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How To Delete Saved Games On Xbox One

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How To Uninstall Games On An Xbox One

How To Delete Saved Game Data on Xbox One

Step 1: From the Xbox One home screen, press the Xbox Button and select My Games & Apps.

Step 2: Highlight the title of the game you would like to remove from your hard drive and press Menu on your controller.

Step 3: Select Uninstall from the pop-up menu that appears.

Step 4: Youll be able to see some details about the game, including the file size and a link to the games page, in the Xbox Store. You can choose to move the data if you have another storage device connected. Alternatively, you can choose to copy it or uninstall it entirely. Choose Uninstall All, and you will remove the entire game from your hard drive. This includes DLC and any extra content the game may incorporate.

Step 5: Any data you saved in a game will be deleted when you uninstall the game, so back everything up before you make any major changes on your console. If youve kept your data in the cloud, then youll have a backup that you can add back into the game after you re-download it.

Recover Deleted/lost Xbox One Game Files With Easeus Recovery Software

Data recovery from Xbox one is a very complicated task, but possible with the help of capable hard drive recovery software – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard if the Xbox device is not encrypted. This tool enables you to efficiently recover deleted or lost saved game files on Xbox One hard drive as long as there is no overwriting of data. Apart from the deleted recovery, EaseUS data recovery program also supports recovering files from the formatted hard drive as well as retrieving data from lost/RAW partition on Xbox One.

Things to do before data recovery:

  • Stop using the Xbox One hard drive when you have lost data or game files on it.
  • As Microsoft uses a special connector to attach the hard drive to the Xbox 360, and you won’t be able to connect it to your PC directly. To do so, you need to open your Xbox and take out the hard drive. Then, use an HDD Enclosure or SATA to USB converter cable to connect the hard drive to your computer.
  • Sometimes, the hard drive won’t show up in the drive selection interface. If so, you should first solve the “external hard drive doesn’t show up” problem. Then, you can perform a follow-up data recovery.

After all these steps have been made, you can start to recover deleted games saved on Xbox One within three steps.

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Managing Your Saved Game

Proper management will allow you to continue playing your game the way you want. Plus, using cloud storage should help you avoid mishaps, such as unintentional deletion or power loss.

Your Xbox will sync your save to the cloud whenever you exit a game, but you dont need to worry about space, as each game on Xbox One has its own storage. As a users game library grows, the cloud does, too. In short, Xbox One users get unlimited cloud storage for saved files.

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Re: Deleting Saves On Xbox One


I went to “manage game” and “saved data,” and deleted “storage space.” Unfortunately, that did not do anything, and my saves are still there. The save data is on my cloud.

Yeah I know what you did was simply delete the save data from your console.

The only way to manage Xbox 360 cloud saves on an Xbox One is from within an Xbox 360 game.

To delete it from the cloud you need to do what I said in my original post. Start the game, press both View and Menu buttons together which will bring up the Xbox 360 dashboard.

Then go to Manage storage where you can manage all your Xbox 360 saves that are stored in the cloud.


I went to “manage game” and “saved data,” and deleted “storage space.” Unfortunately, that did not do anything, and my saves are still there. The save data is on my cloud.

Yeah I know what you did was simply delete the save data from your console.

The only way to manage Xbox 360 cloud saves on an Xbox One is from within an Xbox 360 game.

To delete it from the cloud you need to do what I said in my original post. Start the game, press both View and Menu buttons together which will bring up the Xbox 360 dashboard.

Then go to Manage storage where you can manage all your Xbox 360 saves that are stored in the cloud.

What Does Clearing The Cache Do

How to delete game saves on a xbox one

Clearing the cache on your Xbox One removes temporary data that games and apps use to speed up operating. When this data accumulates over time, it can cause the console to start slowing down. In some cases, you may even receive an alert that your cache is full. In order to restore your Xbox One to its full operational capacity, you have to clear the cache.

While clearing the cache removes temporary data, it doesn’t touch game data, save data, your achievements, or anything like that. Any games, apps, movies, and shows you have downloaded will remain untouched. You can safely clear your cache without worrying about losing any important data. In fact, playing with a full cache can actually prevent you from earning achievements and placing on leaderboards in some cases.

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What Happens When You Clear Cache On Xbox One

When you clear cache on your Xbox One, it deletes any temporary files, installation packages, game updates and game pictures of your friends to help fix any internal issues that might be occurring due to a full cache.

If you are facing any internal errors on your Xbox One such as sign in errors, internet connection errors, game loading error, problems in avatar customization, glitches in the Xbox dashboard and any other errors, you might need to clear your cache on Xbox One to get rid of any files causing these errors.

