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How To Hard Reset Xbox Series X

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How To Factory Reset Your Xbox Series S Or Xbox Series X

2 Ways to Factory Reset Xbox Series X/S (From Console or Settings)

Resetting your Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X is a quick and easy way to delete all the personal data you have stored on console if you are planning to sell it or give it away.

A factory reset may also help resolve crashes, glitches and other issues you have when using your game system.

You can check out this step-by-step tutorial at Seeking Tech to see how you can restore your Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X to its original factory settings.

Reasons To Hard Reset Xbox Series X/s

What is a hard reset? It is the process of restoring your Xbox series X/S to its original form from when it was brought to the store from the factory. That is why it is also called Factory reset/Factory defaults as well.

There are many reasons as to why you would like to hard reset your Xbox Series X/S. Those reasons could be:

  • Corrupted files for which your console is facing errors. When gaming or downloading a game your internet connection might have dropped. This most probably resulted in an interruption during the downloading process, for which some files might have gotten corrupted. This results in different types of errors in the Xbox Series X/S for which hard resetting the console is a well-known solution.
  • Firmware update issues. During the firmware update, your internet connection might have dropped/your router might have faced some problems/ethernet cable might have disconnected. This results in the firmware update to not complete and sometimes the files that were being downloaded/updated gets corrupted and the firmware does not work properly. Hard resetting your console might mitigate this problem.
  • Game crashes. So you were gaming and all of a sudden your game freezes or crashes. You are pressing buttons but nothing is happening. This is the perfect time to Hard reset your console.

Also check our exclusive tutorial on how to fix Xbox Series X wont turn on.

How To Reset Your Xbox One X/s & Xbox Series X/s To Factory Settings

Microsoft pushes new Xbox software updates on a regular basis, so before you begin, make sure you have updated your Xbox to the latest available software version. This is done by navigating to Settings -> System -> Updates.

Resetting your Xbox One X/S as well as Xbox Series X/S console to the factory settings is quite easy.

1. Press the Xbox button on your controller, which will open the guide menu .

2. Navigate to My Games & Apps -> See All. This will open a new window where you can see all your locally-installed games, apps, and other types of software.

3. Scroll down to Apps and then launch Settings. Navigate to System -> Console Info. At this moment you should see a series of information about your console, including your devices serial number, console ID, and similar.

4. On the left side of the screen, navigate to Reset Console. You will see three options. Take a look below to learn what each of those options can do.

Based on what you select, your Xbox One X/S or Xbox Series X/S will start to erase its data and restore everything to default values. Remember that if you decide to reset your Xbox completely, this process can take some time to complete.

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How To Factory Reset An Xbox One Or Xbox Series X

In case of problems or you want to sell it

Modern game consoles are essentially specialized computers. The Xbox One and Xbox Series X are powerful machines, but they can suffer from errors or corrupt files like any computer. Performing a factory reset on an Xbox One or Xbox Series X can correct these problems, and Xbox offers multiple ways to do this.

If your Xbox One or Xbox Series X refuses to launch a game, has trouble loading files, or just experiences issues that standard troubleshooting wont solve, try a factory reset. You should also use a factory reset to fully erase the system before you sell it to another person to ensure the safety of your personal information.

How To Factory Reset An Xbox Series X Or S

How to Perform Factory Reset on Xbox Series X

Unlike the other types of resets, a factory reset removes your personal data. While this type of reset can fix a lot of problems, its a last resort option as you will have to reinstall any relevant system updates and download your games again. Other personal information, like achievements and cloud saves, arent stored on your Xbox, so they wont be affected. Anything that is stored on your Xbox, however, will be removed.

Heres how to factory reset your Xbox Series X or S:

  • Press the Guide button, and navigate to Profile & settings> Settings.

  • Navigate to System> Console info.

  • Select Reset console.

  • Select RESET AND REMOVE EVERYTHING for a full factory reset, or RESET AND KEEP MY GAMES & APPS to return the console to factory settings without deleting things you have downloaded.

    Your console will immediately reset itself as soon as you select one of these options. There is no confirmation, and there is no turning back. You may want to start with RESET AND KEEP MY GAMES & SAVES since it’s less invasive, then try the other option later if your problem persists.

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    How To Hard Reset Your Xbox Series S Or Xbox Series X Using The Guide Menu

    You can also hard reset your Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X console by using the Guide menu although this will take longer than using the Power Center.

    If you are still interested in this method, then you need to do the following:

    1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to bring up the Guide menu.

