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How To Edit Faster On Xbox

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How To Edit FASTER On Console In 10 MINUTES (PS4/ XBOX)
  • Running other games can slow down your Xboxs download speed. Playing other games while waiting for your download is fun, but it can also sap a lot of energy! Multiplayer games and video streaming apps especially use up a lot of internet bandwidth. To make your Xbox run faster, go through each of your open games and apps and close them for the duration of the download.XResearch source
  • Press the central Xbox button on your controller.
  • Navigate to the game you want to close in the left sidebar that pops up. Once the game is highlighted, press the small Menu button with 3 horizontal lines.
  • Another menu will pop up. Scroll down to the “Quit” option and press A to select it.
  • How To Use Small Movements For Faster Editing

    In the Fortnite game editing, one obvious thing is the very large and exaggerated mouse movements that always occur. This would make the Fortnite player feel as if though they were doing too much. But truth is, the use of mouse for editing is a bad technique. You would always lose control of the camera and wont be able to position to Fortnite character very well and know what you are doing.

    Fortnite Controller Deadzone Settings

    Deadzone is all dependent on your controller. For maximum accuracy and reaction time, you want it to be the lowest possible value without getting stick-drift.

    • Left Stick Deadzone: 0%
    • Right Stick Deadzone: 0%

    Jump into a game of Creative, lower your Deadzone down to 0, then slowly build it up until your sticks stop drifting by themselves. We use 6% for the left and 5% for the right, although your controller may require a different setting.

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    Remove Edit Delay On Console

    Some settings set by default might not really give you great gaming experience. So in order to remove edit delay on the console, you need to change them. Heres what you can do:

    1) From the menu, click SETTINGS.

    2) Select Video. In the ADVANCED GRAPHICS section, turn OFF MOTION BLUR.

    3) Select Game . Go down to the REPLAYS section. Make sure all of the replays are turned OFF.

    4) Now select Game UI. Go down to RUNTIME PERFORMANCE STATS. Make sure its turned OFF.

    5) Select Controller Options. In the CONTROLLER DEADZONE section, set the value as below:MOVE STICK DEADZONE 35%LOOK STICK DEADZONE 10%

    After applying the changes, play your game if you can edit faster.

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    Improve Your Editing Speed By Practicing Slow

    How To Edit FASTER Than A MACRO

    One of the best ways to increase your editing speed is to practice typing slowly. It is just similar to trying to learn how to play a guitar. This principle can also be employed when trying to learn how to edit faster in the Fortnite video game. Most players just want to start off being fast with their edits just right away. What is the point of being fast with Fortnite in-game edits, when you have a sloppy technique?

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    Correct Crosshair Position For Faster Editing

    With a bad crosshair position in the Fortnite editing, you would have your crosshair on the other side of the tile than want to edit. But with a good crosshair position, you would improve the speed of your editing as the crosshair would be where you intend it to be. The best way to improve your crosshair positioning in Fortnite is to practice slow. And after you make an edit, simply position the cross at the next edit.

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    Close Xbox Games And Apps When Youre Not Using Them

    If youve opened any other games or apps on your Xbox, they may still be downloading in the background while youre playing other games. Closing games and apps when youre not using them can help speed up Xbox One download speeds. To close games and apps follow these steps:

  • Hover over the game or apps icon on the home screen.
  • Tap the Menu button on your Xbox One controller. Its the black button with three horizontal lines on the left side of the controller.
  • Select Quit. The option to Quit will only show up if the app is open. If it doesnt show up, it means the app or game is already closed.
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    Enhanced Touchscreen Voice And Pen Support

    Microsoft made Windows 11 easier to use on tablets than Windows 10.

    For tablets, Microsoft has aimed to improve the experience for touch, with more space between icons on the Taskbar, and support for gestures. Windows 11 also adds haptics to your digital pen, so you can hear and feel vibrations as you use it for taking notes or drawing. Finally, the OS introduces voice typing and commands across the system.

    Move Your Xbox Closer To Your Router

    How to EDIT FASTER on Console in ONLY 3 Minutes! | (PS4/XBOX) – Fortnite Tutorial

    If all else has failed up until this point, youre better off focusing on closing the gap between your Xbox One and your internet router. If your Xbox One is far away from the router, it may have a weak Wi-Fi signal, and as a result the download speeds can be inconsistent or slow.

    Move your Xbox One closer to where your router is plugged in if possible. By reducing the range, you should see a significant improvement in your Xbox One game download speed, as well as the stability of the connection overall.

