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How To Hit In Mlb The Show 21 Xbox

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Directional And Zone Hitting

MLB The Show 21 – How to Hit 100 Home Runs | Achievement / Trophy Guide **XBOX GAME PASS**

In MLB The Show, there are two main ways of hitting: directional and zone. With directional, the computer does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. The only thing you really need to do is time the input based upon when the ball hits the plate.

To use directional hitting, push the left stick in any direction, and then press one of the buttons, depending on what kind of swing you want to use:

  • Normal Swing A or X
  • Contact Swing B or Circle
  • Power Swing X or Square

Zone hitting is a little bit different. Directional hitting automatically lines up the ball for you, but its not as precise. Zone, on the other hand, allows the user to move the zone up or down the zone. The closer the zone is moved towards the ball, the more efficient the swing will be.

The zone can be moved with the left stick. Players can use the same controls inputs as directional hitting for normal, contact, and power swings.

Alternatively, players can also use a pure analog layout using the right stick. The controls for that are as follows:

  • Normal Swing Right Stick
  • Contact Swing Right Stick
  • Power Swing Right Stick

Bunting, on the other hand, requires a different set of inputs and outputs. We have a more detailed guide about that, should you need any details on bunting the ball.

Here are some other controls that you may want to know about regarding hitting:

Beginner’s Guides And Tips

MLB The Show 21 offers a relatively robust tutorial system that shows new players all of the options at their disposal. However, if you need a refresher on the systems-heavy baseball sim, you can find explainers on the different modes, tips on how to pitch better, and plenty more in this starting guide.

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Practice For Better Bunts Or Hits In The Game

Make sure to know the basics of MLB The Show 21 hitting controls. On PlayStation, press X for a Normal Swing. Press O for a Contact Swing, or press the Square button for Power Swing.

We recommend going to batting practice to work on your hitting. This is found through the Main Menu. Once there, choose Batting Practice. Choose your teams, then choose your preferred batter and the opposing pitcher youd like to face.

You can go a step further by actually setting the types of pitches you want to try to bunt with. Bunting usually works best with pitches thrown right around the middle of the plate. So set the pitches to the middle and have at it with the bunt controls.

Youll also want to use bunting on the first pitch of an at-bat or for your first strike. Try to bunt it towards the second baseman, because if done right, it will have the first and second basemen moving off base to try to field it. The pitcher will try to cover first, and that should allow your faster batter to reach first.

The video below covers all of the above in detail, explaining what speed your batter should be to bunt. At best, youll want their Speed attribute to be around 88 or 90-plus for the best chance at reaching base before a pitcher can cover.

Check out our guide for how to slide in MLB The Show 21 to give yourself a better chance of getting to bases safely in crunch situations!

For more stories about the baseball game, visit our MLB The Show page.

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Mlb The Show 21 Guide: Tips Tricks And Advice

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MLB The Show 21 is a baseball simulation developed by Sony San Diego, inspired by the 2021 season of Major League Baseball. Available on PlayStation 5 and PS4, in addition to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, it’s the first instalment in the franchise to release on next-gen consoles.

In this MLB The Show 21 guide, we’re going to share some general beginner’s tips and tricks, which will hopefully help you to hit more home runs than popups. We’ll also offer advice for some of the game’s more granular modes and features, such as how to earn Studs without spending money and the best Ballplayer loadouts. We’ll also provide strategies for how to hit the ball better and how to upgrade your Ballplayer and unlock perks, as well as where to start in Diamond Dynasty.

Please note that MLB The Show 21 is designed as a live service game, and while efforts will be invested to ensure this guide remains as accurate and up-to-date as possible, some gameplay balance and feature details may change over time.

Mlb The Show 21 Controls

MLB The Show 21: How to Hit &  Get Home Runs

Hitting Controls Zone Interface

Aim the Plate Coverage Indicator Left Stick
Press Early and Hold for Sacrifice Triangle
Activate Batters Eye Cam R3
R2 + X, Circle, Square, Triangle RT + A, B, X, Y
Guess Location
Quick Menu D-Pad Up
Position Ball in the Zone Left Stick
Request Catchers Pitch Call R2
Slide Step with Runners on Base L2 + X
Step Off Mound L1

Throwing Controls Button Accuracy Interface

Switch to Closet Player L2
Point towards the Location to target a Runner Left Stick
Left Stick + Circle, Square, Triangle Left Stick + B, X, Y
Return All Runners
Hold and Release to Steal Early L2

Sliding Controls Slides at Home


Sliding Controls Slides at Bases

Break up a Double Play at 2nd Right Stick Down Right Stick Down

Did we miss any MBL The Show 21 control keys? If the answer is yes, please leave a comment below and we will be updating this MLB The Show 21 controls guide.

