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How To Disassemble Xbox One S

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Xbox One S Teardown – Detailed Disassembly Guide

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Xbox One S Presentation

In 2016, the Xbox One S took over from its big and big sister, the first One of the name released 3 years ago. It has a much more airy design and is 40% more compact with lines similar to the old generation. Its performance is almost equivalent except that it offers a model with a 2TB hard drive where the One was content with 1TB. It is capable of playing Ultra HD videos. Its processor is engraved in 16nm and has a slightly faster computing capacity for better fluidity in the game as well as energy savings. In addition, the Xbox One S is capable of playing Xbox 360 games, which was not the case with the Xbox One itself.

What about Xbox One S repair ? Microsoft does not facilitate the task because all the elements cannot be withdrawn. Even the total removal of the Xbox One S Blu-Ray player requires micro-welding in order to be fully realized. However, the power supply and essential components such as the fan or the WiFi card can be dismantled in the event of a problem or wear. In order to help you extend the life of your console, the experts at SOSav support you in your Xbox One S repair. How? By having produced completely free guides that retrace all the steps to repair your Xbox One S. If you have any questions about your Xbox One S repair, do not hesitate to call our technical team!

Solution : Maintain Good Ventilation

You need to put the Xbox One to a plat location and it also should be a place that has good ventilation. Do not put it on a soft and irregular interface. Otherwise, the exhaust grill and side panels may be blocked. This can easily cause the Xbox One overheating issue.

On the other hand, you should not put the device into a confined space. Otherwise, the heat will gather and cause the Xbox One overheating issue.

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Clean Your Xbox One Controller

Keeping your controller clean is highly recommended, whatever the circumstances. From hygiene steps to manage infection control to keeping the Xbox One controller buttons responsive, cleaning is important.

Microsoft recommends isopropyl alcohol for cleaning dirt use cotton swabs to clean difficult to reach areas. Most cleaning will take place around the plastic components. If you have a small vacuum cleaner, suitable for electronics, use this to collect any loose dirt that falls out of reach.

Once reassembled, use disinfectant wipes to deal with infection risks.

The Average Reported Xbox One Repair Costs

How To Take Apart Xbox One S Console

The costs to repair your Xbox One will depend on the type of repair required, the professional you choose and if your Xbox One is still under the manufacturers warranty. The most common repairs, from what we researched, was often repairing or replacing the consoles hard drive, HDMI port pins or the CD tray if you were to hire a third-party source.

If you were to send the Xbox directly to Microsoft outside of warranty, which, most people often do, then Microsoft will charge a flat $115 to repair the console, regardless of the repair.

However, if Microsoft deems the repair is due to a manufacturer defect and your console is outside of the warranty, then there is a good chance they will cover the entire repair, according to some reports we read online.

While optional, Microsoft also offers a service, known as advance exchange, which will cost an additional $15 plus a $400 hold fee. Again, this is optional, but it allows Microsoft to send you a refurbished unit right away, with some people reporting receiving their new Xbox in as little as two days.

From our research, if you were to choose a third-party service provider, the costs were close, but instead of waiting weeks for your Xbox to return, you could have the repair done in as little as a day, depending on the provider you used. In our table below, we averaged out some of the quotes we received online:

Won’t turn on $50+, depending on the exact cause

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Fully Teardown Your Xbox One Controller

Want to know more about how your Xbox One controller works? Consider a full teardown, stripping the device down to just the PCBs. You might even take this a step further and detach the triggers, thumbsticks, buttons, and more.

Be aware that a further teardown will expose electrical components. As such, you will need to take precautions to deal with the risk of static electricity damaging your controller.

Going further, four thin wires can be found on the left and right side of the controller . Two wires on each side are for the rumble motor, while the other four connect the two PCBs. These can be de-soldered with care, but this is only really necessary if you’re stripping it down for replacement components.

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The PCBs, meanwhile, can be detached from the interior plastic chassis by removing four small screws.

Take care labelling and annotating the procedure, however, or else you’ll end up with a controller you can’t play with!

