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How To Factory Reset Your Xbox One

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Why Would You Need To Factory Reset Anything

How to RESET your Xbox One to Factory Settings when Selling it.

The idea for this ‘how-to’ article came to me after I had spent way too long getting my old PlayStation 4 Pro ready to be moved on to a new owner. I was lucky enough to get hold of a PlayStation 5 last year, so the time had more than come to let my much-loved PS4 Pro go. Of course, this meant I needed to ensure that all my personal data wasn’t included in that sale. This proved to be rather more time-consuming than I had imagined. A bit of Startpage searching later quickly led me to the steps required that was when the fun started. A full factory reset for the PS4 meant more than just deactivating the games console. By the time I’d wiped it clean of all my personal data to be absolutely certain it was safe to sell, more than three hours of my life had gone by.

This got me thinking that if wiping data from a PS4 Pro was so convoluted and time-consuming, what about other devices across the hardware spectrum? Although for some deleting all traces of your ownership is delightfully straightforward, that’s certainly not true in all cases. And, so, here we are. I hope this privacy 101 on how to factory reset all the things* before you sell or otherwise dispose of them, in 2022. is useful in some small way.

* No, not literally all the things, obviously but a good starting point, nonetheless.

Do make sure you have backed up any data you wish to keep before attempting any factory reset, regardless of device, because there really is no going back!

How To Factory Reset An Xbox One With Xbox Startup Troubleshooter

Occasionally, you might find yourself dealing with an Xbox One that won’t boot up. If this happens, you’ll need to perform a factory reset without being able to reach the Guide or settings menu. Not all Xbox One systems support the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter, which is what you’ll need to use to accomplish this reset, but nevertheless, it is an option for some.

First, power down your console. Remove your power and network cables and wait one minute. Plug everything back in, and then hold down the Eject button on the front of your original Xbox One console by your disc drive as well as the Bind button, which looks like three parentheses: ‘)))’, at the same time.

On the Xbox One and Xbox One X, these buttons will be on the front of the console. The Xbox One S does not have an Eject button as there is no disc drive. Instead, hold the Bind button and the Xbox button on the console simultaneously.

While holding both buttons, press the power button on your console. Release your Xbox button, but keep holding the Eject and Bind buttons for 15 seconds. A couple of tones will sound. Once you’ve heard them, let go of the buttons. You should eventually see the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter appear on-screen.

From the options that show up, choose ‘Reset This Xbox’. This will perform a complete factory reset and will not leave your games & apps intact, so tread carefully.

Performing A Soft And A Hard Reset

A soft reset simply refers to powering your Xbox off and turning it back on after a few seconds. You can do this with your controller by holding down the Xbox button and choosing Restart console or Turn console off. You can also press the power button on the console to do the same thing.

A hard reset, on the other hand, refers to completely powering down your Xbox. Instead of pressing and releasing the Xbox button on the console, hold it down for around 10 seconds, and release it only when the Xbox shuts down completely. Then disconnect the power cable, wait for an additional 10 seconds, and then reconnect the console and turn it on.

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How To Factory Reset A Windows 10 Computer

Step 1: Head for Settings and then select Update and Security|Recovery.

Step 2: Select Reset this PC|Get Started.

Step 3: Select Remove everything.

Step 4: Confirm that you want to erase all personal data from all drives.

Step 5: When you are asked how you would like to reinstall Windows you can choose to download from the cloud or a local installation using the data on your device.

Step 6: And finally, you can now read the list of what is about to happen, press Restore and Robert is your mother’s brother.

How Do I Wipe My Xbox 360 To Sell

Reset Xbox One to Factory Defaults

How to reset your Xbox 360

  • Go over to Settings on your home screen.
  • Select System > Console Settings.
  • Scroll down to System Info and select.
  • Write down the Console Serial Number that is shown.
  • Go back to your System Settings > Storage.
  • Select your Hard Drive that has your storage you want to delete.
  • Select Format.
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    Reset Your Xbox From Settings

    If your Xbox is booting up fine, then you can easily restore it to factory settings from the Settings app. Also make sure your system software is updated to the latest version released by Microsoft. You can do this by simply navigating to Settings > System > Updates.

    The exact steps differ depending on whether you have an original Xbox One or the newer One X/S models. The steps below will broadly apply to each of them:

  • Open the Settings app and navigate to System
  • Choose Console Info and select Reset Console
  • Now you will have two choices: Reset and Remove Everything or Reset and Keep My Games & Apps
  • Reset and Keep My Games & Apps will reset the system software alone without removing your games and apps. You should try this less intensive option first if youre trying to troubleshoot an issue with the console. You can solve your issue AND avoid downloading all your games again.

    Reset and Remove Everything resets not only the firmware but removes all your data as well and completely restores factory settings. Use this option as a last resort or if you are selling or giving away your console for good.