    2. Inside the Guide menu, navigate over to the Profile & system tab.

    3. On the Profile & system tab, select Settings.

    4. Once you are in the Settings menu, select General on the left side.

    5. In the General Settings menu, select the Power mode & startup option.

    6. Inside the General Power mode & startup menu, select the Restart now option.

    7. You should get a message asking if you want to restart your Xbox console.

    Select the YES option to reboot the system.

    How To Factory Reset An Xbox One With Xbox Startup Troubleshooter

    Occasionally, you might find yourself dealing with an Xbox One that won’t boot up. If this happens, you’ll need to perform a factory reset without being able to reach the Guide or settings menu. Not all Xbox One systems support the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter, which is what you’ll need to use to accomplish this reset, but nevertheless, it is an option for some.

    First, power down your console. Remove your power and network cables and wait one minute. Plug everything back in, and then hold down the Eject button on the front of your original Xbox One console by your disc drive as well as the Bind button, which looks like three parentheses: ‘)))’, at the same time.

    On the Xbox One and Xbox One X, these buttons will be on the front of the console. The Xbox One S does not have an Eject button as there is no disc drive. Instead, hold the Bind button and the Xbox button on the console simultaneously.

    While holding both buttons, press the power button on your console. Release your Xbox button, but keep holding the Eject and Bind buttons for 15 seconds. A couple of tones will sound. Once you’ve heard them, let go of the buttons. You should eventually see the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter appear on-screen.

    From the options that show up, choose ‘Reset This Xbox’. This will perform a complete factory reset and will not leave your games & apps intact, so tread carefully.

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    How To Factory Reset An Xbox Series X Step

    Resetting your Xbox Series X or Series S is simple, though there are a few steps you should take in backing up your data before performing the reset. If you just want to know how to factory reset an Xbox Series X, follow these steps:

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.
  • Use the D-pad to move over to the Profile & system tab.
  • Scroll down and select Settings.
  • Scroll down to System, and select Console info.
  • Select Reset console.
  • Choose one of the reset options.
  • There are two reset options on the Xbox Series X and Series S, one of which keeps your games and apps, and another that removes everything. Well talk more about those in the in-depth guide below, as well as the steps you should take to back up your settings, games, and saves.

    Disclaimers Before Factory Resetting Your Xbox One

    How to Hard Reset Xbox Series X? Reset from Settings Menu

    Factory resetting your Xbox One is currently the only known way to make the console usable again. However, it might come at a cost: Outside of any data uploaded to the cloud, your saved games, accounts and settings could be reset and deleted. When I reset my Xbox One, I was given the option to keep my games and apps downloaded, but I cant guarantee youll have the same luck.

    This isnt a simple task to perform, either. Under normal circumstances, a factory reset is an easy-to-access option that exists within the Xbox Ones settings menu. Unfortunately, this nasty bug renders the consoles interface wholly inaccessible, meaning you’ll have to jump through a number of hoops to initiate a factory reset.

    Youll also need additional items to even begin this process. Since the console is unusable, you have to download the required files onto a USB flash drive, or some other external drive. We recommend using one with at least 4GB of free space. Youll also need a computer with an internet connection, or at the very least, something that will allow you to download this file and move it over to the external drive.

    If you have the required items, and dont mind risking the loss of saved data, heres how you can factory reset your Xbox One even when trapped at the black screen of death.

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    How To Factory Reset Your Xbox One After A Black Screen Of Death

    A recent update is bricking certain Xbox One consoles. Heres how to fix it.

    Microsofts most recent Xbox One update has caused severe issues for select users. It has resulted in some people seeing a perpetual black screen of death. And no amount of restarting or cold booting resolving the issue.

    I am one of these affected users my Xbox One abruptly bricked a couple of nights ago. Im frustrated and have plenty of questions about how this happened, but thankfully, my console isnt permanently broken and neither is yours.

    How To Hard Reset An Xbox Series X Or S

    Hard resetting an Xbox Series X or S is a little more involved, but its still very easy. This process doesnt delete any of your information, so you can safely perform it without fear of losing any game data.

    Heres how to hard reset your Xbox Series X or S:

  • Shut down your console by pressing the power button.

  • When the console shuts off, release the power button.

  • Unplug the console from power.

  • Wait at least 10 seconds.

  • Plug the console back in.

  • Turn the console on.

