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How To Delete Xbox One Account

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Will Removing Xbox Account Delete Saves

How to Delete User Account On Xbox One and remove Profiles! (Fast Method!)

Note that the account you choose to remove will no longer be accessible on your Xbox One, but it’ll still exist online and on the Xbox Live servers itself. The account’s save files, progress, and game data won’t be affected, as long as all that data has been saved and uploaded before you deleted it.

Are You Looking For A Local Removal Only

Another way to delete a Microsoft account, or all of them for that matter, from your local machine, is to reinstall your Windows. Every once in a while, this is a good idea anyway. It will clean your entire system, give you a fresh start, and boost the performance.

It will also ensure that your machine is free of viruses, malware, spyware, and corrupted files. Not to mention the boost in boot speed for the first few weeks. Furthermore, by doing this you can then choose just the Microsoft account youre sure you want to use.

How To Delete Profiles On Xbox One

To delete a profile on Xbox One, here’s what you need to do:

  • Press the Xbox button on the main menu to open the Guide.
  • Scroll over to the Profile & system section , then choose Settings from the list.
  • Navigate to Account > Remove accounts.
  • Select an account to remove, then choose Remove to confirm it.
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    How To Close An Xbox Account When Someone Dies

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    All the information you’ll need to cancel an Xbox Live account.

    Service: Xbox Live is a gaming and entertainment platform that makes downloadable games, music, movies and other content available for sale.

    How To Cancel An Account: Xbox Live is a subscription service associated with a Microsoft account, however closing a Microsoft account does not cancel any of the subscriptions associated with it. You must first cancel all subscriptions, Xbox being one of them.

    How Do I Get My Xbox Live Account Back

    How to Delete Profiles on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

    To reopen your Microsoft account:

  • Go to and sign in.
  • Youll be asked to receive and enter a security code. After you enter the code, your account will be reopened, and your Xbox profile, along with all associated games, music, and video, will be available the next time you sign in to your console.
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    How Do You Add A Xbox One Account

    You can add your Microsoft account to any Xbox One console. Heres how: Press the Xbox button to open the guide. Select your gamerpic in the upper-left corner of the screen, move all the way down and select Add new. Enter the email address for the Microsoft account that you want to add, and then select Enter.

    How To Factory Reset Your Xbox One

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    Before you sell your Xbox One or pass it on to someone else, you should perform a factory reset. This wipes all your personal data. Whoever gets the Xbox One will have to go through the first-time setup process once again, signing in with their own Microsoft account.

    If you didnt factory reset your Xbox One and you no longer have access to it, theres no way to remotely wipe your Xbox Ones data. You can remotely lock your Xbox profile, however, ensuring no one can use it and access its associated personal data without your password. Well detail how to lock your profile at the end of this article.

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    It’s Easy To Delete Xbox Profiles

    Now, you know how to remove profiles on your Xbox One and Xbox 360. Whether because someone moved out of your house or because you need to get rid of your old secondary account, it’s easy to do.

    While you’re tweaking your Xbox, you should learn about some other useful settings that can help you get more from the system.

    Before You Delete An Xbox Profile

    How To Delete Xbox One Account | How To Close Your Xbox Account

    First, let’s quickly look at what happens when you remove an Xbox profile.

    This process only removes the saved account from your Xbox console. It does not delete the account completely, so anything saved in the cloud, like Achievements or saved data uploaded to Xbox Live, is safe. You’re free to sign into the account on another Xbox using its sign-in info.

    If by chance you do want to close your Microsoft account permanently, see Microsoft’s account closure page for details.

    Otherwise, if there’s any local data on your Xbox that you haven’t synced to the cloud, you should do that first before removing the profile. Make sure your Xbox is online and that you have backed up your game saves before you proceed. Otherwise, you may lose data that hasn’t synced.

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    How To Delete An Xbox Account/profile On Xbox

    Xbox consoles use your Xbox account to save your own preferences, gaming library, and other personal information. But theres a time you want to get rid of them. Heres how to delete an Xbox account/profile on Xbox or permanently delete your account.

    An Xbox account is essentially a Microsoft account, which can be used to sign in to other Microsoft services like your Windows 10 PC, Office apps, OneDrive, or any other Microsoft products.

    If you only want to delete your Xbox account from your Xbox console but still want it to be accessible from Xbox/Microsoft website and other devices, you can do that directly from the console itself as easily as possible.

