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How To Find Email For Xbox Account

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How To Find Out If Youre Not Logged In To Your Activision Account

How to FIND Xbox Live Account Email Address if you forgot (Easy Method!)

If youre not logged in then you need to head to the Activision account and try to log in, youll then need to select the Forgot your password? option, and youll then start the fun bit.

The fun bit, in this case, involves entering every email address you think it might be and then checking the inboxes, spam folders, and junk folders to see if you get the password reset email. If you need any hints, its probably the same email you used when you first started playing .

We may have lied about it being fun sorry.

Recover Xbox Account Without Email Or Phone

If you do not have access to the Email address or Phone number connected with your Xbox account, you still can get it back if you are the real owner of the account. Follow these steps to recover Xbox account without email or phone.

  • On the next page, click on Show more verification methods.
  • Then choose I dont have any of these option.
  • It will take you to the account recovery page where you can enter the necessary details such as an alternate email address.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to recover the account.
  • They will contact you at the new email address you provided and ask you for details to verify your identity. If you successfully prove that the account in question is yours, you will be able to recover the Xbox account.

    How To Recover Xbox Gamertag Online And Offline

    It may so happen that you have bought a new Xbox Console or accidentally deleted your profile, which means that all your game data, score, profile picture, badges are missing. At these times, you might get into a panic that though all your profile is on the Xbox Live Online Account, but how do you get it on the console. The excellent news is Xbox has a recovery system in place to Recover Xbox Gamertag online and offline. The method differs between the Xbox One and Xbox 360. If you are still using Xbox 360, please check it accordingly.

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    Changing The Email Address On Your Xbox Account

    Changing the old email address on your X box Live account requires you to change the details on your Microsoft Account. The two services are connected, and Xbox doesnt have a dedicated website of its own.

    To change your email proceed to your Microsoft Account page, and then follow these steps:

  • Choose which alias you want to delete, then click on Remove. Remember that if you want to delete an email address thats set as the Primary, youll need to declare another Primary before removing it. You cant delete the address otherwise. To declare a new address as the new primary, click on Make Primary on another email address.
  • If there isnt a second email address available either create a new one or connect one already made. This is done by clicking on Add email, typing in the address, then clicking Add alias. Follow the instructions shown to Verify the address you just used.
  • Once youve made another primary address, click on Remove for the old address, then click Confirm.
  • You should now have a new email to sign in to your Xbox account.
  • Can’t Remember Your Gamertag Or Trying To Find A Friend We’ve Got You Covered

    Xbox account email linking  Gaijin Support
    • Shoreline Community College
    • Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

    When you first sign up for the Xbox network, the system allows you to create your own unique gamertag or use a suggested gamertag. If you opted to use a suggested gamertag, you may find it extremely difficult to remember what it was in the future. In situations like that, you can look up your gamertag using your Microsoft account, if you want to find out what it is.

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    Which Email Address Is Linked To My Activision Account

    If youre already logged into your Activision Account online, then this will be a lot easier on you.

    What you need to do is head over to the website and then youll see your profile picture, or lack thereof, in the top-right of the screen.

    Click on this and then click on the My Settings option.

    This will bring up your account information, including the email address thats currently linked to your account. Of course, you might not be logged in, and that means its time to hope for the best.


    How To Change Password

    So now you have your email if youve forgotten your password.

    To do this

    • Click on Forgot my password or reset it at
    • Fill out the form
    • You will need to verify your identity by a confirmation code sent to your phone number or email enter this code
    • Youll be able to change your password

    We encourage you to add your phone number to your Microsoft account this makes your account more secure while giving you multiple ways to verify your identity. If you forget your account info do this at

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    Following The Right Steps

    If you need to change the email on your Xbox account, you can do so easily if you follow the right steps. Unless youve forgotten either the email or password, it should be a simple enough affair.

    Do you have other tips on how to change the email on an Xbox Account? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

    How To Recover Your Xbox Account

    How to Find your Microsoft account email address for Xbox

    How do I recover my Xbox LIVE account with just my gamertag?

    You can recover your account by going to and clicking on I forgot my password. You will be asked for the email address associated with your account and a new password will be sent to you.

    Can I find my Xbox account with my gamertag?

    No, you cant find your Xbox account with a gamertag. The only way to find your account is through the Microsoft website.

