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How To Link Nintendo Switch Fortnite Account To Xbox

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How To Link/unlink An Epic Account From Your Nintendo Account

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to ANY Fortnite Epic Account (Xbox, iPhone, PS4, Android)

Applies to: Nintendo Switch Family, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo Account

In this article, you’ll learn how to link or unlink your Nintendo Account from an Epic account.

Important: It is only possible to link one Nintendo Account to an Epic Games account. After linking your Nintendo Account to your Epic Games account, it will not be possible to switch the Nintendo Account linked even if you unlink the accounts.

Linking an Epic account to your Nintendo Account allows you to access cross-play features within Fortnite where they are available.

  • If you don’t choose to create a full account, an account will still be created with Epic using the display information that you choose. This account will be associated to your Nintendo Account.
  • Unlinking a Nintendo Account from an Epic account must be done by using a web browser to visit and cannot be done in-game.

Fortnite: How To Link Accounts & Enable Crossplay On Pc Ps4 Xbox One & Switch

Features /fortnite battle royale, Guides, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One /

Crossplay is coming to every single platform, including PS4, allowing anyone to play with each other in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Crossplay isn’t just unlocked when you download the latest update, you’ll actually have to enable it and enabling it isn’t totally obvious. You’ll need to link accounts, and add friends. You don’t just get to play with people on other platforms, you’ll also get to share your account progression want to play on PC, then swap to the Nintendo Switch for to play on-the-go? Now you can do that, and retain all your progress across every platform.

This is kind of a big deal. For the longest time, Sony refused to allow crossplay with other consoles on their system. They were the final holdout even Nintendo allowed crossplay on the Switch, which is also a surprising development for the generally slow-paced company.

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How To Link Accounts & Enable Crossplay On PC, PS4, Xbox One & Switch

To enable crossplay and share your XP progress / unlocks across multiple platforms, you’ll need to link your accounts through an Epic online account.

How To Link Your Playstation Account To The Nintendo Switch


Whats important to know is that this process does not even take place on the Switch itself. In fact, you dont even need to login with your PlayStation account on the Switch version of Fortnite because Nintendo does allow users to log-out from a Switch-linked Epic account from the Fortnite client.

The changes you are required to make will instead be through Epics Online account system, which can interact with between PlayStation Network and the Nintendo Account System. If you have never played Fortnite on the Switch or havent made a Nintendo Account this process is simplified drastically.


If youre playing Fortnite of the PS4, you already have access to your Epic account which was created by logging onto your console. What you have to do now is log on to the Epic Games website and head over to connected accounts which will give you a list of platforms. This list will now feature a working option for the Switch then by clicking Connect you can log onto your Nintendo Account.


well look at that… my PSN Fortnite account on Switch at last

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How To Link A Nintendo Switch Account To Fortnite

Fortnite Season 8 is in full swing, and the Legendary and Epic Quests have been swapped out for Punchcards. Here are Week 8 Punchcard Quests, as well as all of the other ones in Season 8, in one handy place.

Fortnite’s Weekly Quests return in Season 8, but with a twist. This season, Punchcards have returned, offering players a ton of bonus XP towards earning Battle Stars completing the Season 8 Battle Pass.

While there weren’t any new cards following Week 7’s 18.30 update, Week 8 has brought some new Quests for players to complete and they revolve around two characters on the Island.

Here’s Season 8’s Week 8 Character Punchcard Quests and all of the other Character Punchcard Quests to be completed throughout the season.

  • Fortnite Season 8 Week 8 Character Punchcard Quests
  • Ember Punchard Quests
  • What are Fortnite Character Punchcards?
  • All Fortnite Season 8 Character Punchcards
  • How To Merge Fortnite Accounts On Ps4 Xbox One And Nintendo Switch

    How to sign out of fortnite on switch

    Epic Games has finally made it possible to merge your multiple accounts on Fortnite. That means if you made two accounts on console, you can link them and access your cosmetics and V-Bucks from one account.

    You can blame Sony for this mess. Previously, Fortnite players on the PlayStation 4 were required to create a separate account because that’s how Sony rolls. Luckily, Sony came to its senses and now supports cross-platform playbut not without creating a few headaches in the process.

    If you have a preferred “main” account, Epic Games makes it simple to transfer the your cosmetics and V-Bucks from your secondary account. Once you do that, you can then use this primary account on any platform you choose, whether it be the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.

    Once you merge your secondary account with your primary one, the secondary account will be disabled. To be eligible, one account must have played on Xbox One or Switch and the other on PS4 before September 28, 2018. Epic Games notes that your items may take a few weeks to transfer.

    Additionally, progress in Creative Islands and Save The World will not be merged from your secondary account.

