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How To Control Xbox With Phone

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Airserver For Xbox One

How To Control XBOX ONE With Your Smartphone!

Enter AirServer . The app makes it insanely simple to mirror both iPhone and Android phones to your Xbox One. In fact, as long as you’re using an Android phone with Miracast enabled or an iPhone, you won’t even need to download anything other than the AirServer app on Xbox.

Here’s how to get it:

  • On your Xbox One, head to the Xbox Store .
  • Open the search box and type in AirServer .
  • AirServer.
  • And that’s it! The rest of the magic happens mostly on your smartphone.

    Sync Your Phone With Your Xbox One

    Open the Xbox app on your phone and tap the hamburger button in the upper-left corner. Then, you will see the main menu where you can see most features you can use on your phone. But to pair phone to Xbox One, you need to

  • Tap Console and then you can see Connect to Your Xbox One on the screen.
  • Tap Connect to Your Xbox One to call out the list of available Xbox consoles.
  • Tap your console and then tap Turn on.
  • How To Use An Xbox Controller On Android Devices

    Mobile gaming has become a unique genre of gaming all on its own. The types of mobile games available vary greatly, from generic puzzle games laden with ads to fun shooters based on classic game series. There are quite a few games you can play with a controller, making the experience so much better.

    If you already own an Xbox controller, you can save money and not buy a separate controller for your mobile games. Heres exactly how to use your Xbox controller on Android devices and enhance your gaming experience.

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    How To Mirror Your Iphone To Xbox One

    iPhone owners will find a much more straightforward experience than folks on Android. There’s no hunting down info on whether your phone supports Miracast and how to use it on your particular phone. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you have AirPlay, and that’s how you’re going to mirror your phone to your Xbox One.

    The lone prerequisite we discussed before applies here: . Now, on your iOS device:

  • Open control center. On iPhone X, you can access this by swiping down from the upper right corner of your screen. On all other iPhones and iPads with iOS 10 or later, you swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the AirPlay icon. It should have a sub-label called “Screen Mirroring” .
  • Select your Xbox One from the list.
  • Also like Android, premium video apps are protected for copyright purposes, so attempting to play video from apps like Netflix may not work.

    Connect To Your Network

    Xbox One Controller Phone Holder Clamp Clip for iPhone ...

    To sync your Xbox One and your phone, both devices must be online. To check your network on the Xbox One, go to Settings> Network > Network Settings.

    On your smartphone, go to the network/Wi-Fi menu in your devices system preferences or settings. If your Xbox One is not connected, select Set Up Wireless Network, choose your desired network, and enter the respective password when prompted. Both devices must be within the range of your network to connect.

    Certain features, like using your phone as a remote control for the Xbox One, require both your Xbox One and phone to be connected on the same Wi-Fi network. Others, such as checking your achievements and activity feed, work as long as both devices are on an internet connection.

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    How To Connect Xbox Controller To Your Iphone Or Ipad

    Here we are Describing How to connect xbox one controller.

    Apple OS devices support OS 7 or more the iPhone and iPad devices. Apple added standardized Gamepad Controller for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

    The Xbox One Controllers developed and certified with Apples MFi certification will work with games that have implemented MFi Controller support. This is just like how Apple certifies other iPhones/iPad accessories, like Lightning cables.

    Some of these Controllers include an increase that locks your iPhone in place, allowing you to use the iPhone like a portable game console, holding the controller in your hands. Some drivers use MFi to a physical connection, so you need to connect to the Flash port on your iPhone or iPad. Though, only the most MFi drivers connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, such as a Bluetooth headset or keyboard.Now we see how an Xbox Controller to connect to your iPhone or iPad.

    First, youll need to insert the controller in pairing modeNow, turn on the Xbox wireless controller via the Xbox Buttonhow to connect xbox one controller,xbox one controller ,how to connect xbox one controller to ipad, xbox one s controller ios, how to connect xbox one s controller to iphone, how to connect xbox one controller to android

    Then open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and select Bluetooth.Click on the Controller to pair it with your device.Note: if you have to purchase to game for your iPhone so first you need to check controller supported device.

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    How To Use An Xbox One Controller With Your Android Device

    First, make sure that your Xbox One controller has Bluetooth capabilities.

    A Xbox One controller with Bluetooth has plastic around the Xbox button that matches the rest of the controller’s color. A non-Bluetooth controller has differently-colored plastic. You’ll need one with Bluetooth to pair it with your Android device.

    Next, let’s make sure that Bluetooth is on.

    1. On your Android mobile device, open the Settings app. If you’re having trouble finding it, swipe up from the homescreen and browse the Apps menu until you find “Settings,” represented by an icon resembling a gear.

    2. Tap “Connections.”

    3. Make sure your Android device has Bluetooth enabled. If Bluetooth isn’t already turned on, tap the white slider next to “Bluetooth” so that it turns white and blue.

    Now, we’ll need to get the controller ready.

    4. Press and hold the Xbox button on your Xbox One controller to turn the controller on.

    5. Locate the sync button on the Xbox One controller. The button is on the top of the controller, between the L1 and R1 buttons, and is recognizable by the three curved lines next to it.

