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How To Keep Xbox One From Turning Off

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Shift The Console In Standby Mode Then Turn It On

how to keep xbox one from turning off when downloading a game

If your Xbox One keeps turning off right after turning it on, you can also try pressing the power button for straight 10 seconds. By doing so, you shift the console in standby mode. You can also consider it a refreshing or resetting method for your console. After a while, you can try turning on your console and see if the problem persists.

Try Pressing The Power Button Multiple Times

It might sound childish and impatient, but sometimes, when you repeatedly press the power button for a few minutes, you may hear a sound coming from the console. At this point, when you press the power button one more button, the chances are that your Xbox One will turn on normally and will not turn off randomly!

Cool The Console Down

Sometimes nothing is really wrong with your console other than the fact that it needs a break. If you find your console turning off by itself and feel that it is overheating, then turn it off and let it cool down. This can also indicate that the console is not properly ventilated. Consider relocating the console somewhere else with better ventilation or get a device that helps with the ventilation.

  • Turn off the console and unplug it.

  • Wait at least 1 hour for it to cool down completely before plugging it back in.

  • Turn the console back on.

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Get Back To Gaming Fast

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The Xbox One is a popular video game console, but like any technology, it occasionally has some problems. Sometimes, it refuses to turn on. Unlike the Xbox 360 and its Red Ring of Death, the Xbox One doesn’t have as many explicit external cues to problems. This means you need to take an approach that rules out problems from the most to the least likely, especially if the device refuses to turn on and offers an error code.

Reset Your Console To Factory Default Settings

Xbox One Not Turning On After Power Surge

The final step that we will stop your Xbox One from turning off repeatedly is resetting the system to the factory default settings. If you dont know how to do it, then follow the below procedure.

  • Turn on the console and press the Xbox button.
  • After that, you have to choose Profile & System.
  • Next, select Settings and then, choose System.
  • You have to select Console Info -> Click Reset Console.
  • Now, it provides three different options on the Reset Your Console screen.
  • Reset and Remove Everything

    Reset and Keep My Games & Apps


    • You can choose any one of the above options to continue further.

    Thus, your Xbox system starts reverting the settings to the default ones by removing the selected copies. Now, you can start using your console without any issues.

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    Reset The Internal Power Supply

    You power supply plays a major role in your console turning on, thats why we need to make sure it is working properly. It might as well be our culprit. If your internal power supply is on standby, you can fix the issue by following these steps:

  • Unplug your power cables from the system.
  • Wait for at least 10 seconds.
  • Plug the power back into the system except for the Xbox.
  • Check the LED indicator to confirm whether the power supply is delivering adequate voltage.
  • If the light is steady orange or steady white, plug the cable into the console.
  • Here is another easy thing you can do to troubleshoot your power supply:

  • Unplug your power supply from the wall.
  • Disconnect all the power cables leading to the power supply as well.
  • Disconnect the cable from your console as well.
  • Clean all the cables to make sure there is no dust.
  • Wait for about 30 seconds.
  • Turn your console back on or reset it.
  • Tip: You can combine the previous step with the reset of Xbox instead of just turning it on. Press and hold the Xbox button in the center of your Xbox controller to open the Power Center > Select Restart console > Select Restart.

    Solution : Make Sure The Correct Power Is Used To Prevent Randomly Turning Off Issues

    You need to make sure that the Xbox is getting the correct voltage in order for it to work properly. If the console is connecting to a surge protector or extension cord then try connecting it straight to the wall outlet.

    If you live in an area that has a fluctuating power then you should consider using an Automatic Voltage Regulator to ensure that the console gets a stable power.

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    Solution : Install The Latest Update

    Steps for Xbox One

    Step 1: Likewise, press the Xbox button on the controller to get the main menu.

    Step 2: Choose Settings > All Settings.

    Step 3: Click on System > Updates.

    Step 4: Select the Keep my console up to date option for the Console section. You need to choose Keep my games & apps up to date option for the games & apps section. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

    Steps for Xbox Series X

    Before starting the process, ensure that the console is connected to the Internet.

    Step 1: Press the Xbox button to open the main menu.

    Step 2: Choose Profile & System > Settings > System.

    Step 3: Tap Updates to download and install the latest available update.

    Fix Xbox One Keeps Turning Off

    How To Fix “Xbox One Randomly Turning Off” Part 2

    Xbox One Keeps Turning Off

    Several users are complaining that their Xbox One console is turning off continuously. If you tried your methods and fed up with this issue, then this article is for you.

    In this guide, the troubleshooting steps that we are going to present will stop Xbox One Keeps Turning Off problem. Dont worry! It is a fixable issue.

