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How To Hold Xbox Controller

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Use The Wireless Adapter

How To Hold an Xbox Controller

To connect wirelessly, you’ll need an Xbox One Wireless Adapter for Windows 10. This may have come with your controller, but you can also buy it separately. Bear in mind that this is different to the adapter for the Xbox 360 controller, which won’t work for the Xbox One controller.

Take the Wireless Adapter and plug it into a USB port on your computer. You may need to use the included USB extender if the port is at the back of your computer or it doesn’t have a good line of sight to the controller.

Hold the Xbox button on your controller to turn it on. Now press the button on the adapter. Then press the bind button on your controller, located near the top. The LED on the controller will blink while it searches for a connection and will go solid once it’s established.

Heat Or Contrast Therapy

If you experience fatigue or pain withoutinflammation, try using heat on your hand and fingers while youre not gaming. Heat will help to dilate your blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the area. This increase in blood flow can help eliminate toxins while bringing oxygen and nutrients to the muscles in need.

Note: inflammation is categorized as pain with redness, swelling, and heat. These 3 factors indicate an increase in blood to the area of concern.

If you experience pain with inflammation, we suggest contrast therapy. Begin with heat on the area for ~10 minutes. Following ~10 minutes of heat, replace it with ~10 minutes of ice or cold therapy. Contrast therapy will open the blood vessels to help eliminate toxins followed by clamping the blood vessels and preventing excess inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory medication

As chiropractors and providers who are not established as your doctor, we cannot and do not recommend anti-inflammatory medication.

However, if inflammation exists , non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen , naproxen , aspirin, or acetaminophen may be useful.

If youre interested in taking NSAIDs or any other medication, our official advice is that you must first speak with your doctor.

How To Play Claw Grip On Console Controllers

Gamers have found that claw grip is more beneficial because of the precise movements between fingers. With the regular grip, players must move their right thumb off the analog stick to hit a button on the right side of the controller.

To play claw grip on PS4 & Xbox One, position your hand as you normally would on the controller. Next, put both of your thumbs on the joysticks this is where theyll remain.

The right index finger will then be used to tap all of the buttons on the right side of the controller. The middle finger and ring finger on the right hand will be used to hit the top buttons and triggers.

Claw grip allows users to keep their thumb on the right analog stick and hit buttons on the right side while still using the middle and ring finger triggers.

In shooting-style games, players typically look around with the right analog stick. Now players can jump or slide with their index finger and still shoot/throw items with their middle finger.

There is no lag time between each button input and allows the gamer to be more precise.

We cant stress enough how hard it is to adapt to claw grip, especially if youve played a regular grip your whole life. If youre able to master it, youll be of the select few who can master the button inputs and be on target.

Here is a live look at Luke TheNotable on youtube, playing with the Claw Grip:

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How To Connect An Xbox Wireless Controller To A Pc

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The Xbox Wireless Controller, which ships with Xbox Series X|S consoles, can also be used with Windows 10 PCs for gaming. Heres how to connect the Xbox Wireless Controller to your PC.

How To Update Your Xbox One Controller

How do you guys hold your controller : xboxone

Windows 10 comes with the relevant drivers for the Xbox One controller by default. However, it’s good to periodically update your controller to benefit from the latest firmware. If you’re having any difficulties with your controller, this should be the first thing you do.

With the Xbox Accessories app open and your controller connected, click the three horizontal dots icon> Firmware version > Update now.

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Connect Your Xbox Controller To Pc With A Wired Connection

This is very simple, but you do need a physical cable connecting the controller to your PC. Here’s how you do it.

  • Plug one end of your USB-to-micro USB or USB-to-USB-C cable into the controller.

  • Plug the other end into your PC

  • That’s it! It will automatically configure under Windows 10 and work with virtually any game on your PC.

    What Is Xbox One Controller Drift

    Your Xbox One controller has two analog sticks, or joysticks, that allow you to do a variety of things while you play. Usually, they work exactly how they’re supposed to. But when analog stick drift occurs, objects you’re controlling will move across the screen even when you’re not touching any buttons.

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    How To Connect An Xbox Wireless Controller To A Pc Using A Usb Cable

    The simplest way to use an Xbox Wireless Controller with your PC involves connecting it using a USB Type-C cable. Just plug one end of the cable into the controller and the other end into your PCs USB port.

    Once youre connected via USB, the Xbox button will stay lit on your controller, indicating that its ready to use. Now, go ahead and fire up any game with controller support on Windows 10 and have fun.

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    How Do You Hold A Controller

    How to hold your xbox controller properly

    16 May 2020

    Unless you would never stoop so low in which case please do tell us all about that.

    Have you made a dent in your backlog?