How To Eject A Disc From Your Xbox One Manually

1. Power off the Xbox One and disconnect all cables from the console.

2. Get a large paperclip and uncoil it so you have a straight section at least two inches long.

3. Locate the eject hole, which is located in a different spot depending on what console you have.

  • If you have an original Xbox One, it’ll be on the side of the console, right next to the disk eject button. You’ll need to be looking at the side of the console directly to find it.
  • On a Xbox One S, where the side of the console is filled with holes, you’re going to want to slide your paperclip into hole on the side. It should be the hole that’s seventh from the right and third from the bottom, but if you can’t find it, try holes around that spot. Microsoft themselves recommend starting with “the hole that’s second from the right and second from the bottom.” If you can’t reach the button, try inserting the paperclip at a slight tilt.
  • On the Xbox One X, the manual eject hole is in plain sight, just below the grill on the left side of the console.

4. Insert the paperclip and gently press inward until a sliver of the disc protrudes from the slot.

5. Grab the disc and slide it out of the system.

Make sure you check the disc for any sticky residue, stickers that make it too thick, or any other issues before you play the game again.

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Solution : Clear The Exhaust Grill And Side Panels

All Xbox One products, including Xbox One and Xbox One X, have their own cooling system that can prevent the console from overheating. But, if you are still facing Xbox One overheating issue, you need to check the exhaust grill and side panels to see whether they are blocked by dust. If yes, you need to clean them to guarantee that the ventilation is smooth.

This is the easiest method to fix Xbox One overheating. But, it is an effective method that is worth trying.

Amd Soc / Vapor Chamber Cooler

Xbox ONE S disassembly and rebuild guide – new for 2020

Also inside weve got the Scorpio Engine the SoC, the brains of the operation, both the CPU and the GPU. Inside this piece of hardware is AMD Polaris processing power and a rather nicely-constructed piece of hardware*. This engine sits at the heart of the machines circuit board, surrounded by a whole bus-load of GDDR5 memory all of this is hidden below the cooler.

At this point Id like to mention how exceedingly neatly organized this system is. Like any good high-end computer, this Xbox One X is decidedly clean and arranged especially nicely inside. Parts are labeled, cords are only as long as they need to be, and theres barely any adhesive used throughout its all very slick. Almost as if Microsoft intended for it to be opened up and looked upon in awe.

*I should mention that the average user should never need to remove the cooler the copper hunk you see here. In fact, dont ever remove this piece of hardware, because nothing below it will ever be able to be replaced by you, the end user, anyway. If you have the urge to look at the SoC, stop yourself, its not worth the risk of wrecking the whole machine. Same goes for the gooey bits down below just dont do it.

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The Warranty Repair Process

If your console is under warranty, then you will first want to make sure your Xbox is registered under your Microsoft username. If youre unsure, you can do so here.

Once registered, you can then click the request repair button, where it will then ask you a series of questions, such as the problem and your contact information.

After you input the information, Microsoft will then give you a series of options, ranging from simply fixing the problem or replacing it with a refurbished one. These options can change, however.

When the information is received, you will then receive a service order number and an order confirmation email that has the shipping information. You will want to make sure you ship your Xbox in as soon as possible because if you dont ship within the 30 days from submission, the order will be canceled and will no longer be valid.

Once the package is received by Microsoft, you will then be able to track the status of the repair by clicking on the order status tab on this page.

How To Format A Hard Drive For Xbox One

As stated above, we can easily connect Xbox One to a Windows 10 system and use it in different ways. If you want, you can do Xbox One internal hard drive format or connect any external hard drive to it as well. The process to format hard drive for Xbox One is the same for both kinds of disks and can be done in the following way.

Step 1 To start with, you need to launch the Disk Management utility tool on your Windows. To do this, you can go to the Start menu, open the Run prompt, and just enter the âdiskmgmt.mscâ command.

Step 2 Alternatively, you can also go to the Start menu and just look for the Disk Management tool or open it via Control Panel > Computer Management > Disk Management feature.

