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How To Hook Up Wireless Headphones To Xbox One

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Using wireless headphones with Xbox one is a tricky process as the Xbox One gaming console doesnt have Bluetooth capabilities , and till now, not many wireless headsets are compatible with the popular console.Adapters and workarounds are getting better day by day, and we are hoping for some major changes from the makers. For now, here are things you need to know about the matter.

Can You Connect Bluetooth Headphones To The Xbox Series X

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Gaming headsets deliver immersive audio while allowing you to use your voice to communicate with other players. Wireless headsets offer a degree of freedom that wired ones cant match, but most require a dedicated USB dongle to ditch the cable.

So whats the deal with Bluetooth headsets on the Xbox Series X|S consoles?

Why Does My Game Chat Not Work On Xbox

Restart your console

In cases where the Xbox Game Chat stops working due to a software glitch, a console reset should be enough to fix it. Wait around 20 to 25 seconds before you turn it back on to give it a little breathing room. Once you log back in, immediately join the party and test your microphone.

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Can You Connect Wireless Earbuds To Xbox One

Connect your wireless headsets to Xbox one you need a Bluetooth transmitter and following these steps

  • Insert the Bluetooth transmitter in the 3.5 mm Aux port in your Xbox Controller
  • Turn the transmitter on the lights main flash of the transmitter
  • Now turn your headphones on
  • Now press and hold the pairing button on your device
  • Your headphones will pair with your Xbox One and the flashing light will turn solid

Headphones Compatible With Xbox Wireless

Turtle Beach Stealth 700X Wireless Headset for XBOX One ...

If you are looking for wireless headphones for Xbox One machines that are compatible with each other, then you will need to buy one that can connect to the Xbox wireless system. These headsets are not that common, especially the wireless versions, but there are a few options available that you can pick from. However, you should remember that a headset for Xbox One devices are made specifically for the Xbox, so they are unlikely to work with other console manufacturers. If you want a gaming headset that is versatile and can be used across different devices then this may not be the right choice for you.

These Xbox wireless headphones can be a more expensive choice, but if you pick the right set then it can provide you with a superior audio experience that nothing else can offer you. They are also easy to connect to your Xbox device by using a stereo headset adapter, so if you want something that will give you a direct connection to your Xbox then this type of headset is a great choice.

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How Do You Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One

To be able to make a link between the headphones and an Xbox, plug a 3.5-millimeter audio plug right into the gamepad. The connection is a hole, and you can find it beneath the controller, left under the directional pad:

For this reason, Microsoft continues to offer the Xbox One Headset Stereo Adapter. However, this variant works only for devices that were made after 2015. For everything else, you need an Xbox One Headset Stereo Adapter. You connect this with the USB input on the controller, which is located at the lower part of the controller. Now you need to connect a headset to the jack input of the adapter. It has the advantage that you can regulate the ratio of the volume of the game to the volume of the microphone, adjust the overall volume and issue the microphone.

The third-party adapters for stereo look a bit different, but they work the same way. This particular adapter comes with a 2.5-millimeter to 3.5-millimeter cable that gives you the opportunity to hook up your old Xbox 360 headset for party chat to your Xbox One.

Regardless of the type of the joypad that you own, you will be able to hook up the Stereo Headset Adapter to the joypad with putting it in the free slot on the joypad. With that being done, you can now hook up a 3.5-millimeter audio jack to the Stereo Headset Adapter as shown on the following image:


However, headsets that are not offered by Microsoft may not work or do not work as intended.

RCA cable

Headsets that cannot be used on Xbox One

How To Connect A Gaming Headset To Playstation 5

A wide USB-C dongle like the one with the SteelSeries Arctis 7P will make accessing the other USB port on the front of the console impossible .

Connecting a gaming headset to your new PlayStation 5 is very easy. The first thing to do is plug your headset, or its wireless dongle, into the PlayStation 5either through the 3.5mm jack in the DualSense controller, or via the USB-A or USB-C ports in the front of the console. As soon as you plug in, the console will recognize a headset connecting and switch audio output over to it.

Right below that option is where you can adjust the PlayStation 5s built-in spatial audio settings. The feature is on by default and compatible with just about every gaming headset, and it brings virtual surround sound to any game programmed to support it. Theres not much in the way of customization, but you can switch between height profiles so the vertical aspect of your game audio sounds correctjust flip through the five height settings and pick the recording of running water that sounds like its closest to your ears .

You can adjust your basic audio and mic volume controls via the menu that comes up on the bottom of the screen when you tap the PS button. Just head to the speaker or microphone icon, and you can make quick adjustments. If your headset has on-ear controls, then you probably dont really need to worry about these menus much, though.