  • When you have made your choice, select the respective option. Note that there will be no confirmation message once you select the desired option.
  • Your Xbox will start erasing data and restoring factory settings. This process can take some time.
  • How Do I Reset My Xbox One To Factory Settings Without A Screen

    These additional steps are only necessary if your Xbox Ones settings are inaccessible. If not, you can easily perform a factory reset. Simply press the Xbox button, head to Profile & System > Settings > System > Console info > Reset console. You can now choose whether to keep your data and apps or reset everything.

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    How To Restore Xbox One To Factory Settings

  • The first step in resetting an Xbox One is to open the main menu. This can be accomplished in one of two ways:

  • Press the home button on your Xbox One controller. This is the illuminated button with a stylized X that is centrally located on the front of the controller near the top.
  • Alternately, you can press the left bumper until you reach the home tab, and then press left on the d-pad.
  • Press down on the d-pad until you reach the gear icon.

  • Press the A button to select the gear icon.

  • With all settings highlighted, press the A button again to open the settings menu.

  • Press down on the d-pad until you reach System.

  • Press the A button to open the System submenu.

  • With console info highlighted, press the A button again.

  • Press down on the d-pad to select reset console.

  • Press the A button to select this option and move to the final step.

  • Press left on the d-pad to select the reset option that you want.

  • If you want to leave game and app data in place, then highlight Reset and keep my games & apps. Then press the A button. This is the less thorough of the two options, as it only resets the Xbox One firmware and settings without touching your games and apps. Try this first, as it allows you to avoid downloading everything all over again.

    There is no confirmation screen or prompt. When you press the A button with a reset option highlighted, the system will be reset immediately.

  • Why Wont My Xbox Go Past The Green Screen

    How to Factory Reset Xbox One & Make it run Faster! (Keep All Apps & Games)

    If the green screen is due to some temporary glitch, a hard reset will certainly resolve the problem. To hard reset your Xbox One, press and hold the Power button of your console for about at least seconds. Your machine will reboot in a while if there is no severe issue and you might not see the green screen again.

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    Prepare Your Xbox One X/s Or Xbox Series X/s

    There are a few things youll want to do before you plug the USB drive into your Xbox console:

    1. First, unplug the network cable if you are using a wired Internet connection. If your Xbox connects to the Internet over Wi-Fi, you can ignore this step.

    2. Shut down the console completely. Dont put it in rest mode turn it off completely .

    3. Once your Xbox shuts down, unplug the power cable to make sure your console is totally powered off. Wait for around 30 seconds or so before you plug the power cable back in.

    How Do I Reset My Xbox To Factory Settings

    If youre ready to reset your console to the factory default settings, follow these steps:

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • Select Profile & system > Settings > System > Console info.
  • Select Reset console.
  • On the Reset your console? screen, youll see three options: Reset and remove everything.
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    Prepare The Usb Flash Drive

    The first thing you need to do is plug the USB drive into the computer. Most USB drives are FAT32 formatted to ensure compatibility with both macOS and Windows.

    In this case, you will need to format it to NTFS. If you are using a Mac, you can use Disk Utility. If you are using a Windows PC, right-click on the USB in File Explorer, click on Quick Format and select NTFS.

    After the USB flash has been formatted, download the Restore to Factory Default file. This is a .zip archive containing all the necessary data to factory reset your Xbox One. After you have downloaded this file, please unzip it. Find the file labeled $ SystemUpdate and copy it to the root directory on your USB.

    How To Factory Reset Your Xbox One

    Reset Xbox One Console to Factory Defaults

    These additional steps are only necessary if your Xbox Ones settings are inaccessible. If not, you can easily perform a factory reset. Simply press the Xbox button, head to Profile & System > Settings > System > Console info > Reset console. You can now choose whether to keep your data and apps or reset everything. If your Xbox One is stuck at the black screen of death, additional measures are required.

    Step one: Ensure your external drive is formatted to NTFS.

    1. Insert external drive into computer or laptop.

    2. Open File Explorer.

    3. Right click your external drive under Devices and drives. If its not showing up, it can also be found under This PC within File Explorer.

    4. Select Properties.

    5. Next to File system, ensure that it reads NTFS. If not, youll need to go through the second step. If your drive is already formatted to NTFS, you can skip the second step entirely.

    Step two: Reformat your external device to NTFS. A few disclaimers before we begin: your external drive needs to be completely wiped clean. Reformatting your device will result in losing any data stored on it. We recommend uploading any data stored on the external device onto your computer while you use the external drive for this how-to.

    1. Insert external drive into computer or laptop.

    2. Open File Explorer

    3. Right click your external drive under Devices and drives. If its not showing up, it can also be found under This PC within the File Explorer.

