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How To Hook Up Headset To Xbox One

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Xbox One How to SET UP Your Mic Headset Headphone NEW!

Unfortunately, when using a Bluetooth headset you will often find that you are limited to only hearing the game audio, and you may be unable to use the headphones microphone function for in-game chat. It is possible to be able to get the talkback feature working through your Bluetooth connection but this will require a Bluetooth transmitter adapter to be used that allows this function. This type of adapter can be expensive, so be prepared for it to use up your budget. However, for people who enjoy playing Xbox One games, the option to be able to join up with other players and use the talkback feature is invaluable.

Using certain Bluetooth headsets with the Xbox One can sometimes have its limitations, as sound quality can be compromised and affect the fun you get playing your video games. However, there are a variety of good quality Bluetooth headsets for Xbox One players that will provide you with amazing sound experience, so ensure you buy headphones that will meet your expectations and allow you to enjoy playing your Xbox One.

Setting Up Your Astro A50s For Your Xbox One:

Configuring the Xbox One Stereo Headset AdapterBy default, the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter will output both game audio and voice audio which will render the mixer on the A50 Wireless Headset unusable. Follow the below steps to set the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter to only output voice audio which will correct this.

1) Set the mixer on the A50 Wireless Headset to full voice audio. To do this, hold down the voice button on the A50 Wireless Headset until you hear two beeps. Two beeps is an indication that you have fully mixed towards either game or voice depending on what button you was holding.

2) On the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter, hold down the chat audio button until you can no longer hear game audio and can only hear voice audio.

3) On the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter, hold down the plus button until the voice audio no longer increases.

Thats all thats to it! You will now be able to use the microphone from your A50 Wireless Headset on your Xbox One and the mixer will work as intended allowing you to mix between game audio and voice audio with ease. Should you have any further questions regarding the A50 Wireless Headset and Xbox One, please feel free to post them on this thread and well respond as quickly as possible with an answer for you.

Microsoft’s Protocol Makes It Easy

If you’re looking for a wireless sound solution for your Xbox One gaming console, you have a few important things to keep in mind. Not every headset will work, and there are a different means to connect.

Here’s what you need to know to use a wireless headset with the Xbox One.

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How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One

Essential because they are in many aspects of life, the wire is the worst. Its not fun to meander cables around your entertainment setup, especially if youre interested in games. They quickly become a problem.

Unfortunately, the Bluetooth headphone revolution wasnt. very Im still on the road to the game. Technically, you can use Bluetooth headphones with modern video game consoles, but all the methods for doing so are costly and some pairing methods are easier than others.

The good news is that you can do it. Method is as follows.

Use Your Kinect As A Mic And Listen To Game Audio Through Bluetooth Headphones

Connect bluetooth headset to xbox one s.

If your TV or home stereo system supports it, you could very easily use your Kinect as a mic while listening to game audio and chat through a set of Bluetooth headphones or headset.

Its also possible to use a set of wired headphones, with either a single 3.5mm cable or;RCA cables, to listen to game audio.

Dont forget these two important steps:

  • Bring up the Xbox Guide > Settings > Kinect > Enable Kinect as Microphone
  • Plug in or connect your headset/headphones via Bluetooth. Turn the volume down on your TV to prevent feedback through the Kinect.

Reminder: If you have a newer Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, or Windows PC, youll need to use the Xbox Kinect Adapter in order to use your Kinect

With any workaround, there are always downsides.;Youll have to sit closer to your TV to help the Kinect pick up your voice, and its not possible to mute the mic without going back into the settings and deselecting Enable Kinect as Microphone

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Connect Stereo Headset To Controller Via Adapter

  • Take the stereo headset adapter and place it in the expansion port of the controller, see image on the right.
  • Take the stereo headset and connect it to the 3.5 mm jack of the adapter.
  • Use the buttons on the adapter to adjust the sound and microphone volume.
  • Start the Xbox One.
  • Go to Settings and select * Devices and accessories. *
  • Select the appropriate controller and apply your desired sound settings.
  • How To Connect Your Gaming Headset

    The Cloud Orbit S works on just about everything, to varying degrees.

    For all their simplicity, sometimes getting a gaming headset to actually work on your platform of choice is oddly complicated. Maybe theres a mic on your PCs webcam hijacking your audio output, or some dropdown menu in your Playstation 4s settings menu. This stuff shouldnt be complicated, but sometimes it is.

    Dont worry, were here to help. Heres how to connect your gaming headset, whether youre playing on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.

    Editors note: This post was updated on September 15, 2021 to include information on Bluetooth connectivity and the Nintendo Switch.

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    Buy An Xbox One Headset Adapter And Gaming Headset

    The simplest way to get up and running with a gaming headset is to purchase one specifically designed for the Xbox One. Its not true Bluetooth, but at least youre not tethered to the console.

