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How To Hard Reset Xbox One

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Factory Reset Xbox One

How To Hard Reset Xbox One

When changes made to an Xbox One after it left the factory are reversed, and the console is returned to a state similar to that when it was first shipped, this is called a factory reset.

In other words, all your saved games on your Xbox One will be wiped, but this resetting is quite effective to restore the console to proper working order.


To factory reset Xbox One, please refer to the following steps:

Step 1: Press the home button on the Xbox One controller when the console is on. And go to System.

Step 2: Access the Xbox One Settings menu by pressing the gear-shaped icon.

Step 3: Choose System from the left panel and then choose the Console info section.

Step 4: Go to Reset console and choose Reset and remove everything for a full factory reset. Please note there are other two options as the following image shows:

  • Reset and keep my games & apps: This is your primary choice when troubleshooting. This option just resets the OS and deletes all potentially corrupted data without deleting your games and apps. In other words, this choice is not the best one when you run into the problems that are caused by the corrupted game files.
  • Cancel: Select this option if you dont want to restore your console to the factory state.

Now, wait for a while as the Xbox One restores itself back to its factory settings.

How To Soft Reset An Xbox Series X Or S

If you leave your console on all the time, just allowing it to enter a low power mode between sessions, then a soft reset every once in a while can fix some problems.

There are two ways to achieve a soft reset:

  • Use the Power button on the console.
  • Use the on-screen menu option.

To use the first method, you simply press the Power button, release it, and check to make sure that the console powers down and that the video input to your television ceases. Once that has happened, you can push the button again to turn the console back on, and you have performed a soft reset.

To use the on-screen menu option:

  • Press the Guide button.

  • Navigate to Profile & system> Power.

  • Select Restart Console.

  • Prepare Your Xbox For A Factory Reset

    If soft and hard resets dont cut it for you, you can finally move on to performing a factory reset. But before that, its important to make sure you have all your data backed up, either on the cloud or on an external storage drive.

    A factory reset removes not only all your games and progress data but also your personal settings and accounts. Your Xbox backs up all your data on the cloud but only if its connected to Xbox Live. In case youve not been online for a while, its best to sync your console with Xbox Live before moving to a factory reset.

    You can also choose to back up your games on an external drive by following the steps below:

  • Head over to the System tab in the Settings app
  • Select Storage > internal drive
  • Select Transfer and choose the items you want to transfer
  • Choose Copy selected or Move selected
  • Select the target drive and choose Copy or Move
  • Now that youve backed up all of your important data, you can move to the next section to begin the factory reset process.

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    Change Location Of Existing Xbox Games

    The second step is to move existing games to a different location so the System Drive can have more breathing space and the games can expand if needed.

    Go to Windows Settings > Apps > Apps & features. Click on the three-dot vertical menu > Advanced Options. Look for the option that allows moving the app from one location to another on the next screen. Once moved, all shortcuts and entries will be updated so there are no broken links.

    How To Soft/hard Reset Your Xbox 360

    How to Reset Your Xbox One

    Unlike the Xbox One, the Xbox 360 doesn’t have a dedicated “sleep mode.” Thus, when you want to soft reset your Xbox 360, you can do so in basically the same way as an Xbox One without worrying about whether it has fully shut down.

    To restart your Xbox 360, press and hold the Xbox button on your controller for a few seconds. In the menu that appears, choose Turn off console and give it a moment to shut down. If you want to make sure it fully shuts down, remove the power cable for a minute before turning the system back on.

    In case your Xbox 360 is frozen, you can hold the power button on the console for several seconds to perform a hard shutdown. Like the Xbox One, pulling the plug is also an option, but only as a last resort.

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    What Should I Do If My Xbox One Is Not Working

    So, you can apply it to fix the issue related to Xbox One. you just need to hold the power button on the front of the console for some seconds until it has been completely turned off. you should disconnect the power cable and wait for 10 seconds, then reconnect the power and turn your Xbox One back on.

    How Do I Fix Black Screen Of Death

    There are several solutions you can try to get your Android phone screen workable again.

  • Solution 1. Get Rid of the Android System Issue.
  • Solution 2. Check and Clean Your Android Phone.
  • Solution 3. Try to Recharge Your Phone.
  • Solution 4. Remove the Phones Battery.
  • Solution 5. Force Restart Your Android Phone.
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    Make Sure Your Xbox One Is Covered

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    Hard Reset Your Xbox Controller If You Are Connecting To A Console

    Full Factory Reset Xbox One Console

    If you are currently trying to connect your Xbox controller to your Xbox console but keep having sync issues youll need to do the following.

