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How To Find Your Xbox Controller

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How to find your lost Xbox controller the fastest way

The newer Xbox One controller model can be paired with any computer with Bluetooth functionality. Therefore, this section wont apply to older controller models that run on a proprietary standard and require a dongle.

If you own a standard Bluetooth Xbox One controller, there are a few neat fixes you can try.

The Xbox Series X|S controllers also use Bluetooth. One primary difference is the Xbox One controller uses Micro USB cables to charge and sync to devices, while the Series X|S controllers require a USB-C wire instead.

How To Pair Your Controller With An Xbox

To pair a new controller with your Xbox Series X or S, or an older Xbox One console , put two AA batteries or a rechargeable battery pack in the controller. Microsoft provides a set of disposable batteries in the box, but you can grab a play and charge kit for around $20.

Press the power button on the front to turn on your Xbox console. Locate and press the pairing button on your console on Xbox Series X and S, its the small round button next to the front USB ports, as shown below.

On an Xbox One X or S, the pairing button is on the front of the console, near the USB port on the right, as shown below.

On an original Xbox One, youll find the pairing button on the left of the console near the optical disc drive.

Now, press and hold the pairing button along the top edge of your controller, just above the battery compartment. You dont have to turn on the controller first. Press and hold the pair button until the Xbox logo on the controller starts to flash rapidly.

When the Xbox logo stops flashing and remains solid, your controller has been paired. If you encounter any issues, make sure your console was in pairing mode.

You should now be able to control the Xbox interface with your new controller.

List Of Xbox Wireless Controller Variants

This page lists all first-party Xbox Wireless controllers that have been designed for Xbox One consoles and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. All controllers on this page are compatible with each console generation. This page contains every controller available through standard retail as well as some that were given away through contests or made specifically for employees of certain studios.

Four different models of the Xbox Wireless controller have been released since its first inception with the launch of the Xbox One in 2013. Each controller has been listed under its corresponding “generation”.

This page does not take into account the Xbox Adaptive Controller or the near endless number of custom-order Xbox One controllers that are possible via the “Xbox Design Lab” service.

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How To Get Xbox One Smartglass

SmartGlass is available for both phones and tablets, and it works on Android, iOS, and Windows, so pretty much everyone can take advantage of it.

The procedure depicted to the left is how installing and setting up Xbox One SmartGlass works on an Android, but the process is similar regardless of the type of phone or tablet you have.

Here are the step by step instructions on how to get and set up Xbox One SmartGlass:

  • Launch the Google Play Store, App Store, or Windows Phone Store, depending on your device.

  • Search for “Xbox One SmartGlass.”

  • Launch the Xbox One SmartGlass app.

  • Enter the email, phone, or Skype name associated with your Microsoft account and tap Next.

  • Enter your password and tap Sign in.

  • If the screen displays your Gamertag, tap Let’s play. If it doesn’t, tap Switch accounts and log into the account associated with your Gamertag instead.

  • Your device is now set up to work with SmartGlass, and you can proceed to connecting it to an Xbox One.

    How To Use An Xbox One Controller On Pc

    eXtremeRate Red Shadow Soft Touch Replacement Faceplate Front Shell for ...

    ByWes Fenlonpublished 6 November 20

    Pro tips for getting the most out of Microsoft’s latest controller via USB, wireless adapter, or Bluetooth.

    If you want to use a controller on PC, you just can’t beat the convenience of the Xbox gamepad. If you want a dead simple plug-and-play experience, the Xbox controller is the obvious choice, and it’s definitely among the best PC controllers, anywayMicrosoft revised its controller after the launch of the Xbox One, making its bumpers feel better and adding Bluetooth connectivity.

    Thanks to the built-in Windows driver, you won’t need any special software for your PC to immediately recognize your pad. So what’s the point of a guide at all?

    Well, there are a couple ways to hook up the Xbox One controller wirelessly, and a few things you should know about the different iterations of the controller and what how exactly they’ll work with your PC.

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    Support On Other Platforms

    Drivers were released in June 2014 to allow Xbox One controllers to be used over a USB connection on PCs running Windows 7 or later. The Xbox One Wireless Adapter for Windows is a USB dongle that allows up to eight controllers to be used at once wirelessly.

    Per a partnership between Microsoft and Oculus VR, the Oculus Rift CV1virtual reality headset initially included an Xbox One controller, up until the launch of the Oculus Touchmotion controllers.

    On Windows 10, support for the controller is built-in, including support for wireless audio when using the wireless dongle or USB cable . The controller is also manageable via the Xbox Accessories app, whose features include button remapping , input tests, and firmware update. On Windows 7 or 8.1, drivers are required, and the aforementioned features are not available.

    Microsoft also supports Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One controllers on Android, specifically listing support for Minecraft: Gear VR Edition on certain Samsung Galaxy devices.

