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How To Join Xbox Insider

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Halo Infinite Beta Will Be Open To All This Weekend Download Via The Xbox Insider Hub

How to Join and Use the Xbox Insider Program in 2021

This weekends Halo Infinite multiplayer tech preview will be completely open to any and all Xbox console and PC gamers this weekend from 1st to 3rd October, with no need to sign up for the Xbox Insider program before hand.

In order to take part, you just need to download the Xbox Insider Hub app from the Xbox or Windows store find the app here and join the Halo Infinite test that will be found under the Preview tab. This should be visible and the build downloadable now ahead of the beta that will go live this weekend.

Xbox Spartans!

Want to join in on this weekend’s #HaloInfinite Multiplayer Tech Preview? You can download the build via the Xbox Insider Hub starting right now! Halo Insider or not, you can join on on the action.


343 Industries has held two weekends of Halo Infinite multiplayer testing so far, with the first at the end of July a relatively constrained first test that focussed on battling against the new AI bots. The second took place last weekend, opening the door for head to head multiplayer in the Social Arena casual matchmaking mode. This final weekend will introduce the Big Team Battle mode with up to 24-players fighting it out in a variety of different game types.

Thats obviously in addition to the Bot Arena against AI, Weapon Drills, customisation and the Battle Pass and access to the Halo Waypoint app.

  • 10am-2pm & 5pm-9pm PDT
  • 6pm-10pm & 1am-5am* BST
  • 7pm-11pm & 2am-6am* EST

How To Stop Participating In A Preview

If you no longer want to participate in a preview and would rather use the standard, stable Xbox software, launch the Xbox Insider Hub, select the Insider content option, and then select the preview youre currently participating in.

On the resulting page, select Manage > Unenroll > Done to leave the selected preview and downgrade to the stable software.

If youve installed a preview version of the system software, your Xbox One console may be factory reset to remove it. Youll have to go through the initial setup process again, but any apps and games youve installed remain on your console.

If youre no longer actively participating in any previews, that means youre using the standard software. You dont have to leave the Xbox Insider Program to get back to the stable Xbox system software. And you can always install one of the previews again, if you want.

However, if youd also like to leave the Xbox Insider Program altogether, you can. Open the Xbox Insider Hub, head to Settings > Manage devices, and then remove your console from the program if you see it in the list. You can uninstall the Xbox Insider Hub app afterwards.

Grounded Xbox Insider Flight

The Xbox Insider program is a great way for dedicated Grounded players to provide feedback and bug reports for the latest content made for Grounded. While the Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access versions of Grounded are also intended to do this, we are looking to make them even more stable by inviting these dedicated players to help us find issues and provide feedback before the content is pushed to Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access. Access to this flight will be limited and will be on a first come first served basis.

To join the Xbox Insider program, you will need to own a copy of the game or have an active subscription to Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass for PC, and you will want to download and install the Xbox Insider Hub on your PC or Xbox One. To do this, you can follow the instructions for your platform of choice below.

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Get The Latest Xbox Features Before Everyone Else With The Insider Program

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Microsoft offers an Xbox Insider Program that works a lot like the Windows Insider Program. Join it to get access to new versions of the Xbox system software and apps before everyone else does.

How Do I Sign Up For The Xbox Insider Program

How To Join The Xbox Insider Program

– Across loads of announcements from Xbox HQ, whether it’s unveiling a new game, confirming a delay to one, or talking about features that it’s going to bring to consoles soon, you’ll see plenty of references to the Xbox Insider program.

It’s a system that might sound like a member’s club or a fan community, but the reality is that you can be a part of it far more easily than you might realise. We’ve got all the details, right here.

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What Is Xbox Insider

Xbox Insider is the name Microsoft has given to a program that lets its users, if they want to, test-drive bits of functionality that aren’t yet ready to go live for the entire user-base.

It’s a sort of beta-testing scheme, in many ways, but also comes with a few other perks like occasional rewards and discounts. Occasionally Insiders will even get the chance to try new games out early.


What’s Inside The Xbox Insider Program

There are a whole bunch of previews. Alongside the standard dashboard and feature updates, there are also other previews you can sign up for such as Apple TV+ updates and early playtests for games. It was also the home of Halo Technical Test, so it’s always worth ensuring you have the app installed.

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Icipate In The Insider Program

Once we have the App installed on our Xbox, we must understand that there are several rings in which we can participate. If we have just downloaded the App we will only have the ring available Omega. The following photo explains how to progress in the Insider program and get new preliminary versions.

  • Start the Xbox Insider Hub.
  • and a Preview version.
  • Select the preview version you want or have available.
  • To go up the rings and be able to get the new features in tests earlier, we will have to participate in the weekly surveys that we will have available within the Insider Hub. This will grant us XP and will help us to gain levels.