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    How To Power Cycle My Xbox Series X/s

    You can power cycle your Xbox series X/S by following the steps:

  • Simply, press the Xbox button on your console.
  • Once you press the Xbox button, it will open up the guide.
  • On the guide, select Profile & system.
  • Then press Settings > General > Power mode & startup.
  • Finally, select Restart now. This will help you to restart your Xbox Series X/S.
  • Have a Look at this

    Should You Upgrade The Firmware On Your Xbox Series X Controller After Resetting It

    How to Reset Your Xbox Series X or S

    After resetting your controller and doing everything I talked about above and your controller still isnt connecting to your Xbox Series X or your gaming PC, then it might be time to upgrade your Xbox Series X controller firmware. But before you do that, you will need to make sure that everything is set up perfectly.

    What do I mean by that?

    I mean you should make sure that your internet connection is perfect. And there wont be any interruptions when your controller is being updated. A lot of people end up bricking their controllers because their firmware update got corrupted.

    Once you know that there wont be any interruptions, you should then follow these steps to upgrade the firmware:

  • Go to Profile & Settings
  • Once youre there, check for the latest firmware. Install it.
  • One thing you should know is that unless youre updating your firmware on a PC, you will need to have a second controller handy to navigate through the firmware update menu.

    Youll also need to make sure that you are connecting the second controller through a USB connection.

    If youre experiencing any of the issues above with your Xbox Series X controller, make sure that your batteries have enough power to turn on the controller. And you should also check if you have inserted the batteries the right way.

    What do I mean by inserting the batteries the right way?

    Myself included

    How can you check if your batteries have enough power?

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    How To Factory Reset An Xbox One

    The easiest way to factory reset an Xbox One is from the dashboard. Start by pressing the Xbox button on your controller to bring up the guide. Make sure you’re at a stopping point in any game you’re playing, have backups of your saves, and are completely ready to go through with the reset. You can’t reverse it later.

    Go to the System menu in the Guide, then choose Settings. Choose System, then Console info. Select the Reset console option. You’ll be met with a dialog box that asks if you’d like to Reset and remove everything’ or Reset and keep my games & apps. If you somehow reach this option by mistake, there’s also a button to cancel the entire operation.

    This is where you need to make an important decision. If you select the ‘Reset and remove everything’ option, that’s exactly what will happen. All data, including games, apps, saves, and other files will be deleted from your console. This is the nuclear option that you want to pick if you are getting rid of your console or have been otherwise instructed to do so as a troubleshooting method. Only proceed with this factory reset if you’re sure you’re ready to erase everything.

    Before locking in your choice, be sure you’ve synced your console data, backed up your favorite settings and content, and are completely ready. When you choose this option, the console will begin the reset process. It will likely take some time, so give it a moment to ensure everything is deleted.

    How To Factory Reset Your Console

    There can be a whole host of reasons youd want to factory reset your Xbox Series X or S.

    A common reason can be if you face some console breaking issue that can only be removed by these last-resort options.

    Another reason could be youre looking to sell or trade-in your console.

    For whatever your reason, this guide will help you!

    Just like in the factory! Source: Xbox

    Though make sure this is your best option, factory resetting cant be undone, youll be able to redownload your games and data sure, but if you dont have physical or cloud backups you could lose something.

    But, if thats all sorted, heres your guide.

    Firstly youll want to turn your Xbox system on.

    Next up, head to the menu by pressing the Xbox button on your controller.

    Find the Profile tab, and then go to Settings.

    Once here, scroll down to System, then select Console Info, Reset Console, Reset and Remove Everything.

    After youve done all that, just wait for your Xbox Series X to carry it all out.

    You may have to wait a little while but after a few minutes it should be done and your console will be reset!

    This will include your settings, personal information and payment details alongside all your games, save files and apps.

    We hope this guide helped, and please check out our others for your Xbox Series X and Series S needs!

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    Back Up Or Transfer Your Data

    Xbox Live members as well as Game Pass subscribers have access to cloud saves, but its a good idea to back up your data regardless. In the Settings menu, follow System > Backup & transfer to open the backup settings. There are two steps to perform here. The first is to select Back up my settings. This option backs up most of your system settings and preferences to external storage, including everything from your accessibility options to your theme settings. Performing this step will allow you to jump back in immediately after resetting your Xbox Series X.

    If you plan on deleting your games and apps, go back to the Backup & transfer screen and select Hard drive transfer. Youll need a fast external hard drive, but you can move your games and apps over to external storage so they dont get lost during the reset. As long as you back up your settings and have your saves synced, you can freely delete games and apps and redownload them. If you dont want to stress your internet connection, however, moving them from external storage is still an option.

    Finally, you have to deal with your saves. You dont need to do anything special as long as youre signed up for Xbox Live. Note that you just need Xbox Live free, not Xbox Live Gold, to access cloud saves. Make sure to close any games you have running while you have an active internet connection .

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