    On Linux, Xbox One controllers are supported by the xpad USB driver. There also exists an alternative xpadneo driver, which supports some controller revisions that are not supported by the xpad driver, as well as additional features. Some of these additional features, such as driver support for the trigger rumble motors, aren’t even supported on Windows 10.

    How To Connect Xbox Smartglass To Xbox One

    Before you can use the SmartGlass app for anything, you have to connect it to an Xbox One. This requires the phone and the Xbox One to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

    If you aren’t sure how to connect your phone to Wi-Fi, here’s how to connect an Android to Wi-Fi, and how to connect an iPhone to Wi-Fi.

  • With the Xbox One SmartGlass app open on your phone or tablet, tap the hamburger icon in the upper left corner.

  • Tap Connection.

  • Tap XboxOne if you haven’t changed the default name of the console, or tap the name you assigned if you have changed it.

  • Tap Connect.

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    Toggle Bluetooth On And Off

    Sometimes, you wont see the controller on your list of available Bluetooth devices. One solution is to simply disable and enable Bluetooth connectivity again. Sometimes thats enough to solve the problem.

    If not, try removing the controllers batteries and ensure its not connected via a USB cable. If this solution works, you can continue playing your games using the controller.

    Test The Batteries In Your Xbox Controllers

    How To Find Your PERFECT Sensitivity On Controller Apex Legends (Apex Settings PS4/PS5 Xbox)

    If your Xbox controller is flashing slowly and wont turn on, make sure the batteries arent causing the issue.

    Take your Xbox One Play & Charge Kit, put the battery pack inside your wireless controller, then use the bundled charging cord to power it up. Additionally, you can also charge the battery by plugging the controller and charging cable into any USB power source. When the battery pack is charging, the charging cables light will flash orange once it is fully charged, it will turn white.

    With Xbox Series X and S wireless controllers, youll get a rechargeable Xbox battery and a USB-C cable. Xbox One batteries should work with Xbox Series X controllers, but the charging cables wont.

    Alternatively, you can also try replacing the battery pack in your Xbox wireless controller with disposable AA batteries, then restarting your console.

    If the battery fails the following tests, it needs to be replaced:

    • If your rechargeable battery pack does not charge when connected to the console via a USB cable.
    • The controller may work with a different battery pack or AA batteries if the issue is caused by the battery.
    • Try using a cotton swab or dry cloth to clean the battery contacts on the battery pack. If it still does not work, it must be replaced. Avoid water or chemicals, which can damage the contacts.

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    Controller Is Not Synced

    If you sync your controller to another device, you will need to re-sync it back to your console. To do this, turn on the Xbox One and hold down the sync button on your controller. Simultaneously, hold down the sync button on your console until the light on your controller begins to flash at a rapid pace. Once this happens, release both sync buttons. Your controller should now be connected after about five to ten seconds.

    Which Xbox Controller Do I Have

    The Xbox One and Series X or S controllers look very similar in design and may appear the same at first glance. However, there are a few key features to tell them apart. The quickest indicator is the USB port: if it has the wider, rounded USB-C port, then its a newer controller, and if it has a smaller, squared micro-USB port, its an older controller. The plastic around the backside port and bumpers may also have different colors and textures.

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    Update Your Usb Drivers Manually

    The most common issue is outdated drivers. Its a common cause that explains why your PC fails to recognize the Xbox USB plug or any other plug.

    You may consider this is the cause if youre trying other devices to no avail. For example, you could connect your smartphone, external storage, a keyboard, or a mouse to see if its working.

    To update your USB drivers:

  • Type Device Manager on the Windows search tab. Open the Device Manager menu.
  • Search for the Human Interface Devices sub-menu.
  • Right click on every USB Input Device option, and select Update Drivers.
  • Use the automatic option. If Windows cant find any, use the Windows Update option as well.
  • Recording And Accessing The Game Hub With Smartglass

    My not so elite, elite controller. I put the internals of a standard ...

    Xbox One has a built-in DVR function that can record your gameplay, and you can trigger it in a bunch of different ways. If you have a Kinect, you can even activate the recording feature with your voice.

    If you want to use SmartGlass to activate the game DVR function on your Xbox One, it’s an extremely easy process: With a game running on your Xbox One, tap the name of the game in your SmartGlass app and then tap Record that.

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    How To Connect Xbox Controller With Iphone

    1. First, make sure the Bluetooth on your iPhone is turned on if not, go to settings and toggle the switch on.

    2. Now, on your Xbox controller, press the Xbox button and the share button simultaneously for about 4-5 seconds. You can find the share button on the black panel towards the top of the controller., denoted by the arrow.

    3. After pressing the Xbox and share button, youll see the Xbox button blinking with white light, as shown below this means that your Xbox controller is in pairing mode now.

    4. Now, in your iPhones Bluetooth settings, look for the Xbox wireless controller and click on it to connect to your iPhone.