    Users use Xbox One console for playing video games, watching videos, Skype Chatting, and various others tasks. Some users are experiencing these shutting down problems while playing or watching YouTube, etc.

    Whatever the reason might be, Xbox One users can resolve the problem and make their console work without any turning off issues.

  • Final Words: Conclusion
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    Why Does My Xbox One Keep Turning Off Randomly

    Short answer: Its usually a heat-related problem

    If your Xbox One is shutting off soon after turning it on, the first thing to check is the power cord. Is it plugged in fully, does it have any visible damage, and does it have any bends in it?

    If you find anything wrong with it, replace the cable and see if your problems go away. Also, try using a different power socket. The metal springs inside sockets loosen in time, and this could be causing the issue.

    If you notice your Xbox One console is shutting off randomly, make sure that theres enough of an air gap between the top of your console and whatever is above it.

    An inch or more is a good amount of space, so if theres something sitting right on top of the console or if the shelf above is too close move things around.

    The vents for the fan inside your Xbox One are on the top of the console, so anything blocking this can lead to overheating.

    Check For Overheating Issues

    Check for signs of overheating. Place your console in a well ventilated area and make sure the fans are working properly. Dont place the console on a carpet.

    Remove any objects on, under, or right next to the console. They can prevent the device from dissipating heat properly. Your Xbox will turn off automatically if it gets abnormally hot to prevent hardware damage.

    If the console gets really hot, unplug the power cable and let it cool down for 60 minutes. Then turn it back on and check if the problem persists.

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    Clear The Persistent Storage

    Is your Xbox One S console shutting down unexpectedly when you try to load a game? If so, clearing the persistent storagecached Blu-ray data on the consolecan fix the problem. To clear the persistent storage on your Xbox One S console, press the Xbox button to bring up the guide.

    Next, navigate to System > Settings > Disc & Blu-ray, and then select the Blu-ray option. Choose Persistent storage from the Blu-ray menu, and then select the Clear persistent storage option. Once you are done, turn the console off and unplug the power cord.

    Allow it to remain unplugged for about 5 minutes before plugging the power cord back in. Turn the console on and try loading a game to see if the Xbox One randomly turns off problem has been resolved.

    Try Changing The Main Power Outlet

    Xbox One Keeps Turning Off By Itself

    As mentioned earlier, the problem sometimes lies within the power outlet that does not supply adequate power output to your console. You can try changing the power outlet and then turn on your console. If your Xbox One does not turn off after you have changed the power outlet, it ensures that there is nothing wrong with your console.

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    A Component That Causes Overheating

    Also, overheating can cause a component that is on the Xbox One S. That is, things like a Blu-ray player that are installed in a way that blocks the hot air outlet can cause overheating.

    For good ventilation, nothing should obstruct its openings. Nothing should stand on top of or behind the console. Also, the console should not be in a small space. Nothing should touch the top of the console. Allow the console to let the hot air out freely.

    Perform A Factory Reset

    If your Xbox One turns off after a while, you can perform a factory reset on it and see if the issue vanishes for you. Factory reset usually resolves many disturbing glitches without you having to lose your games and their data.

    You can follow the steps given below for factory reset

    • First of all, while your console works fine after getting turned on, navigate to the menu and settings.
    • Select system and then move to console info.
    • You will come across the reset console option, select it, and then click on reset and keep my games and apps.

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    If Your Xbox One Or Xbox One S Keeps Turning Off It Is Most Likely Due To Overheating

    Your Xbox can also turn off under these following conditions:1 MOST LIKELY The console is too hot internally 2 The power supply or power supply cord has an issue or is faulty 3 The TURN OFF setting is enabled and the console has been inactive for the period of time Turn on the console Scroll left from Home to open the guide Select Settings Select All Settings Select Power Select Turn off or restart. If you still have issues with the Xbox turning off by itself, continue reading below

    CHECK First Check to be sure the power supply cord is connected to the Xbox securely and is not loose or damaged.CHECK Second Be sure the Xbox power cord going to the outlet is secure and not loose or bent.CHECK Third Make sure there is no heavy dust build-up on the air vents of the Xbox that could allow it to overheat.

    If you find an issue with the Xbox power supply cord, replace it. If the power supply itself is faulty, replace it.