    The most coveted rings in the community are Alfa and Before Alpha, only accessible by invitation.

    Signing Up For Xbox Insider

    How to Join the Xbox Insider Program – 2017/18

    Obviously, given that if you sign up for the Xbox Insider Programme you are basically working for free, there are going to be a few benefits. Then again, nothing is ever quite so easy seeing as this is split into different tiers, and then once again into different levels for those tiers. The most common ranks and their benefits are here:

    • Omega: Everybody starts here. For this one, you’ll get early access to updates and news, before they go out to the rest of the community.
    • Delta: After about a month and if you have managed to get to XP level two for Xbox Insider, you can achieve this rank. Once again, you’ll get earlier access to news and updates and in some cases, when updates require further testing, you can event get them before the Alpha and Beta tiers.
    • Beta: To reach Beta, you need to have been part of the Xbox Insider programme for three months and be at level five. In this rank, you’ll get even earlier access to updates – only just behind Alpha.

    These are just the first three tiers, and the most common ones. After that, for tiers such as Alpha, you need to be invited to join.

    So, interested? In that case you need to know how to sign up. Fortunately, this is a pretty easy process.

    First, you need to log into your Xbox and go to the Store. From there, enter ‘insider’ into the Search function. Once done, the Xbox Insider Bundle app should appear. Download it and then click ‘join’. And you’re done!

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    How To Join Xbox Insider Tests On A Windows 10 Pc

  • the Xbox Insider Hub app from the Windows 10 Microsoft Store, right here.
  • Open the app and sign in using your Microsoft account.
  • Select Insider Content on the left.
  • Scroll down and select Windows Gaming.

  • Select Join to enroll your Windows 10 installation into the flighting program.

  • It will tell you which apps you’re eligible to access on the description page.
  • You can leave the flighting program by selecting manage.

  • And that’s it!

    The Xbox Insider app for Windows 10 offers access to various tests, both for apps and games and more if you’re a member of the Windows 10 Insider Program. Be sure to explore what tests and feedback surveys appeal to you. Offering feedback helps Microsoft prioritize what updates to work on.

    How To Enroll Your Console

    To get started with Xbox Insider builds, you’ll need to enroll your console in an Insider ring. You can enroll as many Xbox consoles as you like, but doing so for the first time will take a few days to process.

  • In the Xbox Insider Hub navigate to Previews on the left side of the app.
  • Under available select Xbox Update Preview.
  • Click Join to begin enrolling your console to receive Insider builds.

    Note: Enrollment will take a few days to complete.

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    How To Level Up Your Xbox Insider Account

    To get access to new features earlier than other users, you must level up your Xbox Insider account to reach new rings. To level up, you can complete quests and surveys in the Xbox Insider app.

    For example, the first quest available to you may be to complete a survey on gaming with others. This particular survey gives 10XP, which puts you half of the way through level 1. It will take some time for new quests and surveys to appear. On top of that, youll need to be an Xbox Insider for some time to go to each new ring, as mentioned above.

    It can take a long time to level up through each ring in the Xbox Insider program, but if you spend a few minutes each week in the app, youll slowly begin to get closer to the beta ring. Once youre in the beta ring, you cannot get any higher unless youre invited.

    Instalar El Xbox Insider Hub

    How to Join the Xbox Insider Program

    The first step is to install the application on our Xbox through which we will access the Insider content. For it:

  • Turn on your Xbox and open the App Shop o Store en Beginning.
  • Choose Search.
  • Writes insiderIn the box and select Xbox Insider Bundle.
  • Select now Get O Install. The Xbox Insider Hub and the Report a Problem app will be installed.
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    How Do Xbox Insider Tiers Work

    The main complication to your membership of Xbox Insider is down to which tier of the program you find yourself in – this is a system mostly to do with how long you’ve been in Xbox Insider. There are five tiers:

    • Omega: This is where you’ll be after you sign-up – it’s for new members.
    • Delta: After a month’s membership and ticking off some to-do items to reach Insider Level 2, you’ll be able to join the Delta tier to access more previews
    • Beta: After three month’s membership and if you’re Insider Level 5 you can join the Beta tier to get earlier updates
    • Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead: These two tiers are invite-only, so there’s not much you can do to join them, but they get the earliest previews and changes

    Moving between tiers isn’t automatic, we should note. Once you meet the required criteria, you’ll need to open up the app to change your status manually, as follows:

    • Go to the Previews tab on your Xbox
    • Open the information menu and hit Manage
    • Select the tier you’ve unlocked

    That same menu will also let you leave the program if you want to go back to the vanilla experience.

    How To Use Discord On Xbox One

  • Turn on your Xbox One and sign in to your Xbox Live account.