    5. Thats it youve successfully connected your Xbox controller to your iPhone.

    Connect A Newer Xbox Controller To A Pc

    There are two ways to connect an Xbox Series X or S controller to a PC: a USB-C cable or Bluetooth.

    The quickest way is to simply plug your controller into your PC using a USB-C cable. The controller will automatically configure with Windows 10 or 11 and work with any game on your PC.

    If you dont have a cable, you can wirelessly pair the controller to your PC over Bluetooth. In your systems settings, navigate Bluetooth and devices and click Add device.

    Then, hold down the Xbox button and the Pairing button for three seconds until the Xbox button flashes to put the controller in pairing mode. Once your PC detects the controller, select Xbox Wireless Controller to complete the pairing process.

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    Troubleshoot Your Pcs Bluetooth

    If your Bluetooth isnt working, you may try to run the troubleshooter so Windows can fix the USB drivers and plugs. Here are the steps:

  • Press the Windows Key + I. It opens the Settings app.
  • Go to Update & Security.
  • Select Troubleshoot on the left-hand panel. Press Additional troubleshooters on the right.
  • Press Bluetooth and let the wizard run.
  • The Controller Was Disconnected During A Firmware Update

    How to TEST your Xbox One Controller

    If your controller was disconnected during a firmware upgrade, it will not function until the firmware is recovered. To do this, the controller will need to be updated from scratch. Note: In this condition, the wireless on the controller is nonfunctional. This must be done over USB.

    Tip: If you have problems getting the controller to turn on, removing the batteries for 15 minutes before recovery can resolve this issue.

    Plug your controller into an Xbox One console or a PC. At this point, the method will vary. Note: at least one functional controller is required to use a console for controller firmware recovery.

    To recover the controller on a console, follow these steps:

    • Step 1: On the console, navigate to Devices and Accessories.
    • Step 2: Find the Elite controller. It should say Update Required if it is the correct controller.
    • Step 3: Recover the controller firmware.

    PC recovery requires Windows 10 as a prerequisite – Windows 7/8.x DO NOT WORK. Newer versions of Windows 10 do not require a Microsoft Account for the download, but older versions usually do. Users on older versions of Windows 10 may need to convert one of the accounts on the computer to a Microsoft Account, or log into the Store without altering the account.

    If you followed these steps correctly, your controller should be functional again.

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    Easy Ways To Fix Xbox Controller Not Working On Pc

    Matching the power of a PC with the commodity of an Xbox controller is a delight. In theory, Xbox controllers should connect to a Windows PC without issue. After all, Microsoft wants you to play on either console.

    But, sometimes it doesnt work due to reasons, like problems with your USB ports, the controllers USB ports, outdated or missing drivers, corrupted Windows registry, anti-virus issues, or damaged cables.

    Still Cant Connect Check For Xbox Controller Firmware Updates

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide
  • Head to Profile & system and select Settings
  • Under Devices & connections select Accessories
  • On the Xbox wireless controller screen, select the dots to see the firmware version
  • If it states there is no update available, you have the current firmware, if not, update
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    How To Use An Xbox Controller On Android

    Play your favorite games without touch controls.

    With the release of the Xbox One S back in 2016, Microsoft started outfitting its Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth radios. While this feature was made mostly for PC gaming, you’ll be happy to know that it works extremely well with Android phones and their games.

    While more appropriate controllers for mobile gaming are available, this is a nice trick to have in your back pocket. So for those wondering how to use an Xbox controller on Android, here’s how.

    Update Your Xbox Controllers Firmware With Windows 10

    Xbox One update adds half

    If you dont have a console, you can also fix the Xbox controller by updating its firmware with Windows 10. Follow these steps:

  • Go to the Microsoft Store and get the Xbox Accessories app.
  • Connect your Xbox controller to your PC with the USB cable. Otherwise, you can use the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows .
  • Open the Xbox Accessories app. It will prompt an Update Required message if needed. Let it update, and close it after it finishes.
  • Naturally, if you find your PC cant recognize your Xboxs USB cable, follow the Issue 1 steps.

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    Connecting Keeps Getting Easier

    Apple and Microsoft arent well known for making their devices compatible with each other, but Xbox controllers show how thats changing, particularly with the latest systems.

    We hope our steps above help you get your Xbox controllers paired with your Mac, and that your gaming experience is that much better for it. Weve had a lot of fun with ours, and with other console controllers too.

    Update Your Xbox Controllers Firmware With The Console

    Were assuming you need to update it with the console. Follow these steps:

  • Connect your stereo headset adapter to your controller if you want it to update.
  • Power up your Xbox controller by pressing the Xbox button. Pair it to the console. Alternatively, connect it with the 3.5mm USB cable.
  • Select Profile & System/Setting. Then, click on Devices & steaming/Accessories. Select the controller youre updating.
  • Press Device Info and choose Firmware Version. Click Update Now.
  • If you plug-in the Xbox controller, the firmware update may appear automatically.
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