Clearing the cache gets rid of the temporary files and previously downloaded game updates. After you have cleared the cache and booted up a game, you may need to download a latest update if that game has a new patch or update pending to be installed.

Please note that clearing the cache will not delete your achievements, saved games data, media, DLC, games on demand or arcade games. So you are good to go.

Curious about the super cool things your Xbox can do? See my article here to see things like being able to split control of a game to two controllers!

Steep Save File Locations

Select Steep and delete the save files. There may be up to two save files per profile. Xbox One Save games are located on the Xbox hard drive, as well

The Xbox One has a specially reserved storage space to keep a local copy of the cloud savegames stored online. If you clear that save game storage,

For Xbox One on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs Q& A question titled How do I delete game saves with backwards compatability? .1 answer · Top answer: I dont know if you have figured this out yourself, but Ive spent the past two months trying to figure it out myself. 1. Press both the menu button

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Xbox One Cant Delete Cloud Saves Heres What To Do

May 25, 2020 Xbox One has the option to delete your game data from everywhere. · On your Xbox One console, go to My Games and Apps. · Click on Installed games.

Jun 9, 2020 To do this, navigate to the Manage menu and select Storage devices as above. On the left hand side, there is an option to Clear local saved

Mar 21, 2015 If you need to delete your local saved games on your console, please follow the directions below: Xbox One: On the home screen, select

How To Uninstall A Game On Xbox One To Free Up Space

How to DELETE Saved Game Data on Xbox One & Cloud Saves! (Easy Method!)

Mar 23, 2021 Does Uninstalling an Xbox One Game Delete Saved Games? The other main concern involved in uninstalling Xbox One games is that local save data

The Xbox Live service enables you to access cloud storage and save your game session to its servers. Though its a far cry from the flexibility offered by our

Jul 12, 2021 Deleting Saved Games · Find the game under my games & apps. Press the Xbox button to open the guide. · Enter the manage game settings. With

Do you lose saved data if you uninstall a game on Xbox one? Now find the game for which you want to delete the cloud saves. Select Menu

Delete this folder. You will now be able to start a new game from the in-game main menu. Xbox One. Delete your save file on Xbox One using Microsofts Cloud

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Delete Local Saved Games

XGame saves are automatically stored in the cloud, but a copy is also stored locally’ . This is done to speed up loading times, or to store save games temporarily if your console is temporarily offline.

The Xbox One has an option to easily delete all of your local game saves. This will free up storage space and clear any corrupted saves on your console. Dont worry, these saves will still be stored in the cloud, so the next time you play the game, your save data will resync.

To do this, navigate to the Manage menu and select Storage devices as above. On the left hand side, there is an option to Clear local saved games. Click on this you will be prompted again before the save data deletes.

You can also delete specific game saves by navigating to individual game thumbnails within the My games and apps menu and pressing the menu button on your controller . In the pop-up menu, select Manage game and add-ons, then scroll down to Saved data. From here, you can delete all of that games saves or specific ones.

Be careful, though make sure you select Delete from console and NOT Delete everywhere, as you dont want to accidentally remove your game saves from the cloud, too.

It’s The Best Way To Free Up Space On Your Xbox One

  • Shoreline Community College
  • Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
  • Turn on Xbox One > highlight My games & apps> select Games> highlight game to delete.
  • On controller, press menu button > Manage game> press A button to open game management screen.

This article explains how to uninstall an Xbox One game, as well as how to reinstall one in case you change your mind.

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How To Uninstall Games On Xbox Series X Or S

If your local storage is full, and you want to download a new game, its time to uninstall something you arent using anymore. Heres how to get the job done:

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide.

  • Select My games & apps.

  • Select See all.

  • Select Games, and highlight the game you want to uninstall.

  • Press the view button on your controller.

    The view button icon is visible in the bottom right corner of this screen next to the text Manage game.

  • Select Uninstall all.

    If you arent sure whether your save data is backed up in the cloud, move it to an external drive or leave it in place and delete the game and any updates individually.

  • Select UNINSTALL ALL to confirm.

  • The game will be uninstalled immediately.

  • Is Clearing Cache Harmful

    How To Delete Game Saves From Xbox One (OUTDATED)

    Clearing cache on your Xbox One is not at all harmful. In fact, it is recommended to clear your Xbox One cache every now and then because if it is not cleared out oftenly, it gets bogged down from the added amount of data that it contains, causing system issues.

