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How To Eject Disc From Xbox One With Controller

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Xbox One Users Can Now Eject Discs Using Their Controller

How to Eject Disc with XBOX One Controller? No need to Eject from Console

If you still largely rely on physical formats to play your Xbox games, you know that if you want to swap out discs, you will need to press a button on the console to eject the current disc. However, what if youd rather not press the button? After all, CD/DVD players have long had the ability to eject discs remotely, so why not the Xbox, right?

The good news is that after seven years of this being a somewhat obvious feature that should have been included from the get-go, Microsoft has finally added the ability for users to eject discs from their Xbox One consoles using their controller. All they need to do is go to the main menu, highlight the disc, and then press the X button on their controllers and theyll be good to go.

That being said, before you get too excited just yet, note that this feature is currently only available for those who are in the Xbox Insiders program, which is kind of like a beta. This means that Microsoft is still testing out the feature before they roll it out to the general public, so you might have to wait a bit before it eventually makes its way to you.

Like we said, were not sure why it took Microsoft this long to introduce the feature to the Xbox One, especially considering that this was a feature that the Xbox 360 already had, and with the Xbox One Series X looming, but we suppose better late than never, right?

Can You Sell Xbox One Games After Install

You cannot sell digital games that have been downloaded to your account. That would require you to sell your gamertag which is not allowed per the Terms of Use. To sell physical copies of games, take them to any retailer that will buy them or sell them to personal friends or whatever method you choose.

How To Eject A Disc From Your Xbox One Manually

1. Power off the Xbox One and disconnect all cables from the console.

2. Get a large paperclip and uncoil it so you have a straight section at least two inches long.

3. Locate the eject hole, which is located in a different spot depending on what console you have.

  • If you have an original Xbox One, it’ll be on the side of the console, right next to the disk eject button. You’ll need to be looking at the side of the console directly to find it.
  • On a Xbox One S, where the side of the console is filled with holes, you’re going to want to slide your paperclip into hole on the side. It should be the hole that’s seventh from the right and third from the bottom, but if you can’t find it, try holes around that spot. Microsoft themselves recommend starting with “the hole that’s second from the right and second from the bottom.” If you can’t reach the button, try inserting the paperclip at a slight tilt.
  • On the Xbox One X, the manual eject hole is in plain sight, just below the grill on the left side of the console.

4. Insert the paperclip and gently press inward until a sliver of the disc protrudes from the slot.

5. Grab the disc and slide it out of the system.

Make sure you check the disc for any sticky residue, stickers that make it too thick, or any other issues before you play the game again.

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Xbox Series X To Have A Disc

Do you remember how you used to press X on your Xbox 360 controller to remove DVDs? If you miss that, it is coming back on your favorite game console, according to an insider post shared to the Xbox One Reddit forum.

It is not clear when the feature will roll out to all Xbox One users, but insiders are currently testing it. Gamers are upbeat about it even as they look forward to the Xbox Series X shipping later this year.

Microsofts next-generation console comes with superior graphics and processing capabilities. You may reasonably expect the device to have the ability to eject discs using a controller, although its maker has not confirmed that.

Recently, the company announced various changes to its current consoles dashboard to make the gaming experience much better.

What Else Do I Need To Know About Using Discs On The Xbox Series X

How manually eject xbox one disc

If you previously owned an Xbox One, Xbox 360 or original Xbox, youll be glad to know that all those old discs will work just fine on Xbox Series X.

The Xbox Series X can also play DVDs, CDs and BluRays, but you might need to install a free piece of software called BluRay Player if you want to do that. Your console will prompt you if you need this, though, and it only takes a minute or so to download if your internet is decent!

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The Feature Originally Present On The Xbox 360 Returns Via The Xbox Preview Program

Why it matters: For some odd reason, Microsoft chose not to carry over the small convenience of letting gamers pop out their discs from their console using a controller, back when the Xbox One launched seven years ago. The feature does help with system accessibility and is useful in case of a malfunctioning eject button for players who routinely swap game/media discs.

Gaming consoles are pretty much limited in terms of user modification , so it makes sense for companies to make them as user-friendly as possible, given that the final product would likely be spending years on a TV shelf or someplace similar.

One of the features baked-in for this usability is allowing remote disc ejection via the console’s controller, a function that’s present on Sony’s PS4 and will soon be returning to Microsoft’s current Xbox console line-up, excluding, of course, the One S digital edition which comes without an optical disc drive.