    6. Press and hold the sync button. Once the Xbox One controller’s light starts flashing, let go of the sync button.

    Once both your phone and the controller are ready, we can connect them.

    7. Open the Bluetooth app on your Android device. This can be done quickly by swiping down on the top edge of the screen to open your quick-access menu, then tapping and holding the Bluetooth button.

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    What Else Can Xbox One Smartglass Do

    The main purpose of SmartGlass is to control your console with your phone, but its utility doesn’t end when you switch off the console and walk away from the couch.

    If you ever want to check your achievements, or your gamerscore, when away from your Xbox One, SmartGlass is hooked into that. It also has leaderboard info so you can keep tabs on your friends, and you can even send them messages if they’re online.

    SmartGlass also gives you access to video and screen captures, the Xbox store, and OneGuide, which is a built-in TV listing feature that populates with your favorite shows if you use your console to watch television.

    Best Bundle: Powera Moga Xp5

    How to Use Phone as Xbox One Controller for Android or Iphone (Easy Method!)

    While most Xbox-compatible phone clips are built around official wireless controllers, PowerA conceptualized the MOGA XP5-X controller around mobile. The device takes cues from Microsoft’s gamepad but delivers an experience tailored to mobile experiences, including Xbox Cloud Gaming.

    PowerA designed the XP5-X to embrace many of the staples of the Xbox controller, with the same ABXY button layout, offset thumbsticks, and other fundamental traits. The ergonomic design is one of the better alternatives for extended gaming sessions, mirroring official hardware from recent years.

    But the XP5-X shines in a mobile setting, with an included smartphone clip, supporting devices up to 79mm wide. The controller’s hidden trick is a 3000mAh battery, stowed onboard the device, doubling as a power bank for your smartphone. Phones can be especially power-hungry when running or streaming games, with an integrated battery providing that added confidence when separated from an outlet.

    The controller works with phones and tablets running Android 6 or newer, plus Windows PCs, but won’t work with existing Xbox consoles. It hooks up over Bluetooth or using various included USB cables, backed by official support from Microsoft across its streaming services. This controller and phone clip are unmistakably built with mobiles in mind, delivering an ideal alternative to the Xbox console controller.

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    How Can I Make Sure My Xbox Controller Has Bluetooth Capability

    For those looking to use their existing controllers, the easiest way to check is to look at the controller. If the area around the Xbox button is part of the same piece of plastic as the rest of the controller, it has Bluetooth. On the other hand, if your Xbox button is recessed within a separate piece of plastic, it doesn’t have Bluetooth. Reference the image below if you need help. If your controller has Bluetooth support, it should look like the bottom photo.

    The best thing to do for those who already own the controller is to try it out. If you don’t own one, be sure to search around for your specific phone to see if others have had success, as you don’t want to be dropping cash for something that doesn’t work.

    Control Your Xbox One On Your Phone

    After you connect your Xbox One to your phone successfully, you can see there is a remote icon in the bottom-right corner of the app screen. You can just tap it and then you will go to a black screen that features four face buttons, the home button, the view button, and the menu button.

    You can drag your finger across the screen to choose a tile and then press A to confirm it.

    Now, you should know how to connect your phone to your Xbox One and how to use the Xbox app to control your Xbox One on your phone. On the other hand, you can also connect your Xbox One to your computer. We find a guide for you: 3 Simple Ways to Connect Xbox One Controller to a Windows PC.

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    Best Alternative: 8bitdo Mobile Gaming Clip For Xbox

    This option from 8Bitdo joins the best as another reliable phone clip for Xbox controllers, similar in design to the MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip 2.0 from PowerA. Its twin-hinge design provides flexibility to angle your phone screen with precision, and thumbscrews allow for hassle-free adjustments on the move.

    Like many on this list, 8Bitdo delivers on build quality, with a sturdy design that keeps a tight grip on your seated device. This model even mixes aluminum and plastic for a premium touch without adding much weight to the final product.

    It fits Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S controllers, plus the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, ensuring compatibility with the latest official gamepads. The spring-loaded phone clamp also extends a few millimeters farther than the MOGA clip, suited to larger smartphones and bulkier cases. It can prove a little top-heavy with some devices, although you’ll only feel the effects after longer gaming sessions.

    The 8Bitdo mobile gaming clip covers the basics, with some added premium flair and a retail price that falls in line with the competition. It’s another great option among the best phone clips for Xbox controllers.

    How To Use An Xbox 360 Controller On An Android Device

    How To Connect Xbox Controller To Android Smartphone ...

    If you want to use an Xbox 360 controller or a non-Bluetooth Xbox One controller, the process is a bit more involved. Of course, its still doable. If you already have the controller, it might be cheaper to configure your current controller instead of purchasing a Bluetooth controller.