    Many people are skeptical about clearing their Xbox One cache because they wonder if it would also delete their important game data. But this is not the case.

    Clearing the cache only removes any installation files or game updates. It does not delete your game data or achievements. So if your Xbox One console is creating some issues, it is recommended to clear the cache.

    Does your Xbox One keep turning off when you are playing a game or using other apps on it? Read my post here to learn why this is happening and what you can do to stop it.

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    Resetting Your Xbox One Console

    If you still have cache problems after trying both of those fixes, then you will have to reset your Xbox One. This is also referred to as restoring the Xbox One to factory settings, and as a soft factory reset. Rather than completely wiping the Xbox One, which is known as a hard factory reset, performing a soft factory reset leaves all of your games and apps in place while fully clearing the cache and restoring the Xbox One itself to a pristine state.

    While this does not delete your games and apps, it does remove your Xbox Network account from the console and delete your locally-stored save game files, screenshots, and videos. If you are normally connected to the internet when you play games, your saved game data will be available to download from the cloud after resetting.

    Here’s how to do a soft factory reset:

  • Press the Xbox Button on your controller, and select Settings from the menu.

  • Select System> Console Info.

  • How To Clear The Cache On Your Xbox One

    Clearing your Xbox One cache is an easy process that only takes a few minutes. It’s similar to turning your Xbox One off, but with a few extra steps. You won’t need any special tools or expertise, but you will need access to both the front and the back of the console.

    Here’s how to clear the cache on your Xbox One:

  • Press and hold the Power button on the front of your Xbox One until the console turns off.

    Jeremy Laukkonen

  • Wait a minute, and then plug the power cord back in.

    Jeremy Laukkonen

  • Wait another minute, and then press the Power button on your Xbox One to turn it back on.

  • Your cache should be clear at this point, allowing your Xbox One to perform the way it used to.

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    How To Delete Old Save Games In Dragon Age Origins For Xbox 360 But Played On Xbox One S

    Discus and support How to delete old save games in dragon age origins for xbox 360 but played on xbox one s in XBoX on Windows to solve the problem Hi,I have tried everything written in xbox assistant and on this site but i can’t remove my saved games on Dragon Age Origins for XBox 360 but played…Discussion in ‘XBoX on Windows‘ started by PascalLabrie, .

    Speed Up Your Console And Get Rid Of Pesky Problems

    How to DELETE GAMES on XBOX ONE & Uninstall APPS (Easy Method!)
    • Shoreline Community College
    • Western Governors University

    Your Xbox One is a lot like a very specialized computer, and it has a cache just like computers do. The cache is a type of storage that the Xbox One uses for data that it needs to access very quickly on a regular basis. When the cache gets full, the Xbox One is no longer able to efficiently store and retrieve important data, which can cause the console to slow down significantly. If you’ve noticed performance issues with your Xbox One, then you should try clearing the cache.

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    Make Use Of The Systems Storage

    • Step 1: Go to Xbox Home and choose Settings.
    • Step 2: Navigate to the System
    • Step 3: Decide on a storage location.
    • Step 4 Select Manage Storage from the drop-down menu.
    • Step 5 Choose View contents from the drop-down menu.
    • Step 6 Select the game whose stored data you wish to remove from the list.
    • Step 7 Select Manage Game from the drop-down menu.
    • Step 8: Choose Saved data from the drop-down menu.
    • Step 9 Delete a particular game file from the Options Menu.

    What To Do If Your Cache Wont Clear

    In most cases, following the previous steps will clear your cache. In the few cases where that doesn’t do the trick, there are a couple of other things you can try. The first has to do with a secondary cache, known as persistent data, that’s used for things like DVDs and Blu-rays that don’t get cleared along with the main cache using the method described above.

    To clear persistent data on your Xbox One:

  • Press the Xbox One button on your controller, and select Settings.

  • Navigate to Devices & connections> Blu-ray.

  • Select Persistent Storage.

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    Does Uninstalling An Xbox One Game Delete Saved Games

    The other main concern involved in uninstalling Xbox One games is that local save data is removed right along with the game files. You can prevent any problems here by copying your saved data to external storage, or just moving the entire game to an external hard drive, but Xbox One actually has cloud storage that backs up your save data.

    For the cloud save function to work, you need to be connected to the internet and signed into Xbox Network. If you get disconnected from the internet or Xbox Network while you’re playing, then your local saved data might not be backed up. So if you’re worried about losing your saved games when you uninstall, make sure to connect to the internet and sign in to Xbox Network when you play your games.

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