VIEW EULA button. You can also opt-out of PlayStation®4-specific emails if you wish. Once completed, select the CONFIRM button to log in.Note: If you have trouble remembering your password, you can select the FORGOTTEN PASSWORD? button which will open a web page to help you recover your account and create a new password.

    3. A verification code will be emailed to you in an email titled ‘Authenticate with Elite Dangerous‘. Please enter the case-sensitive code into the VERIFICATION CODE box as shown below.Note: This email is often filtered or sent to spam folders so be sure to check all locations for your verification code. You can get a new code by selecting RESEND CODE on your PS4®. Requesting a new code or entering an incorrect code will invalidate any previous validation codes.

    4. You can now create your brand new PlayStation®4 Commander!WHEN I LINK MY ACCOUNT I SEE THE MESSAGE ‘AN UNEXPECTED ERROR OCCURRED’.

    Link your Frontier account to your Oculus Rift account.

    How To Link Epic Account To Xbox

    My Xbox Live Account Has Been Linked To Another Epic Games ...

    Much like when it comes to linking an Epic Games account to a PSN account, youll just have to make do with using the desktop website of Epic Games instead of using the console. This means that while its not possible to access your Epic Games account directly using the Xbox, at the very least you can still use the Epic Games website. The whole process is pretty much almost the same experience when linking a PS4 account except you have to find the Xbox logo instead of the PlayStation Network logo when it comes to connecting. Much like when it comes to linking a PSN account to an Epic Games account, you wont be able to link a different Xbox account once youve confirmed to link both of the accounts.

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    Is There A Way To Link My Current Epic Games Account To My Xbox After It’s Already Started

    So my main Epic Games account is on my PC, I primarily play on there.

    My sister meanwhile has an Xbox One and so I put my account on there to share gold. My little brother likes Fortnite and I let him play on there, skipping over the linking of accounts and being basically a level 1 as if it’s a new account.

    I tried to link my Epic Games account to my Xbox through the website and it says that it’s already linked to another Epic account.

    Is there a way to somehow delete my Xbox account to be able to link it to my Epic Games account?

    You are able to remove the Xbox Login from the Epic Games account.

    Do the following in order to disconnect the Xbox account from the headless account and reconnect it to your “main” Epic Games account:

    What Happens After Unlinking The Epic Games Account

    For certain reasons, you may need to unlink your Epic Games account. Well, what will happen after unlinking your Epic Games? What unlinking the Epic Games brings differs from that deleting the Epic Games account brings deleting your Epic Games account causes data loss, game data and associated purchases disappearing, while all your Epic Games account data still exists in the companys online servers once you unlink your Epic Games account.

    How to unlink your Epic Games account? Keep reading.

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    Rocket League: How To Link Accounts To Epic Games For Cross

    Rocket League has been a fan-favourite amongst gamers for many years, but it is only just now becoming free-to-play. It is also becoming available on the Epic Games store in which the developers have enabled cross-platform progression. Here youll discover how to link your Rocket League accounts on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam to your Epic Games profile so you can successfully enable cross platform progression.

    With Rocket League becoming free-to-play and therefore more accessible to people, it is starting over with Season 1 which will have a new Rocket Pass and cosmetics. This Season 1 will kick off very shortly, so youll want to have your engines revved and ready as you prepare to play football that is somehow less chaotic than the VAR farce the Premier League has become.

    Below youll discover how to link your accounts to your Epic Games profile so you can get cross-platform progression just in time for the game becoming free-to-play.

    Perks Of Linking Ps4 And Xbox Accounts To An Epic Games Account

    How to Link and Unlink Epic Games Account to Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch Consoles

    If youre playing Fortnite, Dauntless, and/or Rocket League, then linking your Epic Games account to either your PS4/Xbox account can save you a lot of time. This is because you no longer need to sign in to your Epic Games account every time you log into those games. Since most of the online games in the Epic Games store offer cross-platform progression, signing into an existing Epic Games account is a must if you want to move your progress from a PC to a console.

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    How To Link Your Gaming System With An Epic Account Via A Code

    The above method is the most traditional way for console and mobile players to sync their progress. If youre a PC player looking to add another device to their ecosystem, however, theres an alternative way of doing this.

    When you first launch Fortnite on any console, including next-gen, youll be prompted with a warning telling you that you can link your progress through your existing Epic Games account. Clicking on Link an Account will forward to you a new page featuring a code and timer on the bottom of your screen.

    Youll need a second device to complete this step in the easiest way possible since youll need to navigate to If youre already logged in, the screen where youll enter code should appear, but youll need to log in with your Epic Account, otherwise.

    Upon entering the code, your gaming device will detect your progress through your Epic account, and your beloved character should appear on your screen as a result. This method is usually referred to as the slower way of doing things, and it works pretty much the same on platforms that Fortnites available other than PC.

    Though the next-gen consoles havent hit the market just yet, this method should also apply to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Considering Fortnite will be available on the next-gen consoles at launch, it may be a good time to sync your progress with a PlayStation Network/Xbox Live account to make sure you can switch devices in case of server issues during the launch period.

    Connect Game Progress On Xbox One To Epic Account

    If you have an existing game on your console but you haven’t created an Epic Games account online, go to and click “sign in.” When the site asks whether or not you play Fortnite, you’ll select “Yes.”

    Choose the Xbox icon, and a pop-up window will ask you to sign into your Live account. Once you’ve done that, fill out the Epic Games form that appears.