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Connecting Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One Through Pc Connections

This is one of the easiest means of connecting your headphones to your Xbox One. If you use your Windows PC as the end-user device, the two devices will tether sounds with ease. Both Windows PC and Xbox One are products of Microsoft, and this makes them very compatible.

To connect the PC to the console, you need to have the two devices in the same network. You can use Ethernet connection. You also need to have the Xbox Console Companion App on your PC.

Luckily for you, Microsoft PCs come pre-installed with the Companion App. If the app is not on your PC, you can download it from Microsoft website. It is easy to establish a connection and start playing by following the steps below:

Open the Companion app and create an account if you do not have one already.

This option searches for devices, and once it locates your console, click on the Connect button, and you are good to start playing. There are times when Windows might take a long time to search do it manually and see your console there.

If you still have issues connecting, you can open Xbox Settings > > Devices and Streaming > > Device Connections. Once you open that, you need to enable the option Allow Play To Streaming and also enable Game Streaming To Other Devices, and also enable Only From Profiles Signed on This Console.

You will see your Xbox on the Connections Tab and then click on it. After the connection is complete, you have the option to control Xbox through your PC.

Which Headphones Can You Use With An Xbox One

EASIEST way to set up a headset on XBOX ONE! Turtle beach X12

There are hundreds of options available in the market for wireless headphones. Almost every popular brand has a range of wireless options available. But, the list of compatible wireless headsets for Xbox is rather slim due to specific wireless technology. Here are some of the most popular wireless headphones that support Xbox Wireless technology.

Wireless Headphones made by Xbox

  • Xbox One Chat Headset

Wireless Headphones made by Lucid

  • Lucid LS50X

Wireless Headphones made by HyperX

  • HyperX CloudX Flight

Wireless Headphones made by Astro

Wireless Headphones made by Turtle Beach

  • Turtle Beach Stealth 600
  • Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

Wireless Headphones made by SteelSeries

Wireless Headphones made by Razer

  • Razer Thresher Ultimate

Wireless Headphones made by Other Brands

  • Corsair Hs75 Xb Wireless
  • Victrix Pro AF

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If Your Headset Has A Wireless Adapter

Some wireless headsets come with a USB adapter that plugs into the console and transmits sound data to the headphones. If this is the case, all you need to do is turn on the Xbox One, connect the adapter, and switch on the headset. It will connect automatically, and the Xbox One will immediately switch the audio output to your headphones.

Invest In An Xbox One

The Xbox Wireless Headset and Xbox One Stereo Headset link to your controller cordlessly and offer a large range of sound as well as microphone capabilities. This is the best choice for playing cooperative or communicative games since Bluetooth tech will only allow one channel for audio.

Aside from the Microsoft brand headsets mentioned above, there are several third-party options. Arctis Prime Gaming, Razer, Turtle Beach, and Astro are some of the many brands that create compatible products.

The prices range from around $15 to $500 depending on the material, sound quality, and lifetime. You can view the entire list of Microsoft-endorsed headsets here.

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Connecting With A Tether And Controller

Step 1: Most wireless headphones that are compatible with Xbox One require a tether for audio communication. In simple words, you need a wireless connection for audio input and a tethered connection for output.The other thing you can do is to use a full controller adapter for sound input and output through the console. So, keep your tether cable ready, and you will need a 3.5mm audio jack and a wireless connection, which can be a USB attachment or stick.Step 2: Next, turn on your Xbox One console and controller.Step 3: Now, connect your USB and pair it with your wireless headphone. You will find a pairing button on the USB connection that pairs both these devices. Now, play any audio content and experiment with mute and volume control buttons to know and understand the range of your wireless headphone.Step 4: Now connect your tethering cable with your Xbox One via a 3.5mm audio jack, or you can use a full adapter. At this point, we advise you to check your microphone as well. Ensure that the headset connection is working well with your audio through the controller.

How To Connect Any Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One And Xbox Series S/x

How To Connect an Xbox One Headset

If you have a good Bluetooth-powered headset that you want to use for your Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S console, the good news is there are ways you can do it. The bad news is youll have to go through some hoops in order to get around the fact that both the Xbox One and the Xbox Series S lack Bluetooth capability.

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Using Remote Play To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One

If you are playing your games on a small screen, then you can use Xbox Remote Play to enjoy your games through your Bluetooth headphones. Microsoft offers modern Xbox controllers with Bluetooth capability, allowing you to connect your devices with ease. One of these models is the Xbox One S, which offers both Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless.

However, you need to be close to the console for the Bluetooth connection to work. To establish this connection, you need to have the Xbox app on your iOS or Android device, a new Xbox controller with Bluetooth connection, and your Bluetooth headphones. You can also go for a mobile-compatible Bluetooth controller.