    If you want to delete your Xbox account permanently and never want it to be accessible again, that means youre going to lose your access to Windows 10, OneDrive, Office apps, or other Microsoft services using the same Xbox/Microsoft account.

    Regardless of what you want, both can be done easily.


    Before You Close Your Account

    Closing a Microsoft account means you wont be able to use it to sign in to the Microsoft products and services youve been using. It also deletes all the services associated with it, including your:

    •, Hotmail, Live, and MSN email accounts

    • OneDrive files

    • Account balance, unused Reward points and Microsoft Certification, including passed exams and associated transcripts.

    You can’t delete just one of these services and keep the others.

    So, before you close your account, take some time to tie up loose ends, cancel subscriptions, and make sure you dont leave anything important behindlike files, money from gift cards, or emails. And don’t forget to consider less common services where you use your account. For example, use your remaining Online Commercial Support benefit and for developers, transfer any packages you saved on

    Before deleting your account, you may also want to review these articles: Close your account and Can I use Skype without my Microsoft account?

    Select any heading below to learn more about what to do before closing your account:

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    How To Completely Delete Your Microsoft Account

    Once you’ve tied up any loose ends, you can delete your Microsoft account.

  • Navigate to the Close your account page of the Microsoft website.
  • Type the email address associated with your Microsoft account.
  • Click Next.

  • Click each checkbox after reading each one and understanding the ramifications of deleting your account.

  • Click the dropdown arrow in the Select a reason field.
  • Click an option.

  • How To Add Accounts On Xbox Series X / S And Xbox One From Existing Gamertags To Guest Accounts

    How to delete an avatar account on Xbox one

    When you initially set up your Xbox console, you need to sign into a Microsoft account. This will act as the primary user for the console, and if that is the only account you need, then you’re all set.

    Of course, you might want to add additional accounts which belong to others, which is useful if they have games of their own they wish to bring forward to the console, or simply want to continue their progress on the console, earn Achievements and so on.

    To add users, press the Guide button on your controller. This will overlay a menu on the left side of the screen.

    Now go all the way to the right, to Profile and System.

    Now select the Add or Switch option. This gives you a list of the currently available accounts on the system. If you have added users previously, this is where they appear.

    Otherwise, you have two options at the bottom – Add guest, and Add new.

    Add guest adds a temporary account for the current play session, and is useful if you have a friend round who just wants to join you for, say, local co-op and aren’t fussed about saving progress or Achievements. This will instantly create a guest account with a name the same as the currently signed in Gamertag and a number.

    Meanwhile, Add New will allow you to log into an additional Microsoft account, pulling all their Xbox details.

    This has the same level of security as logging into any other device – so if it requires second factor authentication to log in, be sure to have that at hand.

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    How To Remove Users From Xbox Series X / S And Xbox One

    First, you need to open the Settings app. Chances are this is one of your most recent apps, meaning it’ll be already on the home screen, but if not, you can find it by:

    • Pressing the Guide button on the controller, selecting the last option on the right, and finding Settings in the middle
    • From console’s main dashboard, pressing Y to Search, then typing in Settings
    • Selecting ‘My Games and Apps’ , then Apps on the left, then select Settings

    Once you have opened Settings, from the menu options on the left, go to Account, then Remove accounts on the bottom right.

    This will then bring up a list of all the accounts on the system, from Gamertags to guest accounts. Select the one you want, then remove.

    Remember, you can always keep a Gamertag on another console and have it password protected, ensuring no one can access it but saves you going through the steps outlined earlier on the page.

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    Use Your Remaining Online Commercial Support Benefit

    If you’ve purchased Online Commercial Support using this Microsoft account, you must use any remaining benefits or they’ll be lost. There are two types of support benefit packages available:

    • Single incident support. Go to My Support Requests and look at your case history.

    • If your case is closed, you can close your Microsoft account.

    • If your case is still open, you should wait until it’s closed before you close your account. If you close your account too soon, you won’t be able to get any potential refunds.

  • Five-pack incident support. Go to My Professional Support 5-packs and look at your case history.

  • If you’ve used all the cases, or it the package expired, you can close your Microsoft account.

  • If you’re eligible for a refund, you must request it before you close your Microsoft account.

  • If you have any remaining or open cases, you should use the rest of your package before you close your Microsoft account. If you don’t use the package before you close the account, you’ll lose any unused cases and you won’t be able to get a refund.