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    Suspend Your Current Game

  • Suspend a game to increase download speeds without losing progress. Sometimes, you might not want to fully quit your game just to speed up a downloadand in those cases, suspending your game is the happy medium. You still wont be able to play games during the download, but once it has finished, you can pick up right where you left off.XResearch source To suspend a game:
  • Press the central Xbox button on your controller and scroll to “My games and apps.” Press A to select that option.
  • Navigate to “See all” and press A again to select it.
  • Select “Manage” and highlight the “Queue” on the right. Then, press A to select it.
  • A message will pop up. Highlight the “Suspend my game” option and press A to confirm.
  • Avoid Using Your Xbox One During Peak Times

    There are certain times throughout the day when a lot of people are trying to use the internet at the same time. Unless you have a fiber internet connection, its likely that you will experience slower download speeds during these peak internet traffic times. This happens because you share bandwidth with your neighbors and other internet users that subscribe to your ISP. If it fits into your schedule, try gaming during less busy parts of the day. You can also download games during off-peak hours to speed up the process.

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    How To Use The Optimal Edit Keybind To Edit Faster In Fortnite

    For a player to be able to make quick edits in the game, they would need to have a good keybind. The best recommendation for this is to use the key that is close to the W-key for movement. This is because a player can easily access this key with their index fingers.Another cool option for the keybinds is the F or E key as this is most ideal for beginner Fortnite players.Another interesting key bind is the Left Shift which can be pressed with your pinky finger. But this key bind can sometimes prove to be inefficient, especially when the player wants to make multiple edits in a row. At least the level of control a person has over the index finger cannot be compared to that of the pinky finger.Another interesting key bind is the use of key G which is actually the default key for editing. The only problem with it is that it is far from the movement keys. Which makes the key not to be a better choice than the already reviewed E and F.?

    Reboot Your Internet Router To Increase Speeds


    Sometimes the problem with your Xbox One download speeds is caused by your internet connection itself, which can slow down or become disconnected due to a technical issue on your provider’s side.

    The fastest and easiest way to fix general internet problems like this is to reboot your router. Do this by unplugging the router from the wall, waiting around three minutes, and plugging it back in again. This resets your connection to your provider and hopefully gives you a new one that’s faster.

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    Best Fortnite Controller Settings: Sensitivity Building Preferred Item Slots

    If youre looking to build faster and shoot straighter in Fortnite Chapter 3, try out these controller settings and binds.

    If you want to win matches, having the best Fortnite controller settings is essential. Make sure youre getting the most from your Xbox or PlayStation gamepad with our guide to the best settings, layout, and more.

    Fortnite is a crossplay game, which means those who use controllers can face off against mouse and keyboard players regularly. For most shooting games, those using a mouse have a distinct advantage, but in Fortnite, the controller is king.

    Making sure you have the best controller settings is incredibly important, whether its sensitivity, dead zones, or setting up the right building layout. Thankfully, weve got everything you need to get an advantage over your opponents.


    Pause Other Xbox One Downloads

  • Press the Xbox logo button on your controller to bring up the Guide.

  • Press down on the D-pad or joystick once to highlight My games & apps.

  • Press A.

  • Highlight See all and press A.

  • Scroll down the left menu to Queue.

    You should see all of your active downloads. If this section is empty, that simply means that you currently have no active downloads.

  • Highlight the download you want to pause and press the Menu button on your controller.

  • Highlight Pause and press A.

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    Tips To Immediately Get Better At Editing In Fortnite Chapter 3

    Editing and building are two key aspects of Fortnite that help it stand out from other Battle Royale games. Surprisingly, players with better builds and edits often outplay those with better aim in Epic Games’ BR title.

    Moreover, Fortnite has turned into one of the sweatiest games over the years. Almost everyone in the lobby is skilled enough to build tall structures in seconds, owing to which new players struggle to win games, and more importantly, have fun.

    Here are some tips that can help players immediately get better at editing in Fortnite Chapter 3.

    Restart Your Xbox One

    HOW To Edit FASTER in Fortnite PS4/Xbox! (Fortnite Console/Controller Editing Tips Settings)

    As frustrating as it can be, sometimes your Xbox Ones downloads can get corrupted. This can happen for a number of technical reasons were not going to get into here. All you need to know is if something doesnt seem right with your Xbox One game download, such as it stalling on the same percentage for a while, you may need to restart your Xbox One.

    This can be done incredibly easily by pressing the Xbox button on your controller to bring up the Guide screen. From here, head over to the System pane and select the Restart Console option.

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    Spend Less Time Downloading And More Time Gaming

    It’s incredibly frustrating when you want to play a new game and you end up sitting there for hours, twiddling your thumbs while the game downloads. Don’t let that happen to you. With any luck, the tips above have solved the issue and you can download via the Xbox app at the right speed.

    Remember, the Xbox app is your gateway to the Xbox Game Pass. If you can get through a couple of games a month, it represents incredible savings and is more cost-effective than buying the games outright.