    There are numerous headsets available on Amazon that are plug and play, and also double as a PC gaming headset, and traditional stereo headset, amongst other things.

    My personal favorite is the HyperX Cloud by Kingston. This headset is well built, comfortable to wear, and offers superior audio quality through the 55mm HiFi drivers and directional condenser microphone.

    It also has a detachable boom mic if you want to use the headset for listening to movies or music.

    If you have a newer Xbox One Controller or Xbox One Elite controller, the headset will plug directly into the aux port. If you have an older Xbox One controller, youll need to purchase an Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter.

    How To Troubleshoot Your Gaming Headsets

    How to Set Up a Gaming Headset on XBOX ONE – Astro A40 – Astro A50 – Turtle Beach

    If the connection between your headset and controller is not successful, the issue is most likely with the headsets.

    Here are a few useful troubleshooting tips;

    • Turn both the headset and adapter off and then turn them off. Reconnect to the controller and see if the issue is fixed
    • If for some reason the headset does not pick up any sounds either from your games or voice calls, its possible that the headset is accidentally muted. Try to toggle the mute switch on the adapter. This may fix the problem
    • Check if the headset battery has enough power. Also, if the remaining charge on your controller is low, it may cause issues on your headsets sound quality and microphone

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    Setting Up Your Headset On Old Version Console

    You will be needing an Xbox One stereo headset adapter. With some units, it gets sold as a bundle. If you did not get the adapter with your console purchase, you will have to buy it;separately.

    Once you have the adapter with you, follow these steps.

  • Plug the adapter into your Xbox One controller and connect the controller to the console via the USB cable. Make sure that you have removed the controllers battery.
  • Once you have plugged in everything, update your controller by accessing the System Settings menu, so that it would be ready for use with the stereo headset adapter.
  • After the update is complete, disconnect the controller and put back the batteries in it.
  • If you have a stereo headset that supports a 3.5 mm audio jack connectivity, directly plug in the male-end of the cable into the adapter. If your headset doesnt support 3.5 mm connectivity, then use another audio jack to establish the link.
  • And there you have it, you can now play your favorite game on Xbox One with your favorite stereo headset put on.

    Use A Pair Of Apple Headphones With Your Xbox One

    People who have tried to use Apple Headphones on their Xbox One have reported poor audio quality and static.

    Luckily, a few dedicated gamers figured out a way around it.

    If you want to use Apple headphones or Earpods on your Xbox One, theres a workaround youll have to perform for it to work.

    Youll need an Xbox One Controller with a 3.5mm audio port built-in, such as a newer Xbox One Controller. This will not work with the older Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter and older Xbox One controllers.

    Heres What To Do:

    • Plug Apple Headset into Xbox One Controller
    • Double Tap the Xbox Menu Button
    • Disable Headset Mic Option
    • Turn Mic Monitoring slide down to 0

    You can also pair your Apple Airpods to your Home Theatre system and use your Kinect as a mic, as mentioned above. Its not great, but it theoretically works in a pinch.

    Let us know if this method of using a pair of apple headphones with your Xbox One worked for you!

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    Does The Xbox One Have Bluetooth

    Unfortunately, none of the several versions of the Xbox One support Bluetooth, so only headsets that use Microsoft’s wireless protocol can connect to the console. Depending on the model of headset you buy, you’ll either use an included wireless receiver that plugs into a USB port on the hardware or connect to it directly, similarly to how you sync an Xbox One controller.

    If you have a Bluetooth wireless headset, however, you likely won’t be able to use it with the Xbox One. Your best source for which wireless headsets are compatible with the Xbox One is Microsoft’s accessories page, which provides both an up-to-date list of peripherals that will work and links to purchase them directly.

    Using Iphone Headsets With The Xbox Controller

    How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One

    Even though the Apple Earbuds are a recent technology, they still might face connectivity issues with the Xbox One. If you have the Apple Earbuds, follow the below steps

  • Go to the Settings menu on the Xbox One
  • There should be a headset Mic option there. Disable it
  • Now find the Mic monitoring settings and disable them too. Else, lower the to the minimum possible level
  • Connect your earbuds to the Xbox One console and they should work properly
  • Hopefully, by now you have found out the solution to get your headphones working with the Xbox One console. If you still havent managed to do so, then you might need professional help. Contact Microsoft tech support to see how you can get your headphones working with the Xbox One.

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    Headphones Compatible With Xbox Wireless

    If you are looking for wireless headphones for Xbox One machines that are compatible with each other, then you will need to buy one that can connect to the Xbox wireless system. These headsets are not that common, especially the wireless versions, but there are a few options available that you can pick from. However, you should remember that a headset for Xbox One devices are made specifically for the Xbox, so they are unlikely to work with other console manufacturers. If you want a gaming headset that is versatile and can be used across different devices then this may not be the right choice for you.