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller, then navigate to the “Systems” tab, located on the far-right side of the menu. Highlight “Settings” with your cursor and press the “A” button.

  • On the next screen, scroll to the “Account” tab. Once you’ve done so, select “Linked social accounts” and press “A.”

    Open the “Linked accounts” menu. Chrissy Montelli/Insider

  • Navigate to the “Discord” panel, highlight “Link,” and press “A.”

    Start the linking process by selecting “Link.” Chrissy Montelli/Insider

  • On the next screen, press “A” to begin the linking process. If you’re asked to let the app share your info with Microsoft, select “Yes” and press “A.”

  • The next screen will have a six-character code and instructions for linking your Discord account. Open the Discord app on your phone or computer.

  • In Discord, tap or click the “Settings” icon. On a computer, this should be a gear icon that appears toward the bottom of the screen, next to your username. On mobile, you’ll have to tap the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner of the screen to open a menu, after which the icon will be visible at the bottom of the screen – on an iPhone, it’ll be your profile picture, and on an Android, it’ll be a gear.

    Tap your profile picture or the gear icon to open your settings. William Antonelli/Insider

  • Tap or click “Connections.” If you’re on mobile, tap “Add” in the upper-right corner of the screen.

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    What Is The Xbox Insider Program

    The Xbox Insider Program allows members of the community to sign up, try out new features before they’re rolled out publicly and provide feedback. The aim is to help make them the best they can be, assisting the development teams in that process.

    You don’t have to opt-in for every preview – it’s up to you to pick and choose what you’re interested in.

    Everything You Need To Know About The Xbox Insider Program

    How to Join Xbox Insider Program and GET NEW UPDATES FIRST! (Easy Method)

    The Xbox Insider Program, like the Windows Insider Program, is a way for Microsoft to harvest feedback on pre-release operating system builds before releasing them to the public. Xbox Insiders get the opportunity to experience new features and services early, albeit with the risk of bugs and other issues that might hinder their console experience. Typically, Xbox Insider builds even on the buggiest “Skip Ahead” ring are generally safe to use.

    Here’s a list of information you need to know if you’re interested in the Xbox Insider Program.

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    Microsoft Is Accepting New Insiders For Xbox Alpha And Skip

    Insiders will be able to test out new Xbox features.

    Microsoft has announced that it is currently searching for more Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead Insiders. Sharing the news in a new Xbox Wire post, the company said that it is looking for the next wave of Xbox Insiders interested in joining one of the Alpha rings.

    Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead are “invite-only” rings, whereas anyone can join the Delta and Beta rings. Insiders in the Alpha rings may receive builds earlier than the rest of the Insider rings, and while Alpha Skip-Ahead usually receives builds that may be from a future release, both rings receive features that have not yet been released to other rings.

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    This is part of the Xbox Update Preview program, where Insiders can check out the latest work-in-progress features the Xbox team are currently working on before they are released publically. Users in the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead rings may submit feedback to Xbox.

    We dont share specific details, but we look at a variety of factors like high-quality submitted feedback, quest/survey participation, and playing games, Microsoft said. More importantly, we select users who let us know they are interested in participating!

    • Launch the Xbox Insider Hub on your console
    • Select Activities on the left
    • Under Available, scroll down until you see Joining new rings
    • Complete the survey

    How Do I Level Up

    Remember how we mentioned you start at level 1 ? Over the course of your Insider Program tenure, you can move up to get access to more updates and early content by completing polls, quests, and surveys listed inside the app. Your level will rise as you participate in preview builds and complete tasks. As you can see, sometimes you wont have stuff to do to raise your level. Be patient.

    The Insider Program has four tiers:

    • Omega: Anyone can join.
    • Delta: Reach level 2 and be an insider for at least one month.
    • Beta: Reach level 4 and be an insider for at least three months.
    • Alpha: Invite only. Microsoft occasionally invites extremely active Delta/Beta insiders to join Alpha.

    As you move up the ranks, expect more frequent updates and early features.

    Editors’ Recommendations

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    How To Remove Your Xbox From The Insider Program

    As far as we can tell, you can’t remove your Microsoft Account from the Xbox Insider program, but you can remove your Xboxes which is just as effective. To do that, follow these steps.

  • In the Xbox Insider Hub navigate to Previews on the left side of the app.
  • Select Xbox Update Preview.
  • Select Manage.
  • Hit Leave preview.
  • Once you have followed these steps, the selected Xbox consoles will stop receiving Insider updates, and will simply update to the latest stable Xbox build the next time one is released that passes the point in the development cycle of your current insider build. Unenrollment may trigger a mandatory factory reset, but no data will be lost as a result.

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