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How To Fix Xbox 360 Disc Tray

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Xbox Always Says Open Disc Tray

How to fix Xbox 360 stuck disc tray, EASIEST WAY EVER!!

When a game is inserted, the Xbox still says “open tray.” I have googled this and found it to be called “open tray error.” Is there a way to fix this?

by blueangel130aloveuall

I haven’t tried this yet but I don’t know if it will work and if it doesn’t will it break my xbox?

Mine did this last night. I found the following procedure on a youtube video somewhere. Can’t find the link because YouTube is blocked here:

1: Turn off the machine .

2: Turn on the machine by opening the disc tray.

3: Physically force the disc tray back in with force. Not so much that you snap the thing or knock it off its runners, but enough that the motors stop retracting the tray.

The tray should stop ajar for a few seconds before the machine composes itself and continues to retract the tray.

4: Reboot the Xbox and the drive should function normally.

I’m unsure exactly why this works, but my best tech head says that the controller for the drive gets into a bit of a tizzy and doesn’t realize that the laser is incorrectly calibrated. Forcing the tray this way makes the drive perform some sort of self-check, in which it re-calibrates itself and works.

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Solution : Adjusting The Hardware

In some cases, the hardware might get clogged due to the accumulation of certain dust particles inside the Xbox or in and around the cables. Therefore, if you havent tried it already, it is always a good choice to try to clean the Xbox Disc Tray, the Disc, and all the power cords and other cables connected to the console. Make sure to look for any clogged dust particles and remove them to allow for proper airflow and the optimal performance of the console.

The disc that is inserted into the Xbox tray consists of two parts: one on which the disc spins and the second one is the laser which is used to read the disc. Sometimes an error occurs and the laser gets dragged out of its original position towards the outer edge of the disc drive. Therefore, you just need to get the laser back into its initial position and the error would get fixed. Be cautious and do not touch the upper top of the laser because this part comes in direct contact with the disc from where it reads the data.

How Do I Open The Disc Tray On My Dell

Open your computer to the start screen and simultaneously hold the Windows key and the E__ on your keyboard to open the disc drive. This keyboard shortcut sends an eject-disc signal to the drive. If nothing happens, open the Control Panel and right-click on CD/DVD Drive. Click Eject to open the disc tray.

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Xbox 360 Door Tray Off Track And Will Not Close

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First, do not attempt to try to fix it right away. Unplug every cable and adapter, so you only have the xbox 360 console. Then, if a video game disc is still in there, take it out. Next, try to determine what your disc tray is stuck on, and try to remove it carefully. If these steps do not work, look at these articles. Manually eject your Xbox 360 console disc trayXbox Disc Drive Solution.

How To Fix An Xbox 360 Disk Tray

Xbox 360 Open Tray Error
  • Exacto knife

  • Glue stick

The DVD tray of the Xbox 360 is very fragile and constant use can cause it to stick. This can make it difficult to place disks into it and over time can damage the disks and the tray itself. It is not necessary to take in the Xbox 360 to a service center because repairing the DVD tray so that it doesn’t stick takes only about an hour. The repair will make sure that the tray works consistently and correctly over the life of the Xbox 360.

Turn off and unplug the Xbox 360. Place the Xbox 360 in the horizontal position for use. Carefully pull out the disk tray from the Xbox 360. Blow around and on the disk tray with the Camel’s hair brush.

Take a cotton swab moistened in alcohol. Rub the swab around the sides of the disk tray. Take another alcohol-moistened swab and rub it around the sides of the space where the disk tray exits the Xbox 360.

Take a cotton swab moistened in alcohol and gently insert it into the half moon-shaped hole by the back of the tray bezel. This is near the Xbox logo. Twist the swab a few times and remove it from the hole. Let the alcohol dry.

Gently push the DVD disk tray back into the Xbox 360. Plug the Xbox 360 in and turn it on. Press the eject button to eject the disk tray. Insert a disk and close the disk tray.


Be very careful not to put any weight on the DVD disk tray when handling it. The tray is very fragile and can easily break off.



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How To Force Eject A Disc Stuck In Your Xbox 360

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So your $300+ game system is blinking red lights and you have to send the console in for repairs but the console won’t eject the rental you need to return tonight. What do you do? It’s not too different from a regular PC, so try these steps to get your disk out.

Solution : Turning Certain Parts To Their Proper Place

It seems that there is a certain square part located in your Xbox 360 that gets moved out of place during certain activities. Plenty of users confirmed that getting these parts back to their place managed to fix their issue entirely but know that you will need to be extra careful since you will need to open your Xbox 360 entirely to get access to them.