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    How Do I Merge My Accounts

    First of all, its worth bearing in mind that you can only link two accounts together, so if you have three or more, it might be time to pick one to put out to pasture.

    Once youve chosen the two youd like to combine, you need to decide which one will be the Primary account, and which one is the Secondary account: the secondary will be merged into the primary account and deleted.

    The Secondary accounts console login will be immediately linked to your Primary account, but the transferal of your cosmetic items and V-Bucks will take two weeks or a fortnight.

    Epics website currently offers the easiest way to merge your accounts. Go to the Epic Games website to get started.

    How To Merge Your Fortnite Accounts On Ps4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch

    One of the biggest online trends are video games and within these stands out Fortnite, whose online game was developed by Epic Games and is characterised by fighting against waves of enemies and annihilate them with shots to be the last player on the other hand, there are three game modes: Save the World, Battle Royale and Creative Mode.

    Now, Epic Games has created a way to merge your Fortnite accounts on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, so if you are a Fortnite fan and you have been waiting for something like this, you should read the whole article as we will explain how it works.

    The first thing you should know is that this Epic accounts merger will combine your purchases, even if you have progress on some games with the account you normally use, but the other accounts you have created will be deleted. The good thing about this is that you will now be able to use your main account on the platform of your choice, a new feature of this new version of Fortnite as it allows cross-play between them.

    Before merging your accounts, keep in mind that it will be an irreversible process, so choose carefully which account you want to keep as your main account.

    How to merge your Fortnite accounts

    As you can see, this new service from Epic allows you to play from one platform and automatically update to the other platforms, but you know what the best part is, you can keep playing with any friend you have been playing with even if they are on another platform.

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    Unlink Sub Accounts From Switch And Xbox One

    The first thing you have to do to be able to link your Fortnite account from PlayStation on another console is to unlink the other accounts from the game that you may have on these. To do this, go to the Epic Games website , and start the session that you want to unlink from your Switch or Xbox One by pressing the Sign in button .

    Once you have logged in, you will return to the Epic Games website. Now, in the upper bar where the option to log in was previously, and when the drop-down menu appears, Account option to access your profile and your account settings .

    Once you are in your profile, in the left column, click on the Connected Accounts category . This will take you to a screen where you will see all the accounts that you have linked to the Epic account, such as the PlayStation Network or the Nintendo Switch. What you have to do now is Disconnect option of the Nintendo Switch or Xbox One that you want to leave free to use the PlayStation 4 account.

    Now you only have to check the three notification boxes and press the Unlink button to unlink your account from the console. The boxes or consequences of unlinking the account depend on each platform, but both in the case of the Switch and the Xbox One you will be warned that you will lose everything you have made in the account, both the progress and the purchases you have made .

    How To Merge Your Fortnite Accounts

    How To Link Your XBOX One Fortnite Account to Nintendo Switch

    Your primary Fortnite account is the one you want to play with moving forward. Head to the Fortnite Account Merge page to get started.

  • Sign in to your primary Fortnite account.
  • Enter the security code sent to your email.
  • Verify your primary Fortnite username.
  • Sign in to your secondary Fortnite account.
  • Enter the security code sent to your email.
  • Verify your secondary Fortnite username.
  • If successful, you’ll get a message saying that your accounts have been merged. Remember, Epic Games says it will take about two weeks for everything to transfer over, so don’t fret if things don’t happen right away.

    Twinkle Twinkle

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    Connect Game Progress On Xbox One To Epic Account

    If you have an existing game on your console but you haven’t created an Epic Games account online, go to and click “sign in.” When the site asks whether or not you play Fortnite, you’ll select “Yes.”

    Choose the Xbox icon, and a pop-up window will ask you to sign into your Live account. Once you’ve done that, fill out the Epic Games form that appears.

    Validate the account through the email address that you’ve provided, and the progress you’ve made on the console will now be connected to your Epic account.

    Connect Game Progress On Epic Account To Xbox One Console

    If you already have an Epic account for PC, iPhone or Android and want to connect your existing game progress to an Xbox One console, go to and sign in to your account. Hover over your display name, and

    beneath the Xbox icon. When the pop-up appears,

    Another pop-up will appear, where you’ll sign in with your Live account and confirm the connection.

    You can link Epic games across multiple platforms and consoles through an Epic account, including the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Twitch and Github using the same process above and selecting the appropriate platform or console when prompted.

    This will allow you to share game progress, stats, upgrades and loot across all platforms through one account.

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    Make Use Of Unlinking Features On Ps4 Xbox One And More

    • An Epic Games account is the same thing as a Fortnite account.
    • To unlink: Go to, log in to your account, and select Connections.
    • Select Disconnect> Unlink under Xbox, Nintendo Switch, GitHub, Twitch, or the PlayStation Network.