    Sure, mouse-and-keyboard is the one true way to play an FPS, but sometimes when you’re playing a platformer or a racing game or a fighter or Overcooked with people who are about to stop being your friends, you might bust out the controller.

    Are you familiar with The Claw? It’s top-left in the image above we shamelessly ganked from the internet, and it’s a real way some people play games where the right-thumbstick controls the camera so they don’t have to lose control of it when they press buttons to make stuff happen. The next two images are also real ways people hold controllers, although bottom-right is a joke, please don’t try it at home.

    Our weekend question is: How do you hold a controller? And is every other way of doing it a horrendous fingertwisting monstrosity you wish you could unsee? Here are our answers, plus a few from our forum.

    Steven Messner: Never has 75 percent of an image caused me so much pain.

    Phil Savage: What even is this?

    Alan Dexter: I hold a joypad the way any PC gamer should, by placing it in a drawer and pretending such things simply don’t exist. Keyboard and mouse for life.

    • The analog stick was a brand new thing with the N64 controller
    • The shape of that controller was fucking nonsense
    • There were like 5 different ways to hold that controller and they all sucked

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    Xbox One Light Blinking Speeds

    On your Xbox one controller, there are two blinking light speeds.

    • Slow light blink
    • Fast light blink

    The fastest light blink of any Xbox-one controller means that the controller is in bind mode. For example, if you Unsync Xbox One controller from the console using the sync button , then your Xbox one light blinks fast, and your controller searches for consoles that are available to connect with the controller.

    Controller Companion: Polished And Customizable

    If you’re willing to pay a few bucks, a newer program called Controller Companion is probably the most elegant way to get this functionality on your PC. After purchasing the $2.99 program and installing it through Steam, you’ll be able to use the left stick to move your mouse, the A button to click on items, andif you press in the left stickyou’ll even get a handy virtual keyboard you can use to type quick bits of text.

    Best of all, Controller Companion will auto-disable itself when it detects a full-screen app running, which means it should seamlessly switch between mouse emulation and in-game controls automatically. If it doesn’t, though, you can press the Start and Back buttons simultaneously to manually disable it while you play.

    Controller Companion has a number of easy-to-tweak options in its Settings window, like adjusting the pointer speed, dead zones, and creating profiles for specific applications. While it doesn’t work out-of-the-box with PlayStation controllers , it comes with a button to set up Xbox Controller Emulator, which should work in conjunction with DualShock gamepads.

    You should also be able to use InputMapper as described above, but if you plan on using your controller as a mouse regularly, its well worth the couple bucks for Controller Companion.

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    Herein How Does One Close Up An Xbox 360 Controller

  • To turn off your Xbox 360 console and Xbox 360 WirelessController, press and hold the Xbox Guide button on the controller for three seconds. Next, select to show off just the controller or the controller and therefore the console.
  • To turn off only the console, press the facility button on the console.
  • How do I connect Xbox 360 controller to the PC?

    You Are What You Eat And Drink

    Do people seriously hold old controllers this way?

    Do not underestimate the absolutely invaluable aspect of nutrition. Eating unhealthy foods or consuming unhealthy beverages will simply make your body unhealthy. Check out our page describing our favorite healthy gamer snacks for better snack options during your gaming sessions.

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    Also, drink plenty of water. Generally, the recommendation for fluid intake is half your body weight in fluid ounces per day. So, if you weigh 120lbs, you should drink 60 fl. oz. If you weigh 160lbs, you should drink 80 fl. oz, and so on.

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    Press The Pair Button

    After the controller is turned on, press and hold the Pair button. This button is located on the top of the controller, close to the USB charge port.

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    Now that you know what this button is actually for, press and hold it for 3 seconds until the Xbox button in the middle of the controller begins to rapidly flash. This is the signal that your controller is ready to be paired.

    Things Youll Need To Take Apart The Xbox One Controller

    To begin disassembling your Xbox One controller, youll want a few tools. Its hard to reach inside an Xbox One controller with conventional screwdrivers because of the design.

    Some Xbox One gamers want to know how to disassemble the controller without the need for a screwdriver or other tools. However, we strongly advise disassembling your controller with the appropriate tools. The following are the tools youll need:

    • T-8 safety Torx.
    • Flathead screwdriver.
    • Prying tool.

    Assuming you dont have a prying tool. You may use anything thin enough to fit between the controller shell and the end covers to pry open the gap, such as a guitar pick or an ATM card. If you dont have all the tools, dont worry. You can buy Xbox One controller tool kits online.

    Torx screws are used in Xbox controllers because star-shaped heads are more secure than flatheads and transmit more torque, thus got tightened to a greater degree of security.