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    If I Delete An Account Off A Xbox One Will All There Progress From Different Games Be Erased Completely

  • I am currently moving out of my ex’s house and moving back into my parents , she is upset and or worried that my parents Will delete her account off the xbox one and all her progress from games like overwatch as well as fallout will be gone for ever, i would just like to know if that is true or not when she gets her own xbox one and places her account on it. Will all her progress be gone and would she have to restart or will it all still be there?Katzonfire – 4 years ago
  • Can I Delete My Gamertag Permanently

    Xbox One How to DELETE Your User Account NEW!

    Select System Settings, and then select Memory. Go to Hard Drive, and then Gamer Profiles. Use the left analog stick to scroll through the list of Gamertags until you find the one you wish to delete. Select Delete and follow the on-screen prompt to confirm that you wish to delete the Gamertag.

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    How Do I Unlink My Computer From My Microsoft Account

    Try these steps:

  • a) Login to Microsoft account which you want to change it to Local account.
  • b) Press Windows key + C, click on Settings and select Pc Settings.
  • c) In pc settings click on Accounts and select Your Account.
  • d) In the right panel you will see your live-ID with Disconnect option just below it.
  • How Do You Remove An Account From Windows 10

    To delete a user profile in Windows 10, do the following.

    • Press Win + R hotkeys on the keyboard.
    • Advanced System Properties will open.
    • In the User Profiles window, select the profile of the user account and click the Delete button.
    • Confirm the request, and the profile of the user account will now be deleted.

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    How To Delete A Profile On Xbox One Including Xbox One S And Xbox One X

    The Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X all share an identical procedure for deleting profiles, which are referred to as accounts. Unlike the Xbox 360, you can’t store an Xbox One profile on removable storage media, so you don’t need to figure out where it’s stored on your console to delete it.

    If you’re getting rid of your console, and you want to remove everything from it all at once, you may want to reset your Xbox One instead of just deleting a profile.

  • The first step is to access the system settings menu on your Xbox One. This can be accomplished by pressing the Guide button on your controller, navigating to System> Settings, and pressing the A button.

  • With the settings menu open, you will need to navigate to Account> Remove accounts.

  • If you have multiple profiles associated with your Xbox One, you will need to select which one to remove at this point. Highlight the profile you want to remove, and press the A button.

    If you only have one profile associated with your Xbox One, it will be highlighted automatically. In that case, just press the A button to proceed.

  • The final step is to highlight Remove and press the A button. This will finalize the removal of the profile from your Xbox One.

  • How To Permanently Delete Your Xbox Account

    How to Remove Your User Account from an Xbox One

    To permanently delete your Xbox account, youll need to use your smartphone or computer to delete the associated Microsoft account, as follows:

  • Have the correct email and password for the Xbox account that you want to delete
  • Follow this link to close your account with Microsoft
  • Sign-in with the same details as the Xbox account that you want to delete
  • Press Next at the foot of the Make sure youre ready to close page
  • Go through the list, check all of the boxes, and Select a reason at the bottom
  • Press the Mark account for closure button.
  • In deleting your Microsoft account, you will permanently delete your Xbox Series X|S account. However, it will also delete all of your other Microsoft-tied accounts, including: OneDrive, Skype, Outlook, Hotmail, MSN, and Microsoft rewards.

    So, follow the instructions above if you want to delete your profile from your Xbox Series X and S or permanently delete your Xbox account.

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    How Do I Unlink My Microsoft Account From Windows 10

    Option 1: Change the sign-in screen name.

    • On the Search bar, type Settings.
    • Open the Settings app and click Accounts.
    • Go to Your email and accounts tab and click the Manage my Microsoft account link.
    • In the Microsoft account page, click Edit name.
    • After saving the new name, restart your PC.

    How Do I Delete My Epic Games Account

    Please be aware that deleting your account cant be reversed, so make sure you want to complete this process before proceeding.

    This process deletes all purchases, in-game progress, and items associated with your Epic Games account.

    Before you delete your Epic Games accountTo delete your account

  • Log into your Epic account here:When you log in, the GENERAL INFO page displays.
  • Scroll to the DELETE ACCOUNT section and click theREQUEST ACCOUNT DELETE button.An Enter Security Code pop-up window displays.
  • Enter the security code sent to the email address associated with your Epic Games account.
  • Click CONFIRM DELETE REQUEST.A pop-up window displays asking you to choose why you decided to delete your Epic Games account.
  • Please select the option that best fits your experience from the drop-down menu, and then click CONTINUE.
  • After 15 seconds, youll be logged out and your account will be disabled. Your account will be permanently deleted in 14 days.

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