Disconnect your Xbox 360 from all input and output devices. Your console should be completely free of any wires or attachments, including external storage you may own, HDMI cables, charging cable and the controllers.

  • If there is a disk in the console, make sure you eject it and place it somewhere else before proceeding.
  • Pry off the faceplate by inserting your finger into the USB port section, which is located to the right of the power button, and pulling the faceplate toward you. You can be relatively firm while doing thisthe Xbox 360 doesnt have fragile parts behind the faceplate like later models do.
  • Release the end grilles by poking a large, bent paperclip through the holes in the top row of ventilation spaces on the Xbox 360s casing, prying up each time. This will unhook the clips holding the grille.
  • Insert a flathead screwdriver into space where the grille connects with the console case, then work the screwdriver around, prying up as you go.
  • If you have a hard drive on your Xbox 360, first remove it before removing the end grills by simply pulling them away from the Xbox 360 case.
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    Why Does My Disc Tray Keep Opening

    If a disc isnt seated correctly, or a foreign object was put in the drive by a child, it can cause the drive tray to randomly eject. Shine a flashlight in the drive to determine if a disc or other object is stuck in the drive. If a disc is stuck in the drive try using a pair of needle nose pliers and remove the disc.

    Solution : Clear System Cache

    Open Stuck Xbox 360 Disc Tray 4 ways!!!

    Another remedy for resolving the Xbox-360-open-tray-error could be clearing the system cache. This could be done as follows:

  • Browse to the settings option on your Xbox console and then hit the Memory icon.
  • Here highlight your hard drive and press the Y key.
  • A menu will open up on your screen. Then find and press the Clear system cache option.
  • Your Xbox should reset automatically now. If it doesnt do so you can do it yourself manually.
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    Solution : Dismantle Your Xbox And Leave It Like That For A While

    Even though this solution seems like something that wouldnt work for a majority of cases, the solution has helped some people get rid of the error. There are several reasons why this method may produce outstanding results and its definitely something you should try at the beginning, before starting any advanced methods.

  • Press and hold the power button at the front of the Xbox 360 console until it shuts down completely.
  • Unplug the power brick from the back of the Xbox. Press and hold the power button on the Xbox several times to make sure there is no remaining power in the console itself.
  • After you have made sure of that, disconnect everything from the console including the controllers and all additional hardware you may have connected to it.
  • Plugin the power brick and wait for the light located on the power brick to change its color from white to orange.
  • Turn the Xbox back on as you would do normally and check to see if the Open Tray error code keeps on appearing on it.
  • Manually Eject The Tray

    Start off by shutting down the console and removing all the cables plugged into it. Then, securely holding the console, use your thumbs to pull the faceplate off the front of it.

    With the faceplate off, insert a paper clip into the hole underneath the disc drives right side and push until some resistance is felt. This should cause the tray to pop out a bit, and you can open it the rest of the way with your hands. If this worked for you, skip the next paragraph, otherwise theres one more thing you can try.

    There are two more holes underneath the left side of of the disc tray. Insert a paper clip into the leftmost hole and push until you feel it hit something. If you pushed the internal gear correctly the disc tray should open slightly, and you can pull it out fully with your hands.

    With the tray now open, make sure the disc inside isnt sticky and causing the problem. Then plug the console back in and see if the tray is back in working condition. If not, reopen the disc tray the same way and move on to the next section.

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    Solution : Be Violent

    That actually helped certain people deal with this same issue and the reason for it is unknown. Sometimes simply being mildly violent with the console by closing and opening the tray repeatedly or by pushing the cartridge back on forth simply works and users have confirmed. A little smack on top of the Xbox 360 also worked to avoid the issue instead of solving it. This method is also easiest to try out before giving up.

    Disassembly Pt : The Innards

    Xbox 360

    Now you’ve got that all in your growing “to be washed free of dust” pile, It’s time to remove a couple more things.

    First, you need to use a paper clip or similar pointy thin thing to open the disc tray. DO NOT try to rip it open with your bare hands. Of course this will wreck your drive, dummy! There is a small hole just under the tray to stick the clip in. Feel around with it until you hit a gear, then push in to turn the gear. One or two turns will suffice to disengage the locking mechanism. This requires some finesse, don’t be disheartened if you don’t get it off the bat.