    How do I get my old Xbox account back?

    It is possible to get your old Xbox account back, but it will require you to call customer service.

    How do I find out my email for my Xbox LIVE Gamertag?

    The email for your Xbox LIVE Gamertag is the email that you signed up with. If you signed up with an email account like Google, Yahoo, or Outlook, then this will be your email. If you signed up with an email account like AOL, then this will not be your email.

    How do I recover my live com email?

    It is possible to get your old Xbox account back, but it will require you to call customer service.

    How do I recover my Microsoft account?

    If you have your password, but are having trouble signing in, you should reset your password. You can do this by clicking on the I forgot my password link on the sign-in page. If you dont have your password, you should contact Microsoft Support to regain access to your account.

    Does Xbox delete inactive accounts?Can you merge Xbox accounts?How do I access my Xbox account?How do I find my old gamertags?

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    Use An Existing Recovery Code

    While setting up your Xbox Live account, we get a unique 25-character long unique recovery code. If you already have it, then select the option that you already have a recovery code during the wizard. Now, to recover your Xbox Gamertag email, you have to submit the recovery code to access your account.

    Important Note:

    Some users think that it is possible to recover an Xbox Live account if we have the associated Gamertag. Sadly, it is not the case. Even if you have your associated Gamertag, you would need the linked Email ID to access your account. A Gamertag can be used to identify your profile and add other users, but canât recover your account.

    Lookup Your Username If You Have Security Info Set Up On Your Account

    If you previously set up security info on your Microsoft account, you can use this option to retrieve your username.

  • Look up your username using your security contact phone number or email address.

  • Request a security code to be sent to the phone number or email you used.

  • Enter the code and select Next.

  • When you see the account you’re looking for, select Sign in.

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    Stay Safe And Protect Your Online Privacy

    Now you know how to find all the accounts that are associated with your email address. Whether its through your email, a social media app, or a manual searching method, doing this will protect all your online information and keep your digital identity safe.

    Have you ever searched for accounts linked with your email? Did you use any of the methods listed in this article? Let us know in the comments section below.

    Reset Password Of Your Xbox Console

    How to Find Your Xbox Series X or S IP Address

    Xbox uses your Microsoft account to sign you into the console. So, resetting the Xbox password is the same as resetting the Microsoft account password. If you just forgot your password, you can easily reset it with the following steps we mentioned in our article on Microsoft account recovery.

    As soon as you reset the password, you will regain access to your Xbox account. There are no other steps involved or there arent any additional actions required specifically for the Xbox.

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    Can You Find The Accounts Linked To Your Phone

    When you register for an account, you either sign up with your email or your phone number. Not only is it common to register for an account with your phone number, but you also receive a verification code via text message. Its also used when you need to recover your account. Therefore, its also possible to find existing accounts that are linked to your phone.

    Unfortunately, there is no easy and quick way to find out which accounts are linked to your phone. You would have to check each app manually by clicking on the Forgot your password? option in the login process.

    If the app or website offers to send you a recovery code via text message, then you can verify that you registered for that app with your phone number.

    Can You Find Someones Ip Address On Xbox

    When you search on Google, many IP resolvers/IP grabbers claim that they can help you find the IP address of Xbox players. Most of them offer a search box where you can enter a Gamertag and track the players IP address.

    While its true that you may know the approximate location of someone with an IP address, it usually wont reveal the exact location. In most cases, instead of exact locations like room numbers, what you can find would be the name of a street or a nearby neighborhood.

    So if youre trying to locate an Xbox user, instead of tracking an IP address thats constantly on the change, an easier and more effective way is to search for the exact location. And theres actually a bunch of tools that can help you with that.

    Xbox IP grabbers IP resolversGamertag the IP address of your own

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    Replacing A Lost Email Address

    If youve lost your Sign in email for some reason, or have forgotten the password you used to sign in, changing the old one will be a bit different. Xbox Support wont be able to help you change the address, so youll have to try and get into the account.

    There are several ways to find the email address you used to sign up for your Xbox account.