    This article explains how to disconnect your Epic Games account from a PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One console, and more. This process doesnt delete your Epic Games account or its associated Fortnite data, which will remain on the Epic Games servers.

    How To Merge Fortnite Accounts To Play On Playstation Xbox Switch

    Fortnite account link xbox

    To use your Fortnite account across the major platforms, youll need to follow these steps to play with it on PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.

    You dont need to have multiple accounts to play Fortnite across different platforms. Instead, simply use our guide to help you access your main account on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

    One of the greatest assets that modern-day gaming possesses is cross-platform gaming between the leading game consoles. For years it seemed to be an intangible dream, now, gamers can play against one another regardless of the device.

    But how do you go about transferring your main account to these platforms? Thankfully, the incorporation of cross-platform gaming has made this process easier and well show you how to do this in Fortnite Season 5.

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    Start By Choosing A Scenario Below:

    Scenario 1:I have played Dauntless in the past and have a Dauntless account. I also have an Epic Games account.

    Scenario 2:I have played Dauntless in the past and have a Dauntless account. I DO NOT have an Epic Games account.

    Scenario 3:I DO NOT have a Dauntless account, but I DO have an Epic Games account.

    Scenario 4:I DO NOT have a Dauntless account and I DO NOT have an Epic Games account.

    How Do You Connect With Xbox One Players On The Nintendo Switch

    Fortnite is a free-to-play game, meaning there are no costs associated with downloading the game.

    On your Nintendo Switch, simply head over to the eshop, search for Fortnite and download.

    If you have not already created one, you will need to make an account with Epic Games in order to play. You can make an account on the official Epic Games website.

    Note, the account cannot be connected to your PSN account, as Sony has blocked cross-play between PS4 and Switch gamers so you will be unable to share your profile between the two consoles.

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    How To Merge Fortnite Accounts On Pc Xbox One Ps4 Nintendo Switch Account Linking Explained

    Fortnite is one of the few games that is released on multiple platforms. Therefore, you can enjoy it on both consoles, PC, and even the Mobile Devices.

    If you play on multiple devices, Epic Games has made it easier to link your multiple accounts and share items between them.

    Therefore, you can use their Merge Feature to transfer all of your stuff from consoles to either PC or the other way around.

    Fortnite Ember Punchcard Quests


    You can find Ember near the Orchard that’s northeast of Corny Crops. You can check out her exact location on the map above. Once you get there, you can interact with her to complete her Punchcard Quests.

    Here are all of Ember’s Punchcard Quests:

  • Destroy a Fireplace at Lazy Lake, Craggy Cliffs, Holly Hedges, or Pleasant Park 30,000 XP
  • Set structures on fire 30,000 XP
  • Emote within 5m of a vehicle that’s smoking 30,000 XP
  • Ignite an opponent with a firefly jar 30,000 XP
  • Heal from a Campfire 30,000 XP
  • The Punchcard theme here is fire, so you’ll need to go around the map to complete these fiery tasks. Simply land at any of the mentioned POIs and you’ll find a Fireplace inside one of the houses at each location.

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    Not every structure in these POIs contains a fireplace for you to destroy, so you can check out our detailed guide for every fireplace location in Lazy Lake, Craggy Cliffs, Holly Hedges, and Pleasant Park.

    The best location to set structures on fire is Weeping Woods since you can collect fireflies there. Once you have at least 10, you can throw them at different buildings to set them ablaze. You can also throw them at an opponent to complete another Quest.

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    How To Link Your Gaming System With An Epic Account Via A Code

    The above method is the most traditional way for console and mobile players to sync their progress. If youre a PC player looking to add another device to their ecosystem, however, theres an alternative way of doing this.

    When you first launch Fortnite on any console, including next-gen, youll be prompted with a warning telling you that you can link your progress through your existing Epic Games account. Clicking on Link an Account will forward to you a new page featuring a code and timer on the bottom of your screen.

    Youll need a second device to complete this step in the easiest way possible since youll need to navigate to If youre already logged in, the screen where youll enter code should appear, but youll need to log in with your Epic Account, otherwise.

    Upon entering the code, your gaming device will detect your progress through your Epic account, and your beloved character should appear on your screen as a result. This method is usually referred to as the slower way of doing things, and it works pretty much the same on platforms that Fortnites available other than PC.

    Though the next-gen consoles havent hit the market just yet, this method should also apply to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Considering Fortnite will be available on the next-gen consoles at launch, it may be a good time to sync your progress with a PlayStation Network/Xbox Live account to make sure you can switch devices in case of server issues during the launch period.

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