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How To Hit & Get Home Runs In Mlb The Show 21

To hit more Home Runs your best bet is to use the Plate Coverage Indicator feature in the game. Using the PCI helps increase your chances of scoring a Homer. Follow these steps to score Home Runs using the PCI:

  • Use the Left Analog Stick to control the PCI.
  • Try to get it as close to the center of the inner circle as possible to get the maximum available contact patch.
  • You will also need to keep an eye on your Bat timings too.
  • Now, click Square on PlayStation and X on XBOX to hit a Power shot.
  • If you have a powerful player you will see that the PCI has a large upper dot.
  • Make sure you get the ball closer to that dot by moving the PCI around so that you get the most powerful shot.
  • Doing so will ensure a well-angled and powerful shot.
  • A bit of practice in the Bullpen will definitely help you to improve your batting style.
  • Once you time your shots correctly you will be able to hit those sweet Home Runs with much ease.

Don’t Swing At Everything

This is going to seem like an obvious suggestion, but you absolutely should not swing at every pitch that comes your way. You would be surprised by how many players that I play against online don’t heed this warning and proceed to swing at everything that is thrown to them. This is a very bad habit to get into and will lead to you scoring a low number of runs on a regular basis.

Be sure to take some pitches here and there. While taking pitches might lead to you getting called strikes, that’s okay. It’s important to learn how to work a count in MLB The Show 21 and you should aim to get comfortable in situations where you might have two strikes on you.

Taking pitches also allows you to see how a pitcher might be wanting to throw to you. Are they wanting to work the inside or outside of the plate? Are they keeping their pitches lower or higher in the zone? These are all vital things to be aware of and if you stop yourself from swinging at everything thrown your way, it will lead to you generating far more hits.

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Start With Dynamic Difficulty

If you’re new to MLB The Show 21 or haven’t played a baseball game for years, then during the onboarding process we’d recommend selecting Dynamic difficulty. This adjusts the difficulty depending on how you’re performing, and the settings are independent for both Pitching and Batting. For example, if you’re getting lots of strikeouts but can’t hit the ball, then the game will scale so that pitching is harder while batting is easier. As you get better at the game, the difficulty will gradually increase, allowing you to get to grips with the gameplay comfortably at a pace that works for you. For more information on batting specifically, refer to the following: MLB The Show 21: How to Hit the Ball Better.

Implant The Bases Into Your Brain

MLB The Show 21 Hitting Tips! MASTER The Strike Zone And Dominate Opponents

This is perhaps the most important thing you can do. When you field the ball, you need to throw it to the correct base. In the moment, it can be easy to forget where you need to go, so make sure you learn the bases right away.

  • First base: Circle on PlayStation, B on Xbox
  • Second base: Triangle on PlayStation, Y on Xbox
  • Third base: Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox
  • Home base: X on PlayStation, A on Xbox

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Try Not To Get Frustrated

Following on from the previous point, it’s important not to get too frustrated while playing. This advice can be applied to almost any video game, though it’s worth specifying in this guide, as baseball isn’t a sport that rewards people who get annoyed and try to constantly make big plays, seeking instant gratification.

There will be many games where players won’t hit a single home run, will struggle to strike many batters out, and will ultimately be heavily beaten. Although these losses can be tough, beginners should take the age-old life advice of treating them as lessons. These lessons will help the player improve and build upon their skill at the game, helping them find joy in the MLB The Show 21‘s difficult yet rewarding experience.

Mlb The Show : How To Hit The Ball Better

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How do you hit the ball better in MLB The Show 21? Hitting the ball effectively is the most important technique in baseball, as you’ll struggle to score runs if you can’t put the ball in play. It’s obviously worth remembering that even the best players in the world struggle to hit the ball, but with that in mind, as part of our MLB The Show 21 guide, we’re going to share some techniques and strategies to help you to hit the ball better.

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Does Batting Stance Matter

Swing type matters in general in the Show. Certain swings are more prone to certain kinds of contact. Of course, when your stats are high enough, its starts to matter less and less. But, no, just because you use Ted Williams swing doesnt mean your player will be « better. » You will just create similar contact.