    Validate the account through the email address that you’ve provided, and the progress you’ve made on the console will now be connected to your Epic account.

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    How To Link Epic Games Account To Xbox

    1. On a computer, go to the Epic Games website and sign in to your account.

    2. Once you’re signed in, hover your cursor over your username in the upper right corner of the screen. When the dropdown menu appears, click “Account.”

    3. In the list on the left side of the screen, click on “Connections.”

    4. Under the Connections header, click the “Accounts” tab.

    5. Scroll down to the Xbox logo and click the blue “Connect” button located underneath it.

    6. Click “Link account.” If you are prompted to sign in to your Xbox Live account, do so and follow the steps on the screen to complete the process.

    7. When you return to the Accounts tab on the Connections screen, the button beneath the Xbox logo should now be gray instead of blue and display the word “Disconnect.” This is how you can confirm that you have successfully linked your Xbox Live account to your Epic Games account.

    Rocket League Primary Platform

    How To Fix PSN Or XBOX Account Already Linked To Epic ...

    You have to set a primary platform after linking your Rocket League accounts to Epic Games.

    As for which Rocket League account should be your primary platform, it should be the one for where youve played the most.

    So, if youve played the chaotic football game on PS4 the most, then that should be chosen as your main source.

    And your primary platform should be the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or Steam if youve played there the most instead.

    You can only choose one, so opt for the platform which has your highest rank, highest amount of XP, and most inventory.

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    What Happens When You Link Fortnite Accounts

    Epic Games has finally made it possible to merge your multiple accounts on Fortnite. That means if you made two accounts on console, you can link them and access your cosmetics and V-Bucks from one account. You can blame Sony for this mess. Epic Games notes that your items may take a few weeks to transfer.

    Relink An Unlink Account On Fortnite


    My 11 year old son got an Xbox last week and set it al l up.

    He couldn’t chat with friends on other platforms, I know think this is because he isn’t 13 form another post I have read.

    So he unlinked his account hoping he could reinstall and fix it but he now has been given a new account on the Xbox, old one still on the PC’

    Need to know how to get the old account back on the Xbox and if I can somewhere change setting so he can talk to other friends on other platforms using the Xbox.

    Sorry for the long post but I have no clue how these things work !

    Look forward to some help please for a frustrated 11 year old who has a new toy he cant enjoy after years of waiting and now in lock down !!



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    Sorry about that issue, so if i understood correctly, your son has 2 accounts , one on a pc , and a new one on the console.

    He wants to get back the old one on the console , right ?

    To do that , it’s simple, just add an account on the console , put the email and password.

    To change some infos, you have to go here >

    About unlink and link the account with fornite > go to

    Hope it help.

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    What Happens After I Unlink My Epic Games Account

    The next time you open Fortnite after disconnecting your Epic Games account, youll be prompted to sign in with an Epic Games account. You can sign in with any Epic Games account you like, even your old one.

    Once disconnected, all Epic Games account data still exists in the companys online servers. You’ll be able to log in at any time and pick up where you left off, if you so choose.

    How To Link Epic Games Account To Ps4 And Xbox

    How to Link Xbox Account to Epic Games!

    Linking game accounts to other consoles or platforms is a must for every gamer. Not only does it make things a heck of a lot easier, but they neednt worry about logging in every time they boot up the game anymore. In the case of Epic Games, you can get access to video games such as Fortnite, Rocket League, and Dauntless immediately just by linking your account to the platform of your choice.

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    Common Account Linking Issues

    If you accidentally linked to the wrong Dauntless or Epic Account, please reach out to our support team and provide them with your Dauntless username, the email associated with your Dauntless account, and the email associated with your Epic Games account. We may ask some clarifying questions to ensure you’re the proper owner of the Dauntless account.

    If you need to unlink your console or Epic Games account from your Dauntless account, please reach out to our support team. Warning: This will result in a complete wipe of your account progression and may prevent you from linking those accounts in the future.

    If you need additional help linking your Epic Games account to your console, please read this article from our friends over at Epic Games:

    Connecting Your Xbox Account To Epic

    If youve played Fortnite on a PC, or on your phone, you most probably already do have an Epic account. In case you dont, go ahead and make one before following the steps below.

    Step 1: Head over to the Epic Games website and log-in by clicking the button on the top-right.

    Step 2: Once logged in, hover over your account name in the top-right and click on Account.

    Step 3: From the menu on the left, head over to the Connections tab.

    Step 4: In the Connections tab, head over to the Accounts tab and click the Connect button under the Xbox logo.

    Step 5: Youll be redirected to a page where Epic will confirm if you want to link your account. Click on the Link Account button.

    Step 6: Youll be asked to provide your Xbox credentials and Microsoft will ask if you want to let Epic access your account. Click on Yes.

    After a few seconds, youll be redirected back to the Connections page. Your Xbox account will be connected.

    Using the same method you can also connect your Playstation network, Github, Google, Steam and Twitch account as well.

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    How To Create A Xbox Live Account On Windows 10

    How to Create Xbox Live Account on Windows 10 Press the Windows key on your keyboard. Type Xbox. Open the Xbox app for Windows 10. After a brief period of loading, an Xbox Live introductory screen will be displayed. Click Next to start the setup process. Enter your preferred Xbox Live gamertag. This is a unique username to represent you on Xbox Live. See More.

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