    Heres what youll need to make it work:

    • A wired or wireless Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Xbox Core controller
    • An OTG, or on the go, cable
    • An Android device that supports OTG cables
    • An Xbox 360 wireless receiver

    For wireless controllers, here are the necessary steps:

  • Connect your OTG cable to your Android device, then plug the Xbox 360 controllers wireless receiver into the OTG cable.
  • Pair the controller as you usually would and start using it. Your Android device should supply power to your wireless receiver, allowing you to pair it normally.
  • For wired controllers, here are the necessary steps:

  • Connect your OTG cable to your Android device.
  • Plug your controller into the open USB port of the OTG cable.
  • Start using it with your favorite games!
  • The selection of games that support wireless controllers seems to be less than those that support wired controllers typically. Plus, when using Xbox 360 controllers, most games wont have an option for button mapping this means youre stuck with whatever the default button layout is for that game.

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    Which Xbox Controllers Can You Use With Android Devices

    You can use two different Xbox controllers with your Android devices: Xbox Wireless Controllers and Xbox 360 controllers. The former are controllers made for Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X consoles.

    Newer Xbox Wireless Controllers, particularly the Bluetooth ones, will be the easiest to use with your Android device. With Bluetooth controllers, you have to pair your device to the controller, and youre ready to go. Google added Xbox One controller support with Android 9 Pie, so Bluetooth controllers work the best in a pinch, non-Bluetooth controllers will work as well.

    If you have an Xbox One controller without Bluetooth connectivity or an Xbox 360 controller, you can still use both with your Android devices the process is just a little bit more complicated.

    How To Use Xbox One Smartglass As A Remote Control

    While SmartGlass has a lot of different uses, one of the biggest benefits is being able to use your phone as a remote control for your Xbox.

    If you have successfully connected your SmartGlass app to your Xbox One, this is how to launch and use the remote function:

  • With the Xbox One SmartGlass app open on your phone or tablet, tap the remote control icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • Tap where it says A, B, X or Y on the screen, and the console will act as if you pushed those buttons on a controller.

  • Swipe to the left, right, up or down on your device screen, and the console will register as if you pushed that direction on the d-pad.

    These controls work on the dashboard and apps but not in games.

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    What Is Device Mirroring

    Before we begin, here’s a quick explanation of device mirroring in case you aren’t aware. Device mirroring allows you to beam whatever is showing on your smartphone directly to a different device for showing on a different display. And when we say whatever , we mean it – user interface and all.

    This happens differently and is called different things depending on which phone you have. iPhone users do so through AirPlay, which typically is only supposed to work on Apple TV. Those with Android phones use a more open standard called Miracast, which is built into many smartphones, TVs, set-top boxes, and multimedia devices. It may sometimes be called Wireless Display or have some other proprietary name, but it’s all based on the same technology.

    No matter your creed, the end goal is the same: to get the stuff that’s on your smartphone to show on your TV at a 1-for-1 ratio.

    What To Look For

    CNET How To – Control your Xbox One with a smartphone or tablet

    When selecting the best Xbox phone controller for your mobile devices, the number one factor is compatibility. Many mobile controllers connect with Android or iOS, not both. Consider the devices youll be using, and make sure the controller youre eyeing is compatible. Also consider whether youd like your controller to plug directly into your phone, or connect via Bluetooth. Direct connectivity means less lag, but Bluetooth usually offers wider compatibility.

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    How To Connect An Xbox Wireless Controller To Your Android Device

    First off, you want to get an Xbox Wireless Controller. Any model of the Xbox One generation will do. Whether its the one that came with the Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, another one you bought, or even aftermarket controllers like the more recently released SCUF Instinct Pro.

    For the purposes of this guide, Ill be using the SCUF Instinct Pro, which is the controller I personally use for cloud gaming on PC and Xbox Game Pass.

    Best Xbox Controller Phone Mount Clips 2021

    BestXBOX CONTROLLER PHONE CLIPSWindows Central2021

    Mobile gaming gets an upgrade with a controller, more comfortable and precise than the usual touchscreen and especially suited to Xbox Cloud Gaming. With modern Xbox gamepads packing integrated Bluetooth support, compatible with iOS and Android, a dedicated phone clip is essential outside the living room. Snap these onto your controller and slide in your phone for an instant gaming handheld. These are the best phone clips, all compatible with existing Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S controllers.

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    How To Connect An Xbox One Controller To Your Android Device

    The Xbox One controller is good. Some would even say its the best. A breakdown of the ergonomic differences between it and the PS4 controller are for another day. Today, were going to show you how to connect your Xbox One controller to Android, which will allow you to play all your favourite mobile games as they should be played.

    Two: Connect To Your Xbox One

    Mobile Phone Mount Bracket Controller Clips Holder For ...

    Sign in to SmartGlass with the same Microsoft account you signed into your Xbox with. After you sign in, the app should automatically discover your Xbox One, assuming your device and Xbox One are on the same network. Tap your Xbox One and tap Connect to connect to the console. Leave the Connect Automatically checkbox enabled and the app will automatically connect to your Xbox One in the future.

    If the app doesnt find your Xbox One, tap Enter IP Address to connect by entering your Xbox Ones IP address. You can find the Xbox Ones IP address at All Settings > Network> Network Settings > Advanced Settings on the Xbox One itself.

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