  • Using the Xbox console, you can find your email address by highlighting your Gamer Tag or Gamer ID. If you cant see the email, you might have edited the settings to not display this information. If this is the case, you can find your address by doing the following:1. Open the Guide by pressing the Xbox button.2. Choose Profile.5. Choose Sign in, security & passkey.6. Your email should be under the Show on Home section.7. Use the email to log onto your account, or use it to recover a lost password.
  • If you used an alternate email as an additional alias, or have them as a second confirmation email, check your old messages. Any emails with the Microsoft Billing or Xbox live will usually have the email address of your account.
  • If your email is associated with a Family Group, you can have that family member log in and look up the email associated with your account.
  • How To Change Your Email On An Xbox One Account

    Find your email address to log in to your Xbox

    1. Power on your Xbox One or computer and open a web browser, then log into your Microsoft account.

    2. At the top of the page, click “Your info.”

    3. On the next page click “Manage how you sign in to Microsoft.” Then select the email address you wish to remove by pressing “Remove.”

    If you removed an email address that served as your primary email address, Microsoft will require you to select a new email address as your primary by clicking “Make primary” beside the address of your choice.

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    If You Don’t Have An Xbox One Or Xbox 360

    If you’re trying to find your gamertag because you can’t log into your Xbox One or Xbox 360, then you’ll have to first discover which email you used to sign up for your Xbox account in the first place.

    Here’s how to find your gamertag if you aren’t currently able to sign in to your Xbox One or the Xbox app on Windows 10:

  • Navigate to and click Sign In.

  • Enter the email, phone, or Skype you used when you created your Xbox account and click Next.

    If you don’t remember your Microsoft account email, go to the next section for information on how to find it.

  • Enter your password and click Sign in.

  • Return to Your gamertag appears next to your gamerpic in the upper right corner of the website.

  • If you don’t see your gamertag, that means you probably used a different email to set up your Xbox account. Sign out of, and try signing in with a different email.

  • How To Recover Xbox Account

    If you lost your Xbox account for some reason or forgot its password and cannot get back into it, it can be frustrating. Especially with all those amazing games waiting inside craving for you to play them, it is quite heartbreaking. Worry no more, we are going to provide a complete article dedicated to different methods that you can follow to recover your Xbox account. Whether it is a forgotten password issue or as serious as recovering a banned Xbox account, you will find the answer to your questions here. Without further explanations, lets see how can we do that.

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    You Forgot Your Microsoft Account Username

    If you forgot your Microsoft account email address or you signed in and got the error message, That Microsoft account does not exist, we recommend following the steps in this order to assist you with finding your username.

    Username lookup

    Tip: This option won’t work if you don’t have security info set up on your account or if you can no longer access that security info. Move on to the next step: Step 2: Check products or services where you used your Microsoft account

    What Is A Gamertag

    How to get Xbox Live on an Xbox in 2 different ways

    A gamertag is like a username for Xbox consoles. Gamertags were first introduced with the original Xbox alongside the Xbox network, and they’re still around. When you play games with people online with your Xbox console, they see your gamertag instead of your real name.

    Each gamertag has to be unique because it’s the way that you are identified on the Xbox network. Nobody else can have the same gamertag as you, and if the gamertag you want is already taken, you have to choose something else.

    Although gamertags are similar to usernames or account names, they are functionally different. This is because your gamertag is tied to your Microsoft account, and your Microsoft username or account name is actually the email you used when you signed up. That means you can’t use a gamertag to look up account information, retrieve account information, or sign in to your account.

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    Try To Guess It And Search For It

    Just like most of the services, Xbox will also send you emails regarding account creation, updates, and a lot of other things. So, searching any of the email addresses that you frequently use to sign up for services might be a good solution. You can simply visit the Gmail dashboard and search for some keywords like Xbox to find any traces of the account in question. If you find anything, you can try entering it in the account recovery section on the Xbox website. This might sound silly, but if you can find any traces, it can save a ton of your time.

    Guess Somebody’s Email Address

    Most organizations do not let people choose email addresses freely but instead assign them by name. You can take advantage of that by assuming the email address using some syntax guessing. You have to know where the person works for this method to be effective.

    For example, if the addresses on the company website are in the format , John Smith’s would be .

    However, if you see on a company’s website that an employee named John Smith uses the address , it’s likely that all the other employees follow that same pattern. So, the email address for someone named Emma Osner would probably be .

    Email Format is a website that can do the guessing for you after you enter the website name.

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