    These Xbox wireless headphones can be a more expensive choice, but if you pick the right set then it can provide you with a superior audio experience that nothing else can offer you. They are also easy to connect to your Xbox device by using a stereo headset adapter, so if you want something that will give you a direct connection to your Xbox then this type of headset is a great choice.

    How To Connect A Gaming Headset To Your Smartphone

    Some gaming headsets offer Bluetooth support as a secondary connection method.

    The process of connecting a gaming headset to your smartphone is rather straightforward. If your headset supports 3.5mm connections, all you have to do is connect via your phones headphone jack. If your phone doesnt have a headphone jack built-in, youll need a dongle in order to connect your headset.

    Additionally, some gaming headsets support Bluetooth connections. Bluetooth isnt really a connection meant for gaming, as almost all consoles dont support it, but having the option to connect with a phone when youre not gaming is a nice additional feature. However, unlike the act of plugging a headset in, theres no standard of compatibility with Bluetooth.

    Headsets like the SteelSeries Arctis 9 and EPOS Sennheiser GSP 670 can handle a simultaneous connection using 2.4GHz for gaming and Bluetooth with a phone, so you wont miss a call if your phone starts ringing mid game. A headset like the HyperX Cloud Mix requires unplugging all its wires before you can pair it with a mobile device. Each headset also has a slightly different method of pairingits usually some form of holding the power button until something beeps, but make sure to read manual for whatever headset you get.

    All this info also goes for connecting to computers that support Bluetooth.

    Have any other platforms youd like help setting headsets up in? Sound off in the comments.

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    Power Cycle Your Xbox One Console

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • Select System, then Settings.
  • On your console, go into the Home screen.
  • Select My Games and Apps.
  • Select Apps.
  • Select Party and then Start a Party.
  • Speak into the mic and if your mic/controller work, youll see a highlight next to your name.
  • Since your headset isnt muted and youve turned your Xbox on and off; plus its unlikely your controller is not associated with your profile, its probably not related to your NAT settings.

    If You Have An Xbox Wireless

    How to Connect a HEADSET to your Xbox One

    It will not long to explain how to connect a headset with Xbox Wireless capabilities to an Xbox One console. Simply find the pairing button on the headset and once it’s in pairing mode, press the pair button on the Xbox console itself. It’s the same as connecting a new controller to the console. Unless something bizarre happens, it should only take a few seconds.

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    How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One Controllers

    To be able to successfully connect your Bluetooth headset to your Xbox One controller you should ensure you have the correct Bluetooth adapter and follow these simple connection steps.

  • Check whether your Xbox One controller has a 3.5mm audio port. If it doesnt then you will need to get a game adapter that plugs into the proprietary port . This adapter will have the 3.5mm audio plug that you need to be able to connect your headphones.
  • Connect a Bluetooth transmitter adapter to the 3.5mm port .
  • Press the pairing button and pair your headphones to your Xbox controller.
  • You are now ready to get started using your Bluetooth headphones.
  • Setting Up A Wired Headset

    Dont worry, these headsets typically use your controller as a source of power and are very easy to plug in and start using.

    Step 1: Turn off your Xbox One. This isnt always required, but its usually a good idea, and it prevents any unexpected problems.

    Step 2: Check what kind of cable connection that your headset has. There are two basic connection options: the first is the classic 3.5mm jack, and your controller should have a small port for between the handles, toward the left. The second option is the full headset adapter for the controller, which plugs into the entire bottom of your controller. Note that there is some overlap here! Some headsets come with their own separate Xbox adapters that plug into the full port, but then end in a 3.5mm jack for the headset or another headset of your choice. Theres not much difference, except that the larger adapter option is sturdier and gives you some chat/mute options right there on the controller for faster changes.

    Note: Some headsets have RCA cables or stereo chat options that require a connection to your console or TV. Those headsets are pretty rare these days , but keep in mind that, in some cases you may need a free USB port or RCA connection to get the headset to work.

    Step 3: Plug your headset into the controller according to its cable, and then try the headset on! Take this time to make any adjustments so that the fit is just right. Take particularly notice of how to control the volume and where the mute button is.

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    The Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

    Although the Xbox One includes its own headset, it is considered to be cheaply constructed, which is surprising for the price you pay for an Xbox One console. Plus, if you want to use your own headset it does not allow you and if you do not have a bluetooth enabled headset, then using the wireless connection will be useless. This is where an adapter comes into play for the Xbox One stereo headset. Made of plastic, the adapter easily connects, and allows the gamer to plug in any type of headset that is equipped for 3.5mm connectivity.

    Being a simple headset that is not too expensive, it is a great choice along with the remote that comes with the Xbox One Media.


    Adaptable among many headsets that have a connectivity of 3.5mm

    Butons are practical

    Is needed due to no bluetooth capability or port.

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