Mlb The Show 21 Update 102 Patch Notes

This Week In Gaming

Stadium fixes:

  • The sun setting and certain weather conditions will no longer change the color of foul poles in Citi Field.
  • Minor adjustments made to foul poles in Majestic Greens Stadium.
  • Fixed lighting issues in the Chase Field dugouts.
  • Removed George Springer image from the top of the dugout in Minute Maid Park.

Other Fixes

  • Addressed stuttering and lag fixes.
  • Fixed framerate drop issues.

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Other Changes And Fixes:

  • Added confirmation a dialog to the friendly quit acceptance flow
  • Users are no longer able to back out of the bullpen screen following a second mound visit
  • Fixed a freeze that could happen when a ground ball is hit to second and thrown to first
  • Fixed a freeze that could happen when the ball was hit to specific areas the outfield
  • Fixed a freeze that could happen on a very late bunt attempt

Realistic Mlb The Show 21 Cpu Sliders

Here is where the difficulty and realism can really be attained. The sliders that should remain in the middle are Contact, Foul Frequency, Solid Hits, Strike Frequency, and CPU Manager Hook .

Having Contact one tick above your setting makes both pitching and batting more challenging. The same applies to the other batting sliders remaining in the middle.

Power should go up two, which reflects the change to the Human Power slider, but CPU Timing should go up a tick. With an increase in Contact and Timing compared to your Human sliders, this should force you to expertly locate your pitches and pay dearly for any inaccurate pitches.

The remaining pitching sliders should go up one tick. This will make it much more difficult to force a battle of attrition. Pickoff being up one tick means that you will need to be even more careful taking a big lead at first, especially with a southpaw pitcher.

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Swing Early And Often

You arent an on-base maverick like Ichiro. Youre aiming to be a power hitter. So stay aggressive at the plate. Dont swing at junk pitches, but feel free to let it rip at anything in the zone. Once youve built up your power stat, youll be surprised at some of the pitches you can crank deep. After all, you cant hit a homer if youre not hitting the ball.

Use The Dive Button Sparingly

MLB The Show 21 Hitting Tips Beginners Guide

When youre watching SportsCenter during baseball season, all you see are diving catches. While those look rad, you dont want to be doing it too much in The Show. There are moments when its appropriate, but for the most part, diving is going to take you out of the play. If you need those extra few feet to catch a ball, absolutely use it by hitting R1 . Just make sure youre not doing it for the style points alone.

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Pick The Batting Settings Right For You

One of the coolest features in MLB The Show is its multitude of control settings schemes. Other sports games may remap buttons, but none go to the lengths The Show does.

There are three distinct batting settings and mechanics to choose from in The Show 21, including:

  • Pure Analog
  • Zone Hitting
  • Directional Hitting

There are no wrong answers, really, so try out each style and see which one is right for you. In our review, we used Directional for the most part, but it’s a matter of taste and what gets you on base the most. The key thing to remember is practice, practice, practice.

Mlb The Show : Beginners Guide To Hitting Controls Tips And More

Arguably the most enjoyable part of playing baseball is hitting. Sure, striking out someone is fun, but lets be honest, who doesnt love a bomb that goes over the fence and into the seats. MLB The Show 21 allows players to take center stage at the plate, and try their hands against some of the games top pitchers in virtual action.

However, hitting in MLB The Show could be tricky, particularly if youre new to the title. If you need some help getting started in MLB The Show, weve got you covered. Lets go over our beginners guide to hitting, starting with the types of hitting, plus controls and tips that you should know for 2021.

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Understand The Situation In The Show

When you play MLB The Show 21, making yourself aware of is a big component.

If it is the seventh inning and my pitcher is up to bat, I am warming up a reliever to come and pitch in the next inning. So for the current inning that I would be in, I can substitute that pitcher for a hitter on my bench.

Hitters cant pitch, so when the next inning starts I would substitute that hitter for the reliever that I had warmed up. Pitchers in baseball rarely pitch all nine innings. Watch your pitchers energy meter and be ready to pull them when they come up to hit. Your teams pitcher will almost always be the worst hitter on the team. This applies especially if you are an American League team playing on a National League field. The National League does not honor the DH and pitchers must hit.

There are countless other situations you will have to manage as you play MLB The Show 21. When I play as any of the big-time home run hitters, I almost never swing for power. If I am playing as Aaron Judge, Luke Voit, or Giancarlo Stanton, I am always swinging for contact. They have enough power to turn anything into a home run. Hitting for power leads to too many caught balls and commits to swinging for the fences.

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