Step 3 This will display all the disks connected to your system with their partition listings. If you are using the disk for the first time or its space is unallocated, then just select it, right-click, and choose the âNew Simple Volumeâ option.

Step 4 If you are already using the disk, then right-click to get the drive/partitionâs context menu. From here, you can choose to format the drive instead.

Step 5 This will launch a new wizard that you can follow to format the hard drive in the file system of your choice. Mostly, Xbox One supports the exFAT or FAT32 file system that you can pick from here and choose the partition size as well.

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What You Should Know

If you do send your Xbox to Microsoft, they estimate the total time to be anywhere from two to three weeks.

If you paid with a credit card, there could be a good chance the card has warranty benefits, which will extend the warranty past the manufacturers warranty rules. Talk with your credit card or read the fine print to see if your purchase qualifies.

Attempt to repair the Xbox before sending it in., for example, sells complete repair kits for less than $10 and almost every issue can be diagnosed by following a Youtube video or following an guide.

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How To Take Apart A Microsoft Xbox One Controller

How To Take Apart Xbox One Slim

The process for opening the Xbox One controller is straightforward with the right tools.

  • Remove the battery cover and any batteries
  • Remove the grip plastic
  • Unscrew the five Torx screws
  • Lift the rear cover from the controller
  • Lift the internals away from the front fascia

Below we’ll go through the steps in more detail. Note that opening a first generation Xbox Series X/S controller follows the same procedure.

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Scenario : My Xbox One Loads The Disc But Won’t Install It

If your Xbox ONE loads the disc , but the installation process stops at 0% when installing, there may be a problem with adequate storage space corrupt data, or the internet connection. See the Official Xbox Support Page for troubleshooting this.

If your Xbox ONE accepts the disc into the drive , but the console still gives you the “Insert Disc” message on the home screen, your console may have an internal hardware problem. See Scenario 2 above for more troubleshooting steps.

What Is Xbox One

It is the 8th generation Xbox gaming console that has been developed by Microsoft and was released in 2013. It is based on the X-86/64 bit instruction unit and has an AMD processor. It is a more advanced version of Xbox 360 with better haptic features for gaming. It has also integrated social media and cloud computing features. For instance, users can live-stream their gaming videos or create easy gameplay videos.

Users can also attach it with their Windows 10 systems and also use it to play Blue-ray discs as well as digital television programs. The gaming console also has improved motion tracking and voice recognition features, giving a direct competition to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii U.

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Xbox One S is a sleek, powerful gaming console that also lets you stream movies and TV shows, access apps and more. Displaying and putting it somewhere you like would not be much of a challenge as it is portable and compact. Browse the top-ranked list of Xbox One S below along with associated reviews and opinions.

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  • How To Disassemble A Xbox 360


    This instructable requires overcoming the fear of playing with the innards of a $350 piece of equipment. The system is built with a sturdy steel chassis and requires Torx T8 and T10 screwdrivers to open.Knowing how to open your Xbox 360 will enable you to add whatever mods you like. I will be writing instructables on changing the LEDs in your ring of light, and adding cold cathode lighting to heating vents. You will also be able to access your DVD Drive and flash it to play backups, fix the Red Ring of Death, or upgrade various equipment in the console.Get ready to delve into Microsoft’s successor to the Xbox, and have some fun in your future projects.*** I am not liable for any damage or injury that occurs from following this instructable. The Xbox 360 is a piece of advanced equipment and can be irreparably damaged. Though the risk of breaking your system is highly unlikely if you follow the steps correctly, please do not complain to me if you brick your console. ***

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    Xbox One S Cleaning Guide

    The Xbox One S is coming up on its one year anniversary, which means some owners may want to consider cleaning the dust out of their systems. This guide will help you keep your Xbox One S living a long and happy life!

    This guide is not for the faint of heart! You’re going to take the Xbox out of its plastic case in this guide, which can be pretty scary! Ultimately, it’s not much more difficult to get into the inside of the Xbox One S than the PS4.

    What you’ll need:

    You can also look at iFixit’s tool kit which has most everything you need for the project. There are a few different options you can consider, so shop around for what you think will work best for you.

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