    • First, turn on your controller and your Xbox console.
    • Next, connect your controller to your Xbox using a USB cable.
    • This will automatically sync the wireless connection between your devices. So when you remove the cable the console and controller will remain connected. However, leave them connected and move on to the next step.
    • While both of your devices are connected by the cable hold down the power button on your console for a least 8 seconds until it powers off.
    • Now wait at least 10 seconds, then remove the power cord from the back of your console. Wait 1 minute then connect the power cable again and power on your console. Make sure you leave your controller connected via the cable while doing this.
    • Finally, use the controller to turn on your console and everything should be working perfectly.

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    Here Are The Ways To Factory Reset An Xbox One Tweak

    How do I hard reset my Xbox one? ? How to hard reset an Xbox One. Hold the power button on the front of the console down for 10 seconds, releasing

    May 19, 2017 If you didnt factory reset your Xbox One and you no longer have access to it, theres no way to remotely wipe your Xbox Ones data.

    May 9, 2018 See how to perform a hard restart on your Xbox One to clear the system cache. The hard reboot is performed by pressing the power button on the

    Begin The Reset Process On Your Xbox Console

    With your Xbox powered off, plug the flash drive into a USB port on the console. Press and hold the BIND button and the EJECT button . While holding these two buttons down, press the Xbox button on the console. Continue to hold down the BIND and EJECT buttons for an additional 10 to 15 seconds.

    Note: The BIND button is also known as the pairing button. It is the same button one would press to pair a new controller to the console. If youre not sure where that button is located, refer to the diagram below. Also, when it comes to Xbox Series X/S consoles, this button is found on their front side.

    At this point you should hear two power-up tones a few seconds apart. Release the BIND and EJECT buttons after the second tone. Also, feel free to remove the USB stick when the console restarts and powers on again.

    Once your Xbox One X/S or Xbox Series X/S restarts, you should see your consoles Digital Setup Experience guide on your TV screen. This will indicate that your Xbox has returned to its factory settings.

    Note: If you dont hear anything after 15 seconds, that means the process has failed. Also, if you hear any power-down tones, that also means youve entered the process incorrectly. Therefore, youll want to try the sequence again.

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    How To Soft Reset Your Xbox One

    A soft reset is what youre likely going to use for fixing a number of bugs like freezes or minor glitches. It should affect your data and is essentially just a simple restart of the console. You can do this with your controller if the screen hasnt frozen, or directly on the console.

    How to soft reset an Xbox One with a controller:

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller and hold until the menu appears
  • Select Restart Console for a reset option or Turn console off to completely power it off.
  • If you chose to just turn it off, leave it for moments before pressing the power button on the Xbox button again to turn it back on.
  • How to soft reset an Xbox one on the console:

  • Simply press and hold the power button on the front of the console
  • Wait a few moments before pressing the button again to boot it back up
  • Performing A Reset With The Xbox Startup Troubleshooter

    How to factory reset Xbox One

    If you cant boot your console, you can perform a factory reset using the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter. Certain original Xbox Ones dont support the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter see below for details but it doesnt hurt to check regardless.

    Step 1: Power down your console fully and remove the power and network cables for at least 30 seconds.

    Step 2: Plug the power cable back in and follow the rest of these steps.

    Step 3: Hold down the Eject and Bind buttons on your console.

    The Eject button is on the front of the original Xbox One console right next to the disk drive, while the Bind button is on the left side, directly adjacent to the disk drive, with a symbol that looks like ))) on it. Note that on the Xbox One X and Xbox One S, both buttons are on the front of the console, with the Bind button sitting directly beneath the Xbox button on the right edge. The Xbox One S Digital doesnt have an Eject button, so the Bind and Xbox buttons will do the trick.

    Step 4: Once you are holding both buttons, press the Xbox button on the front of the console.

    Step 5: Release the Xbox button, but continue holding the Eject and Bind buttons for 10 to 15 seconds. Listen for two tones before releasing these buttons. The Xbox Startup Troubleshooter will appear shortly after.

    Step 6: Select Reset This Xbox from the settings and proceed with the factory reset.

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    Is Factory Reset And Hard Reset The Same

    A factory reset relates to the rebooting of the entire system, while hard resets relates to the resetting of any hardware in the system. Factory Reset: Factory resets are generally done to remove the data entirely from a device, the device is to be started again and requires the need of re installation of the software.

    What Is Soft Reset

    Soft reset, also known as restart, happens when you turn off the console via the Power Center or using the Guide button. Your Xbox One is NOT powered all the way down when you restart it and it still retains information from its last power-on state. This can be a useful trick if your console runs slow or if you encounter a minor glitch with your game.