    Note: Microsoft advises against opening the Xbox One controller. For internal repairs, it suggests that you seek the assistance of a specialist. Be careful not to damage the components because doing so might void the warranty. Additionally, Microsoft advises against using any liquid cleaning, as even cautious use might lead to moisture gathering within your controller.

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    How To Pair An Xbox Wireless Controller With Your Xbox One

  • Hold the Xbox button on the controll to turn it on.
  • Press and hold the pairing button on your controller until the Xbox logo starts flashing. The button is situated on top of the controller next to the micro-USB port.
  • Press the pairing button on your console until the power button starts flashing. The photographs below illustrate the location of the pairing button on the Xbox One and Xbox One S.

    This should pair the controller. Once paired, the lights should turn solid.

  • Note: You can also pair the Xbox One controller to your console by connecting it to the Xbox using a micro-USB to USB charging cable.

    How To Link An Xbox Controller To An Xbox Account

    How To Hold An Xbox Controller

    To make an Xbox controller sign-in a specific account when you use it to turn on your Xbox Series X or S, youll need to configure the controller in the settings, as follows:

  • Sign-in on the Xbox Series X or S to the account that you want to bind to your controller
  • Press the Xbox button on the controller, navigate to Profile & system, and select Settings
  • Scroll down to Devices & connections and select Accessories
  • Seeing the Xbox Wireless Controller, press the option and then the This controller signs in option
  • On the next screen, select the This controller signs in option again
  • You will then be asked if you want to link the controller in use to the active account. Press Link Controller to confirm.
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    Figure Out Which Xbox Controller You Own

    To start, the Xbox Wireless Gamepad included with the Xbox Series S/X, and now widely available as the Xbox Wireless Gamepad, is nearly identical to the Xbox One’s controller. They both support Xbox wireless communication and Bluetooth, and the methods for connecting them to your PC are identical. The instructions here apply to both gamepad generations.

    Original Xbox One controllers lack wireless connectivity, but the gamepads that shipped with the Xbox One S and later consoles include Xbox wireless communication and Bluetooth. You can use both controllers wirelessly with your PC, but the process is different you must get a wireless dongle for the non-Bluetooth gamepads. The good news is that Bluetooth controllers have been in production for so long that if you picked yours up in the last four years, there’s a good chance that it already has Bluetooth.

    To determine whether you have a Bluetooth or non-Bluetooth Xbox controller, you need to look at the plastic surrounding the Guide button. If it’s the same plastic as the face of the controller, without any seams, you have a Bluetooth gamepad. If it’s the same plastic as the bumper buttons, with a seam between the Guide button and the controller’s face, it’s a non-Bluetooth gamepad. If it has a small, rectangular Capture button between the Menu and View buttons, and a USB-C port on the top instead of micro USB, it’s an Xbox Series controller and also has Bluetooth.

    How To Play Swtor With An Xbox Controller On Steam

    Although Star Wars: The Old Republic does not support controllers by default, many clever players have figured out that there are ways to set up the game to be playable on a controller. In this video, well be going over how to map your controls for The Old Republic to an XBOX controller, if you are playing SWTOR through Steam. If you are playing off of steam, for example you download the game from, I have a separate guide that walks you through how to use Xpadder to play with an XBOX controller instead of using Steam.

    Lets start with talking about how many abilities and keybinds you have in Star Wars: The Old Republic. If you take a look at your abilities bar on a high level character, its pretty clear that combat was designed for a keyboard rather than a controller, which is why a controller is not usually recommended for this game. However, playing with a controller is a great way to work around different disabilities that make using a keyboard difficult or even impossible, and on top of that, some players will simply enjoy playing games with a controller more, especially if they are transitioning over from an XBOX or other console to more traditional computer gaming.


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    How To Turn Off Xbox One Controller

    We will show you the two different ways to turn off your Xbox one controller. The first one is the easiest way to turn off any Xbox One controller, which is given below:

    • Check Xbox-Light Button.
    • Press and Hold Xbox-Light Button for 6-Seconds.
    • After press the light button for 6-sec, your controller will turn off.
    • When your Xbox-one controller lights off, then it means now the controller is a turn-off.
    • If you want to reconnect your x-box one controller to the Xbox one, then just go ahead and just Press the Xbox-Light button again, and it will sync up to your console.
    • Remember, there is no need to press the Sync of the back button of the controller.

    Now the second way that you turn off your Xbox-One controller is given below:

    • We have to press and hold down the light button of the Xbox-One once again, which pops open the menu on your screen.
    • The menu will allow you to turn off your Council, Controller, or Restart Xbox-One.
    • Suppose your Xbox-one controller turned off and you cannot turn off your council with-it.No problem you simply go to your council and press the Xbox button once, which will put it into standby mode, and then you have to Press the XBOX button for up to 10 sec and hold down which will turn off you Xbox one council.

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