Should I Be Using Bluetooth Headphones

If youre not already using Bluetooth headphones, you may want to experiment with this technology first to see if you like it.

It is useful to get the wires out of the way. If you get tangled up in your controller during a tense moment, disconnecting your microphone can disrupt the entire gameplay sequence for everyone.

You can experience the same problem by going out of range of your Bluetooth transmitter with the Xbox One.

Since the only time you need a cord with Bluetooth headphones is to charge your battery, it is a convenient way to enjoy gaming. You get the freedom of movement you want without as many restrictions.

The best Bluetooth transmitter will help you achieve the results you want. Get your equipment, boot up your favorite game, and earn your victory.

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Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On Microsofts Xbox One

Xbox consoles have always been weird about wireless connections due to Microsofts choice of a proprietary radio signal thats superior to Bluetooth.

Even as we approach the release of the next-generation Xbox Series X, people are often confused as to whether or not the current Microsoft Xbox One series of consoles can connect to Bluetooth headphones. Xbox platforms have always maintained an intentional lack of Bluetooth support for both good and potentially greedy reasons. That means players cant connect Bluetooth devices but that doesnt exclude other wireless headphone options.

Microsoft made the decision to forego Bluetooth back in 2005 with the launch of the original Xbox 360. Instead, that system and its predecessors use a proprietary radio signal for wireless communication with controllers. This signal is actually stronger and provides lower latency than most iterations of Bluetooth, so it benefits players to a degree. The obvious flip side of that coin is that it also means Microsoft can control the Xbox accessory ecosystem by dictating which wireless devices will work with the platforms. Its debatable if this is good or bad for gamers but its certainly inconvenient, at least.

How Do I Control The Audio Settings On Xbox Series X

How to connect any Bluetooth Headset to your Xbox One

When it comes to controlling your headphones’ audio settings, you have a few options. Many headphones and headsets come with their own in-line controls for muting and volume. If you’re using a headset that’s designed for gaming, it’s especially likely. However, you can always tinker with your audio settings directly from your console, which gives you more granular controls for volume, mixing channels, and mic monitoring. Here’s how you can do that, and what each setting means.

  • Press the “Xbox” button in the center of your controller to open the Guide.

  • Scroll to the bottom right of the guide to get to the speaker icon. You can also use the LT and RT buttons to scroll up and down quickly.

  • Press the “A” button to open the Audio section.

  • From top to bottom, the Audio section in the Xbox guide allows you to:

    • Toggle your headset mic. This mutes the mic on your headphones if one is present. You can add one if you want, which I go over below.
    • Control headset volume. This one is pretty straightforward: tinker with how quiet or loud your headphones are until you’re comfortable.
    • Control headset chat mixer. Sometimes you may struggle to hear chat from your party or friends over a game’s audio or vice versa. You can change the mix of chat and game audio here to suit your needs.
    • Control mic monitoring. Mic monitoring changes how sensitive your mic is on your headset. If your party or friends are struggling to hear what you’re saying, you can turn up mic monitoring to hopefully help.

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    Why Does My Xbox One Controller Say That It Has Bluetooth

    When you purchase an Xbox One today, you have the choice to use a wireless controller with or without Bluetooth.

    If youre unsure of what model you have at home, the Bluetooth option has the plastic around the Xbox button as part of the controllers face. When it doesnt support this technology, the plastic is part of the top with the bumpers location.

    You still connect to your Xbox One by using the consoles wireless technology. Although the controller is Bluetooth-enabled, it doesnt support attachments.

    That means you cant use chat pads, headsets, or the Xbox Stereo Headset Adapter.

    What you can use Bluetooth for in this situation is to connect to another device, such as a PC, for playing games.

    Youll want to keep these things in mind while managing that connection.

    • Bluetooth requires the latest Windows update to work with your PCs operating system.
    • Updating your controller will encourage a better overall performance.
    • Connection reliability is dependent on the Bluetooth card being accessed.
    • You can typically connect just one Xbox controller through a Bluetooth connection successfully.

    Toksel Visible Bluetooth 50 Transmitter

    When you use this transmitter with your Xbox One, it can freely choose your headphones during the connection process.

    You can move between devices with the LED screen to avoid the wrong device. Several push-button commands on the bottom of the unit allow the user to have a completely custom experience.

    The dual-link feature allows two simultaneous streams, and it automatically connects if you use the same device each time.

    It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, a two-year warranty, and low latency.

    The TOKSEL Bluetooth transmitter comes with 15 volume levels for the ultimate comfort while chatting or playing. It plays for about 18 hours on a single charge, while only needing about three hours to start over.

    Youll receive an RCA cable in addition to the 3.5mm AUX in the box.

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