The eject option was by an Xbox Insider on Reddit, and it now works by pressing the controller’s ‘X’ button, as opposed to ‘Y’ used for the Xbox 360. While it may not mean much to those of a digital disposition, users reportedly requested the feature because of the Xbox One’s eject button that’s prone to damage after several years of use.

Easy Fix For Xbox One With A Stuck Disc Issue

Some Xbox One consoles may encounter a stuck disc issue due a software glitch or a hardware malfunction. Normally, a good working Xbox One should allow you to eject a disc either by selecting a command or by pressing the eject button near the disc slot. However, if either of these options are not working, you can also do a manual eject by pressing a hidden eject button with a paperclip.

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Additional Tips To Prevent Disc Drive Issue

In order to prevent having a stuck disc issue again on your Xbox One console, make sure that you use a clean disc. Wipe the surface of the disc with a soft cloth if you notice residue or dirt before inserting it to the drive.

Avoid using a clearly damaged or cracked disc. Inserting a bad disc may cause the drive to malfunction.

Also, you want to make sure that you dont move the console when its trying to read a game disc. Unnecessary movement of the console may cause a scratch in your game and could also possibly lead the disc to wobble while spinning inside the disc drive. This can, in turn, cause disc drive damage which may result to it from opening normally.

Xbox How To Eject A Disc From The Xbox One Remotely

Xbox One Disc Eject Problem Fixed! How To Eject Disc.


So, on the Xbox 360 I can remotely eject the disc from the console while I’m sitting on my sofa, and then by the time I step across to the console, it’s already sticking out waiting for me.

There are multiple options to do this on the 360, either highlighting the default top-left tile and pressing Y, or pressing the “Open/Close” button on my Xbox Media Remote, or using Kinect I could say “Xbox Open Tray”.

None of these methods seem to work on the Xbox One, I can’t find any way to do it with the controller , there is no media remote, and nothing like that is listed in the new Kinect Voice Commands list.

Do I really have to stand up, walk across the room, and press the Eject button on the front of the console? Even my ’80s VCR let me eject tapes from the sofa!

Edit: If you’re interested in this, here are some requests on the Xbox User Voice site to vote on or keep an eye on:

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How Do I Fix My Xbox One Disc Tray Wont Eject

Manually eject a disc from your Xbox console

  • Press and hold the Xbox button in the center of your Xbox controller to open the Power Center.
  • Select Restart console.
  • After restart, press the eject button next to the disc slot to remove the disc.
  • If this doesnt work, try to eject the disc using your controller.
  • Hdmi Cord In Wrong Port

    If your television and Xbox are plugged in properly and turned on but your television does not display anything, the HDMI cable could be plugged into the wrong port. Check to make sure that the cable is plugged into the “HDMI OUT TO TV” port on the back of the console. Also make sure that the cable is plugged into the correct input port on the television.

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    Reboot Xbox One Console

    Removing a game disc from an Xbox console is as straightforward as pressing an eject button. This is located in the right part of the disc slot and all you need is to give it a gentle push.

    If pressing the eject button wont open the disc drive, consider turning the console off and on first. This usually clears any minor power bug that may have developed. If a quick restart wont fix the issue and you continue to have a stuck disc issue, then you need to use a paperclip to open the disc drive.

    I Have A Disc Stuck In My Xbox One Black How Do I Remove It

    How to manually eject an Xbox one disc

    XBoX Games and AppsI have a disc stuck in my Xbox one black how do I remove it

  • in XBoX on ConsolesDisc stuck inside: Hello again,So after my console disc drive is done dying and madeâ¦
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    How To Manually Eject Disc Stuck In Xbox One S

    Do you want to know how to eject a stuck disc inside your xbox one s gaming console??? When your disc is not ejecting from your xbox one s or xbox one x, it can be frustrating, however, microsoft actually added a hidden feature that will allow you t

    Do you want to know how to eject a stuck disc inside your xbox one s gaming console??? When your disc is not ejecting from your xbox one s or xbox one x, it can be frustrating, however, microsoft actually added a hidden feature that will allow you to pop out your disc that stuck inside your xbox one s console. This is very easy to do. First unplug your xbox one s console. Flip it on itâs side so the ejecting port is up towards the ceiling.