    4. Select Format.

    6. Eject your external drive.

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    Running The Reset On Your Xbox One

    If you have a network cable plugged into your Xbox One, remove it. Next, fully shut down your console by holding the Xbox button on the system face, as described above. Once it’s powered off, unplug the power cord and wait 30 seconds before plugging it back in.

    Continuing on, plug the USB drive into the console. Now, you need to tell the Xbox One to check for the USB drive when it boots up. To do this, hold both the Bind and Eject buttons on the console, then press the Xbox button on the front of the console.

    On the original model Xbox One, the Bind button is on the left side of the console. If you have an Xbox One S or Xbox One X, the Bind button is underneath the Xbox button. The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition does not have an Eject button, so if you have that system, hold only the Bind button.

    What To Do If Your Xbox Wont Reset

    Several users have expressed issues with performing the factory reset on their Xbox. Whether it stops midway or something else is happening, there are a few things you can try to get it back up and running again.

    Of course, this could be related to a major hardware issue, but it may have a simple fix. According to the Xbox support team, you should start out by holding down the power button, then unplugging the power cable. Wait a few minutes and reverse the process .

    Of course, if that doesnt work, you can always try booting your console in Safe Mode and checking for any updates. Complete the necessary updates then try to factory reset your Xbox.

    Some users have had problems where the Xbox wont complete the reset process. In the past, this has happened due to a system update so it may resolve itself. On the other hand, if it is a hardware issue, contact Xbox Support.

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    How To Hard Reset Your Xbox One

  • Press and hold the Xbox button on your console for 10 seconds until it turns off.
  • Unplug the system and wait at least 10 seconds.
  • Plug it back in and press the Xbox button on your console to turn it on.
  • If neither of these Xbox reset methods or troubleshooting steps helped to solve your console problems, a factory reset will be your next step.

    How To Factory Reset A Microsoft Series X

    How To Factory Reset Xbox One

    Step 1: Make sure you are signed in and then head for Settings in the Profile & system menu.

    Step 2: Select System|Console info|Reset console.


    Step 4: Sit back and wait, then wait some more. When a restart lands on the setup your controller screen you are done.

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    How To Soft Reset Your Xbox One

    A soft reset is a common troubleshooting step for minor issues, such as being unable to get your Xbox online.

    To perform a soft reset, press and hold the Xbox button on your controller for a few moments. In the menu that appears, choose Restart console. This will fully shut down your Xbox and turn it back on.

    On this menu, you’ll also see an option to Turn console off. However, if you have your Xbox One in Instant-on mode, selecting this will put the console into a “sleep mode” state instead of turning it off.

    You can change this setting by going to System > Settings > General > Power mode & startup and switching to Energy-saving mode. In most cases, though, we recommend keeping Instant-on mode enabled for convenience. You can always restart using the menu above.

    Performing A Reset With The Xbox Startup Troubleshooter

    If you cant boot your console, you can perform a factory reset using the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter. Certain original Xbox Ones dont support the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter see below for details but it doesnt hurt to check regardless.

    Step 1: Power down your console fully and remove the power and network cables for at least 30 seconds.

    Step 2: Plug the power cable back in and follow the rest of these steps.

    Step 3: Hold down the Eject and Bind buttons on your console.

    The Eject button is on the front of the original Xbox One console right next to the disk drive, while the Bind button is on the left side, directly adjacent to the disk drive, with a symbol that looks like ))) on it. Note that on the Xbox One X and Xbox One S, both buttons are on the front of the console, with the Bind button sitting directly beneath the Xbox button on the right edge. The Xbox One S Digital doesnt have an Eject button, so the Bind and Xbox buttons will do the trick.

    Step 4: Once you are holding both buttons, press the Xbox button on the front of the console.

    Step 5: Release the Xbox button, but continue holding the Eject and Bind buttons for 10 to 15 seconds. Listen for two tones before releasing these buttons. The Xbox Startup Troubleshooter will appear shortly after.

    Step 6: Select Reset This Xbox from the settings and proceed with the factory reset.

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    How To Factory Reset Your Xbox 360

    If you want to completely erase everything on your Xbox 360, follow these steps. Make sure you’ve backed up any data that you don’t want to lose beforehand.

  • Scroll over to Settings on the home screen.
  • Select the System entry and choose Console Settings.
  • Scroll down to System Info and select it.
  • Note the Console Serial Number shown here, as you’ll need it in a moment.
  • Jump back to the System Settings menu and choose Storage.
  • Select the Hard Drive entry that’s connected to your Xbox 360.
  • Choose Format. Confirm the operation, then your Xbox will ask you to enter the serial number that you copied down a moment ago.
  • Once you enter the serial number, your Xbox will perform a factory reset.
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