    AC Adapter Power Supply Cord for Xbox One

    Xbox One Internal View Parts

    Xbox One S Internal View Diagram

    Your Xbox One may have a mass of dust built up on the internal fan or on the air vents. This fan expels the heat from the Xbox through the vents and keeps it cool. If your Xbox keeps shutting off or randomly turns off, check these 3 things that can make it turn off

    How To Clean Your Xbox One Ventilation

    Replacement Internal Cooling Fan for Xbox ONE

    120mm USB Fan for Xbox One S Cooling

    Fix #: Use A Wired Connection

    How to fix Xbox One If keeps turning off (parody)

    When there are unavoidable interferences nearby your console, you can try to use a wired connection from your Xbox console to the controller. It will eliminate any issues that are caused by a wireless connection and can be more reliable.

    All you will need to do is to connect your controller to the Xbox console through a microUSB cable and wait for your controller to be recognized. Once its connected, you can now play without worrying about your controller suddenly turning off.

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    Overheating As A Result Of Poor Ventilation

    Under normal working conditions, this gaming console will dissipate a considerable amount of heat. While the unit has all the required mechanisms to get rid of this heat, you also need to place it in a well-ventilated location. The system could also be overheating because an internal fan is damaged.

    The build-up of dust on the consoles air vents and other components will also predispose the unit to overheat. If overheating is the problem, you should get a notification on the console that you have improper ventilation. This message will be triggered every time the console starts to overheat.

    This being the case, it is not advisable to place the console in tight spaces, such as a TV cabinet.

    Fix #: Reset Your Xbox Console

    Once youve tried all the fixes above and still have the same issue, the last resort to try is resetting your console. However, you will pick the option that will keep your consoles app and game data. It will restore all your consoles settings to their factory state.

    To reset your Xbox console, follow these steps:

  • Open your Xbox console and press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • Navigate to Profile & System > Settings > System.
  • Select Console Info and choose Reset Console.
  • From the reset options, choose Reset and keep my games & apps.
  • Once your console has been reset, connect your Xbox controller and see if the issue persists.
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    Power Outlet Or Cable Issues

    The Xbox console can also shut down if it is not getting enough power. Such an issue is often caused by a problematic outlet socket or power cord. If your console keeps on shutting down every time you try to start it, check whether it is getting the right amount of power.

    In such a case, you need to inspect the power cord for any signs of damage. If the cable appears to be torn or ripped, replace it and check whether the problem has been fixed. You also need to check whether the connections to the outlet socket and the console are loose.

    If you are using adapters and extensions, you should consider plugging the Xbox One console directly into the wall outlet

    How To Fix Xbox One Overheating Issue

    How To Keep Your Xbox One From Not Auto Turning Off

    Xbox One S overheating issues are now common because gamers can play for hours without any break forcing the console to produce more heat. The regular Xbox One overheating and turning off shortens lifespan or risks damaging the console. If you want to get rid of an overheating problem or minimize it, you have to follow these tips:

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    Reason : Bad Power Supply Unit

    Another primary reason for automatic shut down is Bad Power Supply. Whether your Xbox One had an internal or external power supply unit, it may shut down automatically due to a bad power supply. Both high and low power supply can cause some damage resulting in malfunctioning.

    • Check if there is any damage to the plugs, cables, and wires. If so, fix it or change it with a new one.
    • Check whether your Xbox One is connected to the same source as high power drawing devices. If so, disconnect and replace it.
    • Disconnect the plug connecting PSU and Xbox one. And then remove the PSU and power supply. Wait for a few seconds, and then plug it back in.

    Modify The Console Power Mode Settings

    In most cases, wrong or misconfigured console settings can cause your Xbox One to shut down instantly. Just modify your console power mode settings as given below to come out of this problem.

  • First of all, power on your Xbox One.
  • In the next step, press the power button to view the guide.
  • Go to System -> Click Settings and select the General tab.
  • In that, you need to choose the Power Mode & Startup.
  • Head towards the Options -> Click Turns Off After -> Choose Dont Turn Off Automatically.
  • Now, check whether your console keeps turn off or not. In case if your Xbox troubles you like before, then use the following tricks.

    • Step 2

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    Why Does My Xbox Keep Turning Off

    Like plenty of other Xbox users, you may encounter the Xbox One/ Series X keeps turning off issue. Why does my Xbox randomly turn off? If you are seeking for answers to this question, pay attention to the content below.

    Common causes for the Xbox Series X keeps turning off issue are summarized as follows.

    • Improper settings

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    Fix #: Turn Off Auto Sleep


    As mentioned earlier, most Xbox consoles have an Auto Sleep function that turns off your controller automatically once it has been idle for a while. It can sometimes go unnoticed and can be annoying to deal with.

    To turn off Auto Sleep in Xbox, follow the steps below:

  • Open your Xbox console and go to System.
  • Find and select Auto Sleep then choose Disable.
  • Your controller will now be constantly active as long as it is connected to the Xbox console.
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