    Ensure That Your Router Has A 5ghz Band

    Routers have either a 2.4 or 5 GHz band. For those that are using a Wi-Fi connection for gaming instead of a wired ethernet connection, wed recommend a router with a 5 GHz band. The 5 GHz band enables faster and more reliable Wi-Fi speeds than a 2.4 GHz band. By upgrading to a router with a 5Ghz band, your Xbox One should run faster. The only drawback to 5 GHz bands is that they work best over short distances. Youll want your Xbox to be as close to the router as possible to avoid any connection issues.

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    Make Sure That Your Internet Router Can Support Your Download Speeds

    Routers are only designed to handle a certain amount of download speed, and some routers can handle more than others. If youre paying for an internet plan with download speeds up to 500 Mbps, but your router can only handle speeds up to 250 Mbps, you will never get download speeds faster than 250 Mbps. This is a waste of money because youre paying for twice the speed that youre actually getting. To find out if your router can support your internet plans download speeds, google your routers make and model. This information should be printed on the back of your router.

    How To Train In Edit Courses

    How to EDIT FASTER on Console in LESS THAN 8 Minutes!

    Thanks to Fortnite Creative, there are a ton of Edit Courses that can help players in becoming great editors. However, rookies often focus more on their timing in such edit courses.

    Instead, they ought to focus more on crosshair placement and movement. Crosshair movement plays a massive role in editing, and the best editors often have the smallest crosshair movements in order to maximize speed.

    While practicing in Creative, players can also turn off their crosshairs to build muscle memory and significantly improve placement.

    Some of the best edit courses available in Fortnite Chapter 3 are:

    • 1v1 Edit Race: 9124-5509-6253
    • Star’s Ultimate Edit Course: 1356-0099-8570
    • Edit Course Legacy: 9860-5179-4527

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    How To Reset Edits Faster On A Controller In Fortnite

    Fortnite controller players are going up against players who scroll wheel reset. Heres how to get as close to scroll wheel reset on the controller as you can.

    Fortnite controller players are going up against players who scroll wheel reset. Heres how to get as close to scroll wheel reset on the controller as you can.

    Controller and PC gamers always seemed to have an amicable relationship before Fortnite came out. They were content to play in their own lobbies without facing the pros and cons of their platform.

    Fortnite was the first competitive shooter to break down this barrier and push all of the top-level players into one lobby. The result? A massive debate over aim assist, PC advantages, and overall toxicity.

    23 IN A ROW

    Right now, though, were living in the age of Twitter aim assist debates. Controller players list the advantages of playing on mouse and keyboard while PC players point to clips like this one from UnknownxArmy.

    Regardless of your take on aim assist, its impossible to ignore the fact that keyboard and mouse players have a leg up when it comes to editing. Editing is far more fluid on that platform than it is on a controller, and scroll wheel reset is miles ahead of anything that controller players have.

    Use An Ethernet Cable

  • Ethernet cables guarantee a faster and more stable internet connection. Get an ethernet cable and directly connect your router to your Xbox One. Youll still be using your internet, but the connection will be stronger because of the ethernet cable. Once the cable is connected, try the download again, and youll likely get way more Mbps on your Xbox.XResearch source
  • Theres an ethernet port in the back of your Xbox One. Youll find the port in the lower right corner of the machine, besides the infrared output slot. The other end of the cable goes into your routers ethernet port.
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    Best Dns Settings For Xbox

  • Press the home button on your controller and go to > > > > >
  • On primary IPv4 DNS put it this code
  • On secondary IPV4 DNS put it this code
  • The previous DNS code are the official Google public DNS settings if it doesnt improve your internet connection please watch Qieris above video and he shoes you other settings you can choose, but Google should work just fine.

    If your in Europe you can try the following DNS settings

    • Primary DNS:
    • Secondary DNS:

    How To Change Your Dns Settings Advanced Method


    This method is more time consuming than the first but If you want the VERY best DNS settings possible, this is what you need to do. If you get confused follow the above videos guidelines, yes it is about PS4 but the process is exactly the same for Xbox

    All you need is a computer that is running on the same connection as your Xbox preferably with a wired connection that is running Internet Explorer/Google Chrome

    This method will give you the best DNS settings for every device from an Xbox or a computer

  • Turn on your PC and navigate to this website which is Googles DNS Benchmark tool
  • Download and extract the namebench program which matches your operating system for Mac it will be the one at the top, for Windows the one directly below it namebench-1.3.1-Windows.exe
  • Remember for best results have your laptop/computer directly connected to the router via an ethernet cable as this helps eliminate any external factors that could interfere with your DNS settings to get the best results possible.
  • Make sure you tick the two options near the nameserver and have the health check performance as fast I recommend having the number of queries as 250 which will take longer but give you much stabler results
  • Now this will take between 20-30 minutes so start playing your Xbox or do whatever in the meantime
  • An internet explorer tab will open up giving you various forms of data avg of Ping, the difference between mini & max-min, and much more
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