    Now take an Allen wrench that is 1.5 mm in diameter or maybe like a paperclip and place it inside the orange hole, which should be located 3 holes up and 7 to the left. If you use a flash light, you should be able to see the orange hole and where you place you Allen wrench. When pressing down, make sure you apply enough force otherwise the disc wonât pop out the front of the console enough. You may need around 4 inches of length to be able to press the disc out of the xbox one s for your paper clip or allen wrench. â¦

    Disc Stuck In An Xbox One

    If your XBOX ONE is giving you jip and refusing to give you back your disc, try this. On the left wall of the XBOX ONE, theres a tiny hole towards the front. Its near the disc slot. Uncoil a large paperclip and push it into said hole. With a bit of luck, your game should have popped out slightly. Just remove it now by hand. Easy.

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    Psa: Did You Know You Can Manually Eject Your Xbox Series X Discs

    We were today years old when we realised that thereâs a special method to eject your Xbox Series X discs in the case of an emergency. To be honest, most, if not all disc drives come with this, so we perhaps should have realised, but it totally slipped our minds. We can only imagine others havenât thought about it as well, so hereâs how you do it.

    Itâs actually pretty simple. On the base of the console is a tiny little hole. Pop a pin in it and push down until the disc starts to emerge from the console. Easy, right? If you ever find yourself in a pickle or loss of power to the console, itâs a good trick to know if you need to salvage a disc.

    This is actually something thatâs been around since the beginning of the Xbox era â although itâs a bit easier now. Thereâs tons of videos on YouTube that can teach you how to do it, along with the instruction manual to your console. Unfortunately, since itâs one of those things you donât necessarily check until thereâs an issue, you may never know!

    Here’s Hoping The Next Xbox Has The Same Feature

    Manually Eject a Disc from your Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X console.

    An upcoming update to the Xbox One user interface is going to allow users to eject their disks with a button press on their controller.

    This may seem like a menial change, but anyone with a broken disc eject button will likely be super hyped for this change. It also might make it easier for people using the Xbox Adaptive controller.

    This was a feature that was even on the Xbox 360 years and years ago, so, surprisingly, its taken Microsoft this long to add the feature to the Xbox One.

    Heres hoping that it carries over to the upcoming Xbox Series X as well.

    Its only coming to Xbox Insiders so far, but that likely means regular console owners will get access to it in an upcoming update.

    Once the feature rolls out, you can press X to eject a disc when youre hovering over a movie or a game on the home screen thats being played via disc.

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    What Is A Manual Eject On Consoles

    A manual eject as the name suggests is a way of manually convincing your faulty console to loosen its jaws and give up the goods. By that we mean its an effective method of retrieving your treasured game when all other hope is lost. This can be achieved even if theres no power at all going to your console.

    Now, this shouldnt be confused with a force eject feature.

    If Your Xbox One Wont Eject Discs Break Out Your Paper

    Current-gen consoles donât have disc trays you can exactly force open. So what happens when your Xbox One simply wonât eject a disc? Before you wait forever on Microsoft Customer Support, use this easy tutorial to grab your disc back from the consoleâs hungry maw.

    Dealing with a malfunctioning games console is incredibly frustrating. Youâve spent a good $300 or so on hardware, and you damn well expect it to work. As we all know, there are no guarantees when it comes to hardwareâgames or otherwiseâbut there are a few easy homemade fixes you can do in order to alleviate the situation. If your Xbox Oneâs disc drive is on the fritz and wonât eject your disc, then break out your paperclips and letâs get cracking.

    PC disc drives can be manually forced open with a paper clip, and apparently so can Xbox Ones. First, unhook the consoleâs power and extra plugs, separating it from everything else. With the console facing you, rotate it counter-clockwise so you see the extra USB port and silver button. With the light shining on this side of the console, look through its vents for a little orange dotâthis is where the manual eject pinhole is located.

    Now simply slide in the paper clip into the pinhole, and the disc will push out. Itâll only push out a bit so youâll have to grab it and pull it the rest of the way. Voila! Youâve retrieved the disc!

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    Incorrect Xbox One Settings

    If the cable works but the television does not display then the Xbox One may be configured incorrectly. You need to reset your display settings:

    1. If there is a disc in the drive, eject it.

    2. Press and hold the Xbox button for five seconds to turn off the console.

    3. Press and hold both the Xbox button and the eject button until you hear a beep from the console.

    Note: This will make the Xbox display in the lowest resolution. If you wish to change the resolution, follow the steps under the “TV not at best resolution” troubleshooting option.

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