    To restart your Xbox One via the Power Center:

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    To restart your Xbox One from the guide:

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • Select System > Settings > General > Power mode & startup.
  • Select Restart now.
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    How To Factory Reset An Xbox One Or Xbox Series X

    In case of problems or you want to sell it

    Modern game consoles are essentially specialized computers. The Xbox One and Xbox Series X are powerful machines, but they can suffer from errors or corrupt files like any computer. Performing a factory reset on an Xbox One or Xbox Series X can correct these problems, and Xbox offers multiple ways to do this.

    If your Xbox One or Xbox Series X refuses to launch a game, has trouble loading files, or just experiences issues that standard troubleshooting wont solve, try a factory reset. You should also use a factory reset to fully erase the system before you sell it to another person to ensure the safety of your personal information.

    How To Factory Reset Your Xbox One


    To perform a hard restart, hold the power button for 10 seconds while the system is on. The system will turn off. When you hit the button again, it will start and display the green start-up screen. All your data is preserved, but cache is cleared and some settings are reverted and log-in or game start issues are resolved.

    Alternatively, you can perform a full shutdown by going to SETTINGS > POWER & STARTUP and change POWER MODE from Instant-On to Energy-saving. After changing the setting, choose “Turn Xbox off”. It can be powered back on by holding down the GUIDE button on the Xbox controller or the button on the front of the Xbox console. Once it’s back online you can go back to SETTINGS > POWER & STARTUP and re-enable Instant-on.

    If the manual button/menu-initiated reboot doesn’t work, do it the old-fashioned way: power down the Xbox One, unplug it, wait for 10 seconds, plug everything back in and power it back on.

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    How To Factory Reset Xbox One

  • Press the home button, or press left on the d-pad until the main home menu opens.

  • Select the gear icon to open the settings menu.

  • Go to System> Console info.

  • Go to Reset console> Reset and remove everything for a full factory reset.

    The system will be reset immediately upon selecting the reset method. There is no confirmation message, so proceed carefully.

  • The Xbox One will undergo a hard reset, and the process is automated after this point. Leave the system alone, and the Xbox One will reset itself and do a hard reboot.

  • Reset Your Xbox With A Usb Drive

    In the extreme case that your Xbox is not even able to boot up, you can no longer use the Settings menu to perform the factory reset. You need to use an alternate method involving a USB drive and a reset file downloaded from Xboxs website. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • For this process, you need an NTFS-formatted, empty flash drive with at least 4GB of free space
  • Download this reset file and unzip the contents.
  • Copy the $SystemUpdate file to the root directory of your USB drive and safely unplug the drive.
  • Remove the Ethernet cable and turn off your Xbox by holding down its physical Xbox button.
  • Remove the power cable and plug it back after at least 30 seconds. Dont turn on the console.
  • Plug the USB drive into a USB port on the console.
  • Hold down the BIND and EJECT buttons together. While holding them down, press the Xbox button. Continue holding down the BIND and EJECT buttons.
  • When you hear two power-up tones a few seconds apart, release the BIND and EJECT buttons after the second tone.
  • Wait for your Xbox to restart and remove the USB drive.
  • You should be able to see the Digital Setup Experience once the console restarts. This indicates a successful reset process.
  • Your Xbox is now restored to its factory settings and can be safely sold or given away to a new user without any danger of anyone accessing your sensitive data.

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    Can I Factory Reset My Xbox Remotely

    Whether your device comes up missing or youve sold it without performing a factory reset, you may wonder what you can do to keep others from using your information. Unfortunately, there isnt a way to reset your Xbox remotely.

    To keep someone from accessing your profile, games, payment information, and more, head over to the Microsoft Account webpage and change your password. This will prevent anyone else from using your account.

    You will need to do this for each profile on the Xbox of course. When the individual who has your Xbox turns it on, theyll be asked for a password. Without it, they cant access your profile.

    Hard Reset Your Xbox Controller If You Are Connecting To A Windows Pc

    Reset Xbox One to Factory Defaults

    If you are trying to hard reset your Xbox controller on PC, things are quite different and youll have to rely on Windows Bluetooth settings.

    • First, open Settings on your computer, then go to Devices.
    • Here you will see a list of all the devices connected to your computer. Find your Xbox Controller on the list, then click Remove Device. This will remove the controller from your list of Bluetooth Devices.
    • Next, remove the batteries from your controller and connect your controller to your computer using a USB cable. This will hard reset the wireless connection between your PC and the controller.
    • Now you can reconnect your controller to your computer using the standard Bluetooth process. Everything should be working perfectly again.

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