    Then, pull the tray out until it is at it’s furthest forward point, and pull the small latch on the side.

    If you have a different drive, there is usually a similar way to remove the tray, so be careful and try things until you figure it out.

    Removing the tray should expose the gears that make the tray move. If you’ve been experiencing trouble ejecting, find the rubber drive belt connecting the motor to the gears and remove it. Save it, you’ll need it later.

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    Solution : Repair Your Console

    If none of the above-mentioned solutions worked in your case then your console might need service or repair. You can submit an online application for service which is the quicker and easier method. At first you need to sign in at Device Services and select Register new device. After the registration step you can regularly check the warranty status of your device. You can check out Getting your Xbox serviced for submitting an online repair request.

    How To Open A Stuck Or Sticky Xbox 360 Disc Tray

    As our Xbox 360s continue to age the parts in them feel the wear of time and sometimes start to malfunction. While sliding disc trays didnt make the leap to the next generation of consoles, and werent even to be found on the Wii or PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 steadfastly held onto the aging technology.

    Now gamers are finding out why the technology evolved as their consoles disc trays become sticky and start to jam. Rest assured there are likely ways you can reach your stuck copy of Halo 3 and theres a chance you can fix the issue entirely.

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    How To Fix Xbox 360 Stuck Disc Tray Easiest Way Ever

    How to fix Xbox 360 stuck disc tray, EASIEST WAY EVER!! If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TVs watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. An error occurred while retrieving sharing information.

    Fix: Xbox 360 Open Tray Error

    How to fix an Xbox 360 with a stuck disc tray

    The Open Tray error on Xbox 360 is definitely one of the most troublesome errors you can encounter on your console as its cause is usually related to hardware, rather than software issues, meaning you sometimes really need to have someone to look at it or you need to perform some maintenance carefully.

    There are quite a few solutions to this problem and you never know which one might be suitable for your situation. If the Xbox 360 is not able to read discs, you are not able to install any new games or even play a game if it requires the disc to be inserted. Follow the solutions presented below to get rid of the Open Tray error once and for all.

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    Cleaning The Internal Mechanisms

    Dont worry, you wont have to open up your console any more than you already have to try this potential solution. A video of this method is available here.

    One of the main mechanisms for opening your 360s disc tray is a simple rubber band. Holding firmly onto the open disc tray,use a small pair of tweezers or something similar to reach into the tray and grab the rubber band stretched around two rotating cylinders, making note of exactly where the band is. Be very careful to ensure the disc tray does not close, as it would be difficult to reopen without the rubber band in place.

    Using rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab, gently rub the alcohol over the surface of the band, getting the grime and dirt off. Using the same products, gently rub the cylinders the rubber band was on, slowly opening and closing the disc tray while doing so to rotate the cylinders. Then use another cotton swab to ensure the cylinders and rubber band are dry.

    While holding the tray open, carefully rewrap the rubber band back around the cylinders they were on.

    With any luck the newly cleaned opening mechanism will solve your disc tray issue.

    How Can I Fix Corrupted Game On Xbox 360

    First, determine whether the game is corrupted. To do this, follow the steps behind. Step 1: Select Settings-> System-> Storage. Step 2: Select the storage location, and then press the A button. Step 3: Select Games and Apps, and then press the A button. Step 4: Select the game and then press the A button.

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    Open Xbox 360 Disc Tray Manually

    This video is for xbox owners who are experience the open tray problem. Mar 26, 20 my xbox 360 already cant read games open tray. Ensure the disc in the system isnt sticky or gooey. Insert a large paper clip into the eject button hole and push it in about an inch and a half. What do i do if the xbox 360s disk tray is stuck open and. Turn the xbox 360 on its side so the disc tray is horizontal and press the button to eject, itll move maybe 1mm or something. Using a flashlight, place the end of the paper clip in the teeth on the right side of the gears and push. Ensure the disc in the system isnt sticky or gooey, causing the tray. There is a little hole to the right of the disc tray on the front of the xbox. This is the easiest way to fix a stuck xbox 360 disc tray. How to fix error open tray problem in xbox 360 digital adda. The tray should slide open a little, and from there you can.

    How to fix the open tray problem on your xbox 360 xbox. Six simple ways to fix the open tray error for xbox 360. Fixing the open tray error for xbox 360s with liteon. Position the console horizontally, as you would position a dvd player. For xbox 360 on the xbox 360, a gamefaqs message board topic titled eject button broken, any